What was Jasper thinking?

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To get ready for next week’s show, we want to know what you thought of Jasper’s reaction to Bella at her birthday bash!  He is constanly struggling with his vegetarian diet, and Bella’s paper cut set him off!  In addition, why the heck didn’t Alice see any of this?!?!?  We would love to get your ideas about what should make it in the movie as well…

So, what are your thoughts of Jasper and what happened at Bella’s family birthday party?  Was it a big deal?

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  1. Tricia says:

    Jaspers reaction was instinctual! We have all read and this before….because he is the newest member to the vegetarian diet, he struggle the most with staying on track. Jasper’s history as a vampire pre-Cullens was riddled with blood and violence. As part of Maria’s army he was constantly feeding on human blood to combat and control the newborns within the army. As a result, Jasper reacted instantaneously to the smell of Bella’s blood.

    As for Alice’s vision, or lack there of, it is likely that Alice did see the incident happening. She was watching Jasper so closely as Stephenie Meyer explained in the drafted, unedited chapters of “Midnight Sun’ (published on her website). Alice most likely did see the birthday party paper-cut incident happening. Her vision would also have included the outcome of Jasper’s inability to harm Bella. Stephenie Meyer did an unbelievable job of tying all the books together intricately, and specifically with Alice’s ability. For example, in Breaking Dawn, Bella finds out that Alice purchased a wedding dress back in the 1800’s in anticipation that her vision of Bella and Edward’s meeting, relationship and consequent wedding would take place. Alice is thorough in following all possible avenues and directions her visions might go, positive or negative. I believe that Alice knew this was part what is now the history of Edward and Bella. She always knew that Bella would become part of their coven as a vampire, one way or another. In Eclipse, Alice touched Aro’s hands, subsequently sharing all thoughts she has ever had, including all the visions and changes to Bella’s future story as a vampire and a Cullen, including Jasper’s reaction to Bella’s paper cut.

    …..I love your podcast! I became a twihard in 2008 and found your podcast on iTunes recently. I have actually gone back and read all the books in the saga (for the 4th time) while using your podcast as an interesting guide. Thanks Kassie and Kallie, guests and staff!!!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I <33333333 Jasper he is cooler than dry ice

  3. Jen says:

    What I don’t understand…In the movie, Jasper is able to be in the same room with Bella while they are killing James; Her blood was all over the place…Why didn’t he snap on her then?

  4. Isabella says:

    Poor Jazz! Remember it’s also because the “Cullen lifestyle” is not his first choice… He does it for Alice. This makes it much harder on him because he is not as dedicated to it as the other Cullens.
    New Moon describes how he had moved in “closer than usual” as she opened the present, he usually stays quite a good distance away from Bella to be safe. This would make it that much worse when she started bleeding.
    As for Alice not foreseeing it, Hell, Bella did not DECIDE to get a paper-cut! Jazz didn’t DECIDE to attack her, he didn’t plan to beforehand and he couldn’t help it. Therefore, it all happened in a snap and Alice din’t have time to see it coming.
    Finally, in Twilight, in the ballet-studio, Jasper would have been mentally preparing himself for the blood beforehand, he would have been distracted by James and the desire to protect Alice from James, and then he quickly left with Emmett.
    Team Jazz <3 xoxox

  5. Isabella says:

    I personally love Jasper, and I think it ought to be pointed out that since Jazz is far-and-away the best fighter in the coven, he could have EASILY beaten Edward, Emmett, Rosalie and anyone else in his way, had he really wanted to kill Bella.
    I don’t actually find that Bella is the most likeable character. In Breaking Dawn, for example, she is just soo irritating about the whole baby thing. I don’t normally go for Jacob either, but the whole “cooing over the sweet little monster” thing was just wrong! She needed an abortion! I would have gotten one!
    Team Jazz <3 xoxox

  6. Ravyn Hale (Jazzy's new wife Alice was cheating on him with Seth) says:

    I think it is that Jasper can sense the others emotions and so there is so much extra stress on him that he has a harder time with his diet and then during the hunt slip ups would be that only carlisle can stop

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