Twilight Store In Walmart

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I was at my local Walmart today and they finally got their Twilight section!  There were about a dozen different shirts, the board game, and a couple of exclusive posters.  The best part was that they had a TV on that played all the DVD extras like deleted scenes, music videos, and behind the scenes clips.  You should go check it out!   I felt like an idiot standing there for so long, but they were showing vampire baseball rehearsals!  How could I leave?  ;P

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30 Comments to “Twilight Store In Walmart”

  1. Janeanne says:

    AWESOME!!! i am soooo going 2 Wal Mart 2morrow!!

  2. ashley says:

    ome!!!!!!!!!!! screw baby sitting class im spending the $$$ @ walmart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my 1st time by will i perfer target is y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rachel says:

    oh my god i live in a small small town in texas so they probably wont have it yet but im going to look anyway

  4. Wendy says:

    Amazing, since my local Walmart didn’t even have “Breaking Dawn” when it came out this summer….

  5. Samie says:

    omg! u americans are so lucky! canada so dont got that! but thank god i live right there the border! me and my car are going for a drive! lol and when i go vacation there is a HUGE walmart right there… there goes all my vacation spending money! so worth it!

  6. annab says:

    omg! that’s so great! really, u americans are soooooooo f***ing lucky….
    se agotaran inmediatamente, I think so hahaha 😀

  7. Michele Celine says:

    Sweet. I want a Team Edward shirt! My best friend is a Team Jacob fan (uuuggghhh, although I really like Taylor Lautner).

  8. La.Tua.Cantante. says:

    i just got back from wal-mart and bought 4 shirts and a rubber band bracelet ..[team Jacob bracelet =p]

    They were not playing the movie or anything like that but i think i can wait until saturday …

  9. Lariza says:

    Lucky, lucky, lucky!

  10. Olivia says:

    I’m going to Target….. just because they have the 2[3 counting the digital copy] disc edition. I want it on the go too! LOL All for a better price.

  11. laura heath says:


    i remember going to walmart all the time last summer when i was on holiday and there being a section for everything! i stocked up on amazing fabrics, fabric paint, cool nail varnish and oreos before my flight home. did you steal any of the cardboard thingys from the top of the displays.

    i would have. i have no shame

  12. Amanda G says:

    Ome!!!!!!! I need to go there!!!!

  13. Carrie says:

    Ok, so our walmart is not that cool, but they did have the t-shirts and a couple key chains and some buttons. and for some reason all this was in the purse section and next to it there was another twilight stand thing set up and there were doritos and Dr. Pepper, i love dr. pepper don’t get me wrong but RANDOM MUCH?!?!

  14. Peri says:

    I usually dont like Walmart but know im willing to go toget a poster or shirt or smthin!!!!!!!

  15. Jasmine says:

    SWEETNESS!!!!!!!!!!! I live soooo near to a Wal-mart! Guess what store I’m to going to be in most of the time now?! LOL! 😛

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  16. Penelope says:

    OMG! Twilight is so gay. . . 😀

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  18. krista says:

    I was upset that walmart advertised the 2 disc dvd in our area for $17 and that night sold it for $25. The on-line sight even sells them for $17.96. Lots of kids showed up with $20 and couldn’t get it. I complained the next day and they gave me the difference. It’s called bait and switch. Now Target has a 3 disc for $17. Shouldv’e went there!!!!

  19. shayna tyhy says:

    this is like so awesome keep lots in stalk love shayna

  20. julie says:

    wth????????????i beenn looking for that here in vegas in there no twilight section in any!!!!!!!!!!!!!=/

  21. shayla says:

    OMG.i was going to go there to get my friend a present thats twilight but now i guess ill keep it

  22. Sierra says:

    I want team edward shirt my frwind is team jacob blah dont get me wrong i do love jacob but like edward better

  23. Jennifer says:

    OMG!!!!i gatta go to wal-mart but they also got them at the mall so i go to malll

  24. Anna says:

    where is walmart?

  25. i love twilight so much i am going to LA to see the premiere.i am going to pay to kiss edward.

  26. where can i get justin bieber t-shirt its so hard to find them

  27. taylor says:

    OMG cant wait for eclipse going at the midnight showing also going to walmart to get twilight everything

  28. ceana says:

    you guys are freaks well i was too util i met taylor lautner and am going to a dat ewith him tomorrow

  29. ceana says:

    oh well i should say second date

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