Rob To Have 4 Songs On “How To Be?”

Feb 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News is reporting that Rob will have 4 songs on the soundtrack for his new film, “How to Be.”  We will let you know when the soundtrack become available!

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7 Comments to “Rob To Have 4 Songs On “How To Be?””

  1. Shteff says:

    =] I adore his voice, that I’ve got to admit. I can’t wait to hear them :D! hehe

  2. Cedar says:

    i don’t really like his songs but i have only heard the one on the twilight soundtrack so i don’t really no if i his music yet. But anyway good for him!

  3. Daniella says:

    well i agree he is not a musician and he is not that good but the lyrics are soooo deep and i define them as soul songs dont you think so? i love him!

  4. Qingyuan says:

    ooooo….kay..well..what ever he is WEARING doesn’t appeal to me..XDDD…Hahahahah… – cracked eventually –
    but I personally think he is great musician…maybe not the popular type.. but just the folky type…got his own style and a distinctive vioce..very talented too…can’t wait for his new songs…

  5. Michy. says:

    First off “How to Be” is not new. this film was done in 2007 waaaay before twilight!!! and the’re only just now, going to release it in the us. I was lucky enought to see this at the calgary international film festival and everyone will love it!!!!! as for his ,music im down with that!

  6. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I think his voice is beautiful, very soothing from the couple of songs I’ve heard from him. it’s not the kind of music that I listen to often, but I do like the songs I’ve heard. His voice has that rough, raw vulerability to it that still comes off strong, and I find that amazingly beautiful. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

  7. fally wally says:

    Umm… I that a girl… ohh no its just ROB!!!! Why doesnt he just keep the same hair. Well Id like to hear some more or his voice maybe some faster beat song. idk

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