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We want you to tell us what your favorite part the new DVD is!Β  Where did you get your DVD? And, what extras have you watched over and over?

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  1. Tara Offenberger says:

    Hey TST Girls!
    I’m a 39 year old wife and mother of 2 girls. I live in South OC, CA and have been listening to your podcast since last September and love it! I got my DVD yesterday in the mail from my Amazon order. It arrived early AND they offered to give a free download rental of it in case it didn’t arrive by yesterday. I gotta say that was super responsive to the Twilighters around the world who didn’t want to miss the DVD release! ANYWAY, I think the commentary is hillarious!!! I loved the extra scenes…especially the dream sequence but the commentary with Catherine, Rob and Kristen is soooo fun to listen to. Rob Pattinson is extremely self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek about the whole movie that it gives the viewer an entirely new experience. Definitely worth watching/listening to. Can’t wait to hear what you two think!!!! Keep up the great work…I know what it’s like to take care of a family and your Twilight obsession at the same time but you two do it with absolute style!

    By the way…..friends and I got together and went to the Pollo Lounge in Beverly Hills the night before the Oscars to have dinner and gawk at the stars and guess who walked right next to me?????? Yes… Rob!! He really is just as adorable in person….my brush with Twilight fame, ahhhhhhh Rob!!!!! Thanks again!


  2. Christy says:

    I’m still waiting for mine, because I’m waiting for City of Ashes and City of Glass to be released on the 24th – that way I can have Chapters deliver all 3 (dvd & 2 books) with free shipping. I’m always out for a better deal lol! I’m getting the Canadian version of the Borders exclusive though – the 2-disc special with goodies. Can’t wait!

    @Tara – what a fun claim to fame!

  3. Amanda G says:

    My favorite part is the movie! I love it!!!! And I got mine at Target, really early in the morning!! OME! Can u believe the DVD is out it makes me wanna scream!

  4. Clea says:

    I have to wait until 6th of April to get my dvd since I live in England. Sucks.

  5. SeeTheUnseen93 says:

    Got mine at Target! (totally worth it btw) I was surprised how many they had when I arrived, since I went two hours after opening. I haven’t watched it yet becaue I’m having a party to watch it with friends! :))

  6. Olivia says:

    Got mine at Target… spent 17 bucks for a FREE DIGITAL COPY!!! I can watch it on my iPod and everything!!! WOO!
    I love the special features… so fascinating!

  7. Brandi says:

    LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I have watched it all except the movie with the comentary, I have yet to watch that. BUT SOON!! I LOVE the extra and deleted scenes, everything!! πŸ™‚ Right now I only have the two disc wal-mart version, because I couldn’t decide in time which goody laiden set I wanted….. SO I will have to wait for that.

  8. Jessikah says:

    but i can’t watch the dvd because i live in the UK πŸ™
    but i have it pre-ordered for the 6th of april πŸ˜€
    got mine on amazon πŸ˜›
    i’ve saw some deleted scenes and extended scenes looks pretty damn good πŸ˜€
    love the podcast too , keep up th good work

  9. Megan M says:

    I pre ordered my DVD from Amazon and haven’t gotten it yet. They emailed me a promotional code to watch the movie on line, but it not working for me. Totally disappointed!! I was hoping to watch it this weekend.

  10. Miranda C. says:

    I wokeup at 7 this morning to be at target at so I could get the three disc copy for cheap haven’t watched it yet but I will and it came with a digital copy you can download on itunes so I can watch it over and over I can’t wait hehehe miss it in the theater but now I have it in my own home I’m so happy I think I’ll be watchin everything over and over lol

  11. sam says:


    if you watch the 3 disk edition on the second disk a bout “the journey from page to screen” (i think its the documentary)

    after the last scene it has the short credits and then at the bottom of the screen it says something like:


  12. sam says:

    **the wording may be a little different but its along those lines..i couldnt pause or rewind it but seriously check it out!!

  13. Shannon says:

    I pre-ordered the Borders exclusive. It is in transit and probably won’t arrive until next week. I also went to Target at 8 a.m. and there was a long line of fans waiting but plenty of copies of the movie. I had planned on getting the iTunes version but when I heard the Target 3-disc version came with a free digital copy for $17.99, I couldn’t pass that up. =) DH and I will watch later tonight after our kiddo is in bed.

  14. Twilight Fan UK(Cat) says:

    I live in the UK and i ave to wait until the 9th April for myne πŸ™ mt mum and dad are gettin it me for easter lol i realli cant wait πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ I hope u all enjoy your parties in america lol they sounded like fun lol πŸ˜›

  15. Erik E says:

    I tried to get mine at Wal-Mart, but they only had the single-disc copies in stock (for $17.00) so I drove over to Target to get it and I’m SOOOOOO glad I did. The Target copy (for $17.99) is a three-disc special edition version that ALSO includes a FREE digital copy of the movie from iTunes so I can carry it around with my on my iPod, plus other FREE digital downloads from iTunes including extended scenes, deleted scenes, and all sorts of music – TOTALLY worth the extra $1.

  16. Melissa says:

    Hey gals, Hope you had a ball at the Borders midnight Bash Party! I sent my husband out this morning at 7:30am to go get the Target 3 Disc Deluxe Edition. I loved the Bellas Lullaby Remix and The Kiss montage was great. I also love that I was able to put the extra stuff on my Ipod as well. Usually movies I have bought do not give you the extras to download onto the Ipod. I am also awaiting the arrival of The Utimate Box Edition I ordered from Costco. You guys are great! Love the Podcast!

  17. Lauren says:

    I bought mine from Target…Love it! I love the 3rd disc with all of the indepth interviews with Stephenie, Rob, and Kristen. I am watching the movie again with the commentary this time and I can’t stop laughing at Rob laughing at himself! So cute!!!

  18. Jasmine says:

    I still haven’t gotten my movie yet but when I do I’m soooo going to comment here again! LOL!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  19. amanda says:

    i got mine at our local blockbuster at 12:01 and it took us 30 mins to get it,.. lines are I’ve watched the movie 5 times already and all the extras, my fav. part would have to be the with the commentary from the director , kristen, and robert.. it was harlious.. I cant wait until New Moon comes out, until then im gonna watch Twilight a million

  20. Amy says:

    I live in Australia which means I have to wait till the 22/4 to get my DVD. AND there doesn’t seem to be any special versions like how you guys in the US have the special borders one. :'(
    Oh well I am still excited for it to come out here.
    I love the podcast. πŸ™‚

  21. Stephanie says:

    I am still waiting for mine from Amazon and am supposed to get it tuesday. I did read the first comment and didn`t get the free download offer and I am so looking forward to getting it though

  22. Wendy says:

    Target but I still haven’t opened it.

  23. Jamie says:

    BORDERS! The three of us were the only ones really into it. We dressed up and everything! We stayed up till four watching the special features. I think we all really like the “from book to page” thing. It was really cool and I learned alot more about Twilight. Best night of my life. πŸ™‚

  24. kayla says:

    I went to a borders party, but we just decided to go like 3 hours before, so i allredy had it orderd from amazon. it got here at like 10:30 this morning. my favorite part of the DVD is the commentary! its hilarious!

  25. kharenny says:

    Hello there,

    I ordered the DVD online in target, but I just couldn’t wait one week for it to arrive, so I decided to go this morning and get it….. oh man!!!! IS just AMAZING…. the deleted scenes …… no words…. my favorite is ” your number was up the first time I saw you” … i don’t understand why catherine didn’t put it in the movie….. but who cares? I can watch it over and over again at home =p =)

    by the way girlz,…. great show u have, love it

    i hope u had fun in texas =)

  26. hannah says:

    i got mine at target and i am still watching the extra features… got go go make my stepdad watch it with me since hes never seen it

  27. Desiree Olmos says:

    Just wanted to say I absalutely love your podcast hahaa
    your guys are hysterical.
    I was in no rush to buy the DVD until I actually got in the
    store. I was prepared to do anything to get it, luckily I had the money.
    The extended scences are GREAT! I loved that Bella actually tells her father
    that she cooks and her mother wasnt such a great chef back home[when their eating at the dinner]
    Another great extended scene was when they show James, Victoria, and Laurent actually feeding off
    of Gallen. sry if i spelled is name wrong.- it just shows how bad they really are.
    Deleted scenes soon to be watched.

    and i also loved the commintary
    Love You Guys and your Podcast!!

  28. fally wally says:

    The fact that i can watch my favorite scenes over and over and over and over and over and over again!!! And everything that has Kellan in it!!!!!!!

  29. ashley says:

    got mine at 1201 this moring at a borders in ma my fav parts atr the extend secans and the deleted ones i alos love the ex borders stuff w srephine mayer it was well wouth the 30$ o spent for it all ready wached it twice

  30. Juliana says:

    I pre-ordered Twilight on Blu-Ray on back in February, but for some reason I did not receive it today. The whole purpose of pre-ordering is to get it before everyone else, without having to leave your house and dealing with lines, etc. So I called customer service and had them refund my money, then drove to the store and bought it! I My favorite parts are the commentary and some of the deleted scenes.

  31. Amanda Cullen says:

    I got mine at Target and I love all of the extra stuff that comes with the 3 disc set. Love the extended scenes, the documentary, the deleted scenes, everything is great!!

  32. Alexandra says:

    I loved the audio commentary of Rob, Kristen and Katherine. I actually got the last limited edition movies of Borders. I was so lucky.

  33. Caitlin says:

    Aww man I should have went to target!! Oh well I’ll just buy it on iTunes. I loved the 7 part documentary!!! It was pretty much amazing!!!

  34. Catherine says:

    I live in NZ so i’m eagerly awaiting my borders pre-ordered one to arrive – i wanted to get the target one but they don’t ship internationally :'(

  35. Abby says:

    I pre- orderd mine too, from
    I hope it takes less than a month to get here!!!!

  36. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I got mine at Target this afternoon. I LOVE the deleted scene with Carlisle and Esme. I think it is sooo adorable and i really wish they could have left that in the movie. I love the extended scenes and the deleted stuff.

  37. LaurenC says:

    I got mine at Target (like everyone else). But, I think the reason why everyone is getting it there (and the same reason why I got it there) was because first off, it is cheaper than any of the other versions. Secondly, it comes with a third disc! And, thirdly, it comes with codes so you can view the movie, special features, and an exclusive only at Target code that lets you see more footage!

    I got my DVD later today because my dad decided to make me wait alllll freakin day because he thinks I am quote “too obsesssed over Twilight and can wait just a few more hours to get the DVD”. So, poo on him! But, because of him, I havn’t seen anything on the discs except the actual movie…again. This is only because my whole family wanted to watch it too. Which I don’t mind, I mean I have seen it 3 times already, and they enjoyed it. So, that made me happy since I get to share what I am so in love with. Anyways, sorry I got off topic….hmmm where was I? OH OH OH, I remember, I haven’t seen any extra footage yet but, I am going to probably stay up tonight and watch it all. And, I am kinda waiting on my download code to hurry up, so I can see my “Target Exclusive Content Download”….uhhhh this is so agonizing…

    I love love love yall guys show. I mean,I am practically obsessed with yall as much as I am with Twilight. So, that means that I just gave yall a compliment, so…your welcome! πŸ™‚ Anyways, keep up the good work at being hilarious and fun to listen to.


  38. Sarah :) says:

    Im so annoyed!
    you guys can get your already, but i have to wait til the 22nd of April!
    Stupid Australia

  39. Danielle says:

    HEYY!!! so…i live in canada and i got the dvd today. haha i actually downloaded it off itunes at like 1 am, so i could watch it earlier and then bought the actual dvd today. i bought the limited edition box set from bestbuy. I LOVE IT!!! it came with a whole bunch of mini poster card things, (PICTURES OF ROB PATTINSON TO PUT ON MY WALL πŸ™‚ !!), and a free cd/ipod cover thing that u get for free online. AND then it also came with the 2-disc special editon that everyone else got. lol ive watched almost everything already. what i loved the most were the deleted and extended scenes (because i got to see some of my favorite lines from twilight that i didnt see in theaters) and the COMMENTARY! it was awesome to hear rob and kristen and catherine talk about making the movie. the documentary was also great!!!!
    lol im sure u all felt the same way as i did, we’re all twilight addicts after all.
    love the podcast, you guys rock! let me know if youre ever in canada!!

  40. amannda says:

    lol any of you out of the USA i will mail it to you for cost shipping and 5 for gas lol hit me up at! 3 disk special from target !! with free i tunes dl

  41. Heather D says:

    I pre-ordered my blu-ray from Target a month ago and they shipped it out yesterday, which made me mad, because the whole point of a pre-order is to get it release day, so i just went to Target and bought another. I’ll be returning the one in the mail.

    My favorite part was that the awful vampire sparkle effect looked a lot better on Blu Ray, so i was happy.

  42. Brinean says:

    OMG!! I got my Twilight DVD $4 cheaper than Wal-mart from Shopers drug mart I was so excited YIPEEE!
    Rob is still amazing looking!!

  43. martha says:

    I preorderred my dvd on amazon last week and its gonns come on the 24th. ( i can wait :/ ) but now i saw that target has a third disk and itunes download. im so upset. i dont know what to do. should i keep the amazon one. cuz if i retuen it i have to pay shipping and 15% fee, or something like that. help me! advice?

  44. Rebecca says:

    well i loved watching the movie with the comentary in the background from kristen rob and catherine! at some parts rob would just say the most random things and i could not stop laughing!
    evrything on the DVDs r great tho! the creators did a great job!

  45. Rebecca says:

    o and i got it at target too!!! =]

  46. Tatiana says:

    Weird but my favorite part is the commentary on the movie Robert Pattinson is hilarious with his dry British humor

  47. Jami says:

    This was my first time seeing the movie. I read all the books and am halfway thru the Breaking Dawn. I stood in line at walmart to get the 2 disk then find out target has a 3 disk with a download for the ipod. I was aggervated. I think i am go to go buy that now, cause i want to put it on there.. If they could only make movies as long as books.. I have watched it 2 times already… I love it and cant wait for New Moon in Nov..
    I think I will give the other one to a friend. I paid the same price target has the 3 disk one for… I have OCD!!!

  48. Donna Jean says:

    Hey guys im super excited my dvd is coming tommorrow i ordered one day shipping it was like $12 but im getting mine from target i just have to have it on my ipod its nuts. love the podcast keep up the good work.

  49. Lyncoln says:

    I got mine at Target yesterday! I think it’s the best deal you can get right now! A 3-disc edition with a free code to get the complete movie on Itunes and for only $17.99…heck yea!

    I haven’t watched all the special features yet. Mostly just the stuff on the 3rd disc, but I’m absolutely in love with the “Bella’s Lullaby Remix Music Video”!! I about died when I saw the deleted make out scene mixed in with the one in the actual movie! It’s seriously HOT!!! He’s kissing her neck and everything…yea I can see why Stephenie didn’t want that. Way too far for Twilight…hopefully we’ll see something like that though in Eclipse and BD!! πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to watch the rest!

  50. Holly says:

    Mines coming on the 6th of April bcoz i live in the UK, it’s with Amazon so it should come on time.

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