Dakota On New Moon

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Access Hollywood has posted their video interview with Dakota Fanning in which she talks about New Moon!

Thanks to Rachel for sending this in 🙂

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25 Comments to “Dakota On New Moon”

  1. Jazzlene says:

    yay!! first comment!! go dakota!

  2. lariza says:

    she makes a good jane

  3. Sarah Black says:

    yup…i agree

  4. Jordan says:

    She is amazing and I al so excited for her to be in New Moon….I love everything twilight….I think she is a good JANE
    I cant wait for the DVD of twilight ..

  5. Samie says:

    she be so awsome!

  6. Jena says:

    Still worried about the budget! But she is a great actress!

  7. Jocelyn says:

    ya there are going to have to have a big budget for her and america ferrara if she gets emily

  8. Bailey says:

    still not to sure if i want her as jane or not?!?! so confused?

  9. Lola says:

    I love her as an actress, but I don’t think she would play a good Jane, she’s too sweet

  10. jacobs my dog!!! says:

    uhhh!! i cant c it!!! *waw* i so sad now. but i love Dakota as jane 🙂

  11. Camille says:

    No! She cannot play a malicious, agressive character AT ALL!

  12. Johanna says:

    “Go team pale!” haha, they seem so good together.

  13. Amanda G says:

    Ok I don’t think anybody gets that by the time breaking dawn comes out she won’t be a little girl anymore, and won’t look like jane!!

  14. Haley says:

    Hmmm….she seems to have grown up a bit since the last movie I saw her in………….hmmm…….still a bit wary…….

  15. Caroline says:

    Dakota on New Moon: “I Really Hope It Works Out” Source: E! Online Sun Jan 25, 2009, 4:24 am EST Buzz up! Share
    email imdel.ici.ousdiggfacebook

    Dakota Fanning may not be saying much about joining the cast of the Twilight sequel, but yesterday she did confirm she’s in talks to play Jane!

    As I exclusively reported last week, the 14-year-old child star has been offered the role of the young killer bloodsucker in the movie adaptation of New Moon, the second book in Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling teenage vampire series.

    “It’s definitely possible. I really hope it works out,” Fanning told Hitfix.com while promoting her latest flick Push. “It would be a really fantastic experience I’m sure.”

    Director Chris Weitz is so confident that Fanning is right for the part, he offered it to without even an audition. Filming of the much-anticipated flick begins in March in the U.S. and Italy.

    A member of the deadly Volturi, Jane is described in a casting notice as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.”

    An online petition to cast Fanning as Jane has seen a huge bump in signatures ever since my story broke on Wednesday.

    A rep for the studio, Summit Entertainment, reportedly confirmed Fanning is one of the actors being considered for the role.

    If it happens, Fanning will join returning stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, among others. New Moon is set to open in November.

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  16. Caroline says:

    Blech !!!!!

  17. fally wally says:

    I would HETE it if Dakota Fanning got the job. No offense but she is Not Jane. Nothing she can do could make her sound like she’s any bit older. And hello Summit should put their money for New Moon in better places. Maybe it’s just that I have a better idea of Jane or I wish I was gonna be in the movie(Please I’d love to be in the Movie!!!!!) And maybe I hate Dakota Fanning for some random reason. This could also make her stuck up( most deffinitely!!!! so just ignore me if you like her but she is so not the Jane in my mind. Fally Wally loves da Cullens

  18. The biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    I always imagined Jane to have brown hair and to be short and young looking(maybe my age,10, or something)so in my opinion Dakota is just not Jane material. I always thought Jane would look sort of fierce, too.My friends say the same(well most of them that like twilight)when I told them today at school or on gmail over the weekend they thought it was a horrible idea(along with there being any HMS people in the movie). Everyone says it’s pretty much a done deal but me along with my friends will not give up hope that they will find out about another actress to play Jane that would fit the part better! Also Dakota just looks and sounds a little to sweet to play such a mean vamp!!!

  19. Cherry Garcia says:

    I don’t think she works for the part of Jane. Not what I imagined. Sorry.

  20. obsessed twilighter says:

    ummmm….how old is Jane supposed to be? not like a 14 year old girl…isnt she like older looking? dakota’s a nice girl but…i really dont thinks she would play a good jane…

  21. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    all you dakota-haters, GET OVER IT!!! SHE IS GOING TO BECOME JANE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, AND SEVERAK FANS OUT AREN’T GOING TO STOP DAKOTA FROM ACCEPTING THE ROLE. How the hell is she not fit ofr the role?! She is in her early teens, has angelic and chuldish features, can be beautiful but terrifying, and for the damn hair, THEY CAN JUST DYE HR HAIR. NIKKI, PETER, JACKSON, AND KELLAN ALL DYED THEIR HAIR! Ashley got a wig! That’s more than half of the main characters who had to do something to their looks to fit the role. NIKKI HAD TO BLEACH HER SKIN, AND DYE HR HAIR TO THE POINT OF WHERE IT WAS FALLING OUT TO PLAY ROSALIE. So that def. says something. Dakota is a VERY talented actress, just look at all the work she’s done. She’s been in movies with Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Oprah, Mike Myers, Robert De Niro, and more. Sheis very capable of playing Jane, thank you very much. So if you have a problem with her as Jne, boo hoo and oh well because it’s prety much a done deal.

  22. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    plus, she’s not asking for a huge paycheck because she really loves the books, and she wants to be Jane very much. So she isnt asking for a huge paycheck like other movies she has been in

  23. Becky says:

    idk…i still am not sure she is right for jane…maybe a different vampire. she is a good actress though. id ont see why some people have to bash other peoples opinions either, just leave it alone people are going to think what they want to think. and just becasue its “a done deal” doesnt mean people are going to think she’s the best for the role, some think she is some dont..thats how people work.

  24. Terry says:

    chill out Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen havent you heard? people have their own opinions
    i luv dakota but i cant really see her as jane

  25. biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    I know they can dye her STUPID HAIR but she does not have the right face and she is supposed to be like 6 inches SMALLER than Bella

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