Where was Edward?

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This week we want YOU to tell us where you think Edward was!  In addition, we also want to know what you thought of Bella’s reaction to Edward (and the rest of the Cullens) bolting!  So here ya go…

Where the heck did Edward Cullen go after breaking up with Bella?  And, what do you think about Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving?

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  1. Team Switzerland says:

    Well, .. first I’d like to say that you are two really cool sisters and I have recommended you to everyone at the Norwegian-Twilight-forum. 😀

    So.. Where did Edward go?
    Well, I think he first went to a lonely place so he could figure out what he really had done, and to try to stay calm. And try to convince himself that what he did was the right thing and that Bella ia going to forget him, one day.. I really don’t think he knows how much she loves him, and how much damage he has made. But enough about that.. I think I can see how he’s crushing some mountains and trees (or maybe that’s Emmett’s job), all in frustration of leaving Bella.
    But he think he has done the right thing, and knows he has to “live” with it. As long as he knows Bella is safe, nothing else matters. I have a feeling that he ran to the Himalayas the first week or so, to just figure out what he has done, and to be alone. Then he runs back to his family, to face them and the “life” he has to “live”. Without Bella.

    Bella’s reaction is very understanding…
    But I don’t think I like the point that she’s lying in the forest all night and day.. That sounds more like a teenage break-up, that she can’t talk (unless “He is gone”) and can’t care about anything, not even Charlie. But I do like that she “disappears” from her mortal friends, that she doesn’t care about the world she’s living in. And the whole in her chest! God! I can feel the pain through the pages…!
    It’s so much pain the New Moon and in Breaking Dawn as well.. I just can’t stand the fact that someone is hurt. I guess that’s why New Moon and Breaking Dawn doesn’t makes it to my favorites, my favorite is Eclipse, because, well, Edward and Bella are together. And that’s what matters!!<3<3<3

    Team Swtizerland.. 🙂

  2. Team Switzerland says:

    Okay , I can see that my theory doesn’t fit with the book very much, but actually that’s what I’m thinking…. (:
    And BTW sorry about my grammar and spelling mistakes.. I’m form Norway so English is my second language..

  3. IHEARTSETH says:

    um…… man, if EVERYONE goes on Stephenie’s website and heads to the New Moon extras, you’ll find what Edward was doing. This was a stupid question, because the answer is so obvious from when he comes back and from that little part Steph wrote on what Edward was doing:
    Edward was curled up in a ball in a crappy attic in some dingy home somewhere exotic, thinking about Bella. He was trying to persuade or not persuade himself to go and beg him to take her back. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Bella’s smiling face there, welcoming him to go “back to the place that would always be his home: Forks.”

    It’s really sweet. But the question you guys put up here is moot point. Anyone could have gotten the answer off of Stephenie’s website. P.S don’t you guys even read those things? And you call yourselves Twilight fans….

  4. Monique says:

    i think he went on a world trip.
    to try and forget about Bella, to distract himself. Though it didn’t work and the whole time her was just bored and depressed.
    He went to Africa, Australia, Asia,Antartica, America and South America.
    While he was in South America he picked up victoria’s scent and started tracking her. He runs all over south america – following this fake scent until he finally recieves the dreaded phone call rom Rosalie.

    Thinking of that phone call. Everyone shuns Rosalie for making that phone call. But think about it! Bella and Edward would still be apart ifRosalie wouldn’t have called Edward.

    Bella would be married to Jacob

    OMG imagine that! the horror!

    love Monique

  5. Kelsey says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie!!!! I think that Edward went to Alaska for a while and stayed with the Denali coven. But I do not think that he stayed there the whole time he was gone. I also think that he was a “nomadic” vampire for part of the time he was gone.

    I think Bella reacted like how any other girl would have reacted. I mean, Edward was the love of her life. He was the other half of her. It was completely normal for her to react in the way that she did. If the same thing happened to me I would act exactly like her. She couldn’t help but feel depressed and sad.

    I love your podcast!!!

  6. Amy says:

    Edward was singing as Pavi in “REPO!: The Genetic Opera”.

  7. Amy says:

    Edward was spotted in Borders buying himself “Watchmen”.

  8. Amy says:

    Edward went back in time via his time machine. He was punched in the face by Theodore Roosevelt.

  9. Amy says:

    Edward raided Bella’s underwear-drawer before he left; and then spent the majority of his time under some bridge with Bella’s panties on his head.

  10. Dorothy Gallagher Pultorak says:

    I think Edward went to track Victoria and was checking in with his powers to see what Bella was up to

  11. Amy says:

    Edward visited the Forbidden Forest to hunt centaurs.

  12. Amy says:

    Edward became Salvador Dali and then fell in love with Lorca.

  13. Amy says:

    Edward killed Mufasa.

  14. Amy says:

    Edward was partying with Paris Hilton. He loved her shoes.

  15. Amy says:

    Edward died his hair black and then wrote melodramatic poetry on his Deviant Art page.

  16. Amy says:

    Edward opened the arc of the covenant: his face melted off. Indiana laughed.

  17. Amy says:

    Edward dined with Hannibal Lecter. Lecter proclaimed Edward as a lunatic.

  18. Amy says:

    Edward insulted Chuck Norris. Edward’s face and butt exploded simultaneously.

  19. Amy says:

    Edward traveled to Sweden where he had the crap beaten out of him by Eli. Oskar watched. EVERYBODY, READ “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN”.

  20. Amy says:

    Edward was assaulted by Edward Norten. Brad Pitt was happy.

  21. Amy says:

    Edward read Lord of the Rings Trilogy. He then realized the plot of his existence was lacking.

  22. Amy says:

    Edward traveled to Hyrule. Link was not impressed.

  23. Amy says:

    Edward and his family are responsible for the economic crisis. Jesus agrees.

  24. Amy says:

    Edward gave birth to Damien. Gregory Peck shed a tear.

  25. Amy says:

    Edward was haunted by the ghost of Hitler.

  26. Aliceyn says:

    I think Edward was in some shack in like South America. When he wasn’t attempting to track Victoria.

    What do i think about Bella’s reaction to Edward Leaving??? I agree with what Kassie said on several accounts. That she was mopey and overdramatic!!! I mean yeah she just lost the love of her life, but cry it out for a couple of weeks and move on my friend!!!

  27. ANiTA says:

    Where did edward go?
    The book suggested that he had traveled to south america to track victoria but he wasn’t successful. (boring)

    but do you want to know where i think he actually went?
    well i think he went to Mexico to get the party going! since MExico is super fun and amazing! he probably went there because he loved the food, music, and mexican chicas! and then he met a wonderful girl called anita which he fell in love with but then realized he missed Bella, so he had to go back to Bella! darn bella! you took him away from me! hahaha! i wish that would of really happened. =D (now thats good)

    Bellas reaction:
    if i would of lost someone like edward i would be devasted also!
    BUT there’s enough fish in the sea! i would move on and wait from my next prince charming!

  28. jsper says:

    i think Edward was at the local forks bar tipping the glass.

  29. sara says:

    on stephanie meyer’s website she’s posted excerpts that she’s either written or cut out of the book(s) && in one she writes that edward is in the attic of some families house when he recieves the call from Rosalie about bella being dead.

  30. laura h says:

    hey you lovely two!

    first i LOVVVVVVVE the podcast! sort of addicted and when i say sort of i mean totally and completely.

    Anyways; what do i think edward was up to. if i’m honest when i first read new moon i didn’t even comprehend he was gone. i reacted like bella did and kinda of mentally blocked it out and had to re read the break up scene to understand why edward was suddenly missing from the rest of the book (true fact).

    as to where he went i’m pretty sure he would of stuuck with the rest of the cullens straight away and went to the Denali’s for a bit and then after mopping in a pit of despair for months like Bella did i think like he said at the end of new moon to bella he went everywhere; probably just trying to find something; anything to distract his thoughts the way he had described to Bella during the break-up. No such luck.

    I also think he would have ventured for big cities rather than small towns alone. If you think about it logically, Edward can hear everyone elses thoughts and that can be pretty loud. So where would you go where there is lots of noise to block out your own thoughts; where there are lots of people. ta da!

    as for Bella’s reaction, from an outsider point of view you’d be thinking ‘OMG Bella, a bit OTT’ but cause we know how dazzling Edward is we totally understand. What may be nearly as painful as the break-up scene is the next few chapters that are only the names of months; it’s as if her life is literally blank. Worse than pain is being numb

    Again love the whole TST team

  31. sara says:

    bella’s reaction:
    i think Bella handled it the best way she could. i would have put up more of a fight if i was her but that’s just me.

  32. iliana espinoza says:

    first of all i llloooovvee your guys podcast its great that you guys do this for us the fans. and as response to edward leavin bella i belive ethat we ran off to the darkest and farthest place from forks. i came in to conclusion that he would of done this because he wanted to forget bella and forget about their love so we wouldnt go back to bella and ruin his whole plan. maybe at first he would of gone with some of his friends but then he would of just gone off runing.

    to bellas reaction about edward feeling her i believe she actually took it like i would of. she had all the reasons why to react such way because not only didnt they always spend time together but she was in love with him. it might sound cliche but he was her love of her life. in a way one lived for the other and to her it was like taking half of her heart away. i would of probably stayed in home for more than 5 months trying to figure out why that happened. and i probably would of done such actions like she did when she wanted to hear his voice.

  33. sarah says:

    i think edward was in no particular place, i think he did as he said and was in south america and trying to track victoria, but i thnk he just roamed place to place trying to hold himself together and trying to prevent himself from going back to see bella. and i think jasper must have felt like it was all his fault which is sad, cause i love jasper!, and all the rest of the cullens most likely felt like they lost a sister/daughter, but they knew it was best for her.

    as for how bella reacted, i think its pretty reasonable, imagine if you lost your love, i highly dought someone would go move on, i mean she was “broken beyond repair” and i dont think that goes away in a snap. i would have definatly behaved the same. Its not easy to loose your first love, and i dont think you ever forget it.

  34. Amy says:

    Edward was poopin’….blood pellets.

  35. Lola says:

    I think Edward might have been at no place in particular i think he might have just been sulking around over his loss of Bella.

    I personally think that Bella might have over-reacted just a little bit, if my boyfriend broke up with me I would suck it up and move on with my life.

  36. Amy says:

    Edward bought John Scherer’s, CEO and founder of Video Professor, how to buy and sell on ebay disk.

  37. jessica says:

    If I remember correctly he went to hunt Victoria, and believed he was on her trail until South American. From there I believed he went to Brazil and hid an abandoned basement or well. He was more miserable than Bella ever was.

  38. jessica says:

    AMY needs to go away if she doesn’t have anything NICE TO SAY!! Kallie and Kassie (i gottcha back)

  39. tiff says:

    i read the books(all) he could not stand the smell of her blood i smelled really good

  40. Cynthia from California says:

    Stephanie has written about what Edward was up to while he was away from Bella. It can be found on her website under New Moon extras if you click on the link Rosalie’s News (http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/nm_extras_rosalie.pdf). Basically, he was depressed in an attic somewhere, where Spanish is spoken. He was contemplating going back to Forks. Rosalie calls Edward and gives him the news that Alice has gone back to Forks to be with Charlie, because she had seen Bella jump off a cliff and disappear. Edward calls Bella’s house pretending to be Carlisle and speaks with Jacob. Jacob tells him that Charlie was at the funeral. Then, from what I remember from the book, Edward decides to go to the Volturi.

  41. TwilightGirl says:

    I think that Edward went back to try to track down Victoria, just like he said… I just think that there’s more to the story than he said. Also, on Stephenie’s website it has a extra that says what Edward was doing while he was away… or at least the first 24 hours before then. He’s pretty darn depressed if you ask me! He hiding in a attic somewhere in South America for Pete’s sake! Even if I was depressed-and in South America- I’d be seeing all the cool things there! And from what I understand, the attic had termites AND spriders AND rats!!! about Bella’s reaction to him leaving, I think: HECK YEAH!! I don’t think she over did it or anything. He was her true love! I’d cry for months! I’ve only read the break up scene ONCE, and I’ve read New Moon 5 times. It makes me cry, and also it makes me want to not read. But I die if I can’t read… so I skip it. My friend thinks Bella over reactied to Edward leaving, but I disagree. Now, I got REALLY REALLY REALLY worried when Jacob and Bella ALMOST kissed. Thank you Stephenie for having Edward call in the nick of time, it saved me from yelling at my book for hours at a time!

  42. DeWayne Durrett says:

    Edward was on a mission to make the world safe for Bella. He did not want to hurt Bella any more than he already had. He was also attempting to see if he could live without Bella. He was fooling himself into thinking that he could survive without Bella. When he realized the error of his ways, he called and was told that Charlie was at the funeral. This set Edward off on a tangent that would end his life by aggravating the Volturi. Alice saw this vision and was talking Bella into traveling to Italy.

    Stephanie did an excellent job of building a lovers triangle that made up the crux of the next few books. As painful as the breakup was, it was necessary to show the character growth of Bella and Edward.

  43. Victoria Alice Cullen says:

    i think because Edward did still love Bella, he went and did try to hunt down Victoria to make Bella safe. He did anything to make Bella happy and safe. He didn’t go back to his family, because he was feeling so bad for himself.

  44. Julia C says:

    Hey Kassie, Kallie, love the podcast!

    So when Edward leaves Bella, I think that at first he went with his family to wherever they moved to. He spent a short amount of time with them, however, and left to sulk in silence. I think he may have gone to (London? It sounds like a rainy, miserable sort of place, not that London isn’t cool) and cooped himself up, not doing anything. We know that he later went on to track Victoria, and I think he began doing that when he needed to do SOMETHING involving Bella. We also know that later he ended up in Rio.

    As to Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving, I don’t have much real-life experience for that topic. I’ve never been broken up with, so I don’t know how I would react, but as to Bella losing her soul-mate, I think her reaction is plausible. I know some people criticize her for breaking down, but what else could she do, when her meaning for life just disappeared?

  45. edward lover #1 says:

    Umm I think that Edward was in Denali and in Africa,
    I think he was in Africa because Alice mentioned that in New Moon.
    I think Bellla reacted like a typical teenager would have.
    I would have never been able to live agian if i was her.

  46. Gina says:

    Hey gals, LOVE ur podcast! I look forward to it every week on my hour ride to work!
    Stephanie Meyer answered the first question for us if u check out her out-takes on New Moon on her site. He was pretty sad and pathetic. If u read what he was like, it really gives u more of an understanding of him. It will make u love him even more! Especially, when u put ur-self in place of Bella like Kassie does (me to! Kassie) I pretend he was just pine-ing away for me! LOL

    As far as Bella goes, I think her reaction made since. If she were in a so-called “normal” mortal relationship, it would have been a bit extreme, but because their love is beyond mortality and some what “magical” it made total since for both of them to just shut down! I can’t wait to see the scene in the movie, I hope when he takes off that they have Bella scream his name very dramatically and then fall to her knees and then curl up into a ball. It has to be very dramatic, that is how I saw it in my head!

    Oh and thanks for doing the discussion on hunger games. I loved it! My 13 yr old son who loves Twilight read it too and loved it! I think it is the only book that is almost comparable to Twilight series. Do u think the future books will start up a war between Team “Gale” and Team “Peeta”? I hope so, GO TEAM “PEETA! right Kassie!!!?? LOL
    UR podcast fan, Gina

  47. Rachel says:

    i think that Edward went to south america because he said that he tried to be a tracker but was very bad at it. healso said that he was tracking Victoria. also i loooove you podcast i think it is the very best twilight podcast IN THE WORLD!!!!

  48. Leigh Hann says:

    he was just running around the world because he couldn’t see his family and checked every few months

  49. Heather D says:

    Edward was off in Denali having lots of fun, wild distractions with Tanya!!!!!!!! (i’m kidding, of course)

    Bella and Edward has this all encompassing first love. Spending every second they could together. Imagine knowing you’ll be together forever….
    And then your beautiful, incredible, one of a kind boyfriend, who is so much more, just leaves. He says “see ya, i don’t want you, i don’t really love you anymore, i’m out, i’m gone.” He tells you that you wont ever see or hear from him again and then you watch him walk away…
    Your world is gone and all you have left is a body with a torn out heart and a mind full of him….
    So yeah, i’d say Bella’s reaction was very understandable….
    She wasn’t even left with that hope, that she’d see him at school tomorrow and he’d tell her he loves her and that he’s not leaving. He’s just gone and you feel like your life if over because that one thing thats most precious to you did the worst thing he could do.

  50. marissav says:

    Was anyone else bothered by this scene in chapter 24 of Vote?
    “Edward was IN MY FACE my face before I had time to blink, BENDING OVER ME, his expression twisted in RAGE. ‘Are you insane?’ he SHOUTED, ‘Have you utterly lost your mind?’ I CRINGED AWAY, my hands over my ears…Edward snarled in fury…Edward grabbed my face in his hand, FORCING me to look at him…it was hard to talk clearly the way Edward held my jaw.”

    He also breaks a flat screen tv in this scene. I’m team Edward, but it bothered me much more than Jacob shaking Bella at her wedding or anything else in the books. I know Edward would NEVER hurt Bella, but…

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