Twilight Cast Shows Jackson Their Support

Apr 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Much of the Twilight cast showed up in Vancouver to support Jackson’s band, 100 Monkeys, and you can see the pictures and report here!

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5 Comments to “Twilight Cast Shows Jackson Their Support”

  1. laCullensCantante says:

    they sound freggin amazing and i love their vibe

    yay first comment

  2. Amanda says:

    haha i love the guy in the banana suit

  3. Brinean says:


  4. Cedar says:

    JACKSON ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His music is pretty good to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Emily says:

    Omg thats amazing!!! i want to be there they all seem like such cool fun people!
    esspecially kellan! i think he would just be a party all of the time! lol

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