Where was Edward?

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This week we want YOU to tell us where you think Edward was!  In addition, we also want to know what you thought of Bella’s reaction to Edward (and the rest of the Cullens) bolting!  So here ya go…

Where the heck did Edward Cullen go after breaking up with Bella?  And, what do you think about Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving?

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198 Comments to “Where was Edward?”

  1. mallory says:

    he went to italy and tryed to provalk the volturi after he finds about bella cliff diving and i would have reacted the same as bella

  2. kristinGonda says:

    I think he went around tracking victoria. i think he says that when he gets back. but he got lost or something cuz obviously she almost got bella multiple times.:) lol i would have reacted like bella but for not so long

  3. LaurenC says:

    Edward would drive around furiously at 350 mph in his stylin’ Volvo, while blasting the song “Pepercut” by Linkin’ Park (get it wink, wink; nudge, nudge). He would get a job to try to distract himself from Bella. So, he would get soak and wet in grey paint and pose as a statue in Colorado, since it is cold. Then, someone would walk by playing “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” by Soulja Boi , Edward would remember all the great memories of Bella (which his daydream only lasted about 7 seconds) and run away. The police would freak out and call Charlie to tell him to beware of crazy running statues. He would drive aound aimlessly until he got to Texas. He would hear the song (I know you’re thinking “geez, another song”) “Diva” by Beyonce on the radio. Edward would get out of his car, start singing “ Imma diva! Imma, imma diva!” and start dancing like Beyonce in the music video “Put a Ring On It”. People would start to stare and look and to cover their children’s eyes from the scene of disappointment. Kassie would find Edward and drag him to her house. Edward would share all his feelings and emotions at a sleepover that Kassie and Kallie would host. Kassie would confort him, while Edward realizes his burning passionate love for Kassie. Kassie and Edward would sneak off into the closet and play 7 minutes in heaven. He would bite her, she would become a vampire, they would live happily ever after. And, Edward doesn’t return to Bella (which I’m sorry to say Stephenie but…), this changes the whole Twilight Saga. The end!

    I put that last part in there for your satisfaction, Kassie! Your welcome! 😀
    Ok, now to be serious.
    I would have probably acted the same way as Bella when Edward left. I mean, if the love of your life left you, especially someone as perfect as Edward, I would be depressed, too. I would have moped around for 4 months straight, not knowing what is up and what is down. I would have destroyed every single memory of Edward. I would have probably ruined all of my social life too, by being completely and utterly depressed. To Bella, Edward was her life, everything she did was practically with Edward. So, when he left she didn’t know what to do with herself, and it would be like a child wandering around a room blinded because the lights were turned off.

    Love, love, love the podcast. You 2 are so amazingly funny and I love to listen to you all the time. I wish yall would make them come out once a day, that is how much I love the podcast. I literally sit around thinking “When is the next podcast coming out?” and whenever it does come out I get really excited. I know, I’m such a nerd!

    -love- Lauren

  4. LaurenC says:

    Oh, also, quietneed I LOVE your story that you came up with. I would have liked it to be that way too and for the whole break up scene not to be such a big deal. I really like yours and your writing technique is so good, it even sounds like Stephenie wrote it! I really enjoyed reading it quietneed!

    -love- Lauren

  5. Miss Em Taylor Lautner says:

    HIIIII! OK so I think that after Edward left he tried his darndest to keep Bella out of his memory so he could “do what was best for her”(psha) and stay away from her. BUT ,like Bella , even his OH-SO-PERFECT memory was tarting to loose it’s memory of her. So….he caved! When he was alone in a forest somewhere he would lay down,and, since vamps don’t sleep, he would just let his mind wander on her. But since Bella isn’t that safe of a person, he would envision her doing something stupid and would yell and call out to her to get her to stop. After a few of these visions he dicided to check in with the other Cullens, and that is where ROSALIE told him about Bella’s “clifff diving”!!!!!! and OFF TO ITALY HE WENT!
    And finally I felt that Bella’s reaction was real(and really heartbreaking!) But I felt that it went on a little too long and changed my view of her. I had this feeling that she was this strong girl that wouldn’t let ANY guy do that to her,but then again Edward isn’t just ANY guy 🙂 lol
    Well those are my theories! AND since you guys never get tired of hearing this-LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!! I think you two are the greastest TwiSister duo!! <3

  6. Kiwi says:

    Hi Ladies (see I think Lady is an appropriate word)

    I actually think Edward went all the places Stephanie mentioned on her website, but I also think he didn’t go that far from Bella. I would like to believe that if he loved/s her that deeply that he checked up on her every now and then, maybe first going away with the Cullen’s but returning to Forks and the Cullen house after time.

    I can see him sitting at his piano playing her lullaby over and over again, maybe after a while seeing Bella come out of her state and becoming friends with Jacob and seeing that maybe she can live without him. I think the whole cliff diving incident made him realise that he couldn’t live without her if she was dead, but he could still exist without her if she was alive (if that makes sense) I also think her scent would keep him coming back, La Tua Cantante.

    As for Bella’s reaction I think it is normal after all he did wipe all of his existance so that she thought she was going mad and had made it all up. She had to keep pushing herself to do things to remind herself that he had been real.

    Can I just add as I didn’t respond last week that I think the worst thing about Edwards breakup was him stealing the things from her room, just cruel to not even leave her with the memory. Most of us prob still have photos etc of past relationships and even though they may hurt they are a part of our lives.


  7. kathrynanne says:

    oohh! good question 🙂

    well…i remember reading somewere that he went to denali and saw tanya.
    or maybe he didnt
    i duno but i rekon he did go to denali- maybe not to see the other vampires but just to get away to a place where he knew well and could be alone

    i think bellas pain was much more than any other person, i think edward had almost become a part of her so when he went away he almost took a part of her with him, leaving her hollow and sad 🙁
    i think in some ways the fact it took bella six months (was it that long?) to even start to get over it was slightly over the top, i have never been in a relationship where i have been sad for more that 2 days so i dont really know how much pain you would be in but for me i couldnt relate to bellas suffering
    maybe stephanie perpously went over the top to show how much she was in love with him, and help the readers come to the conclusion that she was ABSOLUTLY and UTTERLY unable to live without him
    HOWEVER i did cry when edward told her that he didnt want her no more becuase i understand that those words would hurt me like i had been stabbed in the stomach! so this makes me think stephenie went over the top to make the reader become very emotional and want to read more
    so maybe it was more for effect

    but really non of us have been in love with REAL vampires (edward doesnt come under the title of real in this case 😉 ) not even stephenie so maybe she didnt know how to show bellas pain, anyway i found it hard to understand bellas emotioned and i think the effects of edwards leave was the hardest part of the book to read…for me anyways

    sorry if this doesnt make sense or if there are loads of spelling mistakes, i was soo exctied to get my thoughts down 🙂


  8. Rosalynd says:

    I remember Stephanie writing a chpater on her web-site about his conversation with Rosalie, that finally drove him to want to kill himself because he thought Bella died. In that chapter she said that Edward was in south america hiding out in an attic of some random building.

  9. Sami.Salvo says:

    I’ve only read about 5 of the responses so I don’t know all of people’s ideas but from what I saw some people said that he went places like Alaska and other but other people said that he went to South America and was there the whole time.
    I’m not sure what exactly is right but it does say three different places he went during that time.

    FIrst it said that he tried tracking Victoria when she went down and talked to the covens in the South. Then when he lost her trail somewhere in the series it said he went to Italy. (At least, I think). Then after talking to the Volturi he was fighting against he will to stay away from Bella and Forks so he went and hid in an attic in the slums in South America somewhere. I might be wrong but I think in the extras that are on Steph’s website said that he was hearing Portugeuse spoken below him. So that would mean that he was most likely in Brazil.

    Sorry if people have already said of these things but I didn’t have time to read all of the responses.
    Love the podcast and keep it up


  10. Krissy says:

    Hey Ladies! I’m loving your podcast, and although I doubt this will be read on the podcast, I thought I would post my theory.

    I did read the Outtake or extra part that Stephanie Meyer has on her website about the phone call between Edward and Rosalie. My thought is that Edward went to Dehani for a while. While he was there Irina shared with him that Laurent left to run an errand for Victoria. That got Edward’s spider sense going and he thought that it would be a good idea to Save Bella from a Distance by tracking and killing Victoria. Since he brought this upon Bella and was unable to destroy James, he could at least get her. So he tracked her down to Texas and then South America. When it turned out that he couldn’t track her at all and that there wasn’t any use he found a restaurant to hide in the attic. He stayed there curled up in a ball thinking of Bella and all the damage he believes he caused her. He ignored his family and phone until he got the call from Rosalie. Then as we already know he went to Italy to ask to be killed.

    I thought Bella’s reaction to Edward’s speech was a little to calm for me. I would have been crying and trying to hold onto him, not just follow him into the woods. I however agree with the description of her going almost catatonic and losing a ton of weight. I did however like the way that Jacob was able to be her “sun” and help her come back to life. It showed what would have been if monsters didn’t exist as stated in Eclipse.

    Thanks for all you do for us Twilighters! I really hope Stephanie finishes Midnight Sun and does the rest of the series from Edward’s point of view. The stuff she has so far is AMAZING!!!!!! New Moon November 20th!

  11. Becca Jones says:

    Hi Kallie, hi Kassie.

    I think that the Cullens + Hale’s went to the Denali clan, but Edward went off on his own around the North of the US.
    we are partially told what he has been up too as on page 505 it says…
    “What have you been doing, up until three days ago?”

  12. Becca Jones says:

    Hi Kallie, hi Kassie.

    I think that the Cullens + Hale’s went to the Denali clan, but Edward went off on his own around the North of the US.
    we are partially told what he has been up too as on page 505….
    Bella asks Edward what he had been up too untill three days earlier…
    and he replies… “Hunting”… however Bella manages to get him to tell us that he was tracking…
    i believe that he was tracking Victoria as he had a suspicion, or was told by Irina that Laurent had gone off to do a favor for Victoria. Also i think that some of the time he was bordering around Forks, tempted to go and speak to Bella, as i think he could not have coped much longer without her.

    I think that Bella took Edward and the Cullens/Hales leaving waaaayyy too easy. I think she trusted and loved him soo much, she believed him not necessarily easier, but she thought that he wouldn’t lie too her. I really hated it when she was zombie like for ages, it was like “come on!”. But the whole not being able to keep herself together, feeling like she was breaking apart was totally not an overreaction for the most of it, but there were sometimes i thought… “Just get over him now its been AGES.I’ know he’s your first proper love… but there are other fish in the sea, you have jacob… why not try hi for size?” but that was probs just me in a crabby mood and finding the book rather depressing, no matter how much i love it.

    Thanks guys…
    i hope you read my answer.
    love ya
    becca xxxx

  13. Kim says:

    Because Edward didn’t really stop loving Bella, I think he did what he could to get as much distance from her as possible. One of the extras on Stephenie Meyer’s website from New Moon is four pages from Edward’s POV when he receives the news of Bella’s “death” via Rosalie’s phone call. Before the phone rings there’s a bit where Edward describes the rickety ghetto space beneath him, and the Spanish clamor that surrounds it all. This gave me the impression that he was somewhere in South America. Despite all of this, Edward finds himself thinking about going back to Forks. I think his strength wavered over time, and since Edward probably anticipated this, going to South America was pretty logical.

    As for the second part of the question, my initial thoughts were that Bella’s reaction to the Edward leaving was a little extreme. To use a quote from Alice Cullen: I couldn’t really empathize… but I could sympathize with Bella. She’d only been in Forks for a little less than one school year, and in that time Edward grew to be her world. Of course Bella would have been CRUSHED if it’d just been Edward who disappeared. But I think that the Cullens leaving had to be painful, because there really were no memories of Edward left! It was so sad, and I think Bella had every right to fall apart.

    Sorry that got kind of long. Love you guys, and the show!
    (And here’s the link to the four pages: http://stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/nm_extras_rosalie.pdf )

  14. Caroline says:

    Welll in New Moon he said he went to the Amazon, to learn tracking like james. He explained this to Bella when he apologized for not being in Forks during the Victoria Issue. He was most likely in Brazil, this also explaines his impecable Portuges in BD. I’m not sure how much tracking he actually did because he said that he absolutly couldn’t fake happy, and felt like he was in a world of darkness. He was also oviously in Italy!!! As for Bellas reaction, I can’t blame her. I imagine to her It was like a death, and I thought she handled it amazingly and was back on her feet in a couple week, even though she was catonic. Even Edward said at the end that he couldn’t even pretend to be ”happy or at leat not suicidal”like she tried to do for Charlie. I tried to keep this short….. woooooooops. Luv the podcats.

  15. Caroline says:

    Welll in New Moon he said he went to the Amazon, to learn tracking like james. He explained this to Bella when he apologized for not being in Forks during the Victoria Issue. He was most likely in Brazil, this also explaines his impecable Portuges in BD. I’m not sure how much tracking he actually did because he said that he absolutly couldn’t fake happy, and felt like he was in a world of darkness. He was also oviously in Italy!!! As for Bellas reaction, I can’t blame her. I imagine to her It was like a death, and I thought she handled it amazingly and was back on her feet in a couple week, even though she was catonic. Even Edward said at the end that he couldn’t even pretend to be ”happy or at leat not suicidal”like she tried to do for Charlie. I tried to keep this short….. woooooooops. Luv the podcast.

  16. Caroline says:

    sorry sent it twice ooooooooooops.

  17. Shelby Whitlock says:

    Well, besides what we know Edward was doing.. he was obviously doing Edward like things like making a huge deal about stupid things, etc. He was definitley hiding in a closet somewhere wasting his life and creeping out whoever’s closet he was in… hehe.

    Bella, however, was brave in trying to face each day and cute how she resorted to Jacob (who can’t use a little Jacob?!). The whole “hole” thing seemed a little iver the top but I guess it makes sense that you’d be illogical when your boyfriend/soulmate is a vampire lol.

  18. ReeRee says:

    Hey guys, loooove the podcast!!
    okay, so in the book at the end it says that Edward tracked Victoria and was able to get to texas but then ended up in south america.
    I also think that bella was a TAD melodramatic about edward leaving, i mean i totally understand that it was tramatic but letting MONTHS go by wallowing in your own pain can be a little over-the-top.

  19. ReeRee says:

    Oh, sorry, i guess u guys relized that he was tracking victoria, my bad. I think that he was chilling in the rainforest (well, as chilled as you could be if you just left your other “half” and have no contact to her), poking around in rainforest folk’s minds to keep entertained, and was bawling in hallow trees.

  20. brittany says:

    i think he was hanging out with me =) he likes me better- he told me so. Don’t worry i’m jk.

  21. Cassie says:

    I think that Edward went to Denali to see Tanya, and that’s why Tanya acted so weirdly and like seductively at Bella and Edward’s wedding, because I think that even though Edward loves Bella, he wanted to cover it up and convince himself that he loved Tanya and that being with Tanya would be better for him, his family, and Bella. But I think that he became so desperately guilty after abandoning Bella and unhappy with being with Tanya that he realized that he was just trying to cover when Alice told him that Bella was going to commit suicide.

  22. Alec_Bella says:

    I think Edward when to lots of places…. He was probably very upset and I think he was trying not to think about Bella. In the book it says he was traking Victoria so I guess that explains it.

    Bella was obviously very upset. She lost the best guy in the world, wouldn’t you be upset too? I am surprised, given her character, that she DIDN’T commit suicide. I don’t blame Edward for believing Roselie so quickly, it makes sense. Though it was a tad dumb of him to think she would just “Get Over It”.
    Sorry the answer was such a mess, my brain is a tad addled at the moment…
    xoxo, Alec_Bella

  23. Amy says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie!

    1. Where did Edward go?
    I think that he went somewhere very far away from Forks. He was probably in a room somwhere trying (unsuccessfully) to not think about Bella. Edward would’ve gone hunting but only when he absolutely needed to. I think he would of been like Bella, empty and lifeless.

    2. What did I think of Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving?
    To be completely honest I think I would of reacted just like her. Edward is the love of her life and he just leaves! It would of been a very difficult thing to think that the person you loved didn’t want you.

    Thanks for the awesome podcasts guys I LOVE them.


  24. Mandalyse says:

    It’s questions like these that really make me want Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun and even possibly do New Moon from Edwards persective. I would love so much to get inside his head and just know what he his thinking and how he truely feels about what he’s doing to Bella.

    My answer is mostly pertaining to Bella’s reaction. Yes, it was a little over the top but I think it has more to do with not just Edward leaving, but the entire Cullen family as well. Although Bella did have friends in Forks, she never really connected with them like she did with the Cullens, thus she felt totally abandoned and couldn’t talk to anyone about it. (without giving up the Cullen secret)
    Also, we have to take into consideration the fact that Edward and Bella’s relationship is TRUE LOVE. It’s not just some high school romance (“I love you”, “I love you too” and then break up a week later) Losing true love was absolutely devastating to Bella, and probably to Edward as well…

    Love You Guys!!!! ^_^

  25. soccerchic#2 says:

    I think edward went to the denali clan to see if maybe there was something between him and tanya, something that could help his cold broken heart for leaving bella. victoria also probably led him all over the world while he was tracking her.
    if edward had been an ordinary boy- i would have told bella to get over him and move on with her life. since edward wasn’t an ordinary boy at all, but a dangerously sexy vampire, her reaction was totally expected and i would have done the same thing. ugh- love is so cruel!

  26. Jorja says:

    Hey, love the podcast!

    I think Edward went to Alaska, to visit Tanya, and her family, I think it would have an opportunity to collect his thoughts, while being around people he was close to.

    As for Bella, I think she did’nt go to extreams at all, for a love that was as strong as her’s and Edwards, It was purfectly normal, I tried putting myself in he position and think that everything she did had a good reason. Though, I am very muchly anti- Jacob, I think she needed someone to go to to help her feel better.

  27. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I think Edward went to Alaska. But DON’T think he went to the Denali clan. I think he went up there at first, but I think he went off more by himself, because no matter what he said to Bella we all know he loved her too much to just forget her and I think he had to constantly convince himself that he was doing the “right” thing.
    I don’t think Bella went extreme. I mean with a love like her and Edward’s, anything less wouldn’t have been accurate. Anyone that’s ever been dumped by the one they truely loved knows, it hurts, it’s inderscribable and it’s not something that you bounce back from easily, quickly, or fully.

    By the way! I love the podcast. The word for females that aren’t girls anymore, or women yet is chicks! lol. At least that’s what I say. And Kassie, I think you should be the next winner on American Idol! You are so much better than any of those people on there now.

  28. fally wally says:

    Well in the book it said that he was tracking and some how got to BRAZIL (please say Bra-zil really fast with a cool brazilian accent), but I decided to believe different. If any of you have ever seen New Moon/Eclipse Parody on Youtube, well they have him down South America and he kept trying to get drunk and tequlia but couldn’t I thought this was hilarious!! So I think that he was going through a bad boy stage during this period. He was most definitly very irritable and examining his mind to see if he made the right choice, and desopite the fact that im a team Edward and love Bella, I think he went out with a few south american beauties to get Bella off his mind. Crazy ideas, i know aren’t they TWI-some (the word when you mix twilight with awesome!!!) thnx

  29. Sarah luvs EDWARD says:

    well this is a tough question! i think that edward even though he told bella that he went to South America and random places in the world tracking Victoria, i believe he actually stayed in Forks or at least came back alot to check on Bella. He denies it in the book but he is a good liar though. I think he also might have been traveling to get his mind off of what he had just done to break Bella’s heart. possibly visit his parent’s graves and so forth… but Bella’s reaction is totally normal. she was hurt by him because he lied to her and said some of the most hurtful breakup lines. yet it was all out of love but Bella didnt see that until he came back. oh and by the way Kassie, i hate jacob too until i saw his guns!!!! haha

  30. Kel says:

    Edward went to Disney World! JK!

    I think that after the Cullens left Forks, Edward immediately separated himself from the rest of his family to grieve the loss of Bella. I’m not sure if his grief was demonstrated to the same degree as Bella’s, but I’m sure it was intense and he beat himself up a great deal. When Edward came to grips with his pain, I think he went out to prove himself worthy of Bella’s love by tracking down Victoria, which led him to South America. It makes sense that he would go to Volterra at the news of Bella’s (not really) death if he was in the midst of a journey to prove himself to her.

    I think Bella’s reaction was fairly typical for a teenager in the midst of her first (and in their case, greatest) love.

  31. Nicole says:

    Ok…………. i think the Edward was at Esme Isle trying to figure out what he just did………….Was that the right thing to do. While at Esme isle he thought about Bella 24/7 and thought Hey!!!! why don’t i try a total oppisite place from forks, a place where there was a huge population level and where it never rained so he probably went to an island like fiji or somewhere in the islands where they would have a lot of tourists……… after that he tries to track Victoria and takes on with the rest of the book………………………………………… For Bella’s reaction i thought it was a pricless moment( in the beggining that is) but then you got the backround story about her throwing fits and tantrums but that is soooooooo unlike Bella. Other teens would have been like that for about a week but bella just stayed in denial other teens would have found a new hottie of the month to chase after but not bella, bella thought of edward all the time and couldn’t get him out of her head. But bella is no normal teen so who knows. Bella also was beyond love just think they were a perfect match but the Edward broke her heart what was she supposed to do forget about a hot sexy vamp like that????? I dont think so i know i wouldn’t

  32. Domenica says:

    I think he went to Alaska because it’s a place far enough away to think about what he wants to do and also there was the Denali (I think spelled that right) family, so he had a place to stay for a while. Not a very exciting thought but I think it’s pretty good.

  33. Elise♥♥♥ says:

    Well, in New Moon, Edward says that he was tracking Victoria. Of course, like every body else, I also think he went to Alaska to visit Tanya, but I also think he went somewhere to think for a while, (deserted cave, anyone?) and tried to convince himself he did the right thing. I think Edward left Bella only out of love. He loved her so much that he couldn’t stand to be away from her, but he still managed to leave because he wanted to protect her. However, you have to wonder how he couldn’t tell how much Bella is suffering.

    I think Bella had every right to react the way she did. Like Renee says, Bella is her middle aged teenager. Bella knows that Edward is her true love, and she was upset, to say the least, that she lost him. I think if anybody who had an Edward and lost him, you would react the exact same way.

  34. Rachel says:

    I think Edward went to the Denalis but he couldn’t stand to be with Tanya because she kept on throwing herself on him.. so he separated from the Denalis and the Cullens and went to track Victoria (like it says in the book) and he just kept going around tracking and trying to keep his mind off Bella.

    i think the way Stephanie Meyer wrote Bella’s reaction was really good, because it was like how most people would react but more because of what Bella and Edward had was different to most relationships because of him been a vampire, i know some people think that she reacted abit over the top because she was so upset for months, but i think that she had the right to be like that because you would if someone like Edward did that to you.

    Just to say i love your podcast, i think your really funny xx

  35. Nadège says:

    In the second or third book he explains where he’s been. He tracked Victoria to South America. But I doubt he was tracking her the entire time when he was apart from Bella because he wasn’t very good at the tracking thing and he lost Victoria’s scent. I think the time Edward wasn’t tracking Victoria, he was miserable just like Bella. Because as he said to Bella: You are my life now. And he had lost her and thereby his life.

    I completely understand Bella’s reaction. She’s insecure about her relationship with Edward and he knows that. He knew exactly what to say to her so she would let him leave. And eventhough he left to protect her, she didn’t know that. They were so close and she had dreamt of her future with Edward and his family a thousand times. And she also loved the whole Cullen family (Yeah I think even Rosalie ha – ha). So I don’t think it’s weird Bella sort of becomes a zombie. She just loved him so much! I have never had my hearth broken but I think that if you truly love someone that much it would kind of feel as if you really are hollow. Like he took your hearth and dreams with you. And I’m glad she found Jacob but not so she could settle for less (I mean, come on, I was rooting voor Edward the whole time!!!). But eventhough she didn’t get over het pain, he did help her deal with it. When she was with Jacob, she could laugh again. But MAN am I glad Edward came back. Because lets face it, Jacob can say whatever he wants about Bella being fine if Edward just gave her some time. But that would never have happened…She needs Edward as much as he needs her.

  36. Rachel C. says:

    When Edward left, i think he didn’t even know where he went. I think he just kept running and running. I think ran all the way south to where the U.S. borders on Mexico. After, he somehow realized where he was and went to some empty abannoned wharehouse somewhere to sulk.

    I loved Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving. Although i am a huge edward fan!, i loved how well written that whole scene is up until the 2nd chapter of waking up (its my favorite in all the books!). Her reaction to Edward leaving was totally right, and it wasn’t over-done or anything like that. Bella’s love for him and vis-versa was totally justified in her reaction to him leaving. Bella can’t live without Edward, which was completely and utterly shown by how she handled his absense.Those pages where she is depressed the most, always somehow makes me feel sad (not just because Edward is leaving, but Bella’s raction to it), like i am taking on the emotions of the character, which really goes to show how well and amazing it was described.

    i LOVE THE PODCAST!keep up the amazing work!

    Rachel C.

  37. Rachel C. says:

    * ahh mistake! i ment to say 2nd paragraph of Waking up, not 2nd chapter! woops!

  38. Hannah from ENGLAND! says:

    Hey girls

    Well… firstly I think Bella reaction to the cullens leaving was not surprising, but i still think she should have fought harder when he told her. If i were her, i would be devastated but would’ve still fought hard to keep the relationship alive.
    All the time i was reading new moon, i kept on thinking he’s only doing it to make you safe, and NOT becuase he stopped loving her, but bella was always thinking otherwsie which was really frustrating to read.
    I really like bella as a character, but it was driving me mad every time she mentioned or thought that he left becuase he didnt love her anymore..i kept wanting to screem out…COME ON, WAKE UP!! HE STILL LOVES YOU…JUST TOO MUCH AND WANTS TO KEEP YOU SAFE! He just went about it the usual ‘edward’ way..blames himself and so punishes the relationship.

    As far as where Edward went, Id love to think he kept coming back to secretly check on her, but we know that wasnt true as Laurrent and victoria were around and he would have stopped that.
    I do think its likely that he spent alot of time away from his family and spent too much time on his own…much like bella. moping and sulking. I think he probably just wandered and travelled, not staying anywhere too long. Thank god stephenie wrote that great italy ending…bella saved the day this time!

  39. Hannah from ENGLAND! says:

    P.S I think ‘Gal’ is suitable if ‘lady’ or ‘girl’ is not. Love your show…you brighten up my day girlies! xxx

  40. JASPERSGIRL18 says:

    I actually wrote a fanfiction story about what edward was doing when he was away…..in my story when he was in Rio and when he wasn’t hunting Victoria, which we all know he was doing because he said it in New Moon, he was sitting alone in an abandoned warehouse…..but before Rio i think he was probably in Alaska with the rest of his family but left for two reasons: to hunt Victoria and to get away from his family because he probably felt like he was useless to them.

    As for Bella i think her reaction was a little to over the top for reality, but for the book and the relationship between Edward and Bella it wasn’t that over the top and i think the book need that big of a reaction to carry the book the way Stephanie did.

    love your podcast!!!!!!! love JASPERSGIRL18

  41. JASPERSGIRL18 says:

    sorry one more thing…….Stephanie also wrote a small one chapter story about edward was doing…..it was under the New Moon tab but i forget the title and it was really good…..and i found it funny becasue i read this after i started writing my fanfiction about what edward was doing and they were both similar which i loved

  42. Kellie says:

    In the book it talks about him going to South America, but in my weird twisted world I have kinda always invisioned him still popping in around Forks and making sure Bella was okay. Like, far enough away from the wolves for them to notice, but just close enough to be Bella’s unseen guardian angel, I know he wasn’t there, but in my world Edward couldn’t ever leave Bella, he was never strong enough. Ahh! But yet, he was most likely never staying in one place, chasing after Victoria and trying to punish himself as much as possible, not feeding, not talking to anyone, and considering everything he thought he did wrong.

    I think Bella reacted seemingly stupidly, I mean he was RIGHT in front of her, she could’ve cried, or asked, or begged, or something, she stood there and let him leave!!! Her post reaction was very normal, to me at least, not talking to anyone, but not being immature, I think she showed a great amount of strength after she “AWOKE” because she got a life together, sure, it took a hella long time, but she did it, Jake helped put her together, but she made the first move. I was proud of her. I missed Edward too.

    Hell, this is sad, I wrote this hella long thing!! I feel hella lame!!! 🙂

  43. Wendy says:

    I’d like to think that Edward left Forks and headed to Ithaca to be with his family. Even though they are his family, he has a hard time being around them because being around all the couples just reminds him what he is giving up. I can see him wandering around Ithaca through the various falls and parks…wandering around on the trails….visiting the gorges and feeling jealous of the college students who jump and end their lives by jumping off the gorge. Eventually, after a month or so of moping around, feeling miserable, he decides to try and be proactive by tracking Victoria. His failure to be a good tracker drives him even deeper into depression. (After all, Edward is used to being good at everything! 😉 ) I think this is when he eventually makes his way to Brazil. By the time Rosalie calls, he’s just about out of money….and really doesn’t care. He’s barely existing. And that’s why Rosalie’s call pushes him right over the edge.

  44. The Youngest Reader Ever! says:

    I just recently re-re-re-re-read New Moon and am halfway through Eclispe.

    In some point bella asks about where he was when he left and he said ‘I went to track Victoria. But I was led down a false trail.’

    I recently have kept falling asleep listenning to Twilight live L.A the day before the premire. (I now can recite word for word the entire podcast!) During question time one memeber of the audience asks ‘By now everyone has read the partial draft for Midnight sun. Which of the other three books would you like to see in Edward’s perspective”

    I believe it was Kassie that said “New Moon.” I believe Kallie said “No, You know he was in some shack in Mexico crying ‘Bella!”

    With out those two pieces of information i would say that Edward would have gone to Canada as we know thats where Jacob feld at the end of Eclispe. He did not go to alaska other wise he would have seen Laurent go back to Forks.

    What I find confusing is that Edward tells Bella as he leaves that the rest of his family is staying in Denail with Tanya, and we know thats where Laurent goes. If thats true then why didn’t Alice stop or see Laurent go help Victoria? The whole Laurent/wolf pack problem would never have happened. And then Irina would have come and helped the cullens verse the newborns.

  45. Kat says:

    He so totally got it on with Tanya! lol! jk jk.

    I think he probably went to a place to think about things. He was probably very confuse and disappointed on the event that happened with Bella. Maybe he was stalking Bella without her knowing!!!

    or maybe Alaska…

  46. Deejay says:

    Edward was with me! lol. Sorry I just had to say that.

    But on a serious note. I think he was in California in an attic. That is my best guess. Then he went down to Brazil, then to Italy before he was going to die. Sorry I’m tired. I’m just saying whatever is in my head right now.

  47. Kristi says:

    Maybe he went to Esme’s island so he could be a total guy and hit things and break things when he was upset without arousing suspiscion.

    I think Bella was pretty much right on with how most people react when they have a sudden loss.

  48. gabby says:

    who cares where he went!!
    I’m glad he left because we got to know more about Jacob!!!!

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