It’s Not Just Your Favorite Book…

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…It is EVERYONE’S favorite book!  Twilight wins for favorite book on this year’s Kid’s Choice Awards!  Taylor Lautner accepted the award tonight, and avoided the traditional sliming!  We will have pictures and video up as soon as we get it!

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46 Comments to “It’s Not Just Your Favorite Book…”

  1. Sarah L says:

    WOOO yes!!!

  2. Nikki says:

    soooo cool!!

  3. Amber says:

    Harry Potter should have won!That series is 10x as good as Twilight!Twilight’s good,but HP is always TOP!

  4. Bernie says:

    ok, no ‘Amber’. Twilight will always be better, just it’s not AS popular, cuz it mostly about romance and Harry Potter is about action. And Harry Potter has been around longer. The first book came out in 1993, didn’t it?
    i voted on Twilight as the book of the year twice a day since Monday!
    i’m happy it won. 🙂

  5. Latina M says:


  6. 20twilight09 says:

    omg i just saw that it won and was like ahhhhhh
    then i saw taylor and started screaming all over again lol

  7. Latina M says:

    amber, HARRY POTTER is GAY!!! Hes a wizard! wizards are geekish!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA

  8. Ash Pash says:

    haha YAY I saw that it was funny and made me very happy I knew it would win!!!!! And Taylor haha that was classy

  9. Morgan says:


    thank god for youtube lol

  10. Team alice says:

    I have to agree with bernie and latina m twilight is way better than harry potter cause i picked up a harry potter book and i got really bored and stopped reading it

  11. Latina M says:

    Thank you Team alice. BTW ashley greene plays a great alice

  12. ... says:

    why do ppl always have to included harry potter into this?
    both a very different books with different genres..
    some like both the books or just one…who cares?

  13. Latina M says:

    TO …. (comment12) do u like hp or twilight?

  14. Sylv says:

    @Bernie: You’re about 4 yrs off: The first HP book was released in 1997.

    I personally like both Twilight and HP for different reasons. Neither one will be “better” than the other because they are in two totally different genres (like … said). However, if you were to judge by overall book sales, HP beats Twilight by a LOOOONG shot. (375 mil to 3.5 mil [not counting Breaking Dawn])

    But anyways, congrats to Twilight for winning the award!

  15. Sylv says:

    EDIT: Pardon me, I seemed to have grabbed the wrong numbers. HP has sold over 400 mil books worldwide, while Twilight has sold over 17 mil.

  16. Sia says:

    Harry potter is better written but IT’S NOT EVERYONE’S FAVORITE BOOK ! I have read Harry Potter and loved it but for me THE TWILIGHT BOOKS WERE WAY BETTER AND ALOT OF FUN !!!
    So Amber spare me the BS !!!


  17. Sia says:

    WHAT HELL THIS IS A TWILIGHT SITE GO TO YOUR SITE PLEASE THAT’S WHY I can’t stand the potter sites is because of their STUCK UP FANS !!!

  18. annab says:

    se veia venir, no habia competencia!

  19. kams says:

    dang man.. im glad twilgiht won but.. i wish harry potter won..

  20. Melissa(melissaturkey) says:

    Ok so whoever said they were too completely different genres and people should stop comparing the two, you rock.
    personally I like them both and there are alot of people who do so why everyone else should fight about it is crazy. the main thing is that we all read really good serieses right? thats all that should matter.
    what I hate is when people bring up the debate everytime they are compaired, the only reason they are compaired so much in the first place is because of the large passionate fanbases, and I wouldnt go so far as to say that Harry Potter fans are the only “stuck up fans” arent there are a few out there that dis harry potter in the name of twilight and insist it is the best? what does that make us?
    Alot of people really love both serieses and have oodles of respect for the characters and authors themselves, so why cant we all just respect eachother?

    as in all things I’m guess Im stepping on the line and becoming nuetral.

    😀 melissaturkey (aka switzerland)

  21. yes! i knew twilight was gonna win! i screamed out loud when they said twilight series! but why did TAYLOR LAUNTNER have to get the award just because STEPHENIE couldn’t be there! he even had to look at the sign he was like ” the umm…oh ya twilight series….” come on! why couldnt RPATZZ get the award? or KRISTEN STEWART!

  22. lilyasia Cullen says:

    We win, I have to say thank 4 everyone that voted and 2 all the other series and their author
    We won
    OMG I shouted out loud and jumped around and I have to admit I kiss the screen when Talyor come to the

  23. Dana:) says:

    I’m glad whatever happened. I hate how Hp and Twilight have to be mortal enemies. I could care less who likes what one STOP COMPARING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jessica says:

    Alright melissaturkey!! You tell them! I really hate the comparisons between the two series too!! I mean, they are completely different in pretty much every way!!
    Anyways, I’m soooo glad that Twilight won!! I love it!! Though, in my opinion, Harry Potter probably should have won. But congrats Stephenie!

  25. Melissa(melissaturkey) says:

    thanks Jessica!
    And in my hurry to state my point I forgot to mention that I am glad the Twilight Series won, its great!
    😀 melissaturkey

  26. Leanne says:

    I just have to say that both HP and Twilight are awesome books. Honestly, you can’t compare them because they’re so different. However, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. OH! and Twilight is really more geared towards girls, so that’s probably why there are more copies of HP sold than Twilight. (Plus the small insignificant fact that HP has 7 books and Twilight only has 4…)

    Anyways I’m so glad twilight won!!!

  27. Skye says:

    I voted for Harry Potter.

  28. hannah says:

    omg i knew twilight would win! and i couldnt even get all the way through harry potter when i read it

  29. Shteff says:

    XD My friend is killing me as I type this!
    She’s like, a number one harry potter fan 😀 so its me vs her, and due forth the scratches she’s inflicting are proof of her anger LMFAO!
    but heck, no sliming? poo!

  30. Alecia says:

    I screamed when it won!!!!

  31. Briony says:

    I would say Harry Potter COULDN’T win because it’s best series, right? If it was , say, ‘Best First Book’ I think Harry would win, but the lastfew books (Order of the Phoenix onwards) got kind of repetitive, long-winded and dull, whereas in my opinion each Twilight book was better than its predecessor.

    Plus, Harry Potter has no Jasper, Jacob or Emmet. So really, how could it win?

  32. Amber says:

    ‘Sia’,did I mention how much Harry Potter sold?NO!The only reason Twilight won was because of the new movie!Harry Potter won last year,and Order of the Phoenix and the books after,are not boring,Briony!Harry Potter is top,and will always be!Which do you think will be a classic?Harry Potter or Twilight?I mean come on!Is it not obvious?!Everyone has their one opinion,and mine is this:
    Harry Potter-10 Stars**********
    Twilight-7 1/2 Stars*******

  33. Barbie says:

    EHMAGAWD! that was the only reason i watched the kids choise awards.
    I screamed so loud! and i saw Taylor [[he is ssssoooo! HAWT!]] was receving the award! and i started screaming again!
    then i called my friend to rub it in her face!!!
    CONGRATZ Stephenie!!!

  34. Barbie says:

    btw amber…
    i think twilight will be a classic.
    recap the last clasics
    pride and prejudice, romeo and juliet les misarebles ect ect
    doesnt twilight just fit the criteria to be the next classic???
    but that is my opinion.

  35. ashleycullen says:

    oh yea! i SOO knew Twilight would win! GO TWILIGHT!!!!!

  36. Jasmine says:


    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  37. Rachel says:

    I <3 Taylor

    FANS! we need to come up with a cool name for Taylor Lautner like Robert Pattinson being R-Patz

  38. Melissa(melissaturkey) says:

    On the subject of classics my first thought was that twilight could not reach the classic status of Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story and things like that (or at least not the same section of classic literature) as it has vampires in it but then I thought of Dracula. There is a twisted romance in that, with Mina and all that craziness. It occurs to be that one day my grandchildren and great grandchilden could be walking down the isles of a barnes and noble or a borders store and see all these stories in one section, a catagory all of there own Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Dracula, Twilght and Harry Potter all in one isle for easy access to “classical” literature. Its funny how that might turn out and then next they would be compairing Romeo and Juliet to Dracula and Mina (which is quite an interesting compairison dont you think?) who are on the surface as different as Harry Potter and Twilight.

    it actually gives you alot to think about…

    😀 melissaturkey

  39. Amber says:

    PLEASE ‘melissaturkey’Dracula is a classic,yes.But why?The author.Bram Stoker was a brilliant writer,and will always be remembered as that.But Stephenie Meyer,she won’t be a classic writer!J.K. Rowling will be in history as one of the finest writers.Oh please,Twilight and Harry Potter in the same isle?’My grandchildren and great grandchildren could be walking down the isles of a Barnes and Noble or a Borders store and see all these stories in one section.’Spare me!What are you now,a psychic?Twilight won’t be a classic,the movies will not be a classic,so SORRY to crush your little dream!And don’t you know how to use capitols?Well,I guess this just proves that I am more intelligent!

    It actually gives you alot to think about……

  40. Victoria says:

    Sia,I don’t think that it was right to be so rude!Yes,some people like Twilight more than Harry Potter,but I really think that HP should have won!And Melissa,the two series are not in different genres,they are both in ‘Fantasy’!And I do think that Amber is right though…….

  41. Brandi says:

    Lets all not be rude, but if you want to put down Twilight do it at a HP site NOT ours! This is exciteing i didn’t know Twilight was nom. Cool, can’t wait to see a vid of Taylor! :]

  42. Cassidy says:

    YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran around the house so many times!!!! Twilight deserves this award!!!!

  43. Amber says:

    Brandi,you say not to be rude,but yet,you are!What is your definition of ‘rude’?Not nice to tell someone to go to a HP site and put down Twilight.Harry Potter is best,not Twilight.Cassidy,Twilight did not deserve the award!Everybody needs to think better!

  44. Melissa(melissaturkey) says:


    I said Dracula was a classic didnt I? Yes, I was putting it in the same context as the classics. I never said that Bram Stoker wasnt a brilliant writer and I never said that JK Rowling was anything less than AMAZING either. I love JK Rowling I love Harry Potter. I never said that Twilght was better. I like them the same, not because either is better written, I know Harry Potter is better written, but because people enjoy twilght too.

    I never said Stephenie was better than them I just said that Twilight deserves its place in the classics too. Why? Because people like it. People love these characters, people love the story-even if it isnt as big or as great as the Harry Potter book/movie franchise but people talk about. Alot of people love it and isnt that the reason the “classics” are the “classics” because they are loved and talked about even now long after they were written? Isnt that the point? Dont you think that this generation of twilighters will pass on their love of the twilight series to their daughters, as really good books to read? No they’re not the best written books out there, yes they are a little corny and silly and cause alot of insane uproar in the fandom but PEOPLE LIKE THEM, you have to accept it and not insult everyone who thinks differently than you.

    And I was not trying to be psychic when I made that comment about years down the line, nor was I saying that they arent already in the same isle because they are. I was merely saying that someday I believe they’ll both be classics because they are both popular and people do dearly love them as much as pervious generations have loved the classics that have came before.

    I know that they are both fantasy, but my point was that they could almost be in different genres because Twilght is more a romance than anything, the main theme to the story is Bella and Edwards love even if other things get in the way of that whereas in Harry Potter its primarily about a young wizard fighting against dark forces in the wizarding world. It is different and whether people like one or the other better has to do with what genre they prefer fantasy/romance or fantasy/adventure.

    Correct me if I’m wrong because I dont really keep up with all these awards too well but hasnt Harry Potter won this award before or at least many similar awards? Why should they deserve to have it again? Cant Twilght have one award in your mind? Does everyone else really have to “think better” can you let everyone have there own opinion and not barrel down there throats?

    And finally did you have to insult my intelligence? I never insulted yours, nor did I even comment on anything you had to say before this or have any negative comment toward you. You didnt have a right to insult my intelligence because I didnt do anything to you. I stated my opinion. You dont have to agree with it but you dont have to insult me. I do know how to use capital letters thank you but this was a comment on an internet page, not an english assignment or a story, there is no reason to use all the correct grammer and punctuation. It’s just a comment and was it really necessary to through my words back into my face like that “It actually gives you alot to think about……” I didnt mean anything mean spirited when I wrote it, just that I was contemplating the matter and that it is actually an interesting topic thinking about all the books from this generation that could make it into the “classics.” You didnt have to use it the way you did.

    I’m sorry that there are people here that disagree with you and yeah there are people that disagree with me but Im not going to insult them or tell them that they need to change their minds.

    sorry if I offended you in any way but I had to defend myself. you dont have to reply to this and you dont have to take any of the things I said into consideration, I dont mean to change any of your opinions. I just wanted you to understand where I was coming from.

    sincerely melissaturkey

  45. Amber says:

    melissaturkey,Harry Potter has won SEVERAL awards,and yes,the series did deserve to win again!Like I was insulting your intelligence!All I was IMPLYING is that I know how to use capitols.Did I tell you to change your mind?NO!And I used “It actually gives you alot to think about…….” because I got from your comment that you were telling me to think,so I used that in mine to tell you the same.Do I insult everyone who disagrees with me?Hmmmm,let me think?NOOO!And just because people like Twilight does not mean that it deserves to be in the classics!Harry Potter has sold over 10x what Twilight has.Look it up.Did I say Dracula wasn’t a classic,no.I said that it is a classic because of the author.And also to add the year it was published,and still printed now?!THAT’S a classic!Did I ever really say that everyone can’t have an opinion?No,I said that Harry Potter is better than Twilight!One opinion!Among many. I gave one comment,and now everyone has to gang up on me.Sounds like to me you are trying to change my opinion!And do you not pay attention to the good response I gave Twilight?I said that Twilight,in my own words,is 7 1/2 stars.I could have been mean and said that it is 0 stars!I have read Twilight,and liked it,but nothing compares to Harry Potter!In my opinion this is what I think:
    Harry Potter=Fantastic
    And to everyone here,I never said I had anything against Twilight,I just wanted to say what I thought.To know my first opinion,look at #3.I did not want to say that I hated Twilight,just that I feel that Harry Potter will be the best in my eyes.If I hated Twilight,why would I be on a Twilight fan site?

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