AnnaLynne McCord Not Doing New Moon?

Feb 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

According to OK! Magazine, Annalynne McCord will PROBABLY not be involved in New Moon.

“I am so disappointed but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen with my schedule,” she revealed to OK! at the L.A. premiere of Fired Up on Feb. 19.

Fans of the 90210 star might still have some hope, as she adds, “But keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope that it still does!”

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15 Comments to “AnnaLynne McCord Not Doing New Moon?”

  1. Tiffany C. says:

    though she’d do a great heidi, i really *really* don’t like her…

  2. Vanessa says:

    I really think she should do it its agreta opportunity! I know i wish i can !

  3. teen14 says:

    I think she’s getting too much publicity for a little role. I mean please just cast someone who’s gorgeous and will put the time in, they shouldn’t have to “work” around her schedule does she even have more than 2 lines?

  4. Cedar says:

    i want her to be heidi

  5. Amanda says:

    idk, heidi only appears for like a few lines, so it would be no more than a cameo, right? thats kind of one of the characters that i dont have much opinion to.

  6. Shteff says:

    Hm…And here I was getting used to the prospect of her acting as Heidi.
    Oh well =3

  7. Tracey says:

    I really don’t see her as Heidi…

  8. Dana says:


  9. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I am so so happy that she’s not going to be in the role. I know it’s a small role, but I really Really don’t like her.

  10. Roxanne says:

    How could there be a schedule conflict. Heidi’s part in this lasts about 10 seconds. My guess is she wants too much money for such a minimal part. Any beautiful actress could play that part, and I don’t think there’s any shortage of those in Hollywood. No loss.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I want her in there sooooo bad. I LOVE her.

  12. Daniella says:

    i imagine heidi as a soooo sexy girl well lady but not her but i agree with almost everyone saying its like what? 3lines? and seh is soooo busy that she can’t??? oh man! you just need like a day or 2 or 3 [exagerating]
    yeah maybe she is busy but i think she doesn’t want to do the role of just dont want to and it ok but just say it! hahaa

  13. Keiran says:

    Please please please do NOT cast Annalynne…she would diminish the film, I cannot stand her face, and yes, she probably wants more money than they could pay her, how do you go from playing snotty, b&tchy-girl roles to being cast in New Moon? please someone smack that smirk off her face. I HOPE she does not get cast! Maybe she thought by messing around with Kellan she would get more $$$? sad, pathetic.

  14. Michele Celine says:

    I actually wouldn’t mind her as Heidi. Really I just want to know who has been flippin’ cast! Gosh when are they going to release it!!!?

  15. Emily says:

    Thank God!!
    I really really really do not like her!
    i think it may just be because she is going out with Kellan but it might also be because shes really ugly… I’m not sure
    but when i herd she was going to maybe be in it i was so upset! 😛
    Why is she with Kellan!!?? 🙁

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