Bronson Pelletier confirmed in New Moon cast!

Feb 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News
Bronson Pelletier

Canadian Bronson Pelletier from the cast of Discovery Kids’ DinoSapien and APTN’s has been cast in a large role in New Moon, according to his agency’s website.

Now the REAL speculation begins: the release says that he has garnered a lead role, rumoredly opposite Dakota Fanning… so who do you think he SHOULD be cast as?

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  1. emma says:

    awww he is cute :] one of the wolves probably….

  2. Shannah says:

    Opposite Dakota Fanning? Like, Alec then? Maybe Demetri or Felix, but he’s not pale like a vamp. Actually, I think the Volturi would have more of an olive skin tone, right? Isn’t that what they said? And they are Italian, after all…

  3. RDL says:

    WHaa??? I hope he’s not Alec….I can see him as Paul perhaps but who would he be in the Volturi?? Bahh I’m done with these rumors….

  4. Amanda Cullen says:

    well the website actually only says he’s co-starring with dakota fanning. that’s a very open ended comment. but when i read that, to me it just meant that they are going to be starring in the movie together. so i’m not really reading that much into it. but yeah i could see him as one of the wolves.

  5. Louise M. says:

    uh, mm? Well I dont see why they keep saying decoda fanning is staring! Isnt she playing Jane?! Jane hardly even has a roll in new moon, And perhaps he could be seth? Because its no wolf if you ask me.. Well not yet he’s not.

  6. Amanda Cullen says:

    when they say starring, i think they just mean she’s in it. they don’t mean she has a lead role. they usually refer to someone starring in a movie if they’re in it. it’s just an entertainment industry term.

  7. Cara and Lili says:

    we think he is Sam. and Louise, we agree. not about Seth though. Seth is not in NM and he’s too old anyway. Bronson Pelletier = Sam to us.

  8. Samie says:

    Sam is always casted. remember… i dont know if he is one of the wolves from the pic, he dont look all that buff. like a wolf should be, but i can see him being paul or maybe quil.

  9. Catherine Alexander says:

    i think that the guy who we r commentin abt is random
    there are like no pics of him
    n my friend thinks he looks like barac obama!!! in one picture
    i think that barak (nummo how to spell it) shoudl be in the film
    he would be great!!! :)))))))))))))))

  10. Catherine Alexander says:

    soooo sorry my friend did this…there was this one picture on google where there was a man who looked like Barack Obama but i dont know if it was him…….. but yeah he should be in the film no one knows about him, like no one knew about the other actors until after Twilight……i want to know who hes gonna be in NM…..i have no idea. =D

  11. Shanise says:

    Paul maybe ?

  12. kelly says:

    He would be good as seth clearwater because he looks really young and seth is only fourteen he could pull that off well

  13. Robby says:

    @ kelly

    I agree, he looks too young to be other wolves other than maybe seth, he’s cute, I don’t mind him being seth 🙂 Plus he’s Canadian yay~

    I just hope his acting is good, anyone seen any of his stuff? Maybe I should youtube him XD hahaha

  14. Jen Hamflett says:

    He is SO Seth Clearwater!

    Solomon Trimble is Sam, so he can’t be him. Embry is also cast – his name is Krys but he hasn’t revealed his last name (its some big secret… probably something awful!). So he could be Quil, but he looks like Seth to me. And Seth has the larger role.


  15. Shteff says:

    He doesn’t look old enough for the others to be honest =]
    He looks around my age sooooooooo……
    SETH! *cheers*

  16. Lola says:

    one of the wolves, and I agree with other people, he totally looks like Seth!!

  17. Amanda says:

    omg, he is my seth
    but he could be alex, maybe……..

  18. Jasmine says:

    Seth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you he’s Seth……we’ve already met Sam?!? Soooo…..maybe he’s a jared, paul or Quil?!?!?

  19. Cedar says:

    I think Paul! But not Seth! Please not Seth or Jared!

  20. Carly (Lautner) says:

    let me share a couple of things here.

    1. Solomon Trimble and Krys Ivory were not signed up for anything but Twilight. it pains me to say that. ’cause i loved Solomon and Krys. but, sadly, they are not re-guaranteed for Sam and Embry.
    2. Seth (and Leah) were not written into the New Moon script. so Seth is also out.

    i’m guessing Jared, Paul, Quil, or Embry, but i’d bet on Quil.


  21. Tiffany C. says:

    To me, he looks like a Seth. Even though Seth really isn’t in New Moon… but thats what I get from his face…

  22. Nicole says:

    Are there any lead roles that havnt been filled yet? I guess there’s roles left but I don’t really think I would call any of them a lead.

  23. Karissa says:

    SO Seth Clearwater … he’s so little, and he has an awesome smile. But I don’t get how that would be opposite Dakota Fanning . . . maybe just the agent trying to drum up interest? Ohwell, GO CANADIANS!!! <3

  24. Jamie says:

    I bet that he is Alec… but Alec was supposed to be blonde. Either Alec or SETH. I love Seth. Who else is in that boy-ish age bracket? Ben from BD? Hmmmmmm…… I can’t wait to find out! 🙂

  25. Jacky says:

    Seth! lol
    I think he’d make a good Seth. I LOVE Seth!
    Why Alec?! Come on people! He doesn’t look anything like Dakota!

  26. Jessica Fillmore says:

    He is Seth.. He looks young enough, and kind enough

  27. TwilightGirl says:

    Umm, does that mean they want him to play Alec?! If so, then NOOOOOOO!!! I think he should be Seth, Paul, Quil, or one of the wolves… but NOT Alec! As Jacky mentioned, he doesn’t look like Dakota Fanning at ALL!!!

  28. obsessed twilighter says:

    PEOPLE he is not Seth…like someone said eariler….Leah wasnt written in the script so that means Seth isnt in the script either.

  29. fally wally says:

    he looks kinda like david arculeta, idk who theyre casting as. He doesnt look like a solid pick for anything really

  30. Mikayla says:

    When they said he’s (rumoredly) playing opposite Dakota Fanning… I think they just mention her because she’s a big star and not that he’s going to be Alec.

    I think he would be a good Jared… or maybe Paul. Or Quil. Ha. I can never make up my mind on matters like this!! x]

  31. Kat says:

    I think that he would be a good Quil or Embry. He doesn’t really fit with many more other than Seth.

  32. Haeden says:

    he has some nice pouty lips. ^_^
    but umm i think he’d be a good werewolf.

  33. CJ says:

    I think he is a Seth….but idk if seth is in new moon…i mean wen i read it he was lik in 1 part ( if i remember correctly)…but even still he’d make a great seth…he looks so innocent n looks lik he got a good heart….but i think dat da stuff bout him playin “along” side of Dakota Fanning is jus dem tryin put things in our heads…..jus lik dey sayin stuff bout his heritage …..but i do think he is still playin a quilulete cause he look lik 1… way he could eva b a vampire or a twin of jane if dakota is playin her… he has 2 b playin a wolf…..if he doesnt play seth…..he’ll b either jared or embry…i guarentee it…..
    Seth rox!!!…….my favorite wolf!!!…n my future husband n baby daddy…lol…..

  34. ummm…..i Think he should play alec or demitrie beceause of the way he looks……….my first guess was a wolf but all the wolves have been cheaked out already so i guess we will SEE SOON………..GO TEAM EDWARD

  35. twilight lover says:

    I think he should play one of the wolves.Maybe Quil or Embty?

  36. dori says:

    i think he should be a wolf
    like maybe paul!..yeah paul :]
    or i dont know haha

  37. ????? says:

    EHMAGAWD!!! he iz sooo a wolf, u can soo tell + btw i do nawt like Dakota!! btw Robby is my future hubby. i called dibs!

  38. Rachel says:

    I don’t think he should play Seth…I think he should be Quil!! TEAM JACOB!!

  39. Amy B says:

    It’s been confirmed that he’s playing Jered

  40. lisa says:

    ITS QUIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!

  41. lisa says:


  42. felicia says:

    seth is in new moon at the bon fire at the clif.
    i think that it’s seth.

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