Hearing Voices?

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Next week we are going to be talking about why Bella heard Edward’s voice when she did outrageous things!  We would love to hear what you think about it, and a few more things…

Why do you think Bella heard Edward’s voice?  Was she crazy?  Do you think this storyline from the book will be included in the movie?  And will Kristen be able to pull off this intersting twist with Bella’s subconscious?

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  1. Luna Eclipse says:

    U think that Bella heard voices because it was the only thing that kept her from committing suicide. If she didn’t have a tiny part of Edward left to hold on to, eventually, Jacob or no Jacob, she would be to miserable and kill herself. That wouldn’t have bode well with Little + Brown, because without Bella, there wouldn’t be much of a sequel, and Stephenie signed on to a 3 book contract, so she would have been kind of screwed. I don’t think Kristin will be able to pull off the whole subconcious Bella/Edward thing, because she’s not that great of an actress. I thought she was ok the first time I saw the movie, but I recently went back and re-read Twilight, and realized that she only showed the the kind of mopey, morose side of Bella. And I think there’s more to her than that even in new moon.

  2. Luna Eclipse says:

    Oops. I mean “I think”, not “U think”

  3. edwards secret mistress!! says:

    bella is nottttt crazy. but we all know how she has a pecuilar
    mind (my edward not being able to read her mind…) & that
    can be why she hears his voice. or b/c she truly loves him
    & cannot forget about him hearing his voice symbolizes her
    missing him.

    i truly hope they put this in the book b/c her hearing his
    voice is like a mental representation of how ruined she is without
    edward. & kristen stewart will probably do a good job acting it
    out b/c in twilight her acting was depressing and mellowness. &
    that was the style she needed to act like… for new moon & not
    twilght that is
    heart the podcast & the Qs you guys ask!

  4. Mallory says:

    Hey guys, I love the show!
    Anyway, I don’t think Bella is crazy in that sense. The reason she was hearing Edward’s voice is because she was so connected to him. In all the time he spent with her before he left, he kept reminding her to “be safe” and I think this was her main memory of him (besides his features), so that every time she did something reckless, it would remind her of him, but Bella didn’t know she was consciously aware remembering him always telling her that. It kind of stuck with her and every time she did something that Edward would not approve of, her mind automatically sent her head the message that Edward would not approve, and she would hear his voice.
    This should be included in the movie, because it was the whole reason she did all those dangerous things like the motorcycle and the cliff diving, and it ties the whole story together- Alice would not have come back and Edward would not go off to Italy if Bella hadn’t jumped off the cliff, and the whole reason she jumped was to hear Edward’s voice.
    Kristen could pull this off if she tried. In the movie, she seemed all melancholy and bella is really depressed in this movie, so she would fit the part nicely.

  5. Sylvie says:

    I think the thing that is most attractive about Edward is that he is willing to do anything to protect Bella. She knows this. And putting herself in risky situations triggers the thought of ”protective Edward”. The human psyche will do amazing things to protect itself and imagining things is a way for Bella to remember Edward without the agony that goes along with any though of him. As she said, these hallucinations didn’t hurt like thinking of Edward did. It lets her deal with her loss in a more managable way. I’m a therapist… does it show?? LOL

    I think this will be a big part of the movie because Kristen said in an interview that we will see a lot more of Rob than we would expect. So I assume her hallucinations will not only be voices but visions as well. One can only hope.

    Team Edward, all the way.

    Keep up the good work, I love the podcast.

  6. Carly (Lautner) says:

    well, shish mcgish, everyone has loooong answers! i guarantee mine won’t be so long.

    i think that Bella heard Edward’s voice because even though Edward was gone, he wasn’t GONE gone, if you know what i mean. like his body was gone but his spirit was still with Bella. and since he hadn’t LEFT left Bella, he warned her about all this danger that was going to happen. even though he wasn’t with her, he left his heart in Forks after he was gone, and his heart triggered his voice in Bella’s head. does that make sense?

    and i do think it will be a big part of the movie. i heard somewhere that Bella’s going to have visions of Edward instead of just hearing him, but i’m not sure. and as for if Kristen can pull it off…i think she has a lot to prove, but i’m also going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say yes.

    love the podcast so much! and by the way, Kassie…boys and girls can be best friends! my best friend is a guy, and we tell each other everything. it helps with decoding the opposite sex. and if you’re listening…hey, Thomas, don’t act like you hate Twilight ’cause i know you don’t. i’ve seen it in your locker. 🙂 and i just know you’re listening to this. (HAHAHA.)

    wow, longer than i expected! whatever…go Jacob!


  7. soccerchic#2 says:

    When Edward was with Bella he was constantly telling her not to hurt herself. Other than the fact that he was die-hard in love with her, maybe he was drilling these cautions into her head incase he ever left her; which he did. He talked about this so much, this may have been the only thing Bella could vividly remember him saying. Kristen stuart has played in so many different types of movies, I’m beginning to think she can do anything. Even a depressed-partial-ex-girlfriend of a vampire. Love the show. <3

  8. soccerchic#2 says:

    sorry about the last post guys- i totally screwed Kristen’s name. It’s “Stewart”- my B. 🙂

  9. Keri says:

    I believe that Bella was hearing Edward every time she was reckless, because he always was telling her to be safe. I do not think she was crazy. I just think she wanted to remember him more clearly in the since that he always emphasized how fragile she was. The interviews definitely make me think that they will work this part often while Edward is away. As for how Kristen will do…. She will do great. It was hard for me to get used to her in the first movie, but that is because like Stephenie points out we all can see ourselves as Bella.

  10. snooksy says:

    Hi girls, love the podcast.
    i think bella could hear edwards voice when she was doing something stupid because she promised him not to hurt herself, so when she tries to hurt herself on the motorbike, she sort of remembers the promise and that triggers his voice in her brain which tells her to stop being so pathetic. she was only acting like that in the first place so she could hear his voice agian anyway. =)

  11. Laura says:

    No Bella wasn’t crazy since I believe (and I think it has been answered) that it was just her subconscious mind coming to the forefront. I like how in New Moon, this “talking” to Edward will be done via apparitions (source: ET Friday April 24, 2009 said by Chris Weitz). I think what was crazy was all the things that Bella did to be able to hear Edward’s voice which ended up having some repercussions that she never intended (i.e. Edward thinking Bella was dead and running off to the Volturi).

  12. ReeRee says:

    Hey Guys!!
    I think that bella heard eadward because he always kept her from anything dangerous and i think that when she did, his absolute loathing of her being in danger made them have a connection from there complete devotion. Wow, i sound crazy hahaha

  13. Greenlee says:

    I don’t think she was crazy in the clinical sense, but she was clearly losing touch with reality because of her grief. She has such a deep bond with Edward and their lives were so entwined, then when he left, she felt like she had nothing. She didn’t know what was real and as she started to heal, thanks to Jacob, she wanted to remember something about the happiness that she had with Edward. She knows that Edward is incredibly overprotective of her and the only way to really convince herself that he would still care, is for her to do things dangerous and reckless. It worked.

    As far as the movie, I think it can be done well. I don’t think it needs to be done as much as it was in the book, since on repeated readings it does seem kind of irritating. In the movie, there are a few scenes that we need to hear Edward after he’s left – when she crashes her bike, when Jacob tells her they can’t be friends anymore and of course when she goes cliff-diving.

  14. Marissa says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because they are sooooooo connected. He never really leaves her because as corny as it sounds he is always in her head, in her heart. As for whether or not Bella is crazy…. yes, a little bit because like I said before, they are so connected, him leaving her isn’t really an option in her head. Even though she is a bit paranoid about the inequality between them I don’t think she knows how to react to that actually happening. I really believe they can pull it off in movie because they can show it visually, maybe like the “ghost”, or little flashes of him or something like that and Kristen can most definetly pull it off. I love the show, keep up the amazing work.

  15. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I think Bella was holding onto whatever memory she had left of Edward so hard that in the end it came out in her subconcious as warnings that he would have given her had he been there. I don’t think she was crazy, exactly, I just think her mind has always been her safe haven and this time, her mind was actually the dangerous place to be and so she had an adverse experience within herself. As for the question of whether Kristen can do it, she totally can. I’ve been a fan of Kristen’s since Panic Room, but I think the role that shows off her talent the most has always been Speak (based on the Laurie Halse Anderson novel). That was such a hard and complex role and after that, I think Kristen has the talent and the experience to play any role, most definitely Bella in New Moon.

  16. Cullen#10 says:

    I think that Bella was hearing Edward because obviously she was not ready to let go of him. It’s no secret that Edward was a part of who Bella was and after he left, that part was never fully gone so I think she just constantly had him on her mind even if it wasn’t a conscious decision. The voices were like a reminder to keep strong and keep yourself alive so Edward can come back. And we all know for a fact this will be in the movie and I know Kristen can pull it off. A lot of people are unsure if she can pull off the depression and all this emotion, but go watch the movie Speak which she stars in. She plays a girl that was raped and her whole life was just turned around and the emotion she portrays in it is so amazing that I know she can do it in New Moon.
    Thanks and LOVE the podcast! Y’all are HILARIOUS! Love it!

  17. Rosalind says:

    I think that Bella heard Edwards voice because Edward doesn’t approve of dangerous things like riding motorcycles or cliff diving. I think that Bella probably remembered him better when he was trying to protect her from danger, like he did before he left her. No, I don’t think that she was crazy, She was just remembering him in a different way than most people would because Bella and Edward’s relationship was far from normal (Not in a bad way though, just because of the whole vampire thing).

    I think that her hearing Edward will be in the movie, she just won’t hear him in as many events as in the book. Like they might take the movie with Jessica out, or come up with a way to fit it all into the movie.

    Yea, I think Kristen Stewart will be able to pull it off. She did awesome in Twilight, she can do the same in New Moon.
    This Question was a really good one! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  18. Michele Celine says:

    Great question! I was waiting for something like this. Anyway, to start off, I do not think Bella was crazy. Crazy in love, yes, but not insane. I believe, it really was her subconscious doing these things to keep her remembering. I think deep down she new that he would come back and the voices were just a way of her mind keeping him with her until he returned. As for Kristen being able to do it well, I dearly hope so! She did an ‘Okay’ job in Twilight, though I wished there would have been more emotion. (we only saw the angry/frustrated side, and the embarrassed side) I think she’ll probably do a better job this time ’round because she has lived Bella already and is more in touch with her. I really do hope she does a good job because I love Bella.

  19. Nilo says:

    Hey ladies…love the podcast. I also agree with the others…Bella was not a loony tune when she heard Edward’s voice. I did, however, believe there was some metaphysical connection between the two causing her to hear him when the voices first came. It certainly was a testament to their undeniable connection, and to the truest of loves, one that was impossible to deny, no matter of distance, time, or space.

    I soon realized that her subconscious mind was producing this hallucinations and I too, became addicted to them. The story gripped me each time I would hear Bella describe Edward’s perfect, velvet voice. As an aside, it was interesting that she refused to even say his name in the beginning of the breakup and the reader definitely experiences the emotional catharsis when she finally says his name to herself after so long..

    I think Stephenie Meyer furthers our connection with Bella during Edward’s absence (even though her behavior with Jacob was annoying) by the emotional response the reader experiences each time he returns, even if only as an auditory hallucination.

    I think the movie should include visual/auditory hallucinations (more screen time for Rob…yippy!), and the underwater sequence should be visual, auditory, AND tactile.

    If done properly, and if Kristen can communicate the anguish, despair, love, and hope Bella experiences in New Moon….this film could be truly stunning. This is the story of Bella’s darkest hour, and as we all know, the night is darkest before dawn, and I hope Chris Weitz is able to bring out these intense emotions on screen through this imagery and his actors.

    As an aside, Stephenie Meyer mentions on her website that this book is one that is meant to be read twice, and I have to admit, I gained a completely new appreciation for Jacob and this story after reading New Moon for the second time. The breakup scene is heart wrenching though…and beautiful way the pages are blank with the months listed on them once Bella is found communicates so much visually, with no words. I am really looking forward to seeing those months translated to film. I imagine a beautiful and dramatic scene where Bella’s face doesn’t change from an emotion of anguish while the whole world whips past her, time, people, and seasons .

  20. Jessica says:

    This is a tough question but I’m going to have to say that Bella was crazy. I mean when you are left by your vampire boyfriend you can’t really think of yourself as sane. I think the reason why she heard him is pretty simple: a relationship like, and I can’t believe I’m putting this “Bedwella’s” is life changing I think the stupidest and most cruel thing Edward said in his breakup speech was “it will be like I never existed” but as Bella put it material things are insignificant when put in comparison with the emotional change Bella went through. They HAVE to put this into the movie because Bella jumps off the cliff to hear Edward’s voice. That and I would love to see the emotional struggle. Thanks for reading.

  21. Jorja says:

    I think Bella heared Edwards voice, because, she never really had someone she was so close to, no even her own mother, I think it made her feel protected and comforted.I dont think she was crazy, Edward was the one person in her life she could go to and be comforted by mearly his pressence, also she could confind in him (most of the time) He loved her no matter what and I think deep down she knew that, and thats why she heared his voice.

    Kristen is a terrific actress and I think she would be able to pull it off well, If they put it in the movie, i think they will because it if one of the main “crazy” things that happen to Bella when Edward is gone

    love the podcast

    P.S England is awesome

  22. Barbara says:

    Bella was incredibly dependent on Edward, she had never experienced love let alone like with any other guy. H e gave her a purpose something to look forward to in the boring town of Forks. Without him this disappeared, her sense of purpose was gone and she needed something to replace it. His voice was something she probably imagined hearing in order to get by, her need to be with him was so great that even if it came in a voice she would feel slightly alive. Do I think she was crazy??.. No I just think just like everyone else when we truly want to beiieve , see or hear something we can. We as human beings have a sense of perception, meaning we interpret and expect things from our environment, i think Bella could not interpret the fact that Edward had truly left her so her mind used what she could remember of him (his voice) in order to make sense of his leaving her. I think this will be used in the movie because without it theres no way Bella would want to jump of the cliff therefore Edward wouldnt think she killed herself and what occurs in new moon wouldnt occur..Do I think Kirsten could pull it off?? well i’m not sure, initially I would have said no because I thought her performance in twilight could have been much better but after watching Adventureland I have hope so maybe, but I sure hope she can!!! Great pod girlsw =)

  23. Hope Lumbley says:

    Hey… You guys love your podcasts!!! I think thought that edward never really left her beacuse he is so protective over her i thought that he was still near. THis sounds crazy i know but i almost thought that it was actually him directely talking to her llike whispering in her ear but since he cant read her mind bella could almost read his but only the parts that was a warning not the good parts about him dreaming about her only the sad parts of him missing her!! bella didnt belive it cause she was still in shock that he actually left her, yah i do think she is part crazy but i am not a huge bellla fan, although i cant think badly of her trying to triger the vocies, its still kind of weird. I also think that they have to have the vocies part in the movie, its the whole reason why she gets in all the trouble with the cliff diving and causes Edward to think about killing himself!!!!!!!! thanks and hopefully you will discuss this on your podcast and thanks for reading!
    Love Hope, ” Miss James”

    P.S. kallie i got the podcasts to finally download!

  24. Lo says:

    First off great podcast ladies!!

    I dont think she was crazy at all. I think she just missed him so much that she knew what he would say about her putting herself in “dangerous” situations and her mind made her hear what she wanted… his voice. Interesting twist.

    Regarding the movie they are going to be doing something a little different and I think its a great idea. Instead of her hearing Edward’s voice he is going to be showing up and be like a ghost, hence giving Edward more movie time unlike in the book. I think with them doing this even though its different from the book it will satisfy a lot of Pattison fans because he will be in the movie more.

    Also they are going to be showing a lot of her dreams also that are going to be dark and twisted since in New Moon is when her dreams start to really become apart of the story line.

    Later ladies!!


  25. Avery says:

    Hello girls. I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because of how much she missed him. It’s like when something happens in your life that you can’t forget, and you keep replaying it in your mind. Bella tried so hard to not think about Edward or when he broke up with her, but she couldn’t forget him altogether-he was just too important.

    The voices were almost like her subconscious telling her that she still loved him and that it was a breakup she couldn’t get over.

    When I read the books, the voices helped my believe Edward would come back because otherwise Stephenie would have written him off altogether.

    For New Moon they’re going to incorporate Edward using some dream sequences. Sounds cool!

    Love the show.

  26. Evie says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because their bond is so strong and even though they were separated their love for each other had not diminished at all. I think they will put this storyline in the movie because it is a big part of the book. I also think Kristen Stewart will totally pull off playing depressed Bella. She’s a great actress, check out Cake Eaters! Love the podcast, you guys are great!

  27. Lillie says:

    Gosh! Of course it’ll be a huge storyline!! Without it, we’d see almost no Edward for the whole film. I’m pretty certain that Melissa Rosenburg has already said we’re going to be seeing lots of ‘Head-Ed’ as I like to call it. Anyhow, I don’t think she was going crazy. We’ve been told over and over that Bella’s mind is very protected, and I think this was just another way she protected herself emotionally. Bella always saw herself as weak compared to the Cullens and Quileutes, but that was only ever in agility and physical strength. She is very developed emotionally and mentally, even in comparison to Edward. She recalled Edward’s voice in her head because it stopped her from going crazy 🙂
    Love the show xx

  28. Teresa says:

    When Edward left, Bella’s self-esteem took a major hit. She let him convince her that he really didn’t love her anymore. Yet he had done so much to protect her and to keep her safe. Each time she heard Edward’s voice, her subconcious mind was reminding her that he had loved her…that just as she could not stop loving him, he could not simply stop loving her. It was her way of clinging to that shred of the reality of his love that he had left her, even if her concious mind struggled to move past it. Some part of her knew that there was still hope. Some part of her did not WANT to let go of him. It was also a brilliant plot device on Stephenie Meyer’s part to keep him at the forefront of the reader’s thoughts so that WE knew not to get too invested in the Jacob relationship because Edward’s bond was stronger…even when he was gone.

    I definately do NOT think Bella was crazy. Can’t YOU remember the voice of someone you loved who is no longer in your life? The last thing my grandmother said to me before she died was “I’m so proud of you.” When I am discouraged, I can almost hear her say that again. But it isn’t really her, it is just the echo of her memory, the part of her she would have wanted to leave with me. I think that is what Bella heard, the memory of the Edward who loved her and wanted her to stay safe. (OK, so maybe Bella and I are BOTH crazy.)

    They have to include this in the movie. If they don’t, they are sure paying Rob a lot of money to be in about 20 minutes of the film. AND they are going to have a bunch of extremely ticked off fans voicing their opinions. I think it would ruin the movie if they left it out!!! It is too important.

    Finally, of course Kristen can pull it off. That’s what they are paying her for. If she could do the “OMG venom is burning my veins!!” and the “WOW, Rosalie can sure hit that baseball a long way for a girl”, then she can easily handle the “voices of my absent vampire boyfriend” scenes.

  29. Michelle Patrick says:

    Poor Bella was definitely suffering a type of post traumatic stress disorder! When you think about how she literally collapsed in the woods and sort of lost touch with reality due to the impact of Edwards rejection; it makes perfect sense that she was in effect traumatized. The brain is such a delicate organ. It can hold onto memories and produces responses that we don’t have conscious control over. The brain functions in conscious and unconciously. Your brain can remember and react in certain ways due to things that have happened to you that you don’t conciously remember. I bet Bella had a near mental breakdown. Wouldn’t you if you had Edward and then he left you that way?

  30. BrittanyDawn says:

    I REALLY hope they add Edward’s voice in the movie. In Twilight they let Kristen’s voice narrate like she does in the book, so i don’t see why not. I don’t think Bella was crazy to hear him, because when you truly love someone they become a part of who you are. When she became so empty, and lifeless she had to hold on to that so she literally wouldnt fall apart. I think Bella was stronger than i would be if i was in her shoes. I would probably just lie in fetal position and cry all day, i wouldnt be able to pretend to be ok. If they do not add Edward’s voice, the movie would be missing a huge part of the emotion the story has to carry to get the full effect of what Bella is going through. I feel so awful for Bella, and i want to cry just thinking about what the scene will be like when Edward leaves her. If Kristen Stewart is able to capture how Bella feels in the book to the big screen, New Moon will be beyond words the best movie/tear jerker i’ve ever seen. I cannot wait!

    Love the podcast! Keep em’ comin!

  31. Jess says:

    When I first read New Moon, I loved the idea that Edward had stuck around to guard and protect Bella, without interfering in her life unless she was desperate. However, Stephanie said in a later interview that Edward hadn’t stayed, as if he had, he would never have let Laurent attack Bella. I am glad that Bella did hear the voices though, because it meant that New Moon as not totally lacking Edward, and it also meant that instead of just plain old mopey Bella, we got a slightly euphoric Bella when she heard Edward, furthering the grief that she felt for the loss of Edward. I hope that they do include Bella’s hallucinations in the movie, because I think that it adds an extra layer of the grief that Bella feels for Edward, and makes her seem less miserable, but helps audiences who haven’t read the book how much pain Bella is in. Love the podcast!

  32. Emily says:

    Hey ladies! Love the podcast!

    I think Bella hearing Edward’s voice while he’s away is a really essential part of New Moon, not only because it keeps Edward’s memory in the foreground of readers, but also because it brings about Bella’s friendship with Jacob and shows us a lot about Bella’s personality. If she had never started hearing Edward’s voice, I don’t think she would have become such good friends with Jacob–or at all friends with Jacob–because she only got the motorcycles and propositioned Jacob to fix them so that she could get her Edward fix. I’m not sure it would have happened without that push (and I’m not sure if a real friendship should be built on a desire to have a delusion; it would be interesting to hear how Jacob would feel if he knew Bella’s real reasons for hanging out with him)

    Also, her hallucinations show a really essential part of Bella’s psyche–she’s an addict. Now, I’m not talking about substance abuse or anything like that, but Bella definitely treats her relationships like drugs–both with Edward and Jacob. She is so addicted to Edward that once he is gone, she goes through withdrawal and her brain has to deceive her so that she can go about her day. Then, as she does extreme, stupid things to satisfy her habit, she forms a new addiction–Jacob Black–and suddenly is freaking out when she has to go days without him. Its sort of like replacing one drug with another. As in, not only is Bella Edward’s brand of heroine, but he is hers as well. And when that drug is taken away, she finds another to give her a fix. (healthy…?)

    I’m excited to see Bella’s hallucinations in the movie–it seems they won’t just be auditory but visual as well, and the cast (I think specifically, Rob) mentioned whatever effect they are using to make him appear looks really scary, which sounds about right. I think Kristen will do a great job at being ‘crazy Bella’–she’ll pull off the insanity well. (And I have a feeling there will be moments in there that make us laugh, even though they’re not funny–like the bio scene in Twilight. That movie with Jessica is going to be hysterical.)

    Keep up the great work ladies! Have fun in Vancouver!!

  33. Susie says:

    I will keep this short and sweet. I think that the voices that Bella heard were all in her head. I dont think Edward was really “speaking to her”. I think they just had such a connection that she was hearing what he would be saying to her had he been there to say it himself. I think she did lose some of her sanity at that point in the book, which is evident in the fact that she was putting herself in danger just to ‘hear” edward yell at her and tell her she was being stupid.
    As far as what they will do in the movie, I dont think they will cut this out as I think it is very pertinant to the story. I think they will take advantage of this part of the book to show more of Edward than was in the book at this time.
    ok thats all…love the show!

  34. Judith Akufo says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because she was literally clutching onto any memory of him. Her subconscious mind was feeding her desire to feel Edward, by creating these voices. I definitely think this should be included into the movie, because I know when I read it my first though was “wow, she must of really loved this person with every fiber of her being to be doing this to herself, It definitely helped to let me know, that what they shared was true love and not just infatuation and Kristen is an amazing actress, I think If you see her performance in Speak, you’ll have no doubt the she can pull this off.

  35. Emily says:

    I think that Bella heard Edward’s voice because of a few reasons:
    1) Bella is crazy because just like Jacob so wisely said she is addicted to him (he is probably like a halusinagen drug lol)
    2) She cant get over feakin’ Edward when she has a perfectly good guy (Jacob) holding her hand!!
    3) Bella is tooo stubborn
    moving right along (lol) i think this is crucial to the story line it what makes new moon my favorite!!! i cant wait to see kristan pull it off i know she will try her hardest!!
    luv the podcast!! ( FYI if you haven’t guessed i am a huge jacob fan!)

  36. Tara K. says:

    Okay, so first I wanted to start off saying I heart your podcast and website, you girls are AMAZING!!!!!! Okay so now that I’ve gotten the “fan” out of my system, I think that Bella heard Edward’s voice in her head when she did dangerous and reckless activities because that is exactly what Edward told her not to do. Everybody has some kind of conscience in their head, and since Edward had become such a big part of Bella’s life, she had him as her sort of conscience. When they were together, Edward probably warned Bella when things would endanger her or his control. So when she would do things such as jump off a cliff, her thoughts would come out as Edward’s voice because it would’ve been habit for Bella to hear his voice if something she was doing would be dangerous. I would hope that this would be included because it is SUCH a major part in why she is doing all of these crazy stunts. TO HEAR EDWARD’S VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kristen had her moments in the movie, so I think she’ll do okay with the voice-in-the-head ordeal. LOVE YOUR PODCAST, AND HAVE FUN ON THE SET!!!!!! (Okay, now my “fan-ness” is out of my system. For a few minutes 🙂 )

  37. VampCat says:

    I think that………..Bella is heard Edward’s voice cuz she missed him like SO much that is the only way that she can remember him. NO she was NOT crazy!!!! ALL she was, was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad and all she code do was think of him and it made her fill that he still cared about her and LOVED her still. :,( so sad
    They NEED to put that in the movie !!!!!! Or I will drink the ppl at summit’s blood ^,..,^ JK lol
    I also think that Kristen cant pull it off , I like her a lot she makes a good Bella but it would be hard for any one to pull that one off. It is a hard scene.
    Love u all. peace out
    GO TEAM EMMETT ^,..,^

  38. Brittany says:

    bella was just going plain crazy. love does that to you. people try to say that she wasn’t going crazy that her mind was doing whatever… but ya she was just losing..
    i really hope and very much belive that hearing edward’s voice will be apart of the movie. they need an excuse to have rob out and about.. bella probley see him a couple of times when she hears him.
    as for kristen being able to “pull off this intersting twist with Bella’s subconscious” ? ya. she came off very tortured in twilight when she didn’t need to be and i think that combined with her emo-ness will be good, and make the movie hate-ers (like myself) not bash her this time…… well at least i hope so!!!!

  39. Emily says:

    I think Bella is just so distraught by Edward leaving so abruptly that her mind is trying to cope so she invents a fake Edward. It’s a coping mechanism. I guess you could say Bella has gone a bit crazy but what else can she do? Edward took away all items she had to remind her of him i.e. the CD and photos. We know it will be in the film because they have reported they are beefing it up to visions instead of just a voice. I am glad they are keeping it in the film. I think it’s so integral to the storyline of New Moon. It really helps to confirm that Bella is experiencing a deep, true, soul mate, love and not just a teen crush or infatuation. As for Kristen pulling it off, I have no doubt that she will. She has a way of almost under acting. What I mean is she is very capable of subtlety. It makes things more significant than some actors who over act a bit in films. Does that make scenes or am I sounding as crazy as Bella? Love the show gals! Keep up the good work.

  40. laCullensCantante says:

    i think bella went a little crazy, absurd, balmy, beyond all reason, bizarre, cockeyed, coo-coo, derisory, eccentric, fatuous, foolhardy, foolish, goofy, half-baked, harebrained, idiotic, ill-conceived, impracticable, imprudent, inane, inappropriate, insane, irresponsible, loony, ludicrous, nonsensical, odd, out of all reason, outrageous, peculiar, preposterous, puerile, quixotic, ridiculous, senseless, short-sighted, silly, strange, unworkable, weird, wild. yes ladies i own a Thesaurus.

    love the show

  41. Kelsey says:

    I think that Bella heard Edwards voice because everytime she wanted to do something crazy she wanted him to be there.
    I think that she wanted him to be there so much that she would do nything to have him there with Her….so she heard his voice….

  42. Bee says:

    I have to say… this is one of the only parts of New Moon that I thought was kind of weird. I mean… sure, it’s romantic and all, but hearing voices? That kind of pushes it for me. I love Edward and all, but she was definitely going a little nuts. But if i were her, i would for real be crazy, even more crazy…
    I think that she heard his voice because she missed him, even though she tried to “go on” with her life. I think she was so used to Edward protecting her from every little danger that crossed her path, that even with the smallest or something that you wouldn’t normally think of as dangerous, that just that little aspect triggered the memory. That’s my little theory. But I think that there is some part in the book or in an interview that said something about it… or maybe im going crazy. 🙂
    In the ET special, they said that Rob is going to appear in the “flashbacks.” I think that is… I really don’t know. I mean, I think that it will defeat the purpose of the whole “voice” thing. Plus it makes the “final memory” of Edward when she is “drowning” in the cliff diving scene THAT much more powerful. If you are getting what I’m saying…
    And I have a personal vendetta AGAINST Kristen, and I absolutely CANNOT stand her. BUT…!!!!
    But I think that this would be her best movie. She just seems better suited for this movie than the other ones..

    Love your show guys!

  43. Tammie says:

    When you are young and not experienced in the matters of the heart, love takes you by surprise. And well true love, your soul mate? That can shock anyone into a world of despare if it is lost. To be loved so completely and so selfless by someone is rare and when your experience lacks you don’t always know how to recognize it. Bella was crazy, crazy in love and when you that person choses to walk away, it runs deap. Feelings like that don’t go away easily. Sometimes you have to hold on to what you had, even when it’s gone, to learn how special it is so that it is never take for granted again. When you hold on that tight, you mind can do what ever it wants and sometime you are not always aware of your actions. What you see and what others see are 2 entirely different things.

    As far as the movie, I think that it will be even more vivid. I have heard that you won’t just hear Edward but you will see him too. I believe that will bring a new element to the movie and that will allow Kristen to portray a maturing Bella. She will grow right before our eyes and I can not wait.

    Thank you to Stephanie Meyer for writing these books. They touched me in such a way , it was life changing. Tough to explain but I am a different person because of these books. I will be a Twiligh Fan for life and hope she writes more.

    Love your show.

  44. Lara says:

    hey guys!

    absolutely love the podcast as always!!

    I honestly don’t care what everyone else says- I think that Edward found out that he could speak to Bella, as in she could hear his thoughts in the opposite way that he couldn’t hear Bella’s thoughts. But he only used this in emergency situations i.e. when she tries to end her life. I think that alot of husbands don’t always tell their wives 100% of the truth, and as Edward was always honest with Bella every other time, he’s allowed have one secret.

    I think that this will definitely be in the movie as different interviews suggest dream sequences and Edward imposed in CGI.
    I think that Kristen wil do an UNREAL job as she is such a good actress and can really get into character.

    can’t wait for the podcast!!

    Lara C

    (14, Ireland)


  45. vampirelore says:

    hey i think bella wasnt crazy she was MENTAL.
    she was retarded to be so helpless when he left . i understand the voices but i dont get all her break downs
    voices easy no problem her breackdowns were the problem the were idotic crazzy and supersonicly-weird.
    anyway i really hope the voices are in the movie because it would explain so much to the viewers who havnt read the book.
    yes she was mentally crazy and i hpe the voices are in the movie. :>

  46. AshleyBrooke says:

    Hey ladies! This is my first question of the week response! EEEK!

    Ok. So, I definitely wasn’t thinking that Bella had lost her marbles when she was hearing Edward. She was absolutely, irrevocably in love with this (undead) man, and he leaves. I went through a breakup kind of like that, only in a much less-dramatic sense. I mean, I was totally in love with this guy, and he broke up with me–with no good explanation–after he had discussed marriage…his family loved me…I loved his family…etc, etc.

    Now, I didn’t “hear” him in my head, but the slightest thing (bumper stickers, songs, photos) could induce memory-fuzed crying fits. Those memories were all I had left. Bella is going thru that during New Moon. She still loves Edward, and had no good reason for him leaving… SO… her heart and her mind are doing everything they can to “keep him alive” in her world. These situations where she heard Edward were ones that Bella, even in her subconscious, knew that he would be freaking out, so her mind takes over in Edward form.

    Crazy? mmm… no. Just Crazy In Love.

    I am scared that this won’t make the film, but I think it’s pretty vital in the storyline. Why else would Bella be jumping off a cliff if it wasn’t just to “hear Edward?” How else would the lead up to the whole Voulturi situation? Yeah… that’s what I thought!

    Kristen is waaay deep. She could totally pull this off. I think everyone is really going to step up their games this go-round.

    Love the podcast! Thanks for keeping us all entertained and updated!

  47. Nathalie says:

    Okay, so at first I thought that Bella’s hallucinations of Edward’s voice were a little insane. When I read New Moon for the first time, I thought that she was going crazy because he left her and she was just plain weird. After all, I honestly could not stand Bella in New Moon. But, I just finished reading New Moon for the second time, and I realized that the meaning of her hallucinations were the complete opposite. After she rescues Edward and they are talking about the time spent away from each other, Bella explains the “voices” she heard in her head when she did dangerous and stupid things (on pages 526 & 527). She dwells on it a little bit (I think it was decribed as her having an epiphany) and realizes that underneath it all, she knew that Edward still loved her.
    “Edward loved me. The bond that forged between us was not one that could be broken by absence, distance, or time. And no matter how much more special or beautiful or brilliant or perfect than me he might be, he was as irreversibly altered as I was. As I would always belong to him, so would he always be mine.” (page 527)
    Well anyways hope that helped 🙂
    LOOOOOOOVE the podacst, you two are amazing! I was wondering, where’s Lindsay? I miss her! Oh, and a note for Kassie: You’re not the only one…my newfound love for Jacob may have a LOT to do with Taylor Lautner, my future husband 🙂 !!

  48. Lee says:

    hey ladies!
    i think that bella was hearing edward’s voice because deep down she always knew that he never stopped loving her. also, no matter how much she tried to let him go, she was never really able to, hence putting herself in danger just to hear him in her head. i guess she was doing anything she could to keep the few memories she had of him alive. i don’t think she was crazy? she heard his voice because he still loved her. i also don’t think she was crazy by putting herself in danger just to hear him. i think anyone would do that if they were in her place. from what we’ve heard these scenes are going to be in the movie, but instead of just hearing edward’s voice there will be actual visions of him which i think will be so awesome. i’m imagining bella reaching out to touch him but just before she does, he fades away or disappears. that would be pretty cool. anyway i think kristen’s a pretty good actress. she has her moments. hopefully she’ll be able to pull it off. i think she’ll be able to. love the show! you girls always make me laugh =] keep up the good work!

  49. Shelby Whitlock says:

    I think that Bella was not crazy, just madly in love (as we all already know). She had convinced herself over the time with Edward that there would never be another for her and that she couldn’t live without him, but when he left she had to live without him. Now she had to cope somehow so that she could pull through for Charlie, Renee and even Jacob, so she imagined Edward talking to her when he was mad. This was the way her mind coped and kept her from falling apart, this way it was almost like Edward never went away. To compare the voices to Edward’s own analagies, it was like she was a vampire- she would eat the animals so she was strong enough to resist the people. Except she made the voices subconciously as to be able to fight the depression she was going through and not let it take over her completely.

    I do think that this should and will be included in the movie since it is such a big and nessecary subconflict. I believe Rob’s voice will be heard, somewhat distorted and muted so that it is clear that the outsidfe world can’t hear it- and that Kristen will make a concentrated facial expression, or perhaps a temporarily happy one when she hears it.

    Thanks and love the podcast!

    – Shelby Whitlock

  50. Debra says:

    Actually, I think Bella was listening to Edward’s voice in such cases for many reasons. First of all, because she was craving for him and she tought that if she was cheating (do something dangerous, which was the thing that Edward told her not to do), then he would be there to stop her. She long for him in every way, she wasn’t in a very good menal state after all because of his abscence. She wanted so deeply him there and that was the only way to have him near her. So her subconcious pushed Edward to the surface.After all, she thought that he actually was there and that made it easier for her to hear Edward. It came naturally. Of course, I think that she hoped that Edward never stopped to love her and would be there if something bad happened, no matter what. She was always waiting for him.

    I think it must be in the movie (it actually will be there) because there is the turning point: that’s why Bella jumps off the cliff and that’s why she gets close with Jacob at first! And of course, because there is way to get a little bit more of Edward thoughout the movie.

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