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Great News!  We have selected The Mortal Instruments books for our Book(s) of the Month(s)!  Since there are three books in the series, we decided to give you a little extra time to read the series!  We will be discussing the books, City of Bones, City of Ashes & City of Glass at the end of May!  If you love Twilight, you will love this series!  To read more about the author, Cassandra Clare, check out her website  To read more about the books, go to!  We look forward to talking about the books, and learning what you think of the series!  You can check out our Book of the Month Page, and leave your comments there!  You can also buy the books online by clicking on the link below!


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20 Comments to “Book(s) of the Month(s)”

  1. Tara P. says:

    Ooooohh I am the first comment. I have read all three of these books. They were AMAZING!!! The third book was everything you want out of a series. This series has everything. You name it it’s got it. I am so glad that this is the book of the month. Can’t wait to heat what you think of it.

  2. wendy says:

    If you have not read these books PLEASE DO!!! They are YA and are a wonderful read. There is a bit of a taboo subject addressed in them, but don’t let it turn you off!!
    Kassie, I agree with your assessment of the final book of the series as you described to Crystal in the last podcast.
    Now Crystal…..get reading….everyone else too!!
    Once you are DONE reading, go to the web site and go to the blog section and the author will answer some of the burning questions you may have when you are done reading the series. She is also working on a prequel series (the infernal devices) that will feature at least one of the favorite characters from this series. So if you like the world she has created you can look forward to that collection as well!! 🙂

  3. SusieQ says:

    I’ve read both the Poision Study series and the Mortal Instruments series and they’re both great. I do however think the Mortal Instruments series is better written. The character are more interesting, funnier and far sexier.

    Jace Wayland ranks right up there with Edward Cullen for sexiest characters. Jace is the bad boy who wants to do naughty things with the women he loves. Edward however will make you swoon with just the touch of his hand but won’t comprimise his moral standards and get freak nasty until he’s married.
    Bad Guy…God Guy…who do you desire more?

  4. Laurie M. (TimeStand Still) says:

    These books are part of my most treasured books. I have the third book autographed just like all my Stephenie Meyers book. I Love, Love, Love these books and participate in support throught the MundieMoms website. Cassandra Clare is so sweet and awesome and a real talent. She is oh so generous to her fans. There is a google discussion group and she visits other sites like MundieMoms and Twilight Moms to answer questions when she can. She is currently working on the Infernal Devices which is a prequal trilogy to the Mortal instuments trilogy but the first book is not due out until Fall 2010. Natalie Moore does the last two books on audio and I love her interpretation of the characters ESPECIALLY MAGNUS gots to love Magnus oh and Alec, and Jace and Clary and Luke and Simon and Rafael and Mia and Izzy and oh yeah Magnus even more.

    Go read or listen to these and you’ll see what I mean. (Picture Adam Lambert as Magnus its a perfect match in my opinion)

  5. Andy says:

    Now this series looks interesting (we won’t get the City of Glass till July – live in the UK). Must investigate into these…

  6. Patty says:

    Yay!! I’m barely on chapter 7 of City of Glass!! I had gone to some website for reviews and they didnt have good things to say but since Stephenie recommended the series I went ahead and bought the first book anyways and so far I love it!! It is good to hear from you guys that you also loved this series… I will definetly finish all 3 books by May… Yay!!!

  7. Patty says:

    Sorry I meant I’m reading City of Bones!! Not city of glass….ooops!

  8. Ivy Cullen says:

    i really like the maximum ride series i just got the 5th book and i loved it!!!

  9. laura heath says:

    YESSSS! I’ve only read the first 2 as the 3rd isn’t out in the UK til july but I LOVE THESE BOOKS.

    the story is so well written and the characters are wonderful and the author is sooo lovely too and i really hope to see her when she may be coming over to the uk to promote the book *fingers crossed!*

  10. Tina says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books!

    Can’t wait to hear your take on them.

    Jace and Edward are neck in neck in my fictional boyfriend status!

  11. Megan says:

    Ok.. these books may be absolutly NOTHING like Twilight, but I’m telling ya they are just as good. I just read all three of them during my Spring Break. I loves Jace! He’s like Edward and Jacob combined! Also, the books are highly addicting and may make you mad but has an awesome ending!!! I love love love them, maybe even more then I do Twilight. Who knows?

  12. Melissa (melissaturkey) says:

    I’ve read the entire series, I was so excited when the second came out and even more excited when the last one came out in March! mostly because it was the last book, and for a last book of a series it was freaking amazing!
    I love Clary more than I love Bella and I love JAce more than I love Edward.
    The books are addicting. They’re funny, witty, and sexy and fantasy and well they’re just amazing! I’ve turned two girls on to the series in my school and a third has my second book, City of Ashes, right now. When I passed my twilight books around I got my entire school (well all the girls at least) addicted to them…who knows maybe that’ll happen with this series? I hope so. Its really good.
    😀 melissaturkey

  13. Krystal says:

    Lol, Wendy. I am reading City of Glass right now. I don’t want it to end, maybe I should take my time… 😉

  14. hannah says:

    oh i have read those! and sorry to say it but i love them even more than the twilight series. they are fantastic!!!!

  15. 20twilight09 says:

    omg i love these books
    ive read the first two and am excited to read the third

  16. jess says:

    OME i Love these books just as much as twilight!!!!! Im dying to read the third one but cant as it is not out in England Yet 🙁

  17. Stephanie says:

    oh yay i just got these books and cannot wait to start reading them!!!

  18. Cammywamy says:

    I’ m reading them and i LOVE them…

  19. Cedar says:

    I have never heard of them but, because every on seems to have enjoyed them, I think I will read them!!!!!

  20. Jace Lover! says:

    I LOVE the mortal instruments series, one of the best! It’s got everything you can imagine, romance, action all wrapped up in a beautiful scene. But what puts these books on the top is the hot bad boy- Jace! With his sarcastic comments and beautiful face he will make any girl swoon! Plus all the twists and turns are crazy!! Love the series!

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