Demi Lovato Would Love To Sing On ‘New Moon’ Soundtrack

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Another Disney star wants in on New Moon! MTV has an interview with Demi Lovato about her love for Twilight and how she would love to do a song for the New Moon soundtrack.

“Lovato also said she’d love the chance to participate in any way possible in “New Moon,” the movie’s hotly anticipated sequel, though she’s sure being on the soundtrack is her best bet. “I think it’d be cool to be in the soundtrack,” she told MTV News. “Maybe, but … it’s like anything that would happen that’d be awesome. I don’t know if I’d make a good vampire or a good werewolf.”

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50 Comments to “Demi Lovato Would Love To Sing On ‘New Moon’ Soundtrack”

  1. Kate says:

    Ew. Stop invading Disney.

  2. Rachel Neilson says:

    Even though i love the Jonas Brothers, i would perfer Demi doing a song because her sound is closer to the Twilight sound then the Jonas Brothers.

  3. Shannah says:

    Well… in her defense, she seemed like she was just being careful bit to offend people. I think she knows there’s no chance of anything by the way she was like oh, maybe the soundtrack (shifty eyes).

  4. Shannah says:

    i meant NOT to offend people, not bit. Jeez. I suck.

  5. Haylee says:

    no way!

  6. Jennella Kristco says:

    No! Gah **Smacks head against table** What is it with these Disney people. I’m sorry, but they’re too ‘poppy’.

  7. Aex says:

    DISNEY! I love DEMI! Stop HATIN! lol ! Sorry!
    Team demi!
    im a nerd!

  8. Nellie says:

    How bout no Disney people

  9. Cedar says:

    I agree no Disney people! No Joe Bros. And No Demi!

  10. Ray says:

    FIRST THE JONAS BROSTHERS! NOOOOOOOOOW DEMI LOVATO!?!?!?!? Are you frikin kidding me??? I mean NO DISRESPECT AT ALL to Demi Lovato, but her kinda of music and Jo Bros are just NOT RIGHT for TWILIGHT!!! Stick to the kinda of music they had in the first movie, I thought over all it was a pretty excellent selection of music! :'( No pop please!!!

  11. ewwyyy not for jacob! but for edward i approve :))

  12. Elizabeth says:

    She’s acctually a fan of the series, and I think that she could do something really good.

  13. Ana says:

    To be honest, I think MTV (read: Mr. Carroll) is asking these questions to the randomest of people and just to get a rise out of the fans because they know that we’re going to jump on their case. They’re just doing it to get a rise out of fans. It increases their number of views, etc. It’s beginning to be stupid and to be frank getting old. We watch the videos; they never consist of a bunch of questions of New Moon. They always consist of what ever questions they’re REALLY doing an article about and then, “Oh let me throw in the idea of New Moon in there. Let me start up a rumor since all is quiet on the western front.” Ugh, please.

  14. Olinda says:

    i agree with ana.. maybe they would ask for one of the cheetah girls… hahaha… imagine them

  15. Rachel Neilson says:

    Seriously people STOP HATING!! Just because she is a “Disney” star does not give all for you the right to insult her. You may not like her that’s fine, but she is just like all for us, a big fan of the books and the movie. She just wants to get involved like all of use would want to if we were in her positing. She could possible have a chance to get involved so she is doing what she can like we would. (now I’m not sure if this makes any sense cause I’m typing kind of fast so sorry if it doesn’t) So people stop hating on all the Disney people. I know that everyone is entitled to there own opinion but you don’t have to come down on Demi or any other Disney star (like the JoBros). Also it doesn’t matter cause she and the Jonas Brothers aren’t going to be on the soundtrack so you can all stop over reacting.

  16. haylie says:

    nawwww but i love me some demi. shes decent for a disney star.
    people are so anti disney, its funny.

  17. Twigurl says:

    O My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that the disney people are invading twilight. I mean, Disney was great when we
    were like 8… but, its idiotic to include someone who sings about being a “good” friend and
    “how it love my family”. If you get in with disney, dont try to skip to a fandriven fanomina. Most twihearters
    are at least 12. If your like 20 or somethingand your STILL entertaining little kids dont even
    TRY to get in a movie like THIS. Even though i hate the “JoBros”
    they are the least of our problems!!!!! Like Miley Cyrus 🙁 or the annoying twins from that show at a hotel.
    Sorry far the hatin, but you gota let it out. 🙂

  18. Twigurl says:

    RACHEL NELSON!!!!!! OMG how old are u?!?!

  19. Amanda G says:

    Better then the jonas brothers but…. No no no and no

  20. Twigurl says:

    OOOHH also, Corbin Blue or and one who was on film in a High Sclool Musical movie should be
    legaly Banned fron attending or being accepted for ANY of Stephanies book adaptations

  21. Em says:

    please please please no more disney stars!!!!!!

    but if Demi came up with anything good maybe, i’m not so sure though!

  22. Tori says:

    Wow I didn’t know that Disney was producing this move? I mean really? Disney people should stick to sing about breaking up after their three day long love relationships, and then they get back together because they say they’re “sorry”. Twilight = ages 12 and up, while Disney = 10 and under.

  23. alisanne says:

    Demi’s song: Dont Forget, really connects to New Moon. If u listen to the lyrics…… its totally makes sense 🙂

  24. ANiTA says:



  25. Robby says:

    alisanne has a point :P. I’m very against the whole Disney trying to get a part in the movies concept, I was like :(!! when I heard about the rumours with jonas brothers and vanessa. But I actually don’t mind demi. There are three disney people who I have decent opinions about (besides hilary duff) demi lovato, selena gomez and ashley tisdale. And out of the three, I think demi deviates the most from the typical disney-ish songs; to me, she seems to have the most potential (out of the three girls) in creating an appropriate song if she had the chance.

    But of course, I do prefer to hear indie bands XD

  26. Rachel Neilson says:

    To twigurl: I’m 14, but it doesn’t really matter how old I am. Demi is a great singing and I love her, but she’s not going to be on the soundtrack because, A) all of you are totally over reacting. B) her lyrics don’t have the New Moon feel to them (but because she is a big fan of the books she probably could write something good enough for the soundtrack.) C) Stephenie probably wouldn’t allow it because the artist on the Twilight soundtrack are people that she listens to and Demi Lovato isn’t some one that she listens to.
    Also Demi was just stating that she would like to be apart of New Moon. That in no way means that she is going to be or that she is going to do anything about it.
    Also I agree with the people who said that if someone from High School Musical or something like that was to try to get involved, that would just be too much. Even for me and I’m a big Disney fan.

  27. Rachel Neilson says:

    Robby I completely agree with you except for that thing about Ashley Tisdale and Hilary duff. Also I’m not against Disney people trying t get involved. (but that’s just my opinion and everyone is entitled to there own)

  28. Elle says:

    I’m late teens and am entirely not fangirl-teenie bopper but I just love Demi, she has such great…spunk (unintentional Rob reference). I think she’d be awesome.

  29. Samie says:

    ok i love demi to death. its sad cuz im 22! lmao… but her music rocks.. i be the happiest person in the world if my fav actress/singer got to do something in my fav books! tho she is disney, and i rather they stay away, but if we cant avoid it, im glad its demi.. she should stay true to the story no matter what role she plays, whether its in the movie its self of just the soundtrack. but i still say no way to the jonas brothers, and what not.. but as someone said before in the comments

  30. Jenni says:

    Demi is a great Person! I met her last year and she was so nice! So please stop writing HATE comments

  31. Samie says:

    u met her! im jelouse

  32. Jessikah says:

    that sucks !!
    why are disney trying to invade the twilight movies !!
    not saying i don’t like them or anything but it’s just not there sort of thing !!

  33. jodie says:

    i agree no disney!! no joe bros please they suck and no demi!! (i might be biased cos i dont like either of them but their kinda music just isn’t right for new moon, its all about bellas heartbreak over edward leaving so please summit or chris weitz or who ever chooses the music please make another soundtrack like the twilight one) and no vanessa hudgens!!!!
    the music on the twilight soundtrack was so good i hope for new moon and the rest of the series they stick to the same kinda music!! no pop!!
    why is disney trying to take over?

    its probably just because twilight was so big they want in.

  34. Rachel Neilson says:

    Jenni you are soo lucky that you met her (I’m so jealous of you!)
    and to jodie, yuor right that new moon id a bout bella’s heartbreak but it’as also about bella finding hope in jacob. he brings light and happiness to the book and to bella. so it would be be so bad if demi brought that to the soundtrack. she could suprise us all by writing something really good for the soundtrack but all of they are so dead set against anyone disney related getting involved that you all would bash it. I just think that all of you should be just a bit more oppen minded about Demi. also even though i am a huge Jonas Brothers fan i agree with you guys that there sound is not right for Nwe Moon and they should not be involved with New Moon. But you guys shouldn’t bash them just because you hate them, it’s extremly rude.

  35. Amy Git r Done says:

    Gag me.

  36. Roxie says:

    I don’t know…Demi has a great voice but I don’t want any Disney stars involved in any of the movies.

  37. Rachel Neilson says:

    to amy: done

  38. Rachel Neilson says:

    sorry that was rude of me 🙂

  39. Cherry Garcia says:

    I have to agree with the majority of all the comments. NO DISNEY. I’m not saying that disney stars suck or anything but I don’t want disney to invade Twilight.

    Next we are going to hear that Miley Cyrus wants to be on the New Moon soundtrack or something. And I’m saying right now HALL NO!!!!!

  40. Rachel Neilson says:

    i agree with most of you guys too (just not the bashing of disney). the stars who are trying to get involved are fans of the books (just like us). of course that Jonas Brothers aren’t fans but this doesn’t apply to them.

  41. Jasmine says:

    NO DISNEY!!!!!! THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN THE SOUNDTRACK! Unless they change their types of songs. then I’d be okay with it.

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  42. Rachel Neilson says:

    thanks for supporting me jas, your a grreat friend.

  43. Shanice says:

    NO NO and NO

  44. Hayley Nichole says:

    let me say something here. The Jonas Brothers’ sound is not right for New Moon. however, before you bash Demi, listen to her music. it’s close to the sound from the Twilight soundtrack. And Demi can actually sing. I bet half of you haven’t even listened to any of her music, and just hate her ’cause she’s Disney. Give it a listen, and THEN you can say Demi’s not right.

    <3 Hayley Nichole

  45. Shanise says:

    I’m going to have to hear some of her songs first before I make up my mind on this. Demi’s one of the few Disney stars I actually like; she has an amazing personality. Which I can easily say because I’ve only seen her in videos like the one above and I seem to like her already. Any other Disney star and I’d immediatly say no but I’ve decided to listen to her music first.

  46. Twi-Girl says:

    Um? “Head bang a gainst the bed board” Who in the name of Edward Cullen!! I have nothing against demi Lavato it’s just that people are bringing a disney star into this and i don’t think that would be the best idea i love Twilight and i can’t wait for New Moon to come out!!!!

  47. musican freak says:

    i know that disney music does not match but demis does in a way. i am a person that has always loved music, and it really makes me mad when people only listen to the sound. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE LYRICS AS WELL TO GET THE TRUE EMOTIONS OF THE SONG. and when i listened to demi lovatos cd dont forget it remindid me of newmoon. the song dont forget stood out most. for example the lyrics say” all the pictures have been burnt and all the past” it reminded me of how edward took the cd he made her and the pictures of him and bella and hid it under her floor boards. but bella thought he threw them out. the lyrics also say ‘u cant forget please dont forget about us” it reminded me of how edward says i cant forget but my kind are very easily distracted. and how bellas hoping that edward didnt forget about her and still loves her. it is very clear that demi was writing about someone special because everytime she performs this song she crys just like how everytime bella thinks of edward she is in body crippling pain. i mean maybe this person is just as special to her as edward is to bella. and i think she could write a song with the same amount of emotion that she did before. i know that disney people are not write for twilight but in my opinoin demi is to good for disney anyway and i dont think she would have a problem changing her sound for the soundtrack. i would rather have someone how has had a similar excperence and can recreate the experince and emotion for the song then someone how would only right the song and not put any feeling or simalites between the movie and the song. and i think if u loved the twilight seris u would want a sound track just as good as the movie and books.
    make some refrences of your own
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    But somewhere we went wrong
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    So now I guess
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  48. Maria says:

    please no disney stars, the movie would lose its overall purpose. it wouldn’t be like for the same reasons anymore! the first twilight album was awesome, because it showed off new talents of newer groups, i just dont think the jb or any other disney star would fit up to that level.

  49. jacobfan says:

    im agree.
    I think demi sings good

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