Why should Kassie read Twilight AGAIN?

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This week we are going to discuss the idea of Kassie REreading Twilight.  I (Kallie) have read the book three times, and do make it a habit to read my favorite books more than once.  Kassie has NEVER read a book more than once, and I want YOU to tell her why she should!  So here is your Question of the Week…

Why should Kassie read Twilight AGAIN?

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  1. Emma says:

    I just want to start off by saying your podcast is just simply wonderful!
    So why should Kassie read through Twilight again…hmmm
    Well I’m with you Kassie on being not too keen on picking it up again, but I’m what you call a hyper active reader and tend to skip over parts when I get excited and as I read Twilight again it was like watching deleated scenes on a DVD! ha
    But other thing is I didn’t just read through the whole entire thing again I just skipped and skimmed around to my favorite parts.
    Umm and another thing is put yourself in another characters shoes besides Bella’s and try to figure out what they are going through more…for example MIKE” What does Edward have that I don’t???” haha

  2. Jackie says:

    Kassie! You absolutely must read twilight again for the simple reason of keeping it alive. You’ll be able to catch all the little details you missed the first time and you can relive every little characteristc of Edward Cullen. Embarrassing as it is, I’ve read them all three times and it never gets old. Just saying. 🙂 love the show!

  3. Dayo says:

    First of all I love ur podcast…i recently started listening to them and…
    u guys rock 🙂

    I became a twilight addict last month and I’ve read all four books in a few days.
    I read Twilight twice and i am most likely to read them again and again
    its like watching the movie over and over again….but in my head
    and its the best version of the Twilight movie ever because…

    1. it has all the scenes that wasn’t in the original movie
    2. I can be Bella if I want… hehehe
    3. I’ve notice so many things i didn’t notice the first time I’ve read it
    4. and TWILIGHT IS FLIPPING AWESOME!!!! (who wouldn’t want to read it a million times)

    xoxo Dayo (Die-yo)

  4. Kat says:

    Hi guys.

    These are the reason why I think Kassie should re-read the twilight books.

    Firstly when I read the books the second time I loved it SO MUCH MORE!!! Secondly when re-reading the books I found that I became to have more of an understanding of the characters compared to the second. Thirdly Jacob seems much nicer second time round when you know he doesn’t have a chance with Bella. Finally reading the books more than once give the books a well loved look, with torn pages, breaking covers and crumbs of food because you could put it down to eat!!!!!! 🙂


  5. ANDREA says:


    NO. O4


  6. Avee says:

    I know for me, I tore through the books so quickly the first time, that I really did miss a lot of the more subtle aspects of certain conversations, and events. For example…did you know that in BD, Jacob’s section gives us a hint about the Cullens building the house for Bella and Edward. I’m too lazy to get up and find the exact page, but it’s during one of his runs, and he comments about how strange it is that he is picking up traces and tracks of the vampires that far out. Well I totally missed that bit of forshadowing.

    I just don’t think you can ever really get it all in one bite. I have read all the books twice and listen to the audio all the time. And I ALWAYS pick up on something new.

    Think about it this way, have you ever heard a song like…a thousand times, but then theres this one time that you hear it, and it could be the mood that you happen to be in, or a situation that you may be going through in your life…that time makes you feel something totally different about the song. The same can be applied to books and even movies in my opinon.

  7. Kim says:

    hey guys! well i have personally read the books alot. twilight, particularly, 14 times. i think kassie should read the books more because everytime you read it, you pick up something new. especially in new moon. if you had to read one over again, and it didn’t have to be twilight, it should be new moon. you see, once you read it again, you gain more respect for jacob. don’t get me wrong, i am totally team edward. but jacob is so understandable now that i’ve read and re-read the series. as a matter of fact, all of them really are worth re-reading. the books can teach you so much, and you really gain so much more knowledge about the story. you see that stephenine has hinted in little things that you didn’t pick up on before, since you were so concerned about if edward would come back, or if any of the cullens dies, &ce, &ce. but it’s definatly worth it. trust me. love the podcast, girls. you’re doing a great job, and happy 1 year castaversery.

  8. Beverly says:

    Wow……? I’m not sure what to tell you first, because my brain is being slammed with sooo many whys! hahahaha
    First of all there will be some little & some big details that you may have missed or forgotten. Really! The movie was good however, the book was filled with sooo many details! When I read it the second time (its been 5 for me) I was like…’oh ya’ to a lot of things. And I for sure had to read it again after I saw the movie …. I needed all the flirty kissing etc that the movie didn’t give us. I did love that big crazy kissing scene however, I would trade it for all the little kisses through out Twilight. :0)

  9. Beverly says:

    Oh, ya……
    Talk about your Deleted Scenes! :0)

  10. Marisa says:

    Why should Kassie read Twilight again??? Because its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk, but Kassie you really should read Twilight, i find you enjoy the book more and you pick up on stuff you might have missed the first time around. Btw i love the podcast, its always a highlight of the week w/ a crazy college schedule. 🙂

  11. Erin says:

    Hey Guys- I love your webcast i’ve just started listening to you guys not too long ago and i’m addicted!
    Kassie you NEEEEED to re-read twilight because when you re-read a book you pick up on small things you weren’t looking for the first time you read it. Also It’s funny re-reading twilight because you already know what will happen and its funny to see all the hints stephanie meyer drops revealing edward is a vampire that you knew you didn’t pick up the first time.

  12. lexi says:

    okay, first off, i LOVE you guys. i listen while im walking home from my bus stop [about 10 minutes] and will literally laugh out loud and if i’m near a stopped car, drivers look at me funny ): but oh well, it’s totally worth it (:

    ANYWAYYYS: kassie should re-read the book because you’ll have a chance to fall in love with twilight all over again.

    you may also catch on to more clues that foreshadow what happens to bella [i know when i did, i found the fact that she smelled blood waaay more important my second time through it]

    and who doesnt like twilight? it’s amazing and that should be enough to make you re-read it (;

    anyways, thanks for the awesome podcast, you keep me up to date on twilight anything and everything !

  13. Laura Leticia says:

    Kassie you should sssoooo read twilight again cuz when you read it the second time you’ll catch things that you missed the first time. Plus now that you’ve seen the movie you can be like “OOOOOHHHHh! They should have put that in the movie.” and “What the fudge! They totally left that out in the movie” I remember the second time I read twilight I was like “OMG, I forgot about this part”

    Anywho the book a second time around is fun, believe me I’m really not into reading, so what I did is I ordered the audio books from the library and I would download it into my ipod so I can listen to it while I drive, or I’m cleaning, which is the way I got my sister to read the book cuz she would sometimes listen in on the audio, and then she would ask questions like “Who is Charlie?” and “Doses Bella know Edward is a Vampire at this part? ” Well Take care and hopefully you’ll read it again if not I still love ya!!!
    Twilight Series Theories Rocks Coconuts!!!! Love Ya!!!!

  14. Kandi Lynn says:

    KASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First im going to start off by saying you are so awesome!!!!!!!K now back to the point at hand you need to reread twilight BECAUSE……….
    1. you catch things you didnt the first time
    2.you get read it again cause i mean come on who doesnt want to read this story its awesome
    and last but not least 3. when people ask you questions about twilight you will know the answers

  15. Liz says:

    Ok first of all I LOVE THE PODCAST!! You’re both awesome!!
    No Kassie you need to read it again because when you read it you’re reading so fast and flipping the pages so quickly you miss things. You miss the deep emotions and the personalities of people because you want to know what happens next. Re-reading a book is kind of like getting to know a friend at school and then they invite you over and you get to know a different side of them.


  16. Gabe says:

    Yes yes yes, definitely re-read.

    HOWEVER- may i suggest you read Midnight sun (or what you can of it) first. I found that after reading twilight, midnight sun gave me the complete experience of each amazing moment within the first book of the twilight saga. Having never read a companion book set before, i found it was just fabulous reading Midnight sun knowing exactly what Bella is thinking at specific moments, it is also funny comparing Edward’s perception of Bella’s expressions in relation to what they really meant.

    I loved it!

    Great podcast, love you all


  17. Tes says:

    Kassie, you’ve GOT to reread Twilight! Just like you notice new things when you watch a movie more than once (I assume you’ve done that!), by rereading Twilight you just might discover new nuggets that’ll make you love it even more. The first time I read it I was on a plane – when I finished I started right back at page 1 and I’m SO glad I did. I missed a bunch of important details.
    Reread it! What can it hurt?

    (thanks for the great podcast!)

  18. Linda says:

    Hi guys! I just started listening to you podcas and I LOVE IT!!!, I’m still catching up I’m in week 20. It is so refreshing to know that there is other women over 25 that truly love Twilight as much as I do (I’m 29 and I have a little boy)…I’m sooooooo into it that is crazy. BTW Kassie I love your singing so please keep it up and Kallie I love your insight, you come up with really cool theories.

    Anyway, answering the question of the week. I was just like Kassie, I never read much and once I read a book I never touched it again, but TWILIGHT change my life hehehe, those books are soooo awesome that my hubby got them for me for Xmas and I read them all in 1 week, I had a week off from work and I basically read 24/7, I just wanted to know what happened so I couldn’t wait. Then I decided to read them again and I enjoyed them even more and here is why (you are going to like this Kassie)…You can totally make fun of Jacob because you know the outcome :)…you know that no matter how much he tries at the end Edward will be the winner (sorry to all the girls that love Jacob…but he annoys me). Believe me you will enjoy it so much more becuase you can take your time. As a working mom I know how little time we have left but Twilight is like dessert for me, after a long day it always cheers me up :)…SO COME ON, READ IT AGAIN!!!

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