Jacob & Bella’s Blossoming Friendship

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Next week we will be discussing Kassie’s favorite topic (sarcasm noted) Jacob andd Bella!  I have a feeling we will be chasing little bunnies named Taylor, but I will try my hardest to keep Kassie on the topic at hand!

So let us know…

What ‘friend’ quality do you MOST like about Jacob? And, do you think Bella was leading him on all along?

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  1. soccerchic#2 says:

    jacob was always really laid back and relaxed when edward wasn’t around. the cullen house and bellas life altogether was the total opposite. jacob was a person who bella could escape all her troubles and enjoy herself with. everyone needs a friend like that.

    bella knew she was leading jacob on. i believe he was her backup plan in case edward didnt come back- which he didnt, she had to go get him. deep down, i bet bella thought edward would never come back so she held on to jacob. he loved her just as much- he just wasnt as sexy.

  2. Hannah says:

    Hey guys!
    i was throughly Team Edward at first but after reading the series a few times i really grew to like Jacob
    i think Jacobs best qualities are his loyalty to Bella and his pack. Also I don’t think that his behavior toward Bella in Eclipse was ENTIRELY selfish. Obviously he was getting a lot out of it, but theres a line in Eclipse where it makes it clear that he was doing it for her sake as well as his : “Don’t you think you ought to know how you feel – just so it doesn’t take you by surprise someday when you’re a married vampire?” he cares about her enough that even if she didn’t choose him, he let her know her own mind before making that choice, and i think thats a good quality of his.
    love the podcast, you make me laugh so much! keep them coming 🙂
    Han x

  3. Bella says:

    i THINK that bella and jabob are like two peas in a pod,and that jacob really helped bella’s depression,and the herioc save from the water AND victoria, but bella belongs with edward peoples.
    bella WAS leading jacob on absentmindedly…as she said in new moon that she wishes that she has a ‘claim’ on him and that she wishes that they could be like brother and sister or related so that they don’t have to be in love, beacuse she loves EDWARD with every cell in her body, which jacob feels about bells. I feel sorry for him beacuse you can see how much he loves bella and hates to see her in pain, and sorry he hurt her with his words or actions and quickly apologizes 🙂

    i relate fully with bella on this one, because my bf went away to amsterdam and i have only just gotten in touch again with a friend, crush, from primary school, and now we’re startng to get close again.

  4. Corinne Walker says:

    Hey Guys!!!!
    Well the whole quality thing with jacob is a bit of an understatement, I think that with Bella, to her Jacob was a Compfort Food to her, After Edward Leaving 🙁 she felt her life was nothing (as I would too) and really jacob was just a compfort food, you had it when things like that happened, they help you mask the pain. Even though he was cool and understanding, he hurt bella a lot too, and I know all those jacob fans out there would disagree but when he became a wolf he completely shut her out and to Bella that was worse than him never exsisting, or leaving like Edward, all I’m saying is Thank GOODNESS Stephanie got it in her head that Edward was better for her than jacob.
    Not to mention, it was so obvious that bella was Leading jacob on (I mean I still love Bella but c’ mon) even in twilight, she made him confess the Cullen secret but I truely think In Eclipse she was leading him on it was just jacob was feeding the Fire, making her confused and breaking her heart, in both cases Bella and jacob were doing the wrong thing.
    Any way Love the podcast.

  5. Chloe says:

    Jake’s quality is louate like a dog, louate puaden the pun! Jake fansed Bella like enay teenage boy would! But it’s a little bit of Bella folt too, that day at the beach when she asked about the Cullens, because she was fluting with him.

  6. Victoria says:

    The only quality i like about Jacob is that he turns into a dog – a form he should stay in forever so he can bugger off and leave Bella and Edward alone. lol, i’m joking, kind of. but, especially in eclipse, ive only ever felt any liking for jacob when he was a wolf and Bella was patting him on the head. When he’s human, he is the most annoying person.

    And i don’t think Bella was leading him on intentionally, she was just a bit slow and unaware of what she was doing.

  7. Briony says:

    Bella was leading him on. I mean, right from her first conversation with Jacob she’s only flirting with him to get what she wants out of him. Then after Edward leaves I don’t think she meant to lead him on, but she let Jacob hold hands with her, she spent almost every day with him, she let him be her Valentine, they just acted like a couple and all the while she knew that she didn’t want him. In Eclipse and Breaking Dawn she still just uses him for what she wants, all the time, and although she thinks about his feelings sometimes, she never really acts on those thoughts.

    Jacob is just plain amazing, to be honest. Edward really annoys me, I think he’s kind of a flat personality, because in the books after Twilight he’s very predictable and just perfect, which I just really don’t like. Whereas Jacob is funny and sweet, and even though he gets it wrong sometimes and says stupid things and acts like an idiot, it’s a good thing because I wouldn’t want him to be perfect, and I’d rather have a guy who made me laugh and was interesting than a pefect guy who always kind of strikes me as a bit of a trophy-husband.

    I love Jacob 🙂 I’m wearing my TEAM JACOB hoodie right now. And I’m sorry, this answers been kind of long, but I have very strong views on Jacob!!

  8. Crystal says:

    i am not a jacob fan..at ALL but what i do like about him is that he was there for bella when she was in her depressed state when edward left her.

    but yes bella was leading him on alot you witnessed that in both new moon and eciplise

  9. alicia says:

    like i love there friendship but when i was first reading this part in the book it got really really boring to me u know wat i mean like i wanted jacob to shut up cause he got annoying but know i love their friendship and i love jaocob


  10. Jenn says:

    I’m a “Team Edward” person who just loooooves Jacob. Sometimes i wish Stephanie Meyer would have written a little more romance for Bella and Jacob because I would have liked to have seen what would have happened if Bella had this great relationship, didn’t almost die, and THEN Edward comes back to check on her and sees her happy with Jacob. Then, even though Edward says he wouldn’t bother her or make her choose, he would tell her he was wrong and that he still loves her and then she would have to make the decision between the two of them.

    Anywho…it took reading New Moon a second time to really love Jacob but I think it’s because I see a lot of characteristics in him that I see in my fiance- totally loyal and caring, sarcastic sense of humor and adventurous. If there were no Edward- he would be perfect for Bella.

    And I think Bella did lead poor Jacob on a bit. I don’t think she meant to- she just needed him in her life and he was willing to take the brutality that is being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. Ouch…

  11. im an alice says:

    it just bugs me idk y it just dose im not a jacob girl at all fyi im not a edward girl so idk lol luv ya

  12. Jess says:

    I think that Jacob makes a really good best friend for Bella in her “hour of need”. Personally, I think that his best quality is his sensitivity. Even though Bella has never discussed with Jacob what Edward leaving did to her, Jacob still understands that Bella doesn’t want or need to talk about it at the time that they are friends. He picks up on the fact that music is painful for Bella, and instead of making a big deal out of it, simply switches of the radio when Bella is around. He is also really loyal, and despite being sworn to keep things from Bella when he becomes a werewolf, Jacob finds a way around it in order to keep his promise to Bella, and try to keep her happy. I find Jacob very sweet, and despite the fact that Bella makes it clear that she doesn’t care for him in the same way, he sticks around and remains a good friend when Bella needs him, despite the rejection. I do think that Bella led Jacob on quite a lot, even though she made it clear how she felt about him. But think about it, where would the whole “Jacob and Renesmee” thing be if Bella had fully rejected Jacob in New Moon. Love the podcast!!!
    Jess xxx

  13. Barbara says:

    Well for me it definitely has to be his funny and “sunny” side. I personally love someone who can make me laugh and can put a smile on my face when I really need it. When i broke up with my ex I had my best friend for that, she kept my mind off of it and helped me move on. I think that’s exactly what Jacob did for Bella I mean there came a point where she even considered a life with Jacob. He’s just so hilarious sometimes and I like that he’s blunt about what he thinks. For a while he was Bella’s back bone and I think friends should be that for each other when needed. However, I am a part of team Edward and I have to say I don’t like that Jacob can let his “true” age come out sometimes. I didn’t like the fact that he got Bella into trouble with the motorcycle. I know he likes her but he has to understand she’s in love with someone else and he shouldn’t make her feel like she owes him anything. I don’t think Bella led him on at all, he knew she was in pain over Edward and I think even when they were together he seem to hope she’d be with him instead. She needed a friend and thats what he was, leading him on would be her not making it clear that she loved someone else and she totally did that. Love you guys, especially the arguing keep making us laugh lol =b

  14. sadie says:

    When Edward tells Bella that he would wait for her even if she decides to be with Jacob because Jacob would leave her eventually, thats not true. If Bella chose Jacob she would have never had Edwards child reneseme(spelling?) and therfeore Jacob would not have imprinted because he imprints on Bella and Edwars daughter, so he would never leave bella. Then Bella and Jacob would be together.

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