Summit Confirms Eclipse Release Date, Rosenberg Returns

Feb 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Access Hollywood has confirmation from Summit that Eclipse is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2010!  They also confirmed that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will pen Eclipse.

The third film in the series, “Eclipse,” will arrive on June 30, 2010, Summit Entertainment confirmed to Access Hollywood. Sequel “New Moon” is due November 20 of this year.

Moreover, the series now has a name; based on the beloved novels of author Stephenie Meyer, the series has been officially named “The Twilight Saga.”

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52 Comments to “Summit Confirms Eclipse Release Date, Rosenberg Returns”

  1. Michy says:

    whoo hoooooooO!!!!!!!!!

  2. lariza says:

    As was said before, it’s coming way too quick!

  3. angie says:

    I know people are really upset about the directors changeing but I have to say, to me the most important thing besides the cast staying the same is the screanplay writer. Sure the director might give it a little differnt feel but the person doing the script pretty much chooses first what carries over from the book and what dosent. Ya the director may cut some parts for timeing purposes but if it wasnt in the script to begin with it wont make it in the movie at all. I think Rosenberg did a great job with the first book. I think she will do the rest of the series justice.

  4. Robin says:

    This is too quick, they need to take their time to make it good

  5. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    Mellisa Rosenberg is the screenwriter not the director. She is the same person on all three movies and does an awesome job. I am excited the movie will be out in June. Great for summer. They for sure are filming New Moon and Eclipse right after each other which is good for the actors to stay in character and not get older. I wonder if they will do Breaking dawn too.

  6. Bea says:

    I think that it is a bit too soon but I am sooooo excited anyway!! I hope they make it well for such a short space of time. a different director for each film?? they all might be completely different. oh well

  7. Sarah Madge says:

    Good. I like the writer.

  8. Simona says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait the second movie!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amber Pederson says:

    Sigh. I have such a bad feeling about this. 🙁 They are WAY overestimating themselves. Who seriously sets an EXACT date when they haven’t even started filming?

  10. Shteff says:

    I am looking forward to it, but with Eclipse coming out so soon after New Moon….I’ve got a gut feeling that it isn’t going to be as good as it COULD be! Gah! And Eclipse is the main build up in my opinion, I mean….come on, it’s Victoria’s time to shine!
    Ah well, we’ll wait and see…
    Now is that the Uk opening thingy? *laughs*
    Plus, I thought LionsGate where taking over o_O
    Oh well

  11. Twilight Fan UK(Cat) says:

    Same as Amber i have a bad feeling about the date that has been confirmed. It is way too quick! :O They havent even started filming New Moon yet so why are they putting too much pressure on the actors and actresses to do a good job in such little time? They need more time to film it and make it good! Eclipse has the fight scene which Stephenie describes brilliantly with lots of detail,and while you are reading it you feel like you are in the opening where it is based. lol 😛 I just hope they dont ruin it by not havind enough time to film. 🙁

  12. fally wally says:

    HP HIP HORAY! ” Mommy I dont want to break the bank but can I go to LA on June 30, 2010 or November 20, 2009. Its just this is the only thing Ill ever ask u for. Oh and can i bring a friend?” Lol im so going out and seeing the premire, hopefuly ill be on vacation in LA when Eclipse comes out!

  13. Hayley says:

    Aw…Rosenberg? nooooo! lol i dont really like her. and this Eclipse release date is seriously scaring the bejesus out of me. i don’t want the movie to come out quick but suck. i’d rather wait longer. ugh. good luck to money-sucking Summit!

  14. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I like Rosenberg’s writing, I think her screenplays are usually fabulous and I think she did quite well on Twilight, so I am excited to see what she will do with the rest of the books. I think they are putting way too much pressure with Eclipse being in June and I’m hoping they push it back and give the movie the attention it deserves. But I think that the change in directors may be a good thing. Simply because, each of these books have such a different feel to them and are so different, so maybe changing the director might be a good thing. I am a little skeptical, but I am going to be open-minded and not jump to any conclusions.

  15. Cedar says:


  16. Lola says:

    I love the screenplays by Melissa Rosenberg, she did an awesome job with Twilight and I can’t wait for New Moon and Eclipse!!!!

  17. jenniesmith says:

    Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee on June 30th!!

  18. Jamie says:

    Jun 30th, 2010 is a Wednesday, isn’t it? Why would it open on a Wednesday?

  19. riska says:

    yippiee…gonna luv it.can’t hardly wait xD

  20. riska says:

    btw i had bad feeling too. but hopefully i’m wrong!!

  21. Nini says:

    Sure the movies might be coming out quickly but vampries don’t age so they have to make the movies before the actors start aging too much.

  22. bella says:

    omg thts quick and i like my movies to be good and thts way tooo quick to be even good!!!

  23. xoxox says:

    I think that that is a fine time to release it…who knows? they might start filming elclipse before new moon is even in theaters…fyi…the characters dont need to age…very much anyways.

  24. Brittni says:

    Eclipes is comming out waaay too soon!

  25. Maddi A says:

    I can’t wait!!! me and my frend are gonna see new moon!!! and now i can tell her when eclipse is out we’ll see it to!!! we both read the books, but i’m not a twihard. but i totally admire all the actors and actresses for all their hard work. <3

  26. tlc says:

    They are recording both at the same time i think that is why eclipse is so quick.

  27. Angel says:

    As far as I understand they are not recording New Moon and Eclipse at the same time. I’ve seen an interview with Robert Patterson that was recently done talking about the two movies. He wasn’t even aware that the release date for Eclipse was changed. I think that the biggest reason for the release date of Eclipse being changed to June is because they already have the full cast in place.

    And as for Breaking Dawn…’s a bit of sad news…I’ve been hunting online and found an article where Summit Entertainment has said that as this point Breaking Dawn will not be made into a movie. For those of you interested…check out or

  28. ashley says:


  29. Holly says:

    They have to make and release the movies quickly because vampires don’t age…they can’t have all their actor’s aging 2-3 years in the course of making the movies! Also, I am so excited that they ARE making Breaking Dawn into a movie – Rob Pattinson just announced he’s signed on and they’ll start shooting soon. 😀

  30. lis says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know why people say its too soon. it cant come soon enough! i cant be waiting for years like with harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Taylor says:

    It’s not too quick! I wish it came faster. This means we have to wait another year to see the movie!! URG!

  32. thomas keeling says:


  33. Rachel says:

    I can’t wait for the movies to come over either!!!! hahaha

  34. hottie says:

    un actually the started filming around the same time the did new moon so its not really that quick to be honest

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  36. Julie says:

    The way I look at it they took actors who weren’t even sure what Twilight was suppose to be and created Twilight in 48 days. I have to believe that Stephanie Meyers will have her presence involved in the making of Eclipse. Because Newmoon was awesome. I believe that Eclipse will be just as good. I for one am so glad that i don’t have to wait years in between segments.:D

  37. Lindsey says:

    I have been so excited for months for the release of New Moon… I was actually prepared to be disappointed because my hopes were so high… I saw it this morning & I LOVED every single minute…. The ending was perfect. I actually found this site looking for the release date of Eclipse. I can’t believe we have to wait 7 months!

  38. ollie says:

    new moon is the best movie of all time
    Jacob is HHHOOTTTT

  39. Kashi says:

    OMG!! New Moon was sooooo frecking amazing!!! =D omg omg it was sooo much better than I thought it would be -squeals- I just watched it and ahhh hehe can’t wait for Eclipse!!!!!!!

  40. Danielle says:

    New moon was amazing!!!!!! Eclispe out on june 30th cant wait 🙂 i love the twilight saga!!!!

  41. gosh thats is awesome i just saw new moon yesterday but my mom wont take me again today n i been so bored today with out it boo who to me

  42. andrea dromard says:

    new moon was okay…i loved the ending! but it missed out loads compared to the book ,and i know thats not summits fault but well the story was still portrayed in a good way…hope eclipse is even better. 🙂

  43. T~ says:

    Its not too quick, any other series i would agree, but with the twilight, the books moved pretty fast, and penning the screen play is not a hard thing to do with the way they were written. i look for breaking dawn to actually take longer. i have heard rumors in my circle it wont come out until november 2011

  44. yazoo says:

    i love new moon its just the best i feel sorry for jacob though as he does not have any one and his best friend abandons him :}

  45. mo says:

    I love both Twilight and New Moon but I really hope they don’t do that funky thing with the vamps contact lenses in Eclipse. It makes Alice and Esme look bug-eyed. Katherine Hardwicke had it just right I think. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Other than that, it was awesome!

  46. Jacqui Frenchson says:

    i dont think it is coming too quickly at all,perfect length of time i think,and i can’t wait to see the next two movies,hopefully they dont change things too much,and can portray the fighting scenes well,which i think they should be able to,

  47. Casey says:

    i think its good that they are coming out with a new one so soon! they have to…remember the cast is not really allowed to age since they are vampires! the movies usually take a year to come out meaning that they all together would take 4 years at least and people will def age like dakota fanning definitley. and plus i dont like waiting for the movies to come out!

  48. ciara says:

    I just found out that Eclipse will be released a week later in the UK behind countires like Sweeden and the USA and so many more and I think that this is an outrage. The movie should be released everywhere on the same date.

  49. Sarah says:

    well they cant leave it for too long to make it, Rob is suppose to not age and stay 17 forever and he’s 23 turning 24. they don’t have that much time.

  50. Shey says:

    well…I am realllllllllllllllllllly excited!!! my favorite one…is breaking dawn….because it talks about how jacob leaves the pack of wolfs and kinda starts a new one with leah and seth(loves the Cullens) and that…bella has a baby “Renesme”(nessie^^)wich jacob falls in love with…so its really awesome that eclipse is premiering..its my second favorite…then comes twillight and last but not least comes new moon….in new moon they should of put more things from the book….for example…it dosent show when bella dosent believe that edward is actually back….she thinks shes still dreaming…Im so excited!!!!!

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