What was Jasper thinking?

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To get ready for next week’s show, we want to know what you thought of Jasper’s reaction to Bella at her birthday bash!  He is constanly struggling with his vegetarian diet, and Bella’s paper cut set him off!  In addition, why the heck didn’t Alice see any of this?!?!?  We would love to get your ideas about what should make it in the movie as well…

So, what are your thoughts of Jasper and what happened at Bella’s family birthday party?  Was it a big deal?

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  1. Ainsley says:

    well, i think i might be a different to the other respones people had listed. i think it was a bit strange kind of, because Jasper has been the newest member of the vegertarians and considering what happened at Bellas Birthday Bash, it was like he had never seen human blood since he came to Carlisle and Esme. I dont think Alice would have seen the future then because Jasper (hopefully) didn’t have any intention going towards Bella intending to suck her blood, because it was such a sudden thing and Alice can only see the future depending on what people are thinking, as they can change there minds. So she wouldn’t have seen anything in those couple of seconds where Jasper couldn’t help but leap for Bella to bite her.
    love your podcast.

  2. shanlara says:

    i dont understand how she couldnt have seen this either as bella had made the decison to come to the party and then also made the decision to open the present and if alice can see the results of those decisions she would have seen jasper going for bella as soon as bella decided she was going to open the present. I think thats logical, so someone please explain why? lol i would love to ask stephenie meyer!

  3. Allyse says:

    I really didn’t understand why Jasper would go after Bella, even though he has struggled/ is struggling with being vegetarian vampire UNTIL I read Eclipse where explains his background with Maria. To me, it made this part of New Moon make sense. I think since he spent SO long feeding on the blood of humans compared to the rest of the family, it will take a long time for him just learn to control his natural instincts for human blood. And the reason, I think, that Alice didn’t see it is because Alice’s visions are based on what people are based on their decisions at that moment (remember when she was looking at Edward’s future in Italy). Since Jasper was going at Bella’s blood was pure instinct, Alice wouldn’t have caught it.

    Love the podcast….can’t wait for this one! Keep up the good work!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I remember that in a past book Alice said that she says the future most clearly them it involves vampires. Also, Alice can only see the future after a decision is made. Jasper obviously didn’t make the decision to attack Bella, it was his instinct. Bella also didn’t decide to cut her finger, setting off Jasper. In short, I blame the paper for the cullens leaving.

  5. Kelsey says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie. When Jasper “attacked” Bella at her brithday party I was a little shocked because he went to such far extremes but I wasn’t really surprised that it happened. In Twilight we found out that Jasper is the newest vegetarian and that he has a hard time controlling his thrist for human blood. So when Jasper “attacked” Bella I wasn’t really that surprised because I was kind of expecting it to happen sooner or later. I was a little shocked though of how far of an extreme he went to.

    As for Alice not seeing any of this happening I think it was because Bella didn’t decide on cutting her finger and Jasper didn’t decide on “attacking” her. Alice can only see things that people have decided. So since Bella didn’t decide on cutting herself and Jasper didn’t decide to “attack” her, Alice wouldn’t have seen it.

    All in all, the whole Jasper “attacking” Bella thing was a pretty big deal. It started out as just Bella having a papercut and turning into Jasper almost killing her.

    The things I would want to see in New Moon are:
    The dream scene
    The birthday party
    The breakup scene
    The events after the break up scene
    All of the hallucinations
    The port angels scene
    The motorcycle scene
    The meadow scene
    The cliff diving scene
    When Jacob and Bella almost kiss
    Alice comes back
    When Charlie describes Bella after Edward breaks up with her to Alice
    When Edward calls
    Bella and ALice enter Volterra
    Bella saves Edward
    The whole Volturi scene
    The plane ride back to Washington
    When Edward and Bella talk after Edward comes back
    Bella’s epiphany
    The Cullen’s vote for Bella’s immortality
    When everthing goes back to normal between Edward and Bella
    When Jacob tells on Bella for riding motorcycles

    I want everything that was in the book to be in the movie. 🙂

    Please read my answer on your podcast!!!!!!
    P.S. I love your Podcast!!!

  6. Abigail says:

    when bella cut her finger i knew something was about to happen…when jasper attacked her i screamed…i love jasper and i was freaking out because he’s worked so hard to resist attacking humans…since i really don’t like bella before she’s a vampire i really wish jasper would have bit her so she could have become a vampire earlier…

    i don’t think jasper really saw it coming when he was about to attack…all those instints took over him and he wasn’t his new “vegitarian” self…alice couldn’t have seen this happen either because jasper didn’t make the conscience decision to attack bella…all his vampire instincts took over him…and especially with his background it’s a surprise he didn’t just kill her…

    i think the attack made him stronger to resist attacking humans…maybe he should have just killed bella then maybe humans wouldn’t bother him anymore…she should have took one for the team…haha…then i could have stepped in and took bella’s place haha

  7. Peri says:

    I think when Jasper attacked he couldnt help it! his vampire instincs just took over and he wasnt thinking about being a “vegetarian”. and he works so hard at trying to stay “sober” i guess you could call it and i just felt so bad because he has the hardest time with it!

    I think Alice might have saw it, but she just didnt want to admit it because she might be embaressed by it, or in shock or somthing along those lines.
    In the movie i would like to see,
    1. When bella is dreaming of her grandmother
    2. bella’s birthday
    3. when edward breaks up with bella(even though ill be sobbing into my freinds arm!)
    4. Sam finding bella in the woods
    5. the look on all of bellas freinds faces when she’s all “emo”
    6. all of jacob scenes or her in La Push( i love jaco)
    7. WHEN SHE MEETS QUIL AND EMBRY AND THEY HAVE LIKE A CRUSH ON HER!( i really want to see that!)
    9. BElla hearing/seeing edward(depending on what they decide to do in the movie)
    10. Bella jumping off the cliff
    11. Alice returing
    12. Them saving edward
    13. when jacon tattle tales on Bella!

    pretty much everything. Love you guys! keep it up!

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jen Hamflett says:

    I think that it was all very sudden, so Alice couldn’t predict it, and I think that if Jasper wasn’t prepared for the blood it is really believable that he would lunge for her. The only thing I find surprising is that no one else did the same – as Carlisle is the only one that isn’t bothered by blood.

    I’m on the fence about Edward’s reaction. He more than anyone would have wanted Bella’s blood, and we know from Eclipse that he can get really distracted by it in the most serious of situations (Edward vs Victoria). I know his will power does a lot to help him resist, but at that point in the series he hadn’t really become so strong.

  9. Lexi moyer says:

    I lovethe podcast totally amazing! Alice didn’t see it cuz it was a sudden decision. Jackson was reacting like a normal person would. If you were on a diet without chocolate then if chocolate suddenly appeared you would go after it without thinking about the diet.

  10. Gillian Mendez says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!

    In my opinion, Jasper’s reaction to Bella’s minor papercut was to be expected. He had a past of self indulgence. It’s like a meth addict being locked in 1st class meth lab. But, he could have gone and actually killed her since he has all this fighting experience and a weaker tolderence to spilt blood.

    But he didn’t. People don’t seem to take that into consideration a lot of the times.

    And for Alice not seeing the situation, Bella didn’t decide to get a papercut in a house full of vampires and Jasper didn’t decide to give Bella death as a present.

    It was all just a horrible situation that provoked Edward to make the horrible, stupid decision of leaving. But, even if this never happened, something else would have. Something as ridiculous getting abducted by aliens, Edward would have blamed himself.

    “Love, it’s all my fault that they implanted that satellite into you head! This is why I must go and leave you here with giant dogs” Edward would say.

    But I digress, it was just a situation that needed to happen.

    By the way, I loved the photos from the photoshoot. But I have to say, you gals are beautiful even without the fancy make-up!

  11. Luz Rodriguez says:

    Hey Kallie & Kassie..

    Well first of all I think everyone of the Cullens were taken by surprise, Alice probably didn’t see it coming because everyone knows Bella wouldn’t hurt herself in anyway that blood would be involved, especially in a room filled with vampires. Jasper, I think reacted to his animal instincts like-smell food immediately attack to get it. If Alice would have seen it before hand she would have made an excuse to get her and Jasper out of there like, a hunting trip or vacation. YES, it was a big deal for Jasper, if Bella’s blood sings to Edward imagine what it does to any other vampire.

    As far as what I would like to see in the movie I think this scene is what I might be most looking forward to because I’m dying to see how Emmett controls Jasper from getting Bella. In his (Emmett’s) mind it might not be the best situation to get in a fight with Jasper but hey we do know that he likes to play rough.

    Thanks love the podcast!! Hope my answer of the week makes it in there (my first one)!! =]

  12. Lara says:

    hey kallie, hey kassie!

    ok, firstly, like almost everyone else has said, Alice didn’t see this coming because it was a snap desicion. I’d say she might have predicted something like this happening though, but she never said anything because she loves Jasper and didn’t want him left out of the par-tay!!

    Secondly, Jasper’s actions were purely instinctual. I was trying to think of a metaphor to explain this, but this was the best I could do: If you’re extremely sensitive to perfume, an you’re at a party with family and someone has REALLY strong perfume on, you’re going to sneeze, right? Regardless of whether or not it hurts that persons feelings-you just can’t help it. The other reasons for why Jasper did what he did without thinking are:

    1.He feels what those around him feel. Do you think he WANTED to feel Bella’s pain and fright, or Edward’s fury? no!!
    2. He’s a vampire. He drinks blood. Thats what he does. He just doesn’t have as strong will power as the others.
    3.He hardly wanted to make an eejit of himself now, did he?!

    ok and lastly, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but if anyone else has read the Twilight-movie-guide-companion-thingy, you’ll know that the Cullen’shouse is actually someones house…so I don’t think the owners would be happy if the cast and crew wrecked the place for that scene…or maybe they’ll just film that scene in a studio, or in another location…

    that’s going to really annoy me-if they don’t use any of the same locations in New Moon that were in Twilight.

    Anyway, thats all for now! Love the podcasts!

  13. Lara says:

    by the way I’m not a weirdo who writes comments at like 5.30 in the morning- it’s like 12.30 in the day here ok!!

  14. Megan L. Cullen says:

    I had a feeling Jasper would accidentally bite Bella because of his frenzy around human blood and the birthday bash seemed the perfect oppurtunity. I could tell, and I’m sure a lot of other readers could too, that something bad was going to happen to make Edward leave Bella.

    I think that was the purpose of Jasper bite, why Stephenie wrote it in. Also I beleive Alice did See it! It’s made clear in New Moon that Alice will go to any lengths to save Jasper, she would sacrifice Edward, Rosalie, even Bella! So when she saw Jasper biting Bella she knew Edward would do anything he could to stop it, if he had to he would’ve killed Jasper I think. So Alice told no one about it and was careful not to think about it.

    I think the bite scene will make it into the movie but I’m not sure about the part where Carlisle is stitching Bella up. I love the conversation they have there but I’m not sure if it’ll get into the film.

    Bella getting bitten was definitly a big deal because it was what triggered Edward to leave. He still would’ve found a reason eventually but that could’ve changed the whole outcome of the series. So it’s definitly a huge deal! It also kind of foreshadows the part when Alice and Jasper leave in Breaking Dawn because it shows that Alice will do anything and sacrifice anyone to keep Jasper alive.

  15. Team Edcob says:

    omj (oh my jasper xD) ..He is so cute..!! even cuter than robert as Edward..!!

    Well, to the point..

    I feel so sorry for him.. He must feel terrible..!
    When he was attaching Bella, I suppose he wasn’t thinking at all. He just did what the instincts told him to do.. Bella smells better than most of us human beings, and when she walks into his own house, it has to be hard for him( of corse to Edward and all the others too, but since he is the newest vegetarian it’s harder for him.). And when she starts to cut herself, he’s not able to resist it anymore. Luckily for Bella Edward’s there and saves the situation. I think he was very very very embarrassed adn sad, “why must it be so hard for me, when the others are doing so fine”. And he must feel that he’s destroying Edward and Bella’s relationship, because he can feel how they feel about each other..
    I suppose Alice didn’t see it because Jasper never decided to attack Bella, only in the last second, and then it was to late. And I really think it was a bigger deal, than we can see through Bellas point of view. To the whole family, to feel that they can’t let her in without being super super careful, and Jasper must be devastated and embarrassed because of it.
    I really hope this will be one of the best scenes in the movie, because it’s so important. It’s the reason for why they’re leaving her, which is the main subject in the book.

    That was my theory, love your podcast..


  16. Gemma Thompson says:

    i hated this bit beacuse i was weirdly proud of jasper that nothing had happened already in twilight, and when this happened i was like no you prat. Jasper has always been considered quick so mabey alice just couldnt get to him in time, cause as soon as bella realises shes bleeding edward pushes her out the ways and emmett takes down jasper so mabey its just beacuse she saw the boys were going to do something and she didnt want to do anything, but i think its odd that she dosnt do anything. ???? lol . i cant acctully wait till the film . x

  17. Britt says:

    First off, let me say that you guys are absolutely adorable and i listen to your podcast all the time 😀 keep up the good work!

    Now about Jasper (whom i adore)… he is obviously incredibly sensitive and hyper aware of himself and his surroundings. And this is even before he became a vampire which heightened his senses so first and foremost, this is his natural way of thinking and just BEING. Becoming a vampire, all of your senses are heightened and for some, they turn into actual powers. (i don’t think you guys are idiots who don’t know this already or anything, im just trying to get to a certain point and this is setting the thinking train on it’s course).

    While you can understand an idea of something rationally, it doesn’t necessarily mean you fully and completely understand and agree with it emotionally. Jasper knows that is wasn’t his fault but being in his own body, feeling his own impulses and urges, wanting so desperately to drain Bella right that second is not only overwhelmingly out of your control, but also nothing else’s or one’s fault as well. Where can you put the blame? Really? Jasper let his guard down because even HE wanted to see Bella’s reaction to her presents. So harmless. So minor.

    I think it’s more humiliating than anything else. Of course Jasper feels horribly guilty and disgusted with himself but even more than that, what this incident says about him and his capabilities… it’s embarrassing. Even though he, Edward, Alice, and the rest of the family truly know how difficult it is to restrain oneself from letting go and just eating everybody, no one knows what it;s like to be as unstable as him. Jasper took pride his WHOLE life at being so strong and charismatic and clever and just being the best at what he does; everything that would make you proud of who you are. Now he is the weakest of the bunch and not only that… he went nuts over a paper cut.

    As for why Alice didn’t see it, Bella didn’t decide which present to open first or what way to do it until the very moment so there was no way they could have seen it.

    What I want to see in New Moon… I know I am going to be disappointed either way (i really disliked Twilight the movie) but because New Moon is lacking a lot of Edward, I heard that whenever Bella hears voices, they are going to put a sort of Edward mirage in the corner or something every time he speaks. I do NOT want that to happen. Edward is gorgeous. Obviously. So seeing him more is fabulous generally but…. Bella does not see AND hear edward! there is a huuuuuuuuuuge difference from that and just hearing. I think if they just did the voice of rob all the time, it gives more of the impression like edward is really in bella’s head and there is this sort of feeling like, “he’s everywhere”. it gives the whole thing more momentum and awe and passion. Seeing him there just makes it more creepy and make Bella seem crazy. other than that, there is nothing i can really ask for… except MAKE ALICE MORE BOUNCY! she wasn’t bouncy enough in the first movie. everything else, can be up for the director’s interpretation.

    Once again, you guys rock 😉

    and Kassie… your taylor lautner dream is so wrong… and yet so understandable… I SUPPORT YOU AND YO NASTY DREAMS!

  18. Janeanne says:

    It is as simple as this… Jasper wasn’t thinking! His thoughts were poisoned by his sudden impulse for blood. And why did Alice not see this? Easy,it was a snap decision. Therefore, Alice could not have possibly seen it because Jasper didn’t have his non beating heart set on trying 2 kill Bella. By the way, LUV the podcast!!

  19. Nikki says:

    Alice didn’t see it because no one chose that path. And don’t blame Jasper he couldn’t help it. He might be able to control emotions but thirst is very hard for most vampires. He’s trying really hard and he just needs love and encouragement from his family and friends.

  20. Annie McKee says:

    Hey Girls, well to answer the question of the week the reason why Alice didn’t see Bella cutting her finger and Jasper attacking her is because neither of them decided it. Bella didn’t want to cut her finger but it was an accident and Jasper definitely didn’t want to attack Bella. At least not on that day. I think that Jasper wasn’t thinking anything when he was attacking Bella, it’s like when you are really hungry ( Like right now for me ) you only think about food. He was only thinking of Bella’s blood. So I was wrong when I said he wasn’t thinking anything he was thinking about something…her blood! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Love the show and love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Heather D says:

    Alice didn’t see this coming because Jasper didn’t make the decision to attack Bella until she cut her finger and at that point it happened so fast that Alice wouldn’t even have had time to have the vision.

    I know Jasper has had trouble being like the Cullens, but I think he could have shown a little strength considering he was with her and Alice in that hotel room at the end of Twilight while they were hiding from James. Plus, this is the girl that his brother (Edward) loves so so much and Alice’s good friend by that point. I would have thought that Jasper would have grown a bit being in such close contact with another human during the events of Twilight plus the summer.

  22. Cynthia A. says:

    Hey girls!
    The birthday scene between Jasper and Bella was incredibly shocking.
    When I read it, i literally had to reread it again. Jasper was always so backroundish in Twilight, I didnt expect him to play such an important role in New Moon.I think the reason Alice didnt see this was because she was so preoccupied with
    the birthday plans and other things, that she didnt even pay any attention really.
    I excited to see this in the movie as it is very important and hope that nothing is left out. But i do think it
    would be awesome if they emphasized on the papercut throughout the movie, such as Bella staring at the
    cut and remembering Edward and just thinking it was all her fault.

    Great Podcast ladies and the podcast music is awesome!

  23. Connie says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    The first time I read New Moon, when I came across the birthday scene, I didn’t really think anything of it. It kind of made me sad that Edward wasn’t strong enough to stay in the room with Bella while Carlisle was fixin’ her up, but other than that I just thought, “Well, Bella’s effectively screwed herself by being clumsy yet again.”
    However, when I read about the way Edward was acting around Bella after the incident, I remember being really upset. After he *sniff* left, I totally blamed Jasper. I couldn’t blame Edward because I knew he thought he was doing the right thing, but I couldn’t help thinking that if Jasper had been just a little more in control of himself, then everything would’ve worked out and Jacob *gag* would never have become a huge character.
    The part I’m most interested in for the movie is the end, flying home from Italy and the time after, when Bella thinks she’s dreaming, and after when she puts her mortality to a vote. I could care less about Jacob.
    Lots of love,

  24. Jess says:

    So, I was thinking when you asked this, about how Jasper can feel other people’s emotions as well as his own, all at once, inside his head. When Bella cut her finger, it’s not as if all the rest of the family HASn’t just had a sharp pang of thirst from it too, they are just more controlled with how they act on it. So, at the precise moment Bella cuts her finger, he feels everyone else’s thirst, except possibly Edward’s, all at once. Not to mention his already struggling in “vegetarianism”. I’m not sure if that’s how it works… but, it was worth a try 🙂 Also, in Breaking Dawn, when Jasper runs off thinking about whether it was his pre-conceived notions about not drinking human blood being very difficult, he probably didn’t think at the time that he COULD possibly NOT drink her blood. Already, before this occurrence, he thinks that he wouldn’t be able to do it. So, I don’t think that it is his fault at all about what he did, and Bella doesn’t blame him either, although he does feel horrible.

    And, I agree with everyone else about the Alice thing. Even if she had seen something, it would have come in the split second that Jasper decided he was going to eat her, and then it was too late.

    Love the podcast, and keep up the great work!


  25. Jess says:

    Hang on. Just gotta edit something here. When I was talking about Breaking Dawn, I meant to say: “Also, in Breaking Dawn, when Jasper runs off thinking about whether it was his pre-conceived notions about not drinking human blood being very difficult that made him have such a hard time…

    Sorry, forgot some words there LOL

  26. Elise♥♥♥ says:

    Alice can usually see things when she’s trying to see them, like when the Volturi made the decision to go after Bella and Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. Alice was trying to see when they made that decision, and she saw when she did. However, she very well might have been fully able to see that Bella would cut her finger because not only are her visions based on people’s decisions, but they are also based on things that are set in stone. The future would be that Bella would cut her finger, and that would be what happened for sure unless Alice stopped her like the Cullen family stopped the Volturi from killing Renesme. However, she wouldn’t be able to see that Bella would get a paper cut because she would be keeping tabs on serious injurys, not minor ones.

    Secondly, I would just like to say that this question was posted on my sister’s 18th birthday, and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday! Luuuuuuuv the podcast!

  27. Ally says:

    Hola Kassie and Kallie!
    Is it strange to say that I had a feeling something like this would happen? I thought about how in Twilight, Jasper stayed away from Bella, I thought what if Bella did something to provoke Jasper. So yes, I kind of pondered on something like that happening.
    Keep up the awesome job girls!

  28. Anna says:

    I think that Alice did not see Jasper’s reaction just because it was a spur of the moment thing. He wasn’t thinking for the past twenty-four hours, “Hey I’m going to attack Bella at her birthday party!” He didn’t decide anything until a couple seconds before he tried to attack her, which, from the way Alice gets her visions, gives me the idea she wouldn’t have enough time to even see the future before it occurred. And her visions are provoked by decisions.

    And I just wanted to say – I had a dream about Taylor Lautner the night after I listened to your last podcast! It made me laugh!

  29. princess katie says:

    In Twilight, in the wonderful chapter 13, Edward explains to Bella that the reason he “misbehaved” was that he was surprised when she got so close. It’s the same at Bella’s birthday, Bella simply surprised Jasper. In the millisecond after Bella cuts herself, all Jasper can do is react naturally. Because this event catches him off gaurd, he doesn’t have time to think about the consequences of his actions. I don’t blame him.
    I have 2 ideas for why Alice didn’t see it coming
    1. She was too preoccupied planning Bella’s party and such
    2. Jasper hadn’t made the choice to attck, so she didn’t see him attacking

  30. Rachel Elise Cullen says:

    Hey girls. So i guess to answer the first question Jasper got out of control at Bella’s Birthday party because he had gotten so used to feeding off of humans blood that when he joined the Cullen Family, stopping cold turkey, had to have been hard for him. When Bella cut her finger it took him back to when he was feeding off poor defenseless humans *coughBELLAcough* he just snapped and went with his instincts and attacked. As for the other Cullens, and why they attacked, I dont really know. As for the second question, Alice’s visions are based on people descions. This all happend to fast, and it’s not like Bella planned to cut her finger or that Jasper decided to attack. I guess when they decided that they were going to buy Bella presents (aganist her will I might add) she may have seen it but kept quiet. I am guessing that she also saw Bella’s reaction to when Edward left, but that is an entirely different point. I wonder if things had gone differently if Alice had seen this in advance. Well that’s what I think. Love ya ladies. And I love the podcast, keep up the good work

  31. Jeni B says:

    Hey Ladies!
    This was bound to happen to Bella sooner or later, you can’t just be in a room with 7 vampires and not expect that accidents will happen (expecially in Bella’s case) and one of them wouldn’t crack. And it didn’t surprise me that poor Jasper was the one who snapped since he is the newest and weakest. I think that Alice would have seen it coming but wouldn’t have any time to react to his decision. And of course Edward over-reacted afterwards like he always does.
    I think when it comes to the scene in the movie they are going to have to make it pretty scary, it the scene that sets up the whole movie, so it’s got be done right. Maybe have it go into slow motion as soon as she cuts her finger, then show Alice and Edward realizing what was going to happen, and then Jasper attacking???
    We shall see I guess??!!
    Thanks! Love the podcast!

  32. Miranda says:

    Hi, Kassie and Kallie. I am a fanfiction writer and I wrote a short story about this topic. I hope you don’t mind if i post it here. the story is called “Roadblocks,” and it’s in Jasper’s point of view (pov).
    We all watched as Bella began to unwrap Edward’s gift. She stuck her finger under the tape to try to rip it up, but she didn’t manage to. “Shoot,” she mumbled when she gave herself a paper cut. I stopped breathing, glaring at the exposed blood, and tried not to let it incapacitate me.

    Then, overprotective Edward flung himself at Bella, yelling, “No!” I sighed. He was underestimating me, thinking that one paper cut would make me lose it. They crashed into the cake, and Bella landed in the shattered crystal cake plate. A long, sharp shard of glass carved a line through Bella’s forearm, and bright red blood flowed from the open wound. Then, I did lose it.

    My conscience flew in the opposite direction from me as I hurled myself at the blood. It was my only focus now. The room, and Alice, had melted away from around me. Edward curved around Bella, and I slammed into his body. He was merely a roadblock, something I had to fight my way blindly through to get to Bella. She smelled so good, and I needed to feed. I snarled under my breath and thrashed against Edward, snapping my teeth at him. I felt hands bind my hands behind my back, but I fought on. There were two roadblocks now, one in front and one behind, and I was determined to get past both.

    “Come on, Jasper,” I heard distantly from behind me. I couldn’t tell who spoke. Rosalie appeared in my line of vision and pushed Edward out of the way, grabbing me around my arms. I struggled against Rosalie’s binding grip and whoever was behind me, and eventually, we all three went tumbling to the yard.

    I realized that Emmett was with Rosalie and I in the yard, Esme too. Emmett was looking away, but Rosalie was glaring at me, and Esme had a soft expression on her face. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled, barely audible, before running toward the woods.
    I hope you liked it! That’s my take on what Jasper was thinking. as for why Alice didn’t see it, well, Alice only sees things that are planned. obviously Jasper didn’t plan to try to kill Bella. if you want to read more of my fanfiction my site is http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1672982/ParamoreEvanescenceTwilight. yeah, yeah, shameless advertising. 🙂 I love your podcast! Kassie cracks me up to no end. And Kallie’s always like, “Moving right along” but it never works!

    peace, love, and Jasper

  33. Laura Leticia says:

    Poor Jasper!!!! He couldn’t help himself… I felt bad for him cuz imagine how much regret he has for attacking Bella, and felt guilty the whole time Edward and Bella were apart. I mean can you imagine Edward left and just let the darkness into his soul because he thought it was best for Bella, while the Cullen’s were all sad to see Edward so devastated. I would feel so guilty for being the reason Edward decided to leave Bella and then the whole time the Cullen’s though Edward was going to kill himself because he thought Bella killed herself. I can’t even imagine how upset the whole family was during those long months.
    What I’m looking forward to seeing in new moon is the whole love triangle at the movie theaters between Mike, Jacob and Bella it would be funny to see but the #1 thing I want to see (or technically hear) is when Bella hears Edward’s voice in her head during the cliff scene.
    Ever since I read New Moon I always imagined the scene where Bella is just laying on the floor in the forest after trying to chase Edward (after he broke up with her) and it’s dark, she is just miserable as she tries to consume in the fact that she will no longer have Edward in her life. I always imagined that shot will be filmed because it dose come back up in Eclipse when Edward sees the image though Jacobs thoughts when he trespasses onto Bella’s school.
    N_E_who love the podcast…… I can’t wait to own the DVD yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Rebecca M says:

    Heyyy Kallie and Kassie. Well, i think that jasper wasn’t really thinking at all. I think he was having a good time at the party and when Bella cut herself, he went for it in a snap decision without thinking about it. And he never really decided to, so Alive couldn’t see it because her visions are based off of decisions. I think it was a big deal because he believes in the vegetarian diet even though he can’t follow it, it shows his weakness. Adding on to that, i have another question, Edward had to ditch biology the day they were doing blood typing because he couldn’t take it and when jasper had his incident, everyone except Carlise was uncomfortable, BUT a year later when Bella was pregnant, everyone was fine while she was drink a big cup o’ blood. What are your thoughts on that?


    P.S Email me for my question if you want!

  35. I think that Jasper was trying really hard to keep his senses and urges under control, but when Bella cut her finger it was to much and it just happened just happened so fast he didn’t have enough time to think.

    Also if Alice saw it happened I don’t think that she thought it could happen and if he didn’t it was because she like wassn’t focusing or trying to look for it because Alice doesn’t always see everything even when shes trying to see something in particular. But thats just my theory.

    Love your show and your personalities

  36. twiguy345 says:

    FIRST let me say that I was searching the page and looked at the About us section. I like the pictures of you two. You are hottie hot hotties….. anyways well we all know why Alice did not see it because Bella never decided to cut herself, it was an accident. Vampires are like animals in the idea that they have instincts, just like humans do. When Jasper lunged at Bella he was acting on instinct. Also, the fact that he has been struggeling with the “vegitarian diet” made him snap even easier. But its not his fault because I dont think he would have chosen this life. I think he lives it soley for Alice. Dont get me wrong he loves his family but Alice is number 1. Just my idea thanks .

  37. Wendy says:

    What was Jasper thinking? I honestly think he wasn’t thinking. I believe he reacted solely on instinct. They were at a party. He’d been around Bella for a while now without a problem. His defenses were down. He’d stopped having to consciously think about “keeping vegetarian” because everything had been going so well. And then, when he smelled her blood ( and remember, Alice remarked about how good she smelled) he reacted instinctually.

    Being the world of Twilight, this may be a bad comparison, but “vegetarian vampires” remind me of those hybrid wolf-dogs some people keep as pets. Yes, they may be domesticated most of the time, but they always have that wild, instinctual side that can come out at a moment’s notice.

    As to why Alice didn’t see Jasper’s loss of control, I believe it’s first and foremost because she wasn’t looking for it. Again, defenses were down. They were at a party, having a good time. Jasper had been in control and Alice, nor any of the other Cullens, was expecting any trouble. Also, since it was an accident, and not a decision, Alice wouldn’t have had time to react to a vision anyway.

  38. my name is not your business says:

    wow, Miranda, that’s a really good story! 🙂 i loved it. i will go read more of your stories. 🙂 😀

  39. Josie says:

    Up until the point when Bella cuts her finger at her birthday party, Jasper had been coping really well, considering he has only been a “vegetarian” for fifty odd years, which in vampire years isn’t long at all. So, when Bella’s bleeds, of course that would send him into a frenzy; especially when Bella’s blood smells so sweet and delicious. He hasn’t fully adjusted to the Cullens’ way of life yet after being in the south for so long.

    And it is obvious that Alice couldn’t see any of this happening was because Bella didn’t cut herself intentionally; she didn’t decide, “I know, I’ll cut my finger while opening my presents so that one of the Cullens attacks me”. Alice sees the future based on decisions. Although, in saying that, if she had decided to cut herself on purpose, it would be a good excuse to stop the party and all the fuss the Cullens were making, knowing Bella’s feelings about parties. But then that would have meant that all precautions to make sure Bella didn’t hurt herself would have been taken.

    About the movie, I think it would be interesting to see how they are going to present how the time passes after Edward is gone, before the story picks up again. Because in the book, there are just a few pages with nothing but the month written on them. I wonder if they’d show Bella in her zombie-like state as the months go by, or whether they will just have a blank screen with the months rolling by, as if we were reading the book. And I’m looking forward to all the stunts – Alice driving through the Italian countryside, Bella’s accident on the motorcycle and the cliff diving. And not forgetting seeing how Jacob phases. So exciting.

    Love the podcast, as always. Love you too Kassie & Kallie

  40. Lindsay says:

    i think Jasper freaked out because he was having enough trouble smelling the people at school’s blood then Edward brought Bella home and he had to smell her, and her blood temps the whole Cullen family, and then on top of having to be in a room with her for a long period of time she gets a paper cut and her blood is right there for the taking. im not blaming Bella or anything but she should have thought about being careful with the paper because a) she is very accident prone and b) she is in a house full of vampires, and she could get a paper cut from the paper.
    i think Alice didnt see Bella getting a paper cut because her visions are subjective to what people decide, Bella didnt decide to get a paper cut and temp a bunch of vampires. and she couldnt see Jasper spazzing out because her hasnt done anything to put Bella in danger before.

    love the show,

  41. cullengurl says:

    I think that Jasper could have been a little closer, but in seeing what happend when bella got that paper cut i am happy that he wasn’t. I think that alice didn’t see that coming because they were not planing on anything going wrong.

  42. Olinda says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie..
    well i think that Japer is a good vampire after all.. even if he almost bites bella and all that.. he is a good one… i think he is trying reallly hard to be like the others but he was a bad vampire and it is not easy to change of to resist the tentation that he have… is like if you haven’t it in like one day and someone comes and eat your favorite food in front of you! it is really bad.. it happen to me ones.. it was driving me crazy!! but well.. the good thing is that the cullens didn’t let him bite her. I really think it wasn’t a big deal it can always happens maybe bella was really scared, but that is what happens if she is with 7 vampires! maybe she hasn’t worry because alice was seeing the future but no one knows when you are going to cut your finger.. and bella have trouble everywhere if i was her i and i was going to go to a house with 7 vampires knowing that one of them is like new at these “vegetarian” thing, i will go with gloves and mm.. more thing like that 🙂 well after all.. i really LOVE jasper, i know he is trying to change, i think he is really serios because he dosen’t want anyone to know him better because he thinks he will scare them even it is not true (at all), he really is in pain, and if it wasn’t for alice he was going to be like every vampire in the world not the one we all love 😀
    Love you podcast 🙂

  43. fally wally says:

    Well Bella wasn’t planing on cutting her finger so how can Alice she that??????????????????????
    But I think he went off and tried to eat her because he was trying so hard and when it’s constanly on your mind you sometimes trick yourself into thinking that ohhh, it’s okay just do it. and also vampires are ruled by their emotions and are basicaly braindead dummies that can do things, so i geuss a zombie!! OHHHH AHHHHH!!!!!!

  44. Amanda G says:

    I think he was thinking: I AM A VAMPIRE! THATS WHAT I DO! or: Blooooooood lol. and we just gotta give him a break! I mean Alice believes in him and so should we! :))

  45. laCullensCantante says:

    ok first off i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur podcast and kassie i swear ur my long lost twin(love u 2 kallie)

    newayz to the question i think that jasper reacted the way he did because no one saw it coming everyone was having a nice time and didnt suspect something bad was gonna happen therefore thats why he wasnt prepared to have a whiff of bella so he just acted on the instinct of smell. poor jasper i feel like he’ll never live this down. as for alice not seeing it i think it was either because she was so focused on the party and maybe checking bella wasnt going to have a fit that she never saw that it could happen. i think it would be kinda funny if alice saw bella getting sewed up by carlile and just assumed she had a bella moment lolz. or it was the more likely that no one planned for bella to cut her finger but thats a boring explanation. as for what i wanna see in the movie i want the whole scene to go in slow mo lolz for kristen to cut her finger really slowly and then for jackson to dive for her really slowly while everyone is simultaneously saying “NOOOOOO” and holding thier breath. if that really happened i would die laughing even if it is a serious part.

    sorry about the ramble and once again LOVE THE PODCAST

  46. Hanalee says:

    I think the reason Alice didn’t see it was that it was very spur of the moment. She only sees decisions, and Bells opening the present in such a way wasn’t really planned, and neither was Jazz’s attack. I think he probably feels terribly about it. As we knew from BD, he just has a really really bad ability to self control, which (debatably) isn’t his fault. I really feel bad for him, more so than Bella, because she’s of a very forgiving nature where as Jasper probably will be beating himself up over this for eternity.

    I quite frankly think it’s really really weird that there was never a scene in Eclipse or BD in which Jasper every brings it up to Bella that maybe he’s sorry for trying to murder her. I know it was an accident, and that he has a fairly weak will, but from the little tastes we get of him, he seems like a true Southern gentleman, and based off that character it seems to me like he’d want to appologize to Bella for ruining her b-day by means of attempted murder…..I really love Jazz and I felt like we could do with some more of him….and I feel like it would have been very in character of him to want to say he was sorry. Maybe it’s an outtake somewhere…….
    ps- I really love you guys and your fablous accents!

  47. JCHAus says:

    I don’t think Jasper was actually “thinking”, he was reacting. Edward said that when vampires come across human blood they lose all control and essentially become slaves to their senses. With Jasper being the newest vegetarian then obviously he would be the most susceptible to this vice. I think that Alice didn’t see this coming simply because it wasn’t planned, kind of like when Bella went to La Push to visit Jake on a whim for the first time In Eclipse – Alice couldn’t see it because Bella had not decided to do it until that moment without any forethought.

  48. Julia C says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie, I absolutely love your podcast! You should never worry about it being too long, I could listen to you guys for hours!

    Personally, I never had any hard feelings towards Jasper after what happened, and I hoped others didn’t either. He wasn’t thinking clearly because the lust for blood took over, so no one should be too hard on him for it, and Jasper obviously felt tremendously guilty after he’d come to his senses. Also, Bella had known what she’d been getting into from the start, and I think just thought that something like this was inevitable.

    So to answer your second question, why Alice didn’t see this coming, I think this was because Jasper made a split-second decision to lunge at Bella. Alice only sees visions after a decision is made, so she may have seen the attempt the moment before it occurred, but it already would’ve been too late for her to do anything by then.

    As to what should make it into the movie, obviously the birthday party scene was crucial. I think they should also include the scene afterwards when Carlisle is sewing up Bella because it is one of the main parts of the series when you learn why Edward doesn’t want to change Bella. Besides the fact that the birthday scene is necessary for the story line, I think the talk between Bella and Carlisle afterward is just as important.

    Love your show!

  49. Becky J says:

    hey kallie and kassie 🙂
    i could listen to you guys for hours, any free time i have is taken up listening to you, i listen to your podcast on the way to school and all that LOL.

    This is a really tough question because obviously we aren’t all Edwards :L mind readers. Alice’s visions are based on choice and paper cuts are only by chance not a decision. Also Jasper (hopefully) hadn’t made the decision in his mind to bite Bella if she bled, hopefully that would have been picked up by Edward or Alice before hand.

    When this incident happened I didn’t hold a grudge against Jasper, and i hope the other characters didn’t also. The only feelings I had at this point (like Bella) was that Edward over-reacted, there was no need for him or his family to leave as it was just a slip up, it wasn’t like he did bite her. However I think that from Edward’s point of view he realised exactly how fragile Bella is and that a small incident like a paper cut could lead to her death.

    But when it comes to Jasper, personally i love Jasper, he could almost be the vampire with the most will power, even though Edward is putting himself in a more vunerable situation; Jasper used to be a human killing vampire like all the others and has now converted into a “vegetarian” we all know how tempted we get if we are trying to give up even something as simple as chocolate. Jasper has had the free reign of humans before now and knows the taste of blood, perhaps more than the others as he was in charge of creating newborns. So when he lunged for Bella, after the event i think he must have felt like he had betrayed his family and that what he did was unacceptable. He might of felt that Alice had the right not to love him anymore and that if the Cullens wanted to kick him out of their coven he would leave without asking questions. If i was in his situation i would also be very frustrated with myself, because everything they worked for could have been destroyed in an instant, because of this slip up; even though the Cullens would begrudge him that slip up as it’s in the nature of vampires to go after human blood, i don’t think that Jasper could have lived with that guilt of killing his brother’s love. Also i think that Jasper tried hard when he was going to lunge to stop himself, as he could have very easily killed Bella before Edward could react, even with Edward’s mind power, but he let Edward stop him, Jasper could have fought back but didn’t he succumed to Edwards power, showing some of his strength..

    Even though what happened was a bad incident and caused Edward and the Cullens to leave Bella, it was a small incident and NO-ONE should bare grudge to him as he does try hard. I think that this incident has urged Jasper to try harder to resist human blood, so that this can never happen again, making him a “stronger” vampire.

    much love.
    becky jones.

    try saying this LOL
    TST ydy’r gorau!
    it means “TST is the best”

  50. Caroline McWilliams says:

    Hey Guys I love the podcast. Now I belive that Jasper wasn’t thinking during Bella’s party. This is because once a Vampire sees or really smells blood their mind goes black and they have the overpowering urge to attack. As we know from reading a Midnight Sun the vampire, even calm controlled Edward had trouble sitting next to Bella without killing her. And this was in a classroom and she wasn’t bleeding. I know in the situation there was the La Tua Cantante , so it is diffrent but I is the only comparison we are given. So the moment Bella was cut jaspers brain shut off and he lunged. As for Alice I am sure that she didn’t see until Jasper smelt the blood and she probably couldn’t do anyhting to stop it, because remember how sudden Bella’s cut came. I think Alice didn’t see a vision for a while because Jasper wasn’t thinking about it ,changing his mind, and there wasn’t a profuse time for the attack to occur. Sorry this was kinda long.

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