2 Days Left!

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There are only 2 days left until the release of Twilight on DVD!!!

Today’s question is:

What is your LEAST favorite line from the movie? (Or just something that drives you nuts).

Kallie: “Spider Monkey” (Nuff Said!)

Kassie: drives me crazy***Jacob’s hair! Just kidding….just Jacob! LOL! 🙂

Lexine: The end of the confrontation sequence, where it seems like they tried to force too much literal dialogue into what would have been a perfectly touching silent exchange… ok i’ll say it. the “So the lion fell in love with the lamb” speech.

Alex: The meadow scene drives me crazy!

Nicole: I wish I could have seen a bit more character and relationship development in the movie. It felt rushed to me- and yes, I understand they had a time limit. I would also say I wish the scene where Bella runs away to the ballet studio could have been a bit more intricate- it seemed silly that she was able to fool Alice and Jasper so easily.

McKell: Spider monkey.

Erin Marisa: The way my favorite quote from the book (heroin…) was used. And Bella in general.

Krystal: OK, since I’m posting this, I’m gonna cheat and post a few ;P Spider monkey. The whole “your scent, it’s like a drug to me.” The way Kristen delivers a lot of her lines. And finally, most of the lines the human school guys (Mike, Eric, etc.) deliver, like “Bella is my homegirl” and “how you liking the rain girl.” Yeah, no.

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38 Comments to “2 Days Left!”

  1. IHEARTSETH says:

    okay, my least fave line was the spider monkey one. It made no sense. At all.

  2. Samantha Cullen says:

    I agree with iheartseth that was not what I pictured Edward to say. The line was too cheesy. He could have said “hold on love” or something else not “hold on tight spidermonkey” thats was just plain cheesy.

  3. Emma says:

    In the new Twilight director’s notebook that catherine hardwicke wrote she says that the night before they shot the scene with that line that she came up with 10 different lines and rob chose the spider monkey line. I honestly think that was just a strange choice. I’m sure there were better lines he could have said.

  4. Rachel says:

    i only have one thing to say why were they in a tree? i mean really and the whole spidermonkey thing buged me too

    okay i lied i have two more things to say i miss the line where alice says “it sounded like you were eating bella for lunch and we were wondering if you would share” i loved that part and i dont think it was in the movie 🙁

    also i want the blood typing scene back

  5. Samantha LeAnne says:

    Definitely the spider monkey line. It was funny the first time I heard it, then after that initial “WTH did he just say” it was just so cheesy and not something Edward would say. I think that was more Rob’s sense of humor added in. But that line drives me nuts.

  6. amanda says:

    Agreed…spider monkey? WTH? Also I think the blood typing should have been in the movie. It was a very important part between Bella and Edward…alot of their falling in love was skipped over. One minute he is ignoring her and the next they proclaiming their never ending love? WTH? Also what was with the field trip scene? Did I miss something in the book?

  7. Catherine says:

    really? i loved all mike’s lines. also Nicole and McKell’s comments are exactly the same – i’m guessing this is a mistake? I didn’t really enjoy the meadow secene wither; what was with Edward’s weird lying position?

  8. Tracey says:

    the whole butt crack santa conversation *face palm*
    The conversation where the waitress asked Charlie if they found anything down by the river

    Edward: What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats?
    Bella: No, not the moats.
    Edward: Not the moats.

    Mike Newton: ‘sup Arizona? How you likin the rain girl?

    Edward Cullen: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There’s… Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat…

    Victoria: I’m the one with the wicked curve ball.

    Angela Weber: Maybe he’ll adopt me.

    [notices Mike Newton dancing against a tree]
    Charlie Swan: Looks like the Newton boy’s got a big smile for ya’.

    Sorry I know there’s alot

  9. lilyasia Cullen says:

    Edward :I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There’s… Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat…
    I was like OMG and I didn’t know what to say to that

  10. ashleycullen says:

    i didnt like the spider monkey thing

  11. Harley says:

    the part where she runs off too james. because why the heck wud they leave her alone!!!! ye alice can see whats gunna happen or woteva but why wud they leave her alone still i dont get it!!!!!

  12. Alice wannabe ! :) says:

    Bella: No, not the moats.
    Edward: Not the moats.

    that made no sense to me. Am I missing something tres obvious?

  13. Lindsay says:

    it wasnt the lines that i hated as much as the end where victoria was at the dance.. i mean hello?!? Edward would be able to tell that she was there either by hearing her thoughts or by her scent! When i took my friend to see the movie and he hasnt read the book, he was very confused by that. haha.

  14. Sandi says:

    The Lion/Lamb lines. Ugh! There was so much great dialoge in the book and it amazed me that it wasn’t in the movie. Why mess with a good thing? Same with many scenes and details. No blood typing? What was up with Edwards Volovo WAGON? The lame meadow scene? That glitter and music that went with it? Those kinds of details (and there were lots of them) ruined the movie. I am so excited about New Moon with a new director.

    Dallas, TX

  15. Jasmine says:

    For me it just drove me crazy how the whole movie seemed really rushed! Like even thught it was like 2 hours it still felt really fast and rushed through. If only they took more time to explain everything thoroughly!!!!

    Oay, but the thing that bugged me the most was THE DIDN’T MENTION JASPER’S POWER?!?!?!? I can’t believe they didn’t mention he has the ability to control your feelings.

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  16. Jocelyn says:

    “your scent is like a drug to me”
    when rob says it it just drives me craaaaaaazzy!
    he could have said it so much better!

  17. Lola says:

    Okay in the book the quote, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” was actually cute and it worked well in the book. But in the movie it was wayyyy too cheesy. I didn’t hate it, it just bugged me.

  18. Amanda G says:

    I didn’t like when they met the second time in the bio scene, Rob sounds like a retard when he’s talking!!! That made me so mad! Cuz Edward is supposed to be smooth with his words and rob sound we like the oppisit!

  19. Brandi says:

    I agree with Nicole and McKell

  20. Gabrielle says:

    OK! the whole ” And So the Lion fell in love with the lamb” line it was sooo random!! i didnt like that part
    OH YEAHHH! the part where Alice & Jasper come in to the house & Alice says ” its ok Jasper, you wont hurt her” i mean come on now, is jasper a dog?!?! LOL!!

  21. Heather D says:


  22. Leanne says:

    ummm, I just didn’t like the way Bella said her lines… I thought she sounded too, like, dark or something. I mean, can you imagine Kristen jumping into Rob’s lap after he stayed the night for the first time rejoicing “Edward! You stayed!” (Twilight pg. 312) So yeah, I thought of Bella as a little more… alive than Kristen portrayed her as.

    Oh, and for the line that drives me nuts is when Edward and Bella are driving home from Port Angeles and they’re pulling into the police station and Kristen says “What is going on?”. The line itself is fine, but the way she says it is like she’s reading the script or something. Every word is enunciated, so it sounds like she was really tense. Idk why, but it just bugs me!

  23. Dawn says:


  24. Brinean says:

    I think my least favourite line is the spider monkey line SHEESH how silly!!

  25. i hate anything jacob says…’nuff said

  26. Monica H. says:

    Spidermonkey and the “Say it. Out loud.” part. Some of the cheesey jokes bothered me too… There are too many to list.

  27. kim says:

    Spider Monkey obviously… and yea… Say it out loud VAMPIRE… what do we eat? They could have kept the books…
    but really…
    when they are packing up to get away from James, Emett says what Edward already said about how we have to “tear him to bits then burn the pieces” … what? in case we did not catch it when Edward said it? sheesh.

    EVERYTHING NOT from the book with the Bad Vampires.

  28. Heather D says:

    yeah i noticed that mistake too, where Edward and Emmett say the same thing about tearing up the pieces and burning it.

  29. Tiffany C. says:

    When Rob said “What a sick masochistic lion…” in the movie, I felt sick. He basically butchered that line for me… and not in a good way.

  30. Nellie says:

    I totally agree with the whole leaving Jasper’s power out thing.. It’s sort of important!

  31. Luz Rodriguez says:

    The “Lion & the Lamb” speech Rob a.k.a. Edward said such a big word that I was sitting in the theatre like ‘what did he just say’. I think maybe they should have changed it to something different . Rob confused me for like 10 minutes. lol

  32. Ash Pash says:

    Spider monkey, and the heavy breathing it was annoying

  33. Jamie says:

    “It’s the flurecents”… or however you spell it! But Edward says it when Bella sees his eyes to be brown. Sooooo annoying!

  34. Connie says:

    Anything with Jacob. I’m sorry, well, no, I’m not- but I HATE JAcob! Seriously, I’d like to kick his furry butt to Antarctica, and even that wouldn’t be far enough! His hair was way too long for the movie. Although seriously, I didn’t like the spider-monkey line or the relationship between Bella and Edward. IT was kind of creepy on-screen, and if it wasn’t for the kissing scene it would seem like they were just intimate friends.

  35. Amy says:

    The thing that bugs me the most is how Kristen overdoes it during the hospital scene at the end. Very bad acting!!

    Oh and Jessica (can’t remember the actresses name) drove me nuts. I just wanted to tape her annoying mouth closed.

  36. obsessed twilighter says:

    spidermonkey…that was rob’s idea to put in the movie

  37. Lisa says:

    Ok so i think i am alone when i say i utterly love the lion an lamb line…its romantic and i think Rob delivers it well…it sounds brooding the thought of something so powerful being in love with a fragile thing reflects well on Edward an Bellas relationship. I actaully dont hate anything that Edward says but i cannot stand the “bad” vamps…they’re too typical lol I wish we could have spent more time getting to know the Cullens background stories and seeing Bellas an Edwards love for each other grow instead of full on in what seems like a couple of days although i know they have supposed to have known each other for 2 months as Edward states when asked bout being in Bellas room. Given all that i am in love with the film and have to go buy the books too! yes i know bad little me for watching the film first and not reading the books but in all honesty i hold my hands up an say it was seeing a picture of Edward in the film that drew me in *que dreamy sigh* lol

  38. allis says:

    I agree with lisa… I read the books after I saw the movie, so naturally, I really like the movie… And I think its really stupid about how they say that they ran out of time when they put in scenes that weren’t in the book like the field trips. And it exasperates the crap out of me that they didnt mention jaspers talent!! Oh and how they didnt have carlisles story… So are they not going to do anyones story then?? Well that kinda screwed over people who havent read the books… Wat about the volturi?? Does Edward just pull the name out of a hat and expect bella and people watching the movie to judy automatically understand?? ”oh surprise Bella!! I know you have no clue who the volturi are, but you better by the end of the movie cause you have to go see them and save me!!” like really now?? Catherine kinda screwed over new moon in that sense… But over all, I really loved the movie 🙂

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