Tales Of Twilight Violence Flood The Web-What’s Yours?

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MTV has an interesting article concerning the behavior of Twilight fans, for better or for worse.  We have all seen and heard Twilight-related instances of love and hate, and MTV’s Larry Carroll asks fans some important questions.

“Have you ever been verbally or physically abused because of your love for “Twilight”? Have you ever picked on someone else because their views of the vampire series weren’t in line with your own? Have you ever lashed out at someone just because they voiced their distaste for the Cullen clan?

Since we have so many Twilighters and non-fans who post on our messageboards every day, we wanted to ask for some first-hand stories from you guys. Is this supposed “Twilight violence” another case of the media taking a non-story and reporting it as fact? Or do your own experiences reveal some truth to all this?”

What do you think?  Have your Twilight experiences mostly been positive?  Or have you also had negative experiences in the fandom?  Please be respectful of everyone 🙂

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18 Comments to “Tales Of Twilight Violence Flood The Web-What’s Yours?”

  1. Kate says:

    I don’t have an account there, nor do I feel like making one so I’ll just voice my opinion here. I think it is rediculous that these types of articles are even being written. Everything is blown way out of proportion and there is no reason for all this. I mean, sure it’s fine if you’re a fan of something or you’re very passionate about it, but to be honest the whole Twilight fandom has been given such a terrible name because of those people who are completely insane and obsessive. Sure, you love the series, that doesn’t mean you have to push the series down other peoples’ throats and be immature about it. I love the series and I like to keep up with all the new about New Moon, but that doesn’t mean I walk around with Twilight gear all over myself and yell at everyone I see/talk to if they don’t like the series or agree with me. The sad thing is that I am starting to actually feel ashamed to call myself a Twilght fan, and that is the last thing I ever wanted to do but that is unfortunately the way things are, thanks to the horrible name we now have.
    Also, I cannot stand it when people say to me “Ew, you read Twilght…seriously? I thought that book is for little kids, blah blah blah.” My next question to them is have they even read the series? Usually the answer is no, they haven’t. The reason? All the bad hype. It terrible because they are missing out on such a great story. I think it’s time to sweep all these degrading Twilight stories under the rug.

  2. lily says:

    oh i totally agree with you!
    in fact i´ve got friends who know that i´ve read the series and who asked me if they should read it because there is so much bad stuff going around..
    when the series became famous i was like oh cool the more known it is the better cause they have more budget for the movie but now i´m not sure if it is worth it. i don´t want to see the series in that light.

  3. Stephanie says:

    i have friends that have tried to read the series but it just wasn’t for them. just because they don’t care for it doesn’t mean i am going to force them or stop loving it myself. we all have our own opinions. people need to stop all this negativity toward the series because it is just bringing the fans down. i love the series and will always love it but i will never get mad at someone because they don’t.

  4. Laura says:

    I’ve had a hell, fire and brimstone word preached about how wicked twilight was! Ugh! People were mocking me that day.

  5. Michelle Patrick says:

    Well, I only have had the personal experience that as a 38 year old woman reading twilight that perhaps I’m too old for such a book. Or that finding the guys good looking in the movie is silly. I feel it’s all in good fun. I’ve loved literature all of my life. I have also loved the movies since I was a little girl. They often go hand in hand for creative people. We love the pretend world. Sometimes I hestitate to talk about the books. They have become such a novelty. It’s a shame because they are written with a talented pen. As a christian, sometimes I worry that I might be sending the wrong message to my son. But we saw the movie together so I could talk with him about it and of course I covered his eyes at the bedroom scene. Let’s face it; these two realistically avoid sex more out of necessity than true conviction. I think alot of my impact is self-inflicted. I feel a little closet shame and a little conformist pressure. I find it funny that I jumped on the bandwagon when I’m not really one of those kind of girls. But Twilight will do that to you.

  6. Dawn says:

    I haven’t really experienced any malicious negativity for Twilight………just some co-workers saying ….”oh no not twilight again” because my friend Lois and I were our T-shirts every Friday to work, a different picture of one of the characters everytime (Jasper especially!)…..One co-worker asked me if my whole clothes closet was dedicated to Twilight, I told him no just half of it…… ha ha ha ha……by the way….No one would dare say anything bad about Twilight for me to hear!

  7. Amanda says:

    im a HUGEEE twilight team edward person. if i hear the name ‘edward’, im the teenage freak that screams ‘ EDWARD?!?!? OMG I LOVE HIM,YOU LOVE HIM TOO? OMG’ l ol
    but i have never (nor have i seen someone) punch or get into an argument about twilight. that is really one of the wierdest things i’ve ever heard.
    it kinda freaks me out that people take the time to hate it THAT much. i dont even go on this fansite everyday! (although i love it lol)
    it kinda takes more energy and time to hate things so…aren’t they the obsessive wierdos? lol

  8. wendy says:

    Let’s just say that since the Twilight news has been a bit slow recently, I think Larry is reaching or dare I say struggling to find an angle. Rather than sensationalizing the ‘violent’ aspect, why not ask ‘older’ fans what experiences they have had to endure being fans of a phenomenon that is widely publicized as a teen only fandom!!! I would have some comments to add to that one! I could even understand, and find it interesting, if they wanted to discuss Fan run-ins with people who think by reading Twilight and the like we are all going to turn to black magic and evil demons, focusing more on the religious aspect. This was mentioned in a post above and I think it might be interesting to expand on and hear more about. But this topic of ‘supposed “Twilight violence”’ just reeks of desperation!! Come on Larry we love you, but get some creative juices flowing!!!!

  9. Monica H. says:

    I playfully hit one of my friends with my soft lunchbox because she was trying to convince people at school to join a Twilight hate site. I told her she shouldn’t do that ESPECIALLY because she hasn’t even read it. But she just shouted “Join I hate Twilight dot com so I gentley hit her and she just laughed and was like “You can’t stop me!” Thats about as close to Twilight violence as I’ve been. Twilight shouldn’t be known for causing violence, it’s an awesome book!

  10. Amber Pederson says:

    Honestly? I was made a spectacle by some immature teenage girls because I like Jacob more than Edward. I was able to joke about it with some people (“Ewww. I smell a leech.” “Ugh. Didja get that? Mutt!”) but others were taking the fandom thing WAY too seriously.

  11. Bea says:

    i was on this website and i found a link 2 Twilight violence. it was twilight haters attacking people who love twilight. and the worst was assult. i mean cummon?!!!! this never happened with Harry Potter or anyother popular book series.

  12. Fleur says:

    all of my friends diss me for having an obsession with twilight, which annoys me greatly. Everyone’s obsessed with something, whether it be, horses, shopping etc and for those of us who love twilight and are obsessed shouldn’t be judged because we have a right.
    My bedroom is full of twilight posters and people always look at me in a weird way when they enter, and I have a go at them and to make matters worse, they haven’t even read the book.

    The film brought a whole different light onto twilight. even though I love the film, I don’t want to see twilight in this light.

  13. Camille says:

    I completely agree with Kate! I too, have felt ashamed to admit that I am a Twilight fan.

  14. April says:

    i havn’t done anything violent. some people ask me why i like it and they think its stupid, but i don’t argue back or anything. I just drop it since i know i can’ t convince them. I have been verbally abused about it by people who haven’t read the books or seen the movie or just saw the movie and not read the books

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  16. Gaby says:

    I’ve actually heard of more violence TOWARDS the haters than FROM them. I’ve heard of people getting chased, hit upside the head with books, and all manner of things for NOT liking Twilight. I’ve even heard of a story where a group of TwiFans got an employee at a bookstore fired because she didn’t like it. I actually find it strange that the TwiFans are complaining about violence against THEM. Every Anti-Twi I’ve met has been a sensible person who knows a thing or two about literature, and every TwiFan I’ve met has been a squealing fangirl who just cares about how adorable Edward and Bella’s “TRUUU WUV!” is and how “HAWT N SMEXY!” Jacob is without his shirt on.

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