1 Day Left!!!

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There are now only HOURS left until Twilight is released on DVD!!!!!

Today’s question is:

What is your favorite quote from the movie?

Kallie:  I am thinking that the way that Charlie cocked that gun should be considered a quote it was soooo funny!

KassieI don’t quote movies! 🙂

Lexine:  “We metriculate a lot.”

Alex: I dont want to be a monster….

Nicole: Haha probably “La Push baby, La Push” (if it’s not obvious). Eric Yorkie cracks me up!

McKell“You still got that pepper spray”

Michelle:  How long have you been seventeen?  A while.

Erin Marisa: “Graduation caps?” “Private joke. We matriculate a lot.”

Krystal:  Probably when Edward puts his arm around Bella and says “As long as I’m going to hell.”  I also like at the end when Bella’s in the hospital and he says “where would I go?” before he kisses her forehead, because you know what comes at the beginning of New Moon 🙁

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  1. Amanda G says:

    Yay! First comment!! My favorite qoute is “Vampires play baseball?” I Love it!! Hehe

  2. Heather D says:

    I also like the line “As long as i’m going to hell” because Rob looks so happy to have his sunglasses on. And it’s ike the only time Edward actually has a big smile. I can’t even remember the lines from the movie, it’s been awhile.

  3. Samantha Cullen says:

    my favorite quote in the entire movie is “so the lion fell in love with the lamb………what a stupid lamb………………..what a sick,machoste lion”
    i like this quote because now Edward and Bella can face the truth and say it out loud. They both knew they loved each but Edward would not accept but now he can say it out loud for the world to hear. Bella knew she was in love but she did not know how Edward felt. Now she knows and can say it out loud to the world also.
    i have other favorites like “i’m breaking all the rules now as long as i’m going to hell” “my monkey man” “who are they??…………..thats Jasper the one who looks like he’s in pain” “graduatin caps??” what if im not the hero? what if im the bad guy?” “how long have you been 17?” i have more lol. 🙂

  4. Kit Kat says:

    Ok first time i’ve commented but I just have to say that I love the website and the podcast.
    My favorite quote is when Bella and Edward are in the cafe and she’s all like “I need some answers” and he responds with “Yes. No. To get to the other side. 1.77245”
    lol it makes me laugh every time.
    keep up the info. girls. It’s nice to have so many recent updates so constantly!

  5. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I also love the the “since I’m going to hell” line. I think it is just so funny and I’m glad they changed the wording a bit because the original line sounds great on paper, but actually saying it, the movie line sounded better. I thought the “I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There’s… Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat…” line was hi-larious! It cracked me up. And I agree with you Kallie that the way Charlie cocked the gun should so be a quote, it was just so hilarious. Oh and one more, I think the look on Edward’s face after Alice said “you do smell good” should be a quote. I laughed so hard I started to tear up at that and I just love it. Love the podcast, keep up the good job!

  6. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    Kit Kat, your soooo right. I love that part. I also love the next day at school
    Bella: everyones staring at us
    Edward: not that guy……oh wait no, he just looked

    I also like the scene with all the Cullens, the 1st time, not so much for the quote, but the enire scene, with Rosalie and Emmett: “IS she even Italian?” “Her name is Bella!”
    and then with Alice, “Dont worry Jasper, you wont hurt her” and the look on Edwards face is PRICELESS!!!!

  7. Jamie says:

    Ha, so there is this scene, when Bella first meets the Cullens, and Esme is all “montebelle” and such, Emmett lifts up the knife he’s holding and like waves it as a “hello” and its like, she’s probably already a little freaked as it is and he lifts the knife, but I really like when Jasper is like gonna eat Bella and he’s like “It’s… A pleasure… to meet you” and Alice is like “Its okay, Jasper. You won’t hurt her.” Makes me laugh. He’s like far away and everything. And he looks like a bat when Edward and Bella leave! Hahaha! WATCH HIS FACE!

  8. Tracey says:

    I like alot of the quotes already mentions too so I thought I’d put in something different…
    I really love Charlie’s lines, he got some of the best ones…

    Billy Black: I’m down with the kids.
    Charlie Swan: [sarcastically] Oh yeah, you’re the bomb.

    Edward: Yeah. Um… I had an adrenaline rush. It’s very common. You can Google it.

    James: [Gesturing towards Bella’s handheld camera] I borrowed this from your house. Hope you don’t mind.

    At the end at prom when Jacob sees Bella all dressed up & he says Nice : ) I love it!
    Then Edward comes back & says I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend.

  9. Marissa says:

    “I’m, here, I’m here. Where else am I going to go ? ” *faints*

  10. Julia C says:

    I’d definitely have to agree with Krystal and Heather with the “As long as I’m going to hell” line. That scene was one of my favorites! But I’m not sure why. Maybe because it was one of the few times Edward was actually happy in the movie?

  11. Sandi says:

    Not a verbal quote – But Charlie cocking his gun before he meets Edward.

    The one time Edward looked happy “As long as I’m going to Hell…”

    And the look on Rosalie’s face “Great!” as she breaks the bowl in anger when Bella declines dinner at the Cullens.

    It was a terrible movie, with a very few good points. But I’ve pre-ordered the DVD and will watch it more than once I’m sure. No doubt that I’m a crazy fan of the series. Oh, and I just named my new greyhound puppy Edward. Is there a 12 step program??!!

    Dallas, TX

  12. Stacy says:

    Jesus Samantha Cullen just quote the freaking movie

  13. Samie says:

    charlie and his gun.

  14. Alicia says:

    You better hold on tight spider monkey!!! Love it!

    2nd favorite…. Things like this just don’t exist, They do in my world.

  15. Smitten says:

    you better hold on tight spider monkey!! haha loved it and Rob picked it himself!

  16. my name is not your business says:

    definitely the Emmett-waving-the-knife-and-saying-“Hi Bella”-thing. that was classic Emmett. 🙂

  17. laura h says:

    just saying to all those who have the dvd from tomorrow to have an amazing time and no doubt a rocking weekend! think of us who have to wait still…not long til 6th of April!

  18. Jasmine says:

    Oh my Edward! The part where Edward is waving the knife in the background! God that was hilarious! Totally Emmett!

    I also love the “La push baby!” That was pretty intense! LOL!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  19. Brandi says:

    I quote movies alll the time, and I would have to say the most quoted quote from the movie would be the La Push baby part, although I qoute the book a lot too, and I get confused about what is or isn’t in te movie sometimes…

  20. Monica H. says:

    I like some of the classic quotes from the book… my favorite new quote is when Charlie’s like “You still got that pepper spray?” It was absolutely hilarious!

  21. jaspers girl says:

    !!!i love all the quotes already mentioned but i love love love jasper in the end of the baseball scene when victoria goes “i’m the one with the wicked curveball” and jasper goes “oh, well i think we can handle that” in his sexy southern accent!!!omg i melt EVERYTIME!!!

  22. Rachel C. says:

    i agree with kallie! also, when jasper says “oh, i think we can handle that.”

    also, that whole cafeteria scene when Jessica introduces the cullens, especailly when she says says “and she’s with Jasper, the blonde one, who always looks like he’s in pain.”

  23. Sarah :) says:

    When the Cullen’s are actually cooking dinner for Bella…..
    Rosalie: “Is she even Italian?”
    Emmett “Her names Bella”
    HAHAHAHA you gotta love Emmett!

  24. Sarah :) says:

    I also like Rachel C.’s comment (number 22)
    when Jasper says “Oh, i think we can handle that.”
    and….. the part when Jessica introduces the Cullens,
    “Jasper the blonde one, who always looks like he’s in pain” hahaha
    his face was freakin hilarious, plus its an inside joke 😛
    Actually i love everyones quotes, lets just say i absolutely love the movie
    & love ALL the quotes! lol

  25. Dawn says:


  26. princess katie says:

    Bella: Look, You gotta give me some answers.
    Edward: Yes. No. To get to the other side. Uh, 1.77245…
    Bella: I don’t need to know what the square root of pi is.
    Edward: You knew that?

    I didn’t catch it the first time, but when i saw this scene again I thought this was hilarious! Little things like this give the movie comedy that the book lacked

  27. ashleycullen says:

    Rosalie: How do we even know she’s Italian?
    Emmett: Her name’s Bella, isn’t it?

    I dont know why, but i LOVE that! haha! AND

    Bella: You’re impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. You don’t eat or drink anything. You don’t go out in the sunlight. How old are you?
    Edward: Seventeen
    Bella: How long have you been seventeen?
    Edward: A while
    Bella: I know what you are
    Edward: Say it. Say it out loud
    Bella: Vampire
    Edward: Are you afraid?
    Bella: No
    I love that!

  28. Luz Rodriguez says:

    I don’t think this counts as a quote but in my mind it does. I like it when Edward first takes Bella to meet the rest of the “family” and then Emmett waves at her but with the knife in this hand. That was hilarious because when he pulls up the knife you can hear like a swoosh sound. I can’t wait until I see that part again. =D

  29. Ivy Cullen says:

    one of my favorite is when they are at school and mike comes in and it’s rainng of course, and he says, ” How you liken the rain, girl?!” and shakes his hat over her and Jessica goes, “Oh my gahd, its just like second grade all over again!” lol those are my favorite! and also because my friend from school likes those and constantly reminds me of the quotes but who cares, its twilight! WHICH COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ivy Cullen says:

    oh and the one where jessica says, ” and, that one, the one who always looks like hes in pain, is jasper hale.’ and i know i didnt phrase that right but ya get the point

  31. Ivy Cullen says:

    oh and by the way, at my house its 8:53pm not 6. just a little heads up.

  32. Becca says:

    “HI” from the greenhouse scene lol

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