It’s Oscar Time!

Feb 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

It’s the most wonderful (at least for me!) time of the year-Oscar time!  Don’t forget to tune in to catch Rob on stage.  The show begins at 8 EST/5 PST!  There are some rumors on IMDB that he will be presenting a romantic movie moment montage that includes Twilight clips, though nothing is CONFIRMED.  You can read more here.

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22 Comments to “It’s Oscar Time!”

  1. Amanda says:

    first comment!
    i can’t wait, this sounds amazing!

  2. Erin(: says:

    HOLY CROW!!!!! I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!!!!! And on the biggest night/day in Hollywood!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Can`t wait and will be watching it til i fall asleep and record it to watch it tommorow

  4. emily says:

    Preshow starts now for mee 🙂

  5. Jasmine says:

    Can’t wait!!! GO ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  6. Emily says:

    he looked soooo hott
    yayyyy 🙂
    I was like in awwwww

  7. laura h says:

    its gone midnite and saw rob on red carpet on the live streaming. lol woot for living in uk and laptops in bed!

  8. Shanice says:

    Just saw Rob walk the midnight and he’s looking so hoooooooot (as usual), but yeh, still gorgeous

  9. Cedar says:

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Madison Team Edward says:


  11. Tara says:

    Just saw him present the Romance clips! SO HOT!

  12. Carrie says:

    aww man i think i missed it 🙁

  13. Julia C says:

    Wow they played three Twilight clips!!!!! I was so excited, especially because it was right after Rob Pattinson and there were also some HSM 3 clips so it made my night. Actually, it’s more like it made my whole month!!!!! It was amazing!!!

  14. Erin says:

    just watched the part where Rob came on!

    OMG he looked so HOTTT in a tux lol

  15. marisa says:

    He looks amazing!!! He is so adorable. I love you Rob!

  16. Jane says:

    HE LOOKED sexyyyyyy OH my god and funny!!
    ” ihad to become a vampire to find the right woman”
    it was hilarious!!

  17. Nicole says:

    Omg he looked so hot behind mickey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Olinda says:

    i love him!!!
    he looks sooooo nice!

  19. Luna Eclipse says:


  20. Nellie says:

    they included A LOT of clips from Twilight in the montage… LOVED it

  21. ashley says:

    omg! he looks amazing ! saw him being interviewed on the red carpet by ryan seacrest, and he did a great job onstage.
    saw him sitting behind marisa tomei and mickey rourke. 😀 this made my week!!!!!!!!
    don’t worry it won’t be his last time at the oscars, soon he’ll be winning them!!!!!!!!!!!

    did anybody catch the movies of ’09 at the end of the show with the credits? they showed tom sturridge’s next movie! maybe it’ll be nominated next year!

  22. Shteff says:

    *is to distracted by the dresses* GAH ew ew ew

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