Twilight Movie Mistakes

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Movie Mistakes has an illustrated list of Twilight mistakes here!

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24 Comments to “Twilight Movie Mistakes”

  1. olindaa :) says:

    i did see some of them.. like 4 πŸ˜€
    yay first comment!

  2. Sarah Ray Wolfe says:

    hahaha. oh well….. every shot can’t be exactly the same.

  3. Amanda G says:

    haha woah, that’s funny, u think when they were editing the movie, they would have noticed!

  4. Brandi says:

    I had notices a few of these on my own… Its fun to find little things like that, but nothing can be perfact.

  5. Team Switzerland says:

    Haha, It’s kninda funny.. πŸ˜€ I’ve actually seen a couple of them..
    It’s a bit depressing though, to the movie makers, to see everything they did wrong..!

  6. Bea(FanOfTheMonth-March) says:

    i only noticed the one in the hospital with the tubes and i once noticed the ponytale but just forgot about it. and the mic on was just plain amateur-ish. but it could hav been a spoof, like an old pic of them filming. i dunno. i’ll hav a look.
    i dont think i notice them because when i watch the movie i just watch the achual story but i do notice lots of stuff but not the mistakes!

  7. Cedar says:

    LOL those are some good mistakes

  8. Alexander says:

    When Bella drops the apple, you know…that scene? Yeah well, you can seen that the Rpattz-inator is sporting pit-stains.
    Haha, FAIL.

  9. AbbyCullen says:

    Wow! How can people catch these mistakes? I didn’t catch a single one at first. Next time I watch the movie I’ll pay a little bit more attention….But did you see Edward standing behind the door in Bella’s room before she leaves for Phoenix to escape from James? Or that Victoria is wearing Waylon’s shirt and that James has his jacket? That’s pretty much the only thing I actually noticed. I still liked looking at the mistakes though. I’ll be sure to keep a keen eye during New Moon!

    • betheniek5 says:

      actually, the shirt and jacket of waylon was supposed to be like that. because james was also wearing the badge of the securtiy guard guy u first c killed

  10. Shteff says:

    its funny that people where bored and sad enough to sit and point them out πŸ˜€
    *cheers for them* x]
    i feel sorry for the director’s and shiz though…sad they see their mistakes πŸ™‚

  11. Jacki says:

    Lol, yeah, i noticed some while watching the movie myself D:

  12. Nellie says:

    They didn’t put the one from when they are in the tree when he says that he only hated her for making him want her so badly.. they go from being far away to close to far away from each other.

  13. Team Switzerland says:

    I think true talent is to beable to spot the changes
    That says alot about someone
    like……. they have alot of time, they love Twilight, and when they were little they played that ISpy kinda game
    How many other flukes were there?????

  14. This is why Catherine Hardwicke got fired. No wonder.

  15. twilightchik97 says:

    She didn’t get fired!!!

  16. Jasmine says:

    LOL! Nothing can be perfect!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  17. sam says:

    imdb has a ton too

  18. sam says:

    when there in the woods and bella just figures out hes a vampire and hes in the tree shes leaning up to him and there heads are really close in the close up shot and when it zomms out there farther away and throughout the movie in bio class a mounted animal appears and dissappears

  19. alicen trouble says:

    some of those mistakes are not really mistake. like come on. bella’s ponytale: she is human she moves her head when she talks. hair can fall behind your shoulder especially when you are wearing it hanging over your shoulder like that.
    the plants in the hospital just looks like it is from a diiferent view so thats why it looks like it is in a different spot.
    edwards head leaning in different directions: lest think according to human terms some ppl shuffle in their sleep and he is acting not according to vampire trems he is not really sleeping and i am sure he turned his head when renee was not looking. i mean come on these movie directors work so hard and also all their staff members. some mistakes are bound to happen. i only watched the movie one so i wouldnt know but i did notice the clean car.

  20. Sarah :) says:

    Pffffft who cares, no one noticed it.
    Not a big deal

  21. KristiN says:

    did you know that you can see victoria at the prom? twice! she is standing there with her fluffy little shawl thing not facing us. it freaked me out the first time i saw her.

  22. i really love Twilight. this movie is super great that we watched it several times with some of my friends. :

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