Daniel X Watch The Skies: Book Recommendation!

Apr 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Book News, Fandom, Featured Articles

Here is the review for the next Daniel X Book Watch The Skies, which comes out July 27th 2009! (I could not get the picture to for the cover, but the Amazon link has the cover!) Sorry!

Daniel lives in a quite town of Holliswood.  A normal city in America, kids playing in the streets, going to school, listening to iPod, going on the computer…ect.  But only Daniel notices something stranger than normal, every TV in Holliswood, and every iPod, and other electronic devices starts playing music, and won’t stop.  The reason is a new alien outlaw has landed on Earth.  This aliens powers are stronger than expected, he can control any electronic device that he wants to at his will.  Daniel, and his “friends” do all they can do to stop this horrific alien before he takes over Earth!  What will happen to Daniel X?  This book is a great follow up to The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, and will leave you wanting more!

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