Where was Edward?

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This week we want YOU to tell us where you think Edward was!  In addition, we also want to know what you thought of Bella’s reaction to Edward (and the rest of the Cullens) bolting!  So here ya go…

Where the heck did Edward Cullen go after breaking up with Bella?  And, what do you think about Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving?

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  1. Bailey says:

    okay i just have to make this clear before i answer the questions i love the books and dont mean to insult anyone who thinks differently than my own opinion

    where was edward??? well personally i think he was just mopping around from place to place making his whole family miserable personally if i was a cullen i would have pulled an alice and twisted his head off. i (like all other girls) love me some edward but come on he brought this all upon himself he didnt really have to break up with her

    was bellas reaction reasonable??? yes and no maybe for the first month it would have been normal to be upset then over the next two months she should have probably slowly grabed onto the little rope i like to call reality… like charlie says she wasnt the only person to ever get left by the one she loves it happens all the time but life goes on yes he was dreamy and perfect but hey having an adorable werewolf pine over you isnt a bad resort!

    Love the podcast and these new moon disections FAVE BOOK EVER!

  2. Ivy Cullen says:

    if the Cullens were still living in the same house i think he curled up in a ball and cried as best he could without shedding a tear. and yeah

    Okay so this is my viewpoint on the movie:
    before i saw it, i was psyched that it was only seconds away, then i automatically started picking out what was wrong and i couldn’t even enjoy it. the second time i saw it, i just sat back and watched it. it made me really appreciate the book a LOT more because twilight was my least favorite, yes i now its hard to believe. because it was the book that started it all, and its when they learn about each other and all, but when i read it, it gave me and uncomfortable feeling, because i knew there was another book, and so i knew that something had to happen in order for her to make a second book, and the whole, her worrying about him all the time and wondering where he is at every moment…it just put the whole book on edge for me. but the movie being horrible to me that first time, made me realize, no one is going to get is as perfect as i have it in my head. and i value the way Bella/Stephenie described Edward, and how she starts to read his face better as the book progresses. Somehow, i just didn’t really feel chemistry between them on set at all, not even in the bedroom scene. the only time for me that i felt that she REALLY cared, was when it was in the greenhouse and she said you don’t even say hi to me and she sounded really upset. or when they ditch school for the woods so he can explain, she has seen him for what? like 2 scenes and all of a sudden they are madly in love. what really offended me was that he showed her him sparkling to scare her, and in the book it was because he cared about her. thats my thoughts on the subject. yes i enjoyed it and i have it on my ipod so i can enjoy it whenever. love the show.

  3. natalia says:

    It’s only obvious that Edward Cullen was with me on our honey-moon to get it on.
    And well, Bella was moping around like any other would, once their ‘true love” left.
    yeeeeah. =)

  4. desiree olmos says:

    Edward was with me of course
    he had alot on his mind and well
    of course i had to be there for him . hahaha jk

    but, i think that he was in Italy like he said he was
    he wanted to die and the volturi people were the only ones that were capable of doing so.

    i honestly dont understand Bella because first she says “okay if thats waht you want”
    practically telling him it was perfectly fine for him to leave.
    she was sad and it was parshally her fault

  5. TIFFANI says:

    I’m writing regarding Kassie’s friend Matthew not liking twilight.
    alot of my friends and coworkers(my boss who is in his 40’s read the books and loved them. he hasn’t seen the film though) who haven’t read the twilight books loved the movie.
    seeing the movie has made them get into reading the series.
    even thought twilight was a low budget film, it still was good.
    alot people wanted to take the project and butcher it.
    with the budget that it was no one could have done a better job than Catherine.
    so knows how to direct a movie and not make it look like a low budget film.
    also when Kassie said that when Matthew opened twilight and didn’t like Bella….
    i remembered Kristen Stewart saying that when she read the description in the back of the book it didn’t really describe Bella and who she was…. when she read the book she feel in love with her. Kristen thought that whoever put the description in the back of the book clearly didn’t read the book.
    i agree, the description in the back of the book makes it seem like a sappy teenage love story when it’s the complete opposite of that….and that take me back to Matthew.
    he really needs to give a try and stay in tuned with it.
    completely let go while reading….and i think he will come to love it.


  6. Cassidy says:

    anyone who has read Stephenie’s partial draft of midnight sun knows that edward was in alaska with kate, irina, and tanya. i guess he goes there because he knows that there are no other “vegitarian” vampire societies that would gladly welcome him in to reccolect his thoughts and make himself not kill a human girl that had driven him from his home. (Footnote for those of you who couln’t guess: Tanya has a major thing for edward!)

  7. Stephanie says:

    I think edward tried to kill himself but finally realized he shouldn`t and went to visit tanja to forget about bella and to try to get on with his life,but tanja couldn`t stand him being so emotional so she told him to go to carlisle but instead he went into hiding

    LOVE the podcast

  8. quietneed says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for asking this question. I don’t really CARE where Edward went (since he didn’t come running to ME). But this has been the most frustrating point of any of the series for me. What a gutless wonder Bella turned out to be!!!!! You don’t let Edward Cullen walk away without at least trying to make him see what a stupid mistake that would be.

    This is what I wanted to see happen:

    “Good-bye, Bella. Take care of yourself.” His lips against my forehead seared me like vampire venom and an unbearable agony clenched my soul. In seconds, he would be gone and I had to do something faster than he could leave. He was already beginning to move.

    “You’re not always the most dangerous thing out there.” I hurled the words like a weapon, the only one that I had that could pierce his granite skin. I opened my eyes and saw that it had worked, at least for the moment. He had been leaving and I was not surprised at how far away he was already. This had stopped him, though, and he stood rigid, unmoving almost lost in the trees. I wasn’t finished with him. “And I know how to find the things that are.”

    He flexed his hands. “What are you talking about?” He asked, turning back towards me as I marched deliberately toward him. I was sure-footed in my determination, where I normally would have stumbled on the loose rock. When I reached him, I saw that his face was no longer stoic, but angry.

    “Edward Cullen, you are a liar and a coward and if you think that merely by leaving you can erase yourself from my life, you are not as smart as you think you are.” I hoped my words bit him as surely as James had bitten me, but with more lasting results.

    He’d not expected this reaction and he stood immobile as I circled him. He would not look at me, his eyes downcast. “I know you’re hurt and angry, Bella, and I am truly sorry for that, but this is for the best…for both of us.”

    “Shut up, Edward. You’ve had your say. It’s my turn now.” I continued to stalk him, afraid that if I did not keep talking, he would be gone and my chance at saving our relationship would be gone forever. “I KNOW what you are doing: Exactly what you always do. This is your misguided attempt at nobility. You think you are saving me, saving your family and you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness to do so. You love me, Edward. I know it.”

    He looked at me then and his words slapped me. “I….don’t….love you…. anymore.”

    I starred at him, stunned, for just an instant. Then I stepped as close to him as I could without touching him. He could not avoid my eyes. “Liar.” I whispered. We stood there, starring into each others eyes for a moment, and then I stepped away and started circling him again. He was MY prey now and I would not be merciful. I had too much to lose.

    “You think you’ve got it all figured out. You’ve made your choice. Well, I’ve made mine, too. You’ve released your hold on me, so you have no say or concern about what I do now.”

    He wanted to protest, I could tell, but he was conflicted. If he did, he would completely blow his cover; prove that he was NOT indifferent to me, as he wanted me to believe. My mind raced to find a way to argue my point.

    “Let me tell you how you are wrong, Edward. To begin with, time does NOT heal all wounds…” I thrust my wrist under his eyes and the scar where James had bitten me gleamed white hot, as if it were fluorescent. “This is with me forever, a constant reminder that you exist.”

    “And you forget,” I went on, circling again, “I’ve spent enough time with you, Carlisle, Alice.” My voice broke when I said her name, but I continued. “I don’t know exactly where to find others of ‘your kind’, but I know where to look. I can Google it. And I know what to look for. Yes, I know that much intimately, better than any other human, I bet.”

    “I WILL find them, you know. Whether they are like your family or not, I will find them and they will change me…or they will kill me. Either way, I don’t care. There’s nothing left for me with you gone.”

    “You’re wrong.” He insisted, his voice tormented. I ached to put my arms around him, to comfort him, but I resisted. “You WILL move on. You WILL find a human who will love you….”

    I laughed bitterly. “You underestimate my love for you, Edward. It took you a hundred years to find me and you waited. Do you think my love so feeble that a hundred years will diminish it? I will die having loved only you, whether it is tomorrow, or twenty years, or a hundred years. You are taking my heart, Edward; I have nothing left to give to another.”

    I knew that I was weakening, that I would soon fall into misery and despair and I struggled to finish what I’d started. As I walked behind him, I bent down and scooped up a smooth, flat stone with a jagged edge. I jabbed the point into my arm just a little above the scar and tore a ugly, three inch gash into my tender flesh.

    Two things happened immediately: Blood sprang from the opened wound and began to trickle down my arm. And Edward whirled the instant he smelled the blood. I’d caught him off guard and his eyes were filled with savage lust. Boldly, I placed my arm on his shoulder, so that the blood smeared on his shirt. If he left, he would take this scent with him.

    “Tell me now that you don’t want me.” I demanded, as he fought for control. I gave him just a moment, my bleeding arm still close to his face, but he had stopped breathing now. Not fair, I thought. He reached up and tore the sleeve from his shirt, took my wrist in his hand and began to wrap it around my arm to stop the bleeding.

    “You can be such an idiot, Bella,” he swore “you need to get to the hospital and have this cleaned and….”

    “But I can’t,” I said, sarcastically, “my doctor is out of town.”

    As he neatly tied the ends of the sleeve together in a make-shift bandage, I stood on tip-toe so that he could feel my breath against his cheek as I whispered in his ear, “What does Alice see right now?” I was determined in my resolve. If he left, I would find other vampires. And Alice knew.

    It was as if the world stopped for an instant. There was no sound from the forest, no movement of the breeze. He was completely still and his eyes filled with shock, then with horror. I watched as he crumbled to his knees in anguish, his tortured cry echoing through my hollow heart.

    My strength spent, I fell to the ground with him, ready to beg if I must, no fight left in me. I took his face between my hands, the bandaged arm soaked with my blood and my tears began.

    “Oh, Edward, Edward,” I cried, kissing his face, feeling my tears against his cold skin. Slowly, he began to recover, softly, slowly kissing my eyes, my forehead, my cheeks, and finally, tenderly, my trembling lips. With his plan defeated, his kiss grew hungry, desperate with longing and relief. I felt the same flicker of passion bring to life the dream he had almost destroyed. He was more out-of-control than I’d ever known him and I did not care. I’d rather die in the arms of the man I loved than live forever without him.

    And yet, with that infuriating self-control that I knew so well, he suddenly stopped, although he did not pull away. Instead, he entwined his fingers in my hair forcing my face to stay close to his. His voice was husky as he said “Why can’t you let me protect you?”

    “Don’t you know?” I murmured, kissing the side of his mouth, “Love has no safety net.”


    Of course, Stephenie, in her wisdom, did not write this scenario, knowing that it would completely have ruined the Jacob angle.

    LOVE the podcast!!! You guys ROCK like vampire baseball.

  9. lisa says:

    i think edward was traveling from place to place; i don’t think he stayed in one place for a period of time. he said in new moon that he was tracking victoria and followed a false lead to brazil while she went back to forks. but i do think that the second he started running, leaving bella in the forest, he kept running until he got as far away from forks as he could; i don’t think he stopped for a long time 🙁 as for bella’s reaction, i think it was interesting. to me, the word mature (minus the “extreme sports”) would describe her reaction. even though she and jacob did a lot of stupid stuff together, she kept herself alive for charlie and rennee, and jacob as well. when alice cames back and saw that bella was alive, she asked bella what she was thinking jumping off the cliff. when bella reassured her that she wasn’t trying to commit suicide, bella said that she wouldn’t do that for charlie’s and rennee’s sake. once again, bella was extremely selfless and put her parents’ happiness before herself. i think bella is so strong throughout this whole book because she tries to keep herself together for charlie, even though she undergoes such a painful heartbreak.

  10. Erin says:

    In a way, I think Edward didn’t leave at all. I know it sounds weird but I think because Bella was so mopey and depressed like she was in a black hole, she didn’t attempt to go to Edward’s house and see if it was actually true he left. I don’t think I explained it really well but I tried my best lol =]

  11. jesse says:

    Well, in twilight, he says in the hospital “Where else, am I gonna go?” so- I think he went to alaska-To feed on the snow leopoard-in the first book, he says that they’re his fav. Snow lion, or whatever. And- I would be literally heartbroken- for a dude like him to just leave you-I would be sooooooooo miserable to the point of suicide-No piont of living where the dead in life has left you…

  12. Meggie says:

    Hey girls! Great show this week! It made me really happy because you and my other podcast Imprint put up edisodes on the same day so it was double joy!

    We know that Edward went to Alaska for a bit of time but I also have the answer to the biggest question….

    Were Edwards “distractions” human?

    Yes it was me! Edward was so upset that I consoled him and he stayed at my place in Vancouver! Plenty of cloud cover where I live and I got Edward back to health! Sadly he had to go back to Bella when she started getting suspicious but we still see each other now and then. Plus he turned me into a vamp. Haha Bella I didn’t even have to ask! So yeah by now I’ve made my own coven with look a likes of the Cullens! 😛

  13. Tara K. says:

    I think that Edward went somewhere far from Bella like California or something. He probably didn’t go anywhere cloudy or rainy because that would remind him of Bella even more. Further more, I highly doubt that he went to Italy because of Aro’s ability. if he went to Italy, Edward would have to always hear Aro’s thoughts -which would include Bella & Edward’s past- that Aro would’ve read from his mind (Edward’s).

    For Bella’s reaction to the Cullen’s leaving, I think it was a little resonable. Obviously, we don’t want everyone to go throw themselves off a cliff each time they broke up with someone (although many would if it was Edward), but in the world of Stephenie Meyer that would be the understandable reasonable reaction when you’ve spent that much of your time with people (Vampires) like that.

  14. Josie says:

    I think Edward spent time in Alaska with the rest of his family and the Denali clan, before travelling from place to place after Tanya starts to drive him crazy with her advances – like South America – finding as many distractions as possible, but it doesn’t work.

    As for Bella’s reaction, I think it was a little bit much. I know exactly what being a zombie is like, but maybe she would have caused herself less hurt if she had the balance between Edward and her friends. It seemed that Bella was alone after Edward left Forks, and that is because she neglected her friends, so I blame Bella a little bit for her reaction. If she had spent more time with Angela and Jessica, then she would have had support to help her get over Edward – the good old chick flick and ice cream and a good cry – and she would have been happier in the long term, and she could still have been friends with Jacob without starting to fall in love with him. I don’t know, maybe the chemistry would still be there.
    I still feel for Bella, because it’s not nice when the love of your life says he doesn’t want you anymore, but at the same time, I think Bella kinda had herself to blame for her reaction. I know I might be contradicting myself, but that’s what I think.

  15. Rhonda says:

    On page 515 Edward says that he was tracking Victoria. He “traced her as far as Texas, but then followed a false lead down to Brazil.” Based on this small bit of information, here is what I think happened:

    Victoria really did go to Texas; Edward was right about that. Who knows why she went there, but once there, she somehow met up with Maria, the vampire who turned Jasper and was involved in the Vampire Wars we learn about in “Eclipse.” Victoria learned about Maria’s strategy of using newborn vampire armies and took this knowledge back to Washington. Her direct approach to killing Bella didn’t work because of the wolf pack, so she took her new knowledge to Seattle and created all the newborns we see in “Eclipse.”

    While still in Texas, though, Victoria figured out that Edward was tracking her (since he wasn’t very good at it) and sent one of Maria’s minions down to Brazil to be the “false lead.” And just as Texas has a lot of significance in “Eclipse,” Brazil has a lot of significance in “Breaking Dawn”; the Amazon vampires live there, as well as Nahuel and his sisters and their vampire father, not to mention that Edward and Bella ended up taking their honeymoon on an island off the coast of Brazil. So, I don’t know if there is anything specific we can glean from Edward’s presence there in “New Moon,” or if it’s just a place we should remember for its later importance. Edward probably didn’t meet any of the South American vampires or half-vampires while he was there, since he doesn’t seem to know them when they meet in “Breaking Dawn,” but who knows? (And, FYI, they speak Portuguese in Brazil, not Spanish.)

    As for Bella’s reaction, it reminded me a lot of Catherine in “Wuthering Heights” (If you haven’t read it, you should!), which is alluded to in “Eclipse.” The first time I read “Wuthering Heights” it made me really angry because Catherine and Heathcliff are just so stupid, but when they’re separated and Catherine has to marry someone else, her reaction is as dramatic as Bella’s and even more violent. She pretty much forces herself into depression and sickness, which eventually kills her. While Bella maybe becomes a little bit insane over the course of “New Moon” (although, I like the way she explains it at the end), I think Catherine started out a little bit insane and just got more so as the story went on.

    So, those are my theories. I do love a good, juicy discussion!

  16. Kat says:

    I have two answers for part the first part; one realistic and one… not so realistic.

    My first answer:
    We all know from the end of New Moon that Edward was tracking Victoria in Texas and South America. But I read some of the outtakes on Stephenie’s site and got to read about how Edward was feeling (mostly emo emo emo) so I assume that once he lost track of Victoria he found a dark attic and stayed there for who knows how long, curled up into a fetal position just like he told Bella.

    My second answer:
    He embarked on a passionate affair with me!!!

    Hehe, sorry but I couldn’t resist!

    Now for part two:
    I believe that Edward was way out of line, but I can understand why he did it. Edward is all about being extreme – it’s who he is. “Edward’s big mistake is overreaction. It’s in his nature to be too extreme (see: New Moon). He’s a very all-or-nothing kind of person, and it makes him unreasonable.” (Eclipse FAQ, SM site). Either leave Bella and kill her emotionally or stay and, he thinks, kill her physically (though he did not count on Bella doing both). Of course, like almost every other reader ot there, I was livid. My first reaction, after sobbing uncontrollably, was promptly throwing the book across the room (and yes, it survived. I did not kill it and I was able to finish the story).

    Sorry for the length of my answer, but I just had to get it all out there. Love your podcast and keep up the good work!


  17. Anne says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie! I remember an extra Stephenie Meyer posted from Edward’s perspective in which Edward receives Rosalie’s phone call about Bella, and it says, “I wasn’t sure exactly where I was. Some dark attic crawl space, full of rats and spiders.” It seems like after he stopped hunting Victoria, he stayed in South America and just… existed. He just crammed himself somewhere he wouldn’t be seen and let himself drown in sadness and thoughts of Bella. I think this extra is good to read, because it lets you get a glimpse of how his absence affected not only Bella, but him, too.

  18. Kat says:

    Hi again!

    Hehe, I just scrolled up and saw the question again and realized that I misread the second part (I answered what my reaction was, not Bella’s). Here’s my modified answer:

    Bella reacted as expected. In my mind, I was thinking “Bella, how could you do that? How could you just let Edward leave?” and later “Stop being so dramatic. Get up!” But after reading New Moon for a second time, I realized that if I were in Bella’s shoes, I would have done the same thing. If I were her, self concious and desperately in love, I would have understood why Edward would leave. About a month ago I broke up with my boyfriend of four years, ironically enough, three days after my birthday. I wasn’t eating or communicating with anyone, so my sister brought me to a psychiatrist. My catatonic state of mind went away, but very gradually. I found solace in New Moon (and a lot of Linkin Park) because I could relate to Bella. But even though I understand her reaction, she should have at least tried to be normal a bit sooner. I thought of my boyfriend as my own soulmate, but eventually I was able to move on much sooner than she did.

    Once again, sorry for writing so much and love the podcast!


  19. Sarah says:

    I like to think, given the clues Stephanie puts in Eclipse and also in Breaking Dawn that Edward goes with the intent of “hunting down” Victoria to keep Bella’s future “safe.” Victoria fled “south” at least as far as Texas, because she learns of the past “Coven Wars.” Edward, being a hero, but non-intuitive tracker goes to South America. Where I believe he holes up in Quibdo, Columbia, rainiest spot in the world and to quote our favorite vamp, “You can Google it…” to pine away for Bella for a time before he sets off back to Forks, remember he tells Jacob in the tent, “I was already coming back (to be near her)…”

    Oh, and a great “lady” term for someone who is neither friend, or old, etc. is GAL. As in, “there’s a gal I know from work…”

  20. Kera says:

    i think that coz edward felt that he had to leave bella for her safety he did the only thing he could do to stay connected 2 her wile also being far away from her he hunted victoria but in the end he found out it wasnt enough he needded to b with her bcoz he was breaking his own heart as much as he was breakin bellas its also mentioned that he had a short visit in denali with tanya nd her sisters then went to africa.

    i think that if i were in love with sum1 in the same way and to the extent that bella is i would react in the same way edward was her reason for living then he left she didnt see wat was good about life nymore so she sort of abondoned it as well she retreated into herself and the memories of them 2getha

  21. He went to Italy and then later when Alice saw in vision Bella jumpn off the cliff they think shes dead so he goes to the volturi and assk them to kill him they rufuse bc0z he can read minds but he planz to step in the sun infront of humans to see him sparkle so they will kill him. MUST READ THE BOOKZ THEA AWESOME!!!!!!!!1

  22. Kourtney says:

    Edward probably went around the world looking for some peace. Since the Cullens pretty much have the money to with what they want. So he probably went soul searching on top of the whole Tracking Victoria deal. His journey eventually lead him to the Volturi which seemed like the only and Final Solution. Edward’s plan worked better than he thought so there was no way he could live in a world that Bella wasn’t a part of. Love the Show guys KIU ( Keep it up )

  23. Meghan says:

    I’m pretty sure that after he broke up with Bella he ran and ran until he could’t anymore. I remember reading that he told her how absolutely devastated he was after it happened and that he ‘curled up and let the misery have him” or something like that. After he broke down, he went home and he and the rest of his family left Forks. I believe that he went immediatly to track Victoria, obviously needing something to distract himself. He traveled to Texas and then he ends up in South America of all places. I believe thats where we find him, simply existing in misery when he gets the call from Rosalie. It’s been a while since I read New Moon. It’s the only one I’ve read only once. Its just so hard to read. I need my EDWARD!!!!

    As for what I think of Bella’s reaction to the break up…..Stephenie completely described all the pain and complete devastation that can come with a break up. Edward was the love of her existance and she basically lead herself to believe he never loved her. He simply agreed to what she thought. I agree with what you said Kallie during the last podcast, she heard what she wanted to hear with the whole “You don’t want me” thing. She should have fought harder for him. He expected her to. He thought he was going to have to talk to her for hours just to place one shred of doubt in her mind. If if were Bella I would have latched myself onto him and tried with all my might to keep him there. Screaming crying putting up some kind of a fight. Obviously he’s way stronger than she is but she just let him go. It was so painful to read about her wandering in the woods alone, and her comatose period. I don’t think I would have reacted any differently. As heartbreaking as it was, it was absolutely beautifully written.

    Just need to add…..I LOVE YOUR PODCASTS. I’ve been listening to them since you first started but haven’t commented on any of the question of the weeks in a while. Kassie you’re hysterical and you’re both so insightful. Kallie, you’ve totally changed some of my thinking when it comes to the series. I was a die hard Jacob hater until the 4th book and I love what you said a few podcasts ago. I totally hate Jacob because of who Bella was when she was around him. And now its her I really don’t like. lol wow this is completely drawn out and way to long but yeah Keep up the great work guys!!!!

  24. Jade 5233 says:

    It states in NM that after he left Bella, he went off to hunt off Victoria.
    I don’t think that he followed his family up to Denali. 2 reasons for that. One is that he just wanted to be alone. He needed something serious to do to try to distract his mind from Bella. Being amongst 3 couples and also Tanya who would be pursuing him would NOT be the best way to try to forget all the hopes and dreams that he had allowed himself and now was trying to extinguish. The second reason is that to get Victoria’s scent he would likely have to start close to Forks. And I can’t imagine that he would be able to go to Denali and then return to Forks without it being a big temptation to see Bella again. He wouldn’t allow himself to have that chance of slipping back into her life. So he would leave from that point in the forest by her house and begin his hunt immediately (after taking away her photos and the CD he made her. I HATE that he left her with NOTHING of him 🙁 ).
    In leaving her this way, he would still be able to feel a part of her–that he was helping her–both by leaving her to the natural course of her life (as he saw it) and by removing Victoria who was the remaining threat that his intrusion into her life had caused. It would give him focus. Not that he wouldn’t miss Bella or that his thoughts wouldn’t be full of her. I’m sure she never was out of his mind and heart. But in this way he was able to funnel them into a constructive route.
    So he tracked her away from Forks, down to Texas and from there followed that false lead to Brazil.
    At some point he realized his error. And his concentration was broken. His self-confidence was shaken in his failure. And he couldn’t return to Forks to try to pick up the scent and start again. It was too dangerous. He might slip. He might see her. Even just her scent would draw him back. He had PROMISED her and he had promised himself that he was going to erase himself and his bad influence from her life. He couldn’t fail in that as well.
    He was already in South America. He was thousands of miles from her. If he could only stay away. He tried to go about life, but was too overwhelmed by haunting memories and the hunger to feel her warm soft skin, to hear her voice, to inhale her scent. Each sense burned an agony of his parting from her. Eventually he was paralyzed by them. All he could do was be holed up in a dank attic of some hovel in the ghettos of South America holding on to each day, each hour, each moment and each second to keep himself in check. Repeating to himself over and over that he had promised. That it was for the best. That she was better off without him in her life. That she would find someone else. Then the tidal waves of grief and loss would wash over him again. And again.

  25. Amy says:

    Edward was destroyed by Count Orlok. Murnau was proud.

  26. Amy says:

    Edward was wearing ten comfortable snuggies….AT THE SAME TIME. They were so warm his skin felt so nice and toasty.

  27. Amy says:

    Edward and Cillian Murphy left Earth on Icarus II to save our dying sun.

  28. Amy says:

    Edward was infected along with other unfortunate Londoners; He received the RAGE. Danny Boyle than saluted us, the audience.

  29. Amy says:

    Edward was trampled by Daniel Craig riding a white horse.

  30. Amy says:

    Edward was waltzing with Bashir.

  31. Amy says:

    Edward was courting Meryl Streep.

  32. Amy says:

    Edward was following the yellow-bricked road.

  33. Amy says:

    Edward started his own Facebook. His status is: “I have no personality. I am just a pretty-face, a fantasy boy-toy.”

  34. Amy says:

    Edward was a guest-star in The Cosby Show…in the 80s. Yes, that’s right, he went back in time.

  35. Amy says:

    Edward was watching “Land Before Time.” He cried when Littlefoot’s mother died.

  36. Amy says:

    Edward shed a bloody hardcore-tear for Cillian Murphy’s amazing looks.

  37. Amy says:

    Edward received a curve stomp from the Joker.

  38. Amy says:

    Edward was hiding from Christian Bale’s RAGE.

  39. Amy says:

    Edward burst into flames with one awesome glare from Robert Downey Jr.

  40. Amy says:

    Edward realized that Edward Morgan Blake is the better Edward. He’s jealous of his costume.

  41. Amy says:

    Edward was dancing with Hugh Jackman.

  42. Amy says:

    Edward was acting as the Sorcerer’s apprentice. He failed, and is now terrified of housecleaning materials.

  43. Amy says:

    Edward was put to shame by The Count. Edward can’t count past a’ jillion.

  44. Amy says:

    Edward was shopping, enjoying himself in the grocery store. He ventured throughout its aisles with a tremendous grin, delighted with the assortment of candy, fruit, cereals and liquor. To complete his mood, “AM180” was playing in the background. Cillian Murphy watched on with a raised eyebrow, drinking his Pepsi.

  45. Amy says:

    Edward met the Robinsons.

  46. Amy says:

    Edward was animated by Don Bluth, voice then played by Dome Deluise.

  47. Amy says:

    Edward was in search of the Holy Grail. He failed.

  48. Sabrina says:

    I know exactly where Edward was …….with me!!! Lol, no just in my dreams, I imagine that Edward was somewhere dark and depressing. I picture Edward being really moody, emo, and frustrated. I understood Bella’s reaction, all I had to do was think about my husband leaving, it would be devistating. Having said that it was hard for me to read this book because Bella was so annoying, thank god she jumped off that cliff, and got him back.

  49. Princess says:

    in midnight sun, it tells you everything about where he was during twilight, so based on that, i think he went back to tanya.

  50. Kirsten from England says:

    I think Edward went to Alaska because he has friends their & he tends to go their quite often!
    btw I LOVE your podcasts sooo much!

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