‘High School Musical’ vs. ‘Twilight’: Who’s the Better Teen Queen?

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Kim from Buddy TV has written an new article comparing Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens!  Click here to read more.

“But no matter what her interview style, Kristen Stewart nailed the essence of Bella Swan and she will forever be the embodied voice of every sixteen-year-old girl (a titled previously owned by Angela Chase of My So-Called Life). Vanessa’s Gabrielle will just have to be their dream.”

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24 Comments to “‘High School Musical’ vs. ‘Twilight’: Who’s the Better Teen Queen?”

  1. Carly says:

    TWILIGHT over HSM. duh! why would ppl even have to ask?? Bella tops Gabriella any day and we know it.


  2. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    Twilight is so much better

  3. Amanda G says:


  4. Samie says:

    yeah twilight kickass! though HSM is ok. but its still no match for twilight!

  5. ashleycullen says:

    Twilight is WAY better than HSM

  6. emma says:

    there shouldnt be any competion…the two shouldnt be compared. how stupid

  7. Brandi says:

    umm there is NO comperison (except both make great money but only one deserves the attention) kinda goes without saying but I will say it anyway, TWILIGHT rocks the socks off of HSM. DUH

  8. Ashley T. says:

    Twilight… duh :]

  9. Michy says:

    Vanessa! shes a teen queen! Kristen is too cool to be considered that stupid tittle and Twilight Hands DOWN!! is way better and way cooler the HSM (sorry Zack ur still hot tho!)

  10. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    Guys, they aren’t asking about if Twilight or HSM is better….they are asking who is the better tween queen -_-
    Teen Queen: Vanessa.
    I say this because Kristen is WAY more than that. She is beyond that. She is very mature with her career. She is way to talented and awesome to be considered ‘tween queen’. She doesn’t milk her fame like Vanessa does. Vanessa is only looked up by girls 9 yrs. old and younger. Kristen is respected by all age groups. KStew is going to get FAR, while VH is still going to be trying to go along with her cheesy HSM fame 10 yrs. from now.

  11. Roxie says:

    Definitely Kristen!!! No competition there!

  12. lariza says:

    why are they asking this? the answer is obvious! TWILIGHT!!

  13. amanda says:

    Twilight.. why ask this question??lol

  14. AMY KAT says:

    I’ve actually never seen High School Musical, but even if I had…. the answer would still be Twilight of course.


  15. Gemma Thompson says:

    i like both of them but for different reasons. they’re both really good in the genre. and i like both vanessa and kristen but for also different reasons. x

  16. kwrghieaw says:

    lol! these comments are funny!

    better teen queen: Vanessa Hudgens. TEEN QUEEN implies no talent, Disney chick.
    better person: KRISTEN STEWART. no-frickin-duh! lol!!!!

  17. Cassidy says:

    Honestly HSM is cheesy and corny! I kinda hate it! Bella tops Gabriella anyday!! Rock on Kristen!!!!!

  18. Shteff says:

    I detest HSM. I always have.
    How dare they even dare to try and argue it with twilight -_-”
    geesh, it’s like me vs my sister lmfao!

  19. Marisa says:

    HSM ani’t got nothing on Twilight! Kristen is the way better teen queen. She is a serious actor, and does not do roles mostly for young kids. Plus, disney channel starz annoy the ever living crap out of me. I can’t stand them. I can’t believe people wanted the effin’ Jonas Brothers on the Twilight soundtrack. That would have scar me for life. I love Kristen Stewart. She is an amazing actress. Especially for “young hollywood.”

  20. Namula Moonshine says:


  21. Katia says:

    Who cares they`re the same thing .Edward=Troy ,Bella=Gabriella, Roseille=Sharpay,Emmett=Chad, Jasper=Ryan, Taylor=Alice.

  22. there is nothing that could beat High School Musical 1. it is the best compared to Part 2 and Part 3

  23. Ellie Fraser says:

    Two words for you, Zc Efron, a real man, instaed of one that fucking sparkles. At least the hsm cast have a bit of adversity in them they have moved on to bigger things. Take Ashley for example a new album, new movie, new hair. Okay, I’m Scottish and I have her album, she’s been my favourite actress since I was nine now I’m twelve and still love her. High School Musical is like Greace you say you hate it but we all know you go home at night and watch reruns of it. And I’m sure in years to come they’ll make a new hsm and I’ll be sittin ther saying I told them, I fuckin told them.

  24. troyella4ever says:

    HSM totally! Kristen looks like a man and Bella is nowhere near Gabriella. Edward didn’t drive 1,000 + miles to get Bella…..and they won best kiss 🙁 There’s nothing special about how they look at each other. There’s just no love in Twilight. Maybe the books would be better, but I think the acting freaking stinks! There’s no love…….it’s just not there. A kiss, yes, but love, no way. And to me it’s like a lustful kiss…..not like the HSM3 one where you cal tell it’s just all out of love. All people think about today is freaking sex and no one cares about true love, which is why I like HSM better. Twilight didn’t make me cry….HSM3 did. So what’s the better movie? HSM3. And just letting you know, It’s Gabriella, not Gabrielle.

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