A Bloomin’ Relationship ~ Week #54

Apr 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Podcasts

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A bloomin’ relationship!?!?… and no, it is not in reference to Bella and Jacob going on a weekend get-a-way to Sydney!  This week we wanted to know what ‘friend’ quality you loved best about Jacob.  (You know Kassie had fun with this!)  Kassie and I really enjoyed reading your answers, as well as talking in circles about whether Bella was leading Jacob on!  This week’s music is Wonderful Tragedy by Grand Atlantic.

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18 Comments to “A Bloomin’ Relationship ~ Week #54”

  1. Cedar says:

    WAAAAAAAA I have new computer and now i have to listen to all of the pod-cast that are after “read twilight twice?” so now i am listening to “are you hungry?” (I love the book Hunger Games) so it will take me a LONG time (not really THAT LONG but still…)!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  2. Cedar says:

    Oh and TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!! (the little poll should have “run away from the voice” on it or something) (LOL)

  3. ASHLEY says:

    ok i know i’m just gonna sound like most other girls but omg taylor is soooo hot in this picture!!!!!
    love it!

  4. Cedar says:

    Sry I miss read the poll nevermind ’bout the 2nd one i wrote! By the way love the song for the “Are you hungry?” pod-cast 🙂

  5. Sami.Salvo says:

    Any idea why none of the podcasts since “Are You Hungry” have been able to download???

  6. Monica H. says:

    Okay. I know you must get this alot. I have tried to be patient, but I think it’s time to say something. When will TST be back on iTunes!!!??????!!!!??????? I have not heard one of your podcasts since JANUARY. It’s almost may. It’s defineitly time. (Sami brought it up so I had to say something.)

  7. Kasha says:

    Hey guys- I just got this week’s podcast off iTunes last night- not sure why yours isn’t working… I can’t seem to get “the break-up”, though, except on the TST website…. not too sure what THAT’S about…

  8. Monica H. says:


  9. Bee says:

    why is Taylor so freaking hot?

    just wondering.

  10. IHEARTSETH says:

    NO ONE HIT ME! Taylor looks weird in that photo. His face is all….. and his hair….. I dunno. It’s weird. Kristen looks pretty, though. 😀

  11. silly says:

    HEY GUYS! i just wanted to say that this episode was really great. and when Kassie was trying to say Nahuel’s name i really wanted to let you guys know how you really pronounce it. its like Manuel but withought the ma. i know cause i knew someone called like that. well anyways, love you guys and love the podcast. keep up the good work!

  12. silly says:

    sry i said it wrong its like manuel but nauel

  13. Michele Celine says:

    I love you. Man, seriously I look forward to these podcasts so much. You rock my non-existent socks.

  14. VA Beach says:

    I just listened to the Week 54 podcast. I was about to stop downloading them because I was frustrated with how unprepared Kassie has been, but I was glad to hear Kallie reference it. I started listening because I thought you provided intelligent discussion of the books, for example in the episodes when you compared them to their literary counterparts (Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, etc.), and am always impressed with the amount of work and thought that Kallie puts into the episodes. I’m really not trying to bash, but it’s frustrating to listen to what should be an interesting discussion, but instead hear someone complain that they’re tired or unprepared or not interested. I know you have a very wide age range to appeal to, but I think everyone would enjoy more detailed discussions of topics. Thanks for reading this.

  15. The Chilean says:

    I really liked your podcast. Just one comment: Nahuel is a Mapuche name, but it was Spaniards who first wrote the language down, and therefore it’s pronunced the way you would pronunce it if you speak Spanish, so there’s a silent H. So it’s basically Na-uel. It’s one of the most beautiful Mapuche names I know, and it means jaguar.

  16. The Chilean says:

    Furthermore, I really hate the potrayal of the Mapuche in the book. I don’t know why, I just don’t like people ‘using’ them in books. They are such a fantastic indigenous tribe, with such beautiful culture, they just don’t fit.. Twilight. Especially not Breaking Dawn. They are so much more than that.

  17. Corinne Walker says:

    Hey Guys well the Qualities that I think Jake has is pretty much he is a little puppy, I mean I put up with him in New Moon and the start of Eclipse but from that Fatel kiss he did to Bella he went too far, I was Team Switzerland untiil he did that!!!!!!!!
    Anyway I think the only Quality Jake really has is that he sees bella for who she really is, when she ‘changed’ he wasn’t sidetracked with her smell or her impeccable beauty, I think. Anyway thats what I liked about jake, but thats about IT!!!!
    GO TST!!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!! (not switzerland thankyou very much)

  18. I love “Are You Hungry,” I love Twilight, I love Taylor, I loveeee Robert!

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