Robert Pattinson Confirmed For Oscars

Feb 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

HitFlix is confirming that Rob will be on hand Sunday night to present an award at the Oscars!

“HitFix can exclusively confirm that Robert Pattinson will be presenting an award at this year’s 81st Academy Awards.

The “Twilight” star had long been rumored to appear on Hollywood’s biggest night, but barring any unforeseen last minute conflicts, he’ll be giving the franchise’s legion of fans something to look forward to on Oscar Sunday.

Still unclear is whether Pattinson’s “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart will also appear on the telecast and what award he will specifically present. And, obviously, speculation will now run rampant on who Pattinson’s date down the red carpet will be.”

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23 Comments to “Robert Pattinson Confirmed For Oscars”

  1. Shteff says:

    Ha! That’s shocked me strangly to be honest =3
    Ah well, I’ll be watching it…or taping it 😀
    Either way, GO ROB! *claps for him*

  2. Hayley says:

    well now i have to watch it! who will his date be?? whoever it is, hes going make millions of girls swoon!

  3. Amy says:

    Uh…why? He’s no Daniel Day Lewis…
    Why should he even BE there, even if he’s just presenting. A more seasoned actor, a director, or producer should present an award.
    Wait a couple of years, Rob, when you’ll have a couple more movies under your belt.
    I’m not “Hatin’” or whatever…but really? A actor best known from acting in 2 major teen flicks: Goblet of Fire and Twilight?

    PS- Daniel Day Lewis is amazing.

  4. plump says:

    as much as i respect rob as an actor, this could be seen by the “oscar crowd” as a publicity stunt by rob. from what we know of rob i highly doubt this but i dont want him to be a “teen” actor. like if people had seen his performances in little ashes and how to be before the twilight craziness they might think of him more as a professional and competent actor rather then “edward cullen”.
    saying that good for rob, it will hopefully mean hes not going to be mobbed by teenage girls for a night, as the oscars have a bit more class to their crowds..if u get what i mean

  5. Michy says:

    will be watching only because of him…there i said it!!!!! only reason why i care. Although i did see slumdog millionaire and i will be rooting for the underdog….but still main reason…Robert Pattinson…..

  6. gOddesS on earth says:

    fresh actors like rob should be given a chance, in fact i think he’s fit to present. no discrimination or watsoever if he has few films yet, its coming still. go rob! millions of girls will be watching it.

  7. Laurie says:

    I wonder what the category would be? Best song perhaps?

  8. Rebecca says:

    haha i have a date for u rob *points to myself* haha jk im too young for him =(

  9. Amanda D. says:

    The oscars people could really care less if Rob isn’t a seasoned actor. They need ratings and they know he draws a following

  10. Dana:) says:

    OMG!!! I will be Roberts date and my friend Erin will be Jacksons date!!!

  11. Candice Friend says:

    I think he’ll make a great presenter – all drama and good looks. I loved Twilight, and I agree with the EverHype review that called it “Pleasing.” I’m looking forward to New Moon, and I just created a free account at so I can write my own review of the movie when it comes out. I’ll defiantly be watching the Oscars this year!

  12. Leigh says:

    first of all, it’s not rob who is trying to pull a publicity stunt, it’s the oscar people. they need to boost their ratings, and what better way than with twilight? and it’s guarenteed to work too. i was going to watch the oscars anyway, but it will be cool to see rob present without being interrupted by russel brand…lol

  13. Amanda says:

    okay “amy”? they got miley cyrus to present last year. she isnt even really an actress,shes a fad. the oscars are for honoring execellence in film FOR THAT YEAR. so wouldnt it seem reasonable to get presenters who had been ESPECIALLY popular during that year. and its good when they switch it up every now and then.
    and where the heck did daniel day lewis come from? yeah hes good, but that was random.

  14. Amy says:

    Daniel Day Lewis -> There Will Be Blood -> Oscars last year

  15. Cedar says:


  16. Erin(: says:

    Dana! LOL! YES I GET JACKSON AND YOU GET ROB! Kassie and Kallie can get Billy Burk and Peter! LOL!

  17. Amanda Cullen says:

    Cool!! I have no idea what to wear though…..

  18. Sarah-Nicole says:

    I’ll absolutly watch the Oscars this Sunday!!! It will be so nice to see Rob (and maybe Kristen) there (at TV because I live in Quebec, Canada so… 🙁 ) LOL!! 😛 Can’t wait!!!


  19. Amanda says:

    exactly **Amy**
    oscars LAST year. this is 2009. btw, number of movies doesn’t always equal talent and\or expierience. twilight and goblet of fire are his BEST known. not his ONLY movies.

  20. Jordan Stacks says:

    Yipee! Hope he doesn’t stumble over his words or have any1 interrupt him this time.

    I wonder who he will bring as his date…..any1 thinking what I’m thinking?…Yep Yep his BFF Tom
    TomBert Forever!

  21. Amy says:

    Jeez Lousie, I could read your condescending tone.

    Never said GoF and Twilight were his only movies. And yes, experience in the business helps, as with ANY profession.

    You can get lucky early…but those said early roles one succeeds in are usually roles relating most to the actual character of the actor. Thus acting your best would not be very difficult. For instance (with acting oneself and succeeding), the age of studios having ownership contracts with their stars (the birth of the movie star) raked in the money BECAUSE they put their actors in roles similar to his or her person. The success of Jimmy Stuart? The only time he broke away from his “Jimmy-Stuart-Self-role” was in ‘Vertigo”. Oh, and let’s not add John Wayne or Humphrey Bogart. Well okay: John Wayne was always Mr. Man. Bogart was always a little dark, sarcastic but generally good. But these actors…were always great in their movies, despite the similarity of role. Good old cinema because the older actors rarely experimented in character: thus less were mistakes made.

    What I’m saying is…Rob, from seeing his past roles, is VERY good at playing the lost, sometimes awkward young man. That’s all I’ve seen him play at, which makes me believe his actual self is quite possibly similar. With experience (years added to the lines of his face) he will eventually play other characters: he will ACT other things…showing talent…or not.

    And if the Oscars are in need of ratings, why rely off a cast of teen-sensations. To attract a teen crowd? Only? John Stuart and Chris Rock were very successful turning heads toward the occasion. Why not try that again? Conan O’Brien, perhaps?

  22. emdia says:

    amy wat the hell are talkin about???lol….anyway rob character is always different from who he is in real life…very different…when i saw twilight i was so curious to see who edward cullen is in reality…and then when i saw rob pattinson i was like: he is him??? i couldnt believe what i was seeing : rob is this funny, cool type of guy..edward was so strange, so mysterious, so weird lol…i hate actors playing themselves in a movie…if i was all about this, i could do that too…playing myself in a movie..act means pretend to be someone else….

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