Jacob & Bella’s Blossoming Friendship

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Next week we will be discussing Kassie’s favorite topic (sarcasm noted) Jacob andd Bella!Β  I have a feeling we will be chasing little bunnies named Taylor, but I will try my hardest to keep Kassie on the topic at hand!

So let us know…

What ‘friend’ quality do you MOST like about Jacob? And, do you think Bella was leading him on all along?

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164 Comments to “Jacob & Bella’s Blossoming Friendship”

  1. Gabby Cullen says:

    Jacob.. Hmm. I really have to be rtuthful and just say that at first I didn’t like him. I always thought he got in the way of Bella and Edward’s relationship, but then I really thought about it while reading the book series. The one friend quality about Jacob that I LOVE is how he is just himself. Sure, that sounds cheesy, but here is what I mean. The one thing that HE wants more than anything is what he thinks is best for Bella, and the thing is, is that he hadn’t seen her ever since their childhood. It’s really nice of him to want Bella to be happy when they hadn’t even seen eachother in so long. Jacob Black is a straight up good guy. A good person. He dosn’t show off for Bella alot, and he didn’t MAKE Bella fall in love with him. She did because he healed the wounds Edward left her when he was gone for months.

  2. Hi Kallie and Kassie! Love the podcast!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚
    Hmmmm……… Bella and Jacob………………………
    I’m not really a fan of Jacob, (I actually REALLY don’t like him, ’cause he is SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!!!) but his best friend quality would be that he listens to Bella, and understands her. I think that Bella was leading him on, but I also think that he deserved it because he is kind of a jerk.(Sorry Jacob Fans!) I also think that he should just accept that they can only be friends, because obviously no one could replace Edward in Bella’s life. I don’t like how he tries to confuse Bella into liking himself, instead of Edward. I think that Bella should cut Jacob some slack though,’cause, I MEAN, SHEESH! He patched Bella up and all she did was hurt him……….. BAD!!!!!
    (Well, he kinda hurt her back, but she hurt him more I think)

    On a side note, (By the way this has nothing to do with New Moon) I thought that Jacob imprinting on Renesmee was Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo Sorry to all of the Jacob Fans out there, but IT….WAS……creepy!!!!! : – ]

  3. Mellie says:

    Well…. I love Jacob for his honesty and his loyalty, he tells it like it is and is willing to risk his life to save his friends. I think that Bella really hurt Jacob when she chose Edward, whether Jacob thought that she was leading him on, i don’t know, but from the outside it looked like she was. In Twilight Bella admitted that she thought she was using Jacob when she asked him for the Quiluete history (Page 110), that is just one example of when Bella talks about leading Jacob on. Anyways, I think Bella mean’t well by befriending Jacob but she still hurt him really bad.

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lola says:

    the ‘friend’ quality I most like about Jacob is that he is probably the sweetest guy ever. Okay, when he’s not being a jerk he’s the sweetest guy ever. To me that is a great quality in a person. Jacob is my favorite character in the series because he is the most real character. You will probably never find an Edward out there and Bella is just annoying so, Jacob it is! lol!

    I do think Bella was leading Jacob on/ I also though she was really insensitive at the end of New Moon when she went off to save Edward. Imagine how Jacob felt when she drove down the road; him not knowing that she would even come back alive. It must have killed him. I really do think Bella was leading Jacob in the whole time. She was treating their relationship like more than it was and she lead Jacob to believe there could be more between them other than just friendship. She used him as a pain-reliever and he was thinking other wise.

    So those are my thoughts on Jacob. Love the podcast!

  5. Angie Campbell says:

    This was a hard question for me because I’m not a huge Jacob fan. Mostly I found him annoying in the first three books. The one characteristic I liked about him, especially in Breaking Dawn, was his sense of humor such as when he referred to Carlisle as Dr. Fang and then those hilarious chapter titles of Book Two, i.e. “Life sucks, and then you die. Yeah, I should be so lucky.” I also don’t agree that Bella purposefully led him on, but it would be hard to argue that she didn’t lead him on because , well, she did. She was so starved for his friendship that she kept overlooking the fact he was hot for her. She probably should have put her foot down more often with him, but considering her circumstances, I can’t blame her for doing whatever she could to keep him as a friend.

  6. Susie says:

    I really like Jacob as a charactor in the books, I was not fond of him as a love intersest in the Triangle that is Bellcobward though. I just thought he was so young and immature in his advances with Bella. Like his trick for her to kiss him in Eclipse. I do think that Bella led him on somewhat, but I dont think it was intentional to hurt him. I think she just so desperatly wanted him to be a part of her life, just not romantically, but Jacob wouldn’t take no for an answer. Of course we all know the reasons, once we finished BD.
    I do like their friendship in New Moon, I think he was good for her in some ways. And I like their relationship in BD after Bella turns Vamp because they are like this weird twisted family, but it works somehow.

    Thats all I got for now. ok, luv ya, buy bye!

  7. Alani says:

    I definitely like his warmness (as Bella states, he is her ‘sun’), but I also like the fact that he’s very loyal to Bella, and that he never gives up (wanting Bella even though he knows that Edward is her man). He’s very funny, and it will be very cool to be friends with him because he’s a very cool and fun guy.

  8. DeWayne Durrett says:

    The only redeeming quality that Jacob had, was that he was there for Bella when she needed him. He was rather abrupt and harsh with her at times, and that made me want to drop kick him off of the nearest cliff. I do not think that Bella was leading Jacob on. She told him in many instances that she saw him as more of a brother than anything else. It was not Bella’s fault that Jacob started to develop strong feelings for her.

  9. gabby says:

    well, I like Jacob because he’s more loyal, fun, laid back and happy compared to Edward who always just sulks around being too serious and wayy too over protective of Bella.
    I dont really like Bella at all because she’s too dramatic and unhappy all the time, so im gonna say that yes she did lead him on, but Im sooo glad Bella and Jacob didnt end up together because he deserves someone so much more lively than her!

    bye alll

  10. alexis says:

    i like jacob but i hate his persistence with bella… i think his best friend quality is that he was there for bella when she needed him. i also think bella was leading him on but not really knowing it…

  11. zoe says:

    i love his determination, Bella tells him she’s not interested but he keeps going back to her and trying to convince her that he is much better for her than Edward.
    Bella knows shes always going to love Edward more but still uses Jacob for the things that Edward cannot do like keeping her warm for instance she’ll go to Jacob to get warm hugs and be with her personal sun but she is quite oblivious to how much she is leading him on

  12. princess katie says:

    Before I begin, I want to clarify that I think Bella and Edward are perfect for eachother.
    However, for ME, Jacob is closer to perfection =]

    Reasons why I love Jacob more than Edward
    1. He’s almost always happy. I like being around people who are in a good mood because smiles are contagious! I don’t care what you say about how white Taylor’s teeth are, I love his smile LOL! His relationships are more based on laughter and fun instead of serious, life-altering decisions. Also, he’s always really hopeful. Like when Bella seemed like a lost cause, he had faith that he could make her happy again.(Edward is a little pessimistic)
    2. He’s confident. Obviously, this confidence is annoying and a little pushy at times, but overall its a good quality. Real men shouldn’t be constantly self-concious and doubting themselves. (cough*Edward*cough)
    3. He’s realistic. I know we all like to pretend that we’re going to meet a sexy vampire someday, but really? Jacob has a beating heart, and he’s a lot easier to relate to. At first I didn’t really like Jacob, but then I realized I knew a guy like Jacob in real life, and ever since I’ve been Team SwitzerJake [somewhere between Switzerland and Jacob]
    4. He’s like the sun. I love warmth and sunshine. Cuddling up against cold marble never really appealed to me lol.

    Bella was leading him on, but I don’t blame her. She was crushed and needed a friend, and Jacob knew what he was getting himself into. It was Bella who didn’t understand how deep of a hole she was digging for HERSELF.

    p.s. Please don’t hate me Kallie! =]

  13. princess katie says:

    **oops! I meant Kassie

  14. Jorja says:

    Hey Guys, love the podcast and all that, lol.

    But, I’m very muchly Anti-Jacob, I just find him very annoying, and Bella spends WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY to much time with him, I dont think I really have a favorite trait of Jacobs, I mean hes anoying, imature, stupid, stealing girlfriendish (is that a word?) Though I would (very rarely) assosiate him with some of my friends from my Home country of England (I live in the states now) they are my sunshine, and I can always call them up on the phone, even though theres a time difference, they dont mind being woken up to help me the my problems.

    I DEFINATLY think Bella was leading him on, thats one think I cant stand about Bella. If I were her and I needed someone to go to, I would have gone to Angela, she seems nice and understading, thought she dosnt know about the whole vampire werewolf thing, I would still talk to her in the most simplest way.

    Love the podcast!


  15. ReeRee says:

    Hey guys <3 the podcast!!

    okay, so i think that jacob’s best BFF feature is how brutally honest he is. He doesn’t screw around with you, he’s so straight-forward, its wonderful! But he doesn’t try to hurt you by being honest, he just comes out and says it, and depending on what mood he’s in, he might be nice or he might be a little (SARCASM!!) rude

    and also, i think that bella was leading him on unintentionally. But jacob had it coming for him, i mean, come on! he was flirting with her the whole time, even after she said she just wanted to be friends. So i think it was mean for bella to lead him on for so long, because she knew she loved him, she just didnt want to admit to it. But also, its hard not to fall for a guy whos being nice and flirty and fun to hang out with, so jacob didnt help his situation, i thin he kinda made it worse.


  16. Shannah says:

    Okay well I am TOTALLY Team Jacob so I may be a little biased here when I say that every quality Jakie poo has is a good friend quality! Now, Kassie, I know your probably feeling sick by now but…hey. I think Edward sucks butt, so we are even. LOL
    Anywho, Jacob’s best friend quality is probably how everything he does is for Bella’s benefit. I don’t care what people say, it’s true. It even says so on Steph’s website. He is always there for her and trying to make her feel better during all those times when even little Mr. Eddie couldn’t give a rat’s fart.

    So. About that. In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella totally alone and devastated. After being emo for a while, Bella decides to seek Jacob out (Note: she goes to him.) and Jacob sees how bad things are. Even though he knows how hard it will be, he tries to heal Bella’s broken heart. (Then, Edward comes back, Jacob gets thrown out the window, Edward keeps Bella from seeing Jacob even though Jacob is the reason why Bella wasn’t a complete mess when he decided he would finally come on back to Forks…) Yeah, I know in Eclipse he gets all sarcastic-and a lot would say jerky- but it’s only a mask. On the inside, he’s a good kid.

    Going back to your question, Jacob knows Bella really well. He knows she hated music and hearing Edward’s name. He knows she doesn’t like talking about the Cullens. He knows it all. Does Edward know her well? Heck no! For one, he is always making crazy decisions for her that go totally against, you know, what she likes. Or what is good for her. Also, all Bedward do is make out. They don’t talk. Therefore, they don’t know crap about each other.
    Yes, I do think she was leading Jacob on. A LOT. Not even gonna get into that, though, because I’ve already been all ADD-ish and went off topic and crap.

  17. Harriet says:

    Hey ladies,
    I think that the qaulity i like most about Jacob (even though i am most like Kallie when it comes to jacob. ) he is there for Bella when she needs him most. He tries to make Bellas life worth living, but also tries to do whats best for her. Which he thinks is himself. Although he tries to force his opinion on Bella that they are meant to be together, he is honest throughout New moon. Except for when he becomes a werewolf (shapeshifter).
    I think Jacob is a good guy and if there was no Edward he would be best for Bella BUUUTT there is an Edward and Jacob and Renasty so thats how it is πŸ™‚
    Love the podcast… muc love from australia. xx Harriet

  18. Kjyrsten a.k.a says:

    I think that the reason that Bella and Jacob are friends is that because he is nice to her and that he has known her for a long time. Let me also say that I am Team Edward, but I do like it that Bella and Jacob are friends. I also kind of think that they are sometines Polar Opposites so they balance each other out when it is needed. It might also help that their dad’s are best friends, so they might just be seeing each other often for the convienience of Charlie and Billy.

    Love the Podcast, you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!

    (Name pronunciation Keyrsten )
    ( I know its a little weird)

  19. Kjyrsten a.k.a " KJ " says:

    Sorry I pressed enter too soon,
    But everyone calls me “KJ” Just because then they won’t skrew up my name.

  20. Annie says:

    To me he has a great friend quality that i search for from a friend. He is very protective and dedicated friend to bella (not to mension i wish that was me). But there is goods and bad in Jacob’s personality.
    In new moon when Bella was all so depressed about Edward abandoning her, it was Jacob that stood out from the others and picked up her shattering heart and putting it back together. ( who said that humpty dumpty could get fixed, JACOB DID IT!!) Also in New Moon, Bella described that he was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like and aura, sharing it with whoever was near him.
    In Eclipse Jacob loved Bella too much so he started to try really hard to get bella to like him back, and ended up tricking her into kissing him.
    in my perspective Bella truly returned the kindness and thoughfullness that Jacob has expressed towards her and she did not lead him all along.
    LOVE THE PODCAST AND LOVE YOU GUYS!! keep up the good work!

  21. Twilight Geek Sam says:

    I am so team Edward all the way but i do love jacob i just didnt know why. i guess its because he was there when edward wasent. But he is compleat opposit of edward and i guess i like that too. I wish i could smush them together, but edwards already perfect enough so the world might explode lol.BOOM but he is just as protective (just a lot more lenient) and he is the kind of guy friend that every girl wishes they had.(only not many girls picture their dream friend going off and imprinting on their daughter lol) love the podcast, kassie i think you should just have an episode where you sing the entire 45 min. lol

  22. Lulu says:

    Hi girls!

    Honestly, I don’t really like Jacob. Weeell…. that’s to put it mildly. I HATE him! Nevertheless, I hate to admit that Jacob has his good moments. I like that he is always there for Bella and will always tell her the truth. That’s what Bella usually wants. Edward is trying to protect her from the truth, but I think Bella gets frustrated with that and just wants to know what is really happening. I also like that Jacob is always sunny and cheerful. Errr, well…. mostly. πŸ™‚

    Bella is totally leading Jacob on, she just doesn’t know it! She loves Jacob too much to let him go, but doesn’t love him in the way she loves Edward. That’s right, because Edward is so much better!! <3

  23. Maddie says:

    Okay first of all, I LOVE your podcast! Keep up the work yall! (p.s. im from TEXAS!)
    Jacob Black, its hard for me too believe that he is a fictional character. I love him too death, I cant understand why people dont like him and find him annoying. =/. It actualy hurts me when people say thoughs things, HE was the one there for Bella the WHOLE time that Edward was gone! He didn’t really care he she ‘liked’ him (even though he was in love with her), he stayed by her side. His best ‘friend’ quality is I think is his loyality to Bella and everyone around him really. Its like he never real gave up on Bella.(Until he you know imprinted!) If he were real I think he would be probly the best person I had ever met in my life. HAHA! I wish I knew someone like him. All in all he has the characteristics of my dog Jake. hahaha! I know that sounds bad N all but, all Jacob wants was Bella too love him, thats how Jake is, though he wants everyone to love him. hahaha. Also Jake is loyal and kind and sweet, he makes everyone happy and is just a joy too be with. Jacob is the same. hahaha!

    I think that Bella somewhat led Jacob on. She did need a friend though during her dark moments. He just wanted more out of it. I dont think she shouldve let him hold her hands though. That was a little much. But I was a little mad that she was with him so much, I knew something bad was going to happen and Jacob was going to get hurt….. which he did. AWWWWW.
    Bad Bella. =/

    Sorry this was ooooooohhhhhhh sooooooo long! But i got excited!
    Oh did i mention that I named my dog Jake after Jacob? hahahahaa!

  24. Amanda Mason Cullen says:

    Jacob Jacob Jacob! So many people dislike Jacob but c’mon is it Jacob you really dont like or annoying conflicted Bella? or maybe its the absence of Edward…. As for the friend quality I like most about Jacob i’d have to say how he never gives up!
    I mean when Edward’s gone he’s all yay now I can get with Bella. But then he sees how depressed she is and tries everything in his power to make her happy again. He doesn’t even give up when the greek god with perfect bone structure, gorgeous hair, lovely eyes, a beautiful voice…sculpted lips… flawless body… marble………. comes back and wisks Bella away like its nothing. He’s always there for her even when she doesn’t deserve it and he knows it.
    As for Bella leading him on i mean he’s a teenage boy! Anything shes does is going to lead him on. But I don’t think Bella really meant to lead Jacob on. She was depressed and looking for someone to make her life a little more bearable. Poor Jacob just had to deal with all the mixed signals that came along with her.

    Poor Jacob. Irksome Bella. Mmmmm Edward. Go Twilight Series Theories!!! =]

  25. alicia says:


  26. Bea(FanoftheMonth!!!) says:

    I always wait at least 5 days to answer these because i always need 2 think.

    I think i like how he is so loyal. Jacob was loyal to Bella and the Quileutes and thats pretty hard to do seeing as Bella is with the vampires. He’s honest apart from the obvious when he tricked Bella to kiss him. I think that he is a very personable person. Everyone liked him even the Cullen family. When Jacob first met Bella’s friends at La Push they all seemed to like him. Even Lauren and Mike found him friendly.
    He’s very good for listening to peoples troubles and helping them. I mean what happened to Bella? 4 months of being a zombie and then nearly all the life was back in her when she became best friends with Jacob.
    He could make anyone feel better with his playful-ness and BRIGHT smile(hehe Kallie!!).
    Once he has his mind set in something he hs to carry it out or at least try to do it.

    I think that Jacob is such a funny character! He has a great personality!

    Now the Bella question:

    No i dont think Bella was leading him on. She needed a good friend when Edward has gone. Even though Angela was a could friend she didnt know about the vampires or shape-shifters. Bella was like a zombie and the only she could or wanted to talk to was Jacob. She honestly loved him as a best friend i think. It was just that the way she carried on with Jacob she made him fall in love with her. But of course it was by accident. Like Jacob probably didnt think about loving her until Edward came back when he realised he had this jealousy.

    Poor Jacob!!!!

    Just so u know i’m Team Edward but i lurve Jacob. he is my fave person out of the cullens apart from Seth. Who cant love Seth??
    I’m re-reading Twilight and cant wait for New Moon. Even thought Edward is gonna leave which is saaad, I want to find out more about Jacob. Stephenie Meyer herself said to read it twice. Once for Edward to come back. Another time to discover Jacobs personality!


  27. Camilla says:

    Hi There !
    Loove the podcasts, thanks for sharing !

    The thing that I really like about Jacob is how he knows everything about Bella even though she does’nt tell him. Like how he knew that she did’nt like to listen to music (referring to chapter 9 on the way to the theater with mike), or how he knows not to mention the name Edward around her. I love how he loves her the way she is, and how he throughout the series never really gives in (untill renesme comes around) πŸ˜€

    I don’t think that Bella was leading him on in any way, because at first she did’nt even realize that she was in love with him, and she really tries to drag the line between them, also by telling him that she is not about to change her mind, and still, he kept hoping.
    I think Jacob knew that she needed him in order to stay “sane”, and that that’s part of the reason he stays. He really loves her, and would do anything for her.

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear some more theories !!! πŸ˜€

    Take care,

  28. Naomi Starr says:

    i love the podcast and listen all of the time!

    I think Jacbos best friendship qualtiy is his loyalty to Bella. He was there for her when Edward left and basically made Bella ‘human’ again, and made her feel worthy. When Edward returned, even though it seemed like he made life worse for Bella, i think he gave her an escape from the intensity of things round the Cullens and vampires, Edward espcially. He knew they were going on but made the atmosphere light.

    I think Bella was leading Jacob on. But in the begining she didnt know she was, not an till Jacob ammitted his feeling to her. However, i think that because Jacob was younger he didnt notice that she was leading him on and that the crush he had on her turned in to love. I think after that she still lead him on but only beacuse she was clinging onto the friendship between them and didnt want him go, because he was the thing that held her together. I also think that Jacob knew he was the peson holding Bella together and because he did love her he wouldn’t leave her.

    can’t wait for yhe next podcast.

    p.s i am team edward even though what i just wrote may not seem like it. (But am team Taylor not Rob!!)

  29. Emily says:

    The best quality about Jacob is that he is played by Taylor! lol
    i thought you would like that Kassie! hehe

    As i re-read the whole series and knew what Jacob was about (especially after reading his point of view in BD) i started to like him a lot more. The first time through i was like “He is trying to split Bella and Edward up which is just not cool! he must be hated!! ” so everything he did i spun it in my head to make it bad. But after the second time through i see that he really cares about Bella. Even after every time she hurt him he always came back because he knew that she needed him. the first time though i thought this was him being selfish, him always needing his drug as Bella was referred to by him in BD when really it was him trying to keep her happy. Especially when Bella was prego he would come back because he knew that it helped her stay happy and stay alive.

    Bella defiantly lead Jacob on throughout the WHOLLE book! I am totally with you Kassie, i don’t really like bella, she is winy and needy and selfish and just someone i would not want as a friend, sorry for all the Bella lovers out there but this is just how i feel.

    Love the podcast Girls keep up the great work!! πŸ˜€

  30. maribeth says:

    If I am being nice, I do not like this character named Jacob that everyone keeps talking about. But truth be told, Taylor Freaking Lautner is sort of a hottie. Any ways, I died when Ed left so I was dwelling on him, but when I reread New Moon again, i liked how he was there for her and made mikey jealous. I love your podcast. thanks for doing what you do.

  31. Jessica says:

    Okay let me just say for the record that I am an Edward girl. I like Jacob but only parts of him. The only reason I would be team Jacob is because he can have Bella if I can have Edward. Okay so to the question I liked Jacob in New Moon but some things he says really didn’t sit well with me. I mean the part where he was telling Bella she was like a “spy who’s been behind enemy lines” was terrible. I mean for a guy who is supposed to be so understanding why the heck would he think she would suddenly be fine with that subject and want to give the wolf pack “secrets”, That and how he feels perfectly fine taking Bella around obviously unstable werewolves (Paul) makes me uncomfortable. He really messed up that time in my opinion. I mean he’s young and obviously not very gifted in the common sense department. Was she leading him on… yes I hate to admit it but she was. Was it all intentional? I don’t think so she just needed comfort but she went along with it all wrong. I have to agree the holding hands was taking it too far. I also think sometimes he took advantage though of her kind nature and friend love for him so they both were really at fault. Love the podcast! especially Kassie’s edward daydreams/ jacob rants they never fail to make me laugh.

  32. Jessica says:

    Im sorry for the double entry but I would like just to comment on something that was said in a previous podcast. People, you cannot skip the second book while re-reading the series. Personally I love the second book because of Stephanie Meyer’s way of expressing emotions so well and because I enjoy tragedies. It is a fantastic book and please read because the books are great not because a character is hot. That should just be an added bonus

  33. Laura says:

    Like Bella said in the book, Jacob is her sun. He makes her feel loved and somewhat whole at a time when she felt she was literally falling apart. He protects her, but also allows her to make her own decisions i.e. riding a motorcycle, something that lacks in Edward and Bella’s relationship due to her human fragility in Edward’s eyes. Although he is arrogant, she sees his intentions are out of love and although she wants a platonic friendship she has strong bonds with Jacob that Edward cannot fill. I believe that although she did not intend to lead him on, her addiction to his warmth and unconditional love ultimately put Jacob in a position to be heartbroken by Bella. And, seriously, who can resist tall, dark and HOT?!

  34. Erin says:

    Hey guys!
    Okay, this weeks question is quite difficult since there are so many great things about Jacob and it’s hard to describe him without compareing him to Edward.
    First Jacob is not perfect and he knows that. It’s much easier to be someones friend when you don’t feel like you have to live up to them. Bella is always worring what she does around Edward because she mentions several times that Edward is beautiful and talented and she is very plain. I find that discouraging.
    I do belive Bella led him on but like a lot of people have already said it wasn’t intentional. and lol i think knowing Jacob he would of perferred Bella to led him on and ultimately leave him in the end then her to not lead him on at all.

    TEAM JACOB Wah Hoo =]
    -Erin =]

  35. Jade says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie,
    I have several favourite friend charms for Jacob. Firstly, the way he helped Bella through her time in New Moon. She was depressed and lonely, and with his help and support she was “revived” to almost her usual self, before meeting Edward. He brought that girl back to life, and i am so thankful of that, because i was getting SO annoyed with her for not trying to help herself. Secondly, his ability to remain a close friend to her, even when his mortal enimies, vampires, were also involved with Bella. I love his general out look on life, he doesn’t stress about the major things in life, eg- becoming a werewolf, or imprinting with a new born baby. He adapts to the situations around him perfectly. However through all that i am completly team Edward and even Jacobs super fine personality and hot body could not sway me from that. And Kassie, i think you will think much better of Jacob if you re-read New Moon. Knowing Edward will return to Bella makes it so much easier to read through without disliking Jacob.

    As for the second part of the question, yes, i definatly think Bella is leading Joacob on, however i believe it is done subconsiously. I would compare their attraction to the classic Pride and Prejudice characters, Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Though Elizabeth does not intend at first to attract Mr Darcy, their similar charcters and his interest in her, bring them together. She leads Mr Darcy on subconciously with her wit and charm. Although in Twilight Jacob and Bella obvious dont end up together, if the story had just been about the werewolf group and Bella, i am sure that both Pride and Prejudice and Twilight would have even more connections, than the actually story does. Bella even admits that when first meeting Jacob, that she flirts to try and get information on the Cullens, and their mysterious ways. I love that she can’t stay away from him, and i think this is because of the Renesmee/Jacob connection, and we see later in the story why it was SO crucial for Stephanie Meyer to keep them together, in a friendly realationship. At the end of Breaking Dawn i think that Bella is more connected to Jacob than ever, not just through his imprint with Renesmee, but also by the good, and hard times they have shared. Best friends Forever could not apply better in ANY other friendship.

    Love the podcast guys, you do an amazing job to juggle, you family, work and all the work you do for the show and i admire you both greatly. You really put Dallas on the map.

    All my love…. Jade – England’s greatest Twifan.

    p.s. Please feel free to edit this if you choose to read it out, because it is rather long. ( Sorry ) xxx

  36. Dawn says:

    New Moon completely depressed when while I was reading it. I am totally TEAM EDWARD! You get so hooked in the first book to get the let down in the second. If Edward wasn’t so HOT then maybe it would have been that bad. LOL! I know there are many who like Jacob but to me he seemed like that possessive boyfriend that you could neer get rid of. Bella did lead him on though…..

  37. Ivy Cullen says:

    so i loved the whole thing in the movie where shes kinda on edge with edward and then woth jacob, she is totally relaxed/\

  38. maribeth says:

    I just wanted to elaborate about my response earlier. I guess that one of the few things I liked about that boy was that he did not really shove himself on Bella. He was patient and at first he realized that she was basicly unchangable. He was there for her and I liked that. I like the line he uses in Eclipse when he says “Does my being half naked bother you?” rofl copter.

  39. Hanalee says:

    I think in the beginning (ie New Moon) I liked how Jacob was so loyal to Bella and willing to stick with her until she got “better” but that same quality that I loved turned into something I ended up hating. As the series progressed, I liked him less and less. While the Cullen’s were willing to give him a chance, he wasn’t willing to give them a chance and that really bothered me. Especially the “Dr. Fang” comment b/c if there is one person in the series who you can’t hate, it’s Carlisle. He just has the sweetest and most genuine mind. Oh how I adore Carlisle…BUT I DIGRESS! His (jacob’s) loyality in New Moon grew into something very out of hand by Eclipse and BD. He was completly imature about the entire thing. Edward was willing to give him an inch and he took a mile and hated Edward anyway, which I don’t get at all. What on earth did Edward ever do to him? Jacob just judged the Cullen’s and was disrespectful to Edward when they had done him no wrong. So he HAD some good qualities, but then they sort of expired like bad milk. Yummy at first, sour in the end…
    Yeah, Bella that tard led him on….but you know, she’s a tard do what do you expect, lol? Edward’s the only semi-ok one too, but when you REALLY take a step back and look at them….you have a very wtf moment, lol.

    <3 ur accents!

  40. Brittany says:

    Yes I think Bella did lead him on, she used Jacob as a crutch to forget about Edward. Which was impossible to do i mean HELLO its Edward. Jacob is an ok character but i dunno he kind of just annoys me. Yes Bella uses him, but he knows she is. When Jacobs is being a friend he’s great at it, but like a guy all he wanted was more. I was very happy with the outcome in BD, he got off Bella’s back when Reneesme came along. And if he called the Cullens, especially Edward a filthy bloodsucker one more time..ugh. And believe me he says this A LOT. I have the books, and audiobooks and i listen to the audiobooks constantly at work. I’ll be SO happy when New Moon comes out so i can slowly TRY to get rid of some of my addiction. But i’m sure it will just get worse. I love the podcast Kallie and Kassie! Ya’ll are great! Yes i am a southerner too (South Carolina), so you are not alone! =D

  41. Jen says:

    Have you seen the Entertainment Tonight preview clip of their upcoming New Moon show? PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE MOTHER OF ALL CRUSHES ON JACOB ladies! There’s running, leaping and all kinds of Jacob gorgeousness… I’m a team Edward gal, but Taylor Lautner is looking really fine, and… well… I think a few of us Team Edward types are going to be *really* challenged to stay true!

    To the question at hand – my favorite Jacob quality is that he is steady as a rock for Bella. My all time favorite Jacob moment is when he and Bella are at the cinema, and Bella is saying that she’s not ready for anything with Jacob – and Jacob just says that its his problem and he will always be there waiting. The line between friendship and romance might have been blurred for them, but there is no question that Jacob is there for Bella. Even when the pack try and get in the way, Jacob finds a way through to her.

    I don’t think Bella led him on – she just needed him too much, and Jacob liked being needed. They would have had an awesome life together if it weren’t for the one in a million love of Edward & Bella. We all would be so lucky to find our Jacob.

  42. Olivia says:

    First let me say that Jacob is my ultimate favorite character in the entire Twilight series.
    He’s just so happy-go-lucky, and to me he seems like the type of person you can’t help but love. He’s quite personable, which is a contradiction to Edward’s up-tight, intense and controlling personality. I mean, intense passion is nice, but it’s so much easier to feel comfortable around Jacob. Edward would be the kind to write you romantic poetry and give you roses, whereas Jacob is the kind to take you on a date to an amusement park and laugh with you while you eat cotton candy. He’ll be there for you when you need him, always a reliable shoulder to cry on. He’s a happy person in general, which makes it easy to feel completely care-free around him.
    Well, I’m talking about pre-Eclipse Jacob, I guess. In both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, he seems to harden and become more serious. But I think that’s due to his circumstances. Being in a situation where he’s under much stress and emotional pain may not bring out the brightest traits of his personality. Though I do believe that when he is talked off the ledge, he becomes that old Jake that we all know and love (well, at least that I love ;D).
    And as a side-note, I’m totally in love with Taylor Lautner, which just adds to my perception of Jacob.

  43. Jenny Dawn says:

    Hello, hello! First let me say i LOVE your podcasts, you crack me up! Now to answer your question, I have to start by saying that Jacob is my absolute favorite character!! Thus, I really love most of his qualities!! If I had to choose, it would be a toss up.. I love that he’s loyal & he CRACKS me up!! I hated that he was so into Bella & one of the reasons she annoyed me throughout the series was that she took advance of Jacob’s friendship & lead him on every chance she got. I can’t give specifics bc i really need to reread the books, but I remember when I was reading them that I was always mad at her for how she treated Jacob. Why anyone would choose edward (controlling much!?) over jacob is beyond me, but i’m glad Bella & Jacob didnt end up together bc Jacob is just too good for her πŸ™‚

    I actually have a Support Speculation (I randomly walk around sometimes & sing these 2 words haha) about how their relationship will play out in the movie. Twilight, the movie, had Bella&Edward fall in love sooo fast it didn’t really depict the great love story told in the book. In New Moon the movie, Edward is going to leave Bella & Jacob is going to be there to help her heal. I think it will be interesting to see who people that only see the movies would pick for Bella. Not to bash the movie, because I do like it, but the relationship between Bella & Edward in the movie is like a fast high school romance. When Edward leaves her in the movie, we are going to see Jacob being funny, sweet, caring, etc… Those are the characteristics most girls/”ladies” want in a boyfriend so I’m very excited to hear the reactions.

    thats all for now… peace out girl scouts!

  44. rachel (TEAM JACOB!!!!) says:

    HEYY!! OK I love love LOVE the podcast!!! i have gotten all of my friends to listen in too πŸ™‚ but i have to say that i can’t choose ONE favorite friend quality… im just a pushover i guess when it comes to picking favorites i just cant single one thing out! anyways i think my favorite qualities would be his sense of humor and his loyalness. i think he really made bella happy when darn edward ran off to “protect” her but he was just LEAVING HER AS UNSUSPECTING BAIT FOR VICTORIA!!!! (ok i know he actually thought she was safe but STILL i mean COME ON EDWARD REALLY!!!) but yeah so i think jacobs humor really helped bella! also i think that since he really never got tired of her coming over day after day proved how loyal he is and that also helped bella. he also didnt leave in breaking dawn even after he saw bella pregnant. even though it hurt him alot to see her like that he stuck with his plan and imprinted on nessie in the end πŸ™‚ anyways again LOVE the podcast

  45. Team Switzerland says:

    Love the podcast. As my name reads, Im a neutral country and cannot pick between either hotties(sigh).
    I love all of Jacobs traits: loyalty, friendship,kindness, persistance(eventhough I can understand Bella’s annoyance, I admire his determination), patience(for Bella’s love), cleverness(even though he tricked Bella in Eclipes, it saved both Bella and Nessie, the Cullens, and humans and vampires alike), honestey, regularity, and originality In the beggining of New Moon, Jacob was there for her and was really the best thing that could’ve happened after Edward left(for her own good). He was really a flexible, easy going, kind, and understanding guy(that is perfect for Bella if Edward died in 1918 πŸ™ ). She is still burned from Edwards departure and MOST likely wouldn’t FULLY heal EVER, but, Jacob is still her alternate choice.Tell me your thoughts and ideas!

    From, Bitten and Obsessed

  46. Team Switzerland says:

    Oh, I almost forgot, so when Edward left and Bella was kinda space-y-depresseed-hibernating-gone, she needed a
    “safe harbor”. I believe Bella kinda let him on, but, he was fully aware. She used him as a crutch, but he seemed glad she was even hanging out with him. The new (opposite gender) experiance was fun for him and he really likes Bella.
    But, I must conclude that it was entirely wrong for Bella to use Jacob in the beggining(even if he liked it).

  47. Izzy says:

    Hey, this is my first time commenting haha. okay so i love your question and sorry Kassie but i love jake; sometimes. In the long run, if you think about it where would bella be without him? Dead. Thats where she would be. Jacob’s best friend quality is his loyalty to bella. Whether his motivations were the return of her feelings or not, he was still always there. He loved her very much and, though sometimes a meanie, he never left. Haha he is loyal like..like a dog i guess you could say; literally. And was bella leading him on? Yes, she even admits it and how she could not stop giving him the wrong impression for fear he would leave. She was very desperate and needed him to much.
    Thanks, Hope you liked it.

  48. Cullen#11 says:

    Okay, so this question pains me…not a Jacob fan over here! I love Taylor…but Jacob, eh. I will admit that I liked him a lot in Breaking Dawn, but even that took time.

    So saying that, the best quality Jacob has is never giving up, aka always being there even when Bella pushes him away. He really cares about her so much in fact that he’s always there for her no matter what. Real live best friends never care if you tell them to get lost or yell at them, they still come to make things better (even though I’d rather Edward made them better). Friends walk away when they are asked, best friends force themselves upon each other.

    Love the podcast! You two are hilarious!

  49. LillieCullen says:

    I think Jacob’s best friendship quality is that he didn’t MAKE Bella love him. Even though he liked her, he knew she didn’t like him at that time and he left it that way instead of pushing her.
    Then Eclipse came along and he went back on that….but whilst they were just friends in New Moon, I feel that was his best quality πŸ™‚

  50. Jessica says:

    Ok i think that the best friendship quality of Jacob is he is so honest to Bella. He will tell her what she wants to hear and believes even if its bad she can handle it. This is one quality that Edward doesnt have. For example when Edward took Bella to Florida Jacob believed that she should know about the confrontation with Vicortia.

    Luv the Podcast!!

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