Robert Pattinson’s Cheesy Love

Feb 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Here are some new sound bites from Rob!

Rob said: “I’ve never experienced that but it must be an amazing feeling to say: ‘I absolutely need you.’

“Sometimes I feel like that about a cheeseburger!” Read more here!

Rob explained to OK magazine: “They should keep in mind that vampires can’t have sex.

“That theme is very important for parents, because in the books there’s an underlying message of abstinence and how important it is.

“I also think that the character of Bella in kind of a role model because she’s sensitive and passionate. To be honest, the content in Twilight is pretty harmless.” Read more here!

“There’s definitely something about the element of touch.

“There are very few times when you’re acting that you actually do get to touch, especially in modern films because it’s always the way the shot is set up.

“It’s just harder to actually get good shots of a lot physicality.

“I guess it does really change things if you can actually hold onto the other actor – it makes a very different situation.” Read more here!

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11 Comments to “Robert Pattinson’s Cheesy Love”

  1. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:


  2. Jamie Lenora says:

    That site has a lot of funny little articles. 🙂 My favorite is about Rob’s “bladder problem!” 😀

  3. Brandi says:

    LOL that is a funny one Jamie Lenora (btw is that your name, Lenora is pretty!! I like it).
    I love any chance I get to read/hear more from RP. 🙂

  4. Jamie Lenora says:

    Yea, Lenora is my middle name, but I go by it a lot. :] Thanks!

  5. Sarah Madge says:

    I like that he likes food, ok that sounded stupid but you know what I mean

  6. Shteff says:

    tee hee, we’d get a long as friends.
    but the romantic junk isn’t my thing…nor is food 😛

  7. a little confused says:

    What does he mean with: “Vampires can’t have sex”?
    Am I absolutely wrong or didn’t Bella and Edward have sex as vampires in breaking dawn??!

  8. Rebecca says:

    haha a CHEESEBURGER?? wateva u say rob haha love ya!

  9. kayla says:

    Umm what does he mean vampires can’t have sex? Hasn’t he read Breaking Dawn? Or dosen’t he know were babies come from?

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  11. Peachluv says:

    I was wondering about that whole vampires can’t have sex thing, too….but, in this story all things are possible! Lol..

    He’s right though, there are a lot of good lessons burried inside this book series, espcially about friendship and selflessness atop the idealization of love and romance…

    Ahhh…too bad I’m not a cheeseburger~or a freakin urinal! (U say, WHAT???? Lol) kiddin..but, the thought did cross my mind. LMAO!


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