EW Talks To Twilight Costume Designer

Mar 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Entertainment Weekly talked to Wendy Chuck, the costume designer of Twilight, about the fashion of Twilight here!

”I wanted to dress Bella (Kristen Stewart) apart from the Forks kids because she arrives there as an outsider [from Arizona],” explains Twilight’s costume designer, Wendy Chuck. ”She’s in lots of warm earth tones, with some Southwestern elements thrown in.” Being the new girl in school wasn’t the only obstacle Bella faced: ”Having come from a warm, sunny climate to the rainy gloom of Forks, we wanted to make her unprepared for the cold and the rain.” Which is why, Chuck explains, we don’t see Bella in a raincoat until later on in the tale.”

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3 Comments to “EW Talks To Twilight Costume Designer”

  1. Shteff says:

    I got to admit, my friends all took this interest in the way Edward dressed for the whole movie!
    They’re all into the Indie look, and thought he protrayed it perfect =’]

  2. christy peach says:

    i am looking for the purse that alice was holding in the shot right after edward stoped the van from hitting bella. its large, dark grey, with teal accents. please let me know. thanks so much! i have been nuts over this purse when the trilers first came out on the internet!

  3. Thanks Krystal for yourfantastictips.
    Itswonderful tolocateindividuals thatshare my love!

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