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The Volturi by ~tilt5000 on deviantART
We have a great set of questions for the Question of the Week for you to answer…

Do you think Edward’s visit to the Volturi was irrational? Why?

We also want to know what you think of the actors that have been cast as the Volturi!?!?!

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71 Comments to “Visiting the Volturi…”

  1. TwilightGirl says:

    I think Edward’s desicion to go to the Volturi was slightly irrational… I mean, he should’ve asked Alice if Bella being dead was true rather than trusting ROSALIE. But he thought he lost his true love, so I understand the fact that he’d want to kill himself because he thought she was dead. But just think, if Edward hadn’t gone to the Volturi then we might not have go him back as soon as we did! So far, I don’t like ANY of the cast that Chris Weltz had chosen!!! But I did like Dakota Fanning as Jane.

  2. Rachel luvs team jacob says:

    I think that edwards visit was in the middle of rational and irrational…. i think that he had a kinda good reason, he really thought Bella was dead and he did’nt want to live without her, but it was irrational because what if Rosalie had lied??? then he would have died for nothing. i LOVE the volturi! well except Dakota Fanning… I don’t have anything against her as an actress but for me personally she doesnt fit my idea of Jane….

  3. Michele Celine says:

    I REALLY like the cast that was chosen. At first, I wasn’t sure about Dakota Fanning, because I thought that Jane actually should look like an adult with child-like features, not a REAL child. I really cannot say much about Michael Sheen as Aro, as I haven’t seen much of his work, but his look isn’t exactly as I pictured. Maybe if they gave him longer hair? I don’t know. But to conclude, my favorite by far is Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius. I love him and I really believe he’ll make a great Caius. The only unfortunate part about that is that Caius doesn’t have a huge part. But all in all, I LOVE the Volturi cast!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I think That Edward’s decicion was irrational and I also understand though that at the time he wasn’t thinking. He shoukd have never trusted Rosalie of all people(or vampires). Even though Rosalie probably wouldn’t have lied about something like that, he shouldn’t have fully trusted her. I do get why he did what he did though, He really believed that the love of his life, his soulmate was dead and he would never see her again, and seeing as how long he had waited for someone like her, I can actually understand why he did that. Though it was still irrational.
    As for the cast I won’t say anything, last movie a lot of people were really aganist Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and now I can’t even imagine other people portraying Edward and Bella,so I won’t judege the choices or the people until I see the movie.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hey gals luv luv the podcast

    When edward went to the volturi because he thought Bella was dead was irrational, but it showed love grows through great limits even after death. It shows that he was wrong of him breaking up with Bella and that he truly still loved her at the time and really only did it for her protection. His life was no more with out Bella because he couldn`t find his way back to how it was before this human girl came along and no one could understand him. I can understand him because of certain situations at the moment and I may want to just kill myself at times I am not actually going to that`s IRRARTIONAL!! As for the Volturi cast, it`s going to be interesting how all of the actors come into place…….

  6. Greenlee says:

    I don’t think Edward was irrational. He rushed to a decision but had told Bella, and I’m sure at least Alice and Carlisle, that he can’t live without Bella. He believed Bella was dead. He was just doing what he could to join her because he already knew from him distancing himself from her that he really can’t live without her. That pain those few months was amplified when he got Rosalie’s phone call.

  7. Susie says:

    I do think that his actions were…maybe not irrational so much as hasty. Although I don’t condone EVER killing yourself over heartbreak, even if it means the other person has died….this is of course fiction and Edward is not the average Joe. The average Joe does not have to live for eternity with their loss. I think though, that he acted a little quickly. He got a random phone call from Rosalie, who he KNOWS does not like Bella and he just took it as face value. Yes he did call Bellas house and spoke with Jacob( who doesn’t like him) , who said Charlie was at a Funeral….but wouldnt that seem fishy too? Why wouldn’t Jacob be there and not at Bellas house? He should have looked into it more before going all crazy.
    I also think the way he chose to die, going to the volturi like that, was a little selfish. He could have made a lot of trouble for his family…not to mention he didn’t think about who he would leaving behind and how it would hurt them for him to die. Not the smartest move on his part….BUT since this is a Shakespear-esque love story, I expect some drama like this, its what makes it so good!

    Thanks for reading my post last week! I almost peed my pants when I heard my supporter speculation while on my commute home. Made my day!

  8. Susie says:

    oh I forgot to talk about the cast!! I like whats his name they picked for Aro. I think he was really good in the Underworld series (funny, he played a werewolf…..can we say conflict of interest?)
    I am not sure what I think about Dakota Fanning. She is not who I imagine Jane to be. But I think she might surprise us and be good. I dont know the guy who will play Alec, but he looks ok. And I am not sure about the others. They are all unknowns to me, so I have no opinion until I see how they perform in New Moon.

  9. MrsEdwardCullen18 says:

    I think Edward’s decision to go see the Volturi was a little irrational. I think he should have spoke to Alice before he made a rash decision like that! But of course it worked out in the end! Anyway, i am happy with the people they chose for the Volturi. They all look the part! CAN’T WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!! ==]]

  10. Sami.Salvo says:

    I think that Edward’s visit to the Volturi was irrational yes. When you think about it though, look at what Bella did. Both Bella and Edward were heartbroken from being away from each other which led to them do irrational and (to be frank) stupid things. So while yes Edward going to Italy after he thought Bella was dead was irrational it makes sense. Bella went cliff-diving and almost got herself killed becasue she was so depresed after Edward dumped her. SHe was sad because he wasn’t with her now think of the sorrow and pain he felt when Edward though Bella was DEAD. He didn’t feel that he had a reason to live because Bella was dead.
    Edward crazy, irrational, stupid behavior shows us that you should always triple check everything from RELAIBLE sources [pssst Rosalie is not a reliable source! ]
    Everthing turned out fine in the end only because of Alice. We owe much thanks to Alice Cullen. Go Alice! Boo Jacob and Rosalie because they are the two people who ‘confirmed’ that Bella was dead.


    I can’t comment too much on the actors portraying the Volturi because I don’t know much about them. After seeing all of their pictures they fit their roles quite nicely. It slightly surprised me that Dakota Fanning is playing Jane though. She was rumored ot be her from the very beginning which I knew. It surprises me because she is somewhat of a mainstream actress and all of the other actors/actresses are not.


    P.S. Great podcasting!

  11. Nikki says:

    I think that Edwards decision to visit the volturi was somewhat rational. I mean the poor guy had waited centuries for his soulmate/true love, and most of the time he didn’t think that she even existed. So along comes Bella, and he finally has his soulmate in which he has been scared to death he will hurt, physically/mentally. Thats why he decided to leave her, and come to find out, she “killed” herself over his leaving her (or so Edward believed). So Edward believing that his one true love took her own life, the life that he so desperatly wanted to protect, felt he had no reason to go back “living” an empty “life”. He always told Bella from the beginning that he “lived” for her, and if she died than so would he! Edward had always been a man of his word, would that change now? Nope! So, yeah, in our world maybe all that would be irrational, but in a world of vampiers, I don’t think so!

    About the cast of the volturi…I havn’t liked any of the members I have seen! Of course, I haven’t seen them in their gray and black cloakes yet, so maybe that will change my mind! Looking at them as “normal” selves, I just don’t see it working, so lets hope the cloakes help!!

    PS: I so know what you mean when you say you only have a minute cause the kids aren’t in bed yet!! I had to walk away from the computer at least four times just in the time it took me to write this! lol But it gets done right…

  12. Brandi says:

    Ok, first thing, of course he trusted Rose, she is his sister! She has her crazy moments, but I beleive her to love Edward mroe then just to tell a lie like that, plus I beleive she honestly thought Bella was dead. I don’t beleive what he did was irrational, he love Bella, and had said He couldn’t live if she wasn’t alive either. It wasn’t a spur-of -the-moment decision, going to Italy is something he had planed for a while, he just didn’t know it would happen so soon. —– As for the actors, I have great hopes that they will do the characters justice. I have great hopes in CW and of course the cast we already have (sans KS I’m just not a fan of how she portrayed Bella, maybe with new and improved directing things will change.) BUT all things considered, I truley beleive NM will be fantastic!!!!!

  13. AraBELLA says:

    As we can tell from Stephanie’s writing, Edward loves Bella SO much that it makes him irrational (he wouldn’t let her do ANYTHING the slightest bit risky, e.c.t…), so it is hardly surprising that he did go to the volturi. In his world, the volturi are probably the thing that one should be most scared of, so he immediately thought of them when he wanted a way to die.

    I didn’t like Dakota Fanning originally, because I wanted to be Jane (!) but now I can see that she could pull it off if she can come across as angelic but REALLY evil below the surface.

    Love the podcast, as always!


  14. bekaness says:

    well yes when bella and ed were seeing romeo & julet bella said if he would like her to off herself he did not like that so why when bella made her pont so why hed do it anyway it was not fair to his fam super jacked up i like ed but it was way selfish .
    i like the cast they all seem to fit there chariters im iffy on caus though

    team jacob

  15. Kirsten says:

    Hey guys.
    Firstly I do not think that Edward’s decision to visit the volturi was irrational because he thought his one true love was dead. So basically as it says in the book he couldn’t live in a world where Bella dosen’t exist, which personally I think is sooo sweet! Although I think he should not have left Bella in the first place, but if that wasn’t included in the book then New Moon would be incredibly boring. Ha! However I do think that it was very obvious that Edward could never die even if Bella was dead, just because he makes a small part of the world perfect and a few peoples lives complete, eventhough he is a fictional character.

    Secondly I think that a couple of the actors cast as the volturi are perfect for the roles. These include Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius), Dakota Fanning (Jane) and Charlie Bewley (Demetri) as they all look perfect for the roles. But I really do not see Micheal Sheen as Aro but I am sure he will do a great job as he is a great actor. However to be honest I really really really dislike Cameron Bright as Alec, I think he dosen’t look right for the part and I find him quite annoyed, I don’t know why.
    I really hope to love all the volturi after I have seen the movie!

    Thanks, love the podcats as always. LOL!


  16. wendy says:

    I think Edward was being resourceful and foolish all at the same time. In his hopelessness, he realized the best way to GUARANTEE his death was to go against the Volturi. No one could save Edward, not even the Cullens, from the Volturi when they realized that he had broken their primary rule of no exposing vampires to the humans. (However, isn’t it interesting that the Volturi themselves violated that very directive with some of their own staff. Topic for another discussion.) Edward was being selfish and shortsighted. His actions could have exposed the entire Vampire community, there by endangering the lives of the Cullen Family. Not only could the Volturi have gone after all of the Cullens for retribution, but all Vamps could have become hunted by humans if the exposure was great enough. In the end, I think I understand Edwards rational for using those tactics and for making the decision he made, not that I agree with them.

    I think this scene with the Volturi in Italy is the pivotal scene in this movie. It has the potential to make or break this installment of the series. It has to be done right with proper time and money invested into it. I am already a bit leary. I love the Underworld series so I think Micheal Sheen could be great! Christopher Heyerdahl has great facial structure to play the part, but I am not familiar with any of his work. Jamie Bower I have seen in Sweeny Todd, and he has also been cast in the last Harry Potter movie. Two potentially big movies and he is a relatively inexperienced actor. I am hopeful!
    When I picture the Volturi, based on what I remember of the from the book, I saw much older men. I had the impression from the description Stephenie gave that these guys are supposed to be centuries old, with paper thin and very white skin and power just oozing and leaching from them even though their bodies appeared to be frail. Did it not say in the book that Vamps do age, just very slowly? Hollywood makeup artists are just that, amazing artists!! They can work their own kind of magic. I hope that between the costumes and make up and the acting, it will turn out alright. I am keeping an open mind and trying to warp my mental image of the book trio, so I don’t become disappointed by the movie creatures.

  17. Alecia says:

    In a way, I don’t think it was irrational. We all know he loved Bella more than anything, even though he left. He had waited forever for her, and now he thought she was gone.
    But it was a little irrational because… he wanted her to be human, right?

  18. Jessica says:

    I don’t think anyone is rational in that kind of a situation, particularly with the intense, dependent type of relationship that Bella and Edward have. He couldn’t think of any other way to accomplish the task (though if you ask me, he could have just come back to Forks and had Jacob do the honors…would be much simpler and a kind of poetic justice).

    I love who they’ve cast as the Volturi. Michael Sheen has a kind of childlike, eager face that I’ve always pictured Aro as having. Both Dakota Fanning and Jamie Campbell Bower have the creepy face thing that I picture the twins as having. Overall I’ve loved the casting!!!

  19. Brinean (Bruh-Neen) :) says:

    I in fact do think that Edward’s decision was irrational because he could have just taken me instead of Bella!!!JOKES!!!:)
    I do think he was rational he said that he could not live without her being alive and would have killed himself after she did die anyways Bella was his reason for not being a monster after he met her he was determined to keep her safe and if anything happened to her he blame himself just like in Breaking Dawn he was tortured by the fact Bella was dying!!!!:(

    As for the choice of th Volturi I i Think the casting directors made a great choice and I think they will do a fine job since some of them have been in big productions before!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the great podcasts!!

  20. Emmiley says:

    I friggin’ loooooove Jamie-Campbell Bower! But overall, I do like the cast chosen. Personally, I think Dakota was a perfect choice for Jane, and Noot will be a fantastic Heidi. And although I love Jamie, I was surprised to hear that he was cast as Caius. Happy, but surprised the same.
    I think that Edward’s decision was irrational ish. I mean, the guy is usually so thoughtful and thinks everything through, and when he heard Bella was dead, his brain stopped thinking normally and stopped reasoning like it usually did, because he had no more reason to do either. But I guess in his defense, his sources were kind of at a weak spot at the time. Still, he didn’t have to get rid of his phone. Jeez.

  21. Brita says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie! I just first wanted to say how much I loooove your podcast and site! The background noises in the last one were hilarious!

    On to the questions:
    For the first question, it’s kind of split. I mean, Edward had told Bella when he had thought Bella was going to die before, that he would probably go to the Volturi to have them kill him. So he had thought through going to the Volturi. So it wasn’t very “irrational” of him to go to the Volturi, but I do think it was irrational of him to just assume Bella was dead without even a clear confirmation.

    For the next one, I think the cast is okay. I mean, it isn’t my favorite, but there aren’t much problems. I do like Dakota Fanning, not because I think she’s perfect for Jane, but because it will be nice to have (no offense) some more experienced actors. Aa for Alec (I forgot the actors name) I don’t really like him. But maybe that’s just because me and my friends always called him the “creepy stalker guy” after we saw Sweeny Todd.

    Thanks for reading!!!!!

    P.S. Check out this HILARIOUS comic I found about the Volturi:

  22. Mary Kate Karle says:

    Hey girls!!!! I love the showw and just thought I’d drop in my answer real quick!!!
    So, I think that Edward’s decision to go to the Volturi was irrational, yet, rational. Bella knew that Edward was going to go to the Volturi if she died, so I don’t think she should of been too surprised. But I guess she thought that he would still want to live if she died, because he no longer loved her. Anyways, Edward should of at least gone straight to Rose to make sure that the Bella was dead, or maybe just go to talk to the Cullens about what he planned to do, or even go to Forks to check it out…but that may have been too painful for him, so he probably didn’t consider it. It didn’t seem like Edward to make one phone call, get a very vague answer and then consider it the truth. But, Edward probably wasn’t himself at all in New Moon.. He was already crazy upset about leaving Bella, and then when he found out that she was dead, it was just like boom I….Have….To….Die….and NOW! Edward was just a reck and wanted out of the world, if Bella didn’t need him anymore.

    One last thing….I AM SO EXCITED FOR DAKOTA FANNING AS JANE…she will be amazingly perfect!!!!
    love y’all,
    Mary Kate 🙂

  23. Lola says:

    I have mixed feelings on this topic. On the one hand Edward loves Bella sooooo much. And when he hears she’s dead then the only thing he can think of is to die. Since vampires can’t commit suicide easily so going to the Volturi seams like the logical thing to do. If you loved someone as much as Edward loves Bella then you would probably do the same thing. Then on the other hand, he really didn’t know for certain she was dead. Of course he heard Jacob say Charlie was at the funeral, but Jacob never said Bella’s funeral! I think he was a little irrational by going to the Volturi without going to Forks first and finding out for certain. I mean you’d think he would at least visit Charlie and give his condolences. So I think if Edward had really know for absolute certain that Bella was dead then I think going to the Volturi was not irrational, but going under the circumstances he went in, then I do think he was irrational.

    Now about the cast of the Volturi. I think most of the cast is amazing. The only person who I have reservations about is Dakota fanning. I know there is a lot of controversy about people not liking her or not, but this is my total unbiased opinion. I think she is an amazing actress, and I have seen many of her movies. I do know that she can play that dark and mysterious person really well but I don’t think the Twilight series should have that famous an actress play such a small role. I mean think about it…When Robert and Kristen were cast did you instantly know who they were? I mean they were both in really popular movies before Twilight, but they weren’t out there making the millions yet. Same with all the other actors and actresses in Twilight and even in New Moon. I just think Dakota is too popular or I guess too famous to play such a small part. I think the Twilight series would be better off with someone who is a little less known. That way we will be surprised. Despite my little rant above, I’m hoping Dakota does a great job because I think she’s a phenomenal actress, and I really want her to prove my theory wrong.
    And I know this isn’t about the rest of the Volturi cast, but I’m REALLY super excited to have Chris Weitz direct New Moon. I think he’ll give it a new meaning and do the movie justice. And for all the people who think he’ll be a disappointment, I just have this too say. Do you really think Stephanie Meyer would let her beloved book be completely chopped up?

  24. Mallory says:

    first- as always, love the podcast & their amazing hosts 🙂
    i thought edward was really irrational in going to the volturi-he should know better than to accept something straight from rosalie’s mouth- he has always disliked her and never really paid attention to her (“just ignore Rosalie, i do” from the movie)-so why should he just start accepting this from her? well, i think it wasn’t really hard to believe that bella had committed suicide, like rosalie said, as edward knew how attached she was to him, so he just believed rosalie easily when she told him she killed herself. he should have double-checked with someone more reliable first-like alice.

    as for the cast. it is okay. some of the people are really good- like the celebs for jane and her brother- but others just look weird. they may change their appearances drastically for the movie, and i don’t really know them as actors, just by their appearances, so it is a tough decision.

  25. Emily says:

    Hey Girls!! i love the podcast! definatly the best and most helpful one out there!

    I do and i don’t think Edward was irrational in his reaction of going to the Volturi.
    DO: I think it was a tad bit extreame for him to want to kill himself when he found out bella was “dead” if the person i loved “died” yes i would be horrible upset but going to the Vampire Royal family to ask for death, wow overexadurate more!
    DON’T: so like i said it was a bit crazy but some people were saying “why did he trust rosalie?” i get why he did. If someone told me my other half just “died” i probably wouldn’t ask many questions. I would probably drop the phone and pull and izzie and lie on the bathroom floor for a day an a half. (I LOVEEEE Greys anatomy! and i am so jealous you met Jeffrey Dean Morgan! i <3 Denny!) but i digress
    so yah i guess the second part kinda contridicts the first, but i have really mixed feelings on this topic so i could argue either topic.
    As for the Cast the only one i know acting wise is Dakota and i thought from the begining that she would be great. The rest look like they will do a good job, but we won’t know till we see the movie! (NOVEMBER 20TH! BABY!!!)

    Keep up the Great work Girls! 😀

  26. Rhonda says:

    It depends on what you mean by irrational. Edward’s process in making the decision to go to the Volturi was actually very rational. Any Classical logician, including Aristotle, would have approved of the soundness of his argument: he couldn’t live if Bella died; he thought Bella was dead, so he had to find a way to die; the Volturi possess the rare power to kill vampires (or, in Edward’s words, “whatever it is we do”), so he had to go to them.

    This argument is both logical and rational IF one accepts all the conditions as rational, namely, that Edward couldn’t live without Bella, or, to make it more generalized, that a person’s reason for existence can be contained in just one other person. That, however, is much more subjective.

    This is also one of the few issues on which Bella seems to disagree with Edward, albeit subtly. At the beginning of “New Moon” when they discuss “Romeo and Juliet” Edward claims that if and/or when Bella should die, he will find a way to follow her. But she urges him not to, even going so far as to imply that she would not do the same were their positions reversed (“Would you want me to go OFF myself?”). And we do see that, throughout the book, though Bella grows reckless and is probably clinically depressed, she never once even considers suicide.

    As for the Volturi cast, I am still just the tiniest bit shocked that Michael Sheen is going to be in this movie. This guy would be Oscar bait in any other movie (“Frost/Nixon”? “The Queen”?). Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight and I’m really excited for “New Moon,” but it’s not going to be nominated for any Academy Awards. But maybe, with an actor this respected and well-known, people won’t see it as just a “teen movie.”

  27. Corinne Walker says:

    Well I’m a bit undecided as we all know how Edward over reacts no matter how much we love him. But to be fair to Edward would you want to survive if the love of your existance was presumed dead? I mean I know I would be in a hole wanting to die so the Biggest Question of the Week should be, Is that the reaction you would have if you lover was presumed dead?
    Anyway the Volturi are great!!! The only thing that I DO NOT like about the Volturi is they had a picture of HEIDI AS A VAMPIRE!!!! She isn’t a vampire and she can’t be!!!! ITS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway love you guys!!!!

  28. Angie Campbell says:

    At face value, sure, Edward’s actions seem irrational, but the way Stephenie sets it all up makes Edward’s actions actually seem rational. He doesn’t just accept Rosalie’s information – he calls to speak to Charlie and gets Jacob instead, which leads to the misunderstanding about, he assumes, Bella’s funeral. I also understand why he doesn’t call Alice to confirm what Rosalie says. He knows she will try to talk him out of his decision to go to the Volturri if she reads his future, or worse, tell Carlisle and the others so they can all team up on him. Plus, at the beginning of the book, you also have to remember Edward and Bella’s discussion about Romeo and Juliet, plus the fact that Edward throughout the first two books makes it clear he hates being a vampire and he doesn’t want to live forever in a world without Bella now that he’s found her. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Volturri casting plays off on-screen. I like the unpredictability of some of the choices, such as the excellent Michael Sheen as Aros, and as for the lesser known actors, I always believe its best to cast unknown actors for characters such as these so that their celebrity doesn’t warp or overshadow the roles made famous on the page. I’m not opposed to Dakota Fanning like a lot of people seem to be simply because I’d rather wait and see for myself how she does before I make judgments. Physically I think she fits the role very well. I think the actors playing Dimitri, Felix and Marcus look like great matches, too. Heck, I’m just excited to see all of them finally brought to life.

  29. Chloe says:

    Yes I do think Edward’s visit to the Volturi was irrational because he wanted to comet Saudis because he thought that Balla had die with out going home to Froks to see for him self or with out calling Alice to see what happened.

    I think the actors that have been cast as the Volturi are great. I sow most of the actors and actress work on movies and on TV.

  30. Karo says:

    I think his decision was irrational, but not unrealistic. It is irrational to kill oneself because one’s love died but love is never rational! Further, I did not think he made a mistake (ok it would have sucked if he died but i mean in his opinion.. kinda) by going to the volturi because he couldn’t have known that bella was still alive!!

    I think the volturi cast is ok because i used to imagine them differently but yeah..
    love the volturi!!!

  31. Jess says:

    I think that it was irrational, and to be honest, a little selfish. He was only thinking of himself, and not the effects that his suicide would have on the rest of the family. Also, when he didn’t recognise Jacob’s voice on the phone, why did he not question why there was a stranger in the swan house whilst Charlie was busy at his daughter’s funeral. Surely contacting Alice would have been the rational thing to do next? The only thing that I would say about the volturi cast would be that I imagined Aro to look a little older then the actor they have choosen. Other then that I think that they will be quite good. Love the podcast!

  32. Victoria Alice Cullen says:

    If i were Edward i would do the same. Their love is too much to just lose.

  33. April says:

    I think that it was irrational for Edward to try to kill himself but I understand why he did. If you hear that your true love is dead your going to think irrationally. Your not going to take the time to think through the consequences of what your doing. As for the volturi cast I like most of them. Especially Dakota Fanning I think she will be a good Jane.
    Anyway I loooove the podcasts!!

  34. IHEARTSETH says:

    You know Michael Sheen, the guy who’s playing Aro? In my fave movie EVER Underworld, and the prequel, Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans, he plays Lucian, the “head” werewolf. Except he wears a long, brown wig to play Lucian, and in New Moon, he has to wear a long black wig to play Aro (but Lucian’s hair is all tangled and stuff) but YEAH! HE PLAYS LUCIAN/ARO!
    by the way, Underworld is the best movie EVER! I love Scott Speedman’s character, Michael Corvin! And Selene is AWESOME DUDE! Man, you guys HAVE to watch all three movies (they’re rated R, but it’s no big deal in the first, because it’s just the guns and stuff – which aren’t scary at all – but in the second and third, there are sex scenes. I just skip those parts. 🙂

  35. IHEARTSETH says:

    oh, and Michael Sheen will play an awesome Aro, especially after you watch Underworld and see his character and acting. Dakota was cast awesomly (it’s not a word – bite me) and so was everyone else. But Jamie Campell-Bower scares the crap outta me! Every pic I see him in, his eyes are all weird and his expression is strange and… ugh. Just weird.

  36. joelle-marie says:

    although we all think edwards decision to go all suicidal was a bit irrational, we all have to understand that he has been a
    emotional & mental wreck for months. so i think it seems very logical that whatever information he learns about bella he”ll
    definitly believed.

    i do not realllllly like the volturi cast but i know i shouldnt criticize them untill i finally see the movie [!!!!!] ive actually imagined
    harry to look more indian-ish & not so… asian. hehe. i also imagined caius, aro, & marcus to look like they’re in their 50s or 60s.
    especally caius! i mean old people tend to be more SCARIER. hehe. jane & alec also do not really resemble each other; heck
    summit should just say that they”re fraternal twins.

    & kallie’s sign out should be something like
    •signing out
    •much love
    or something

  37. soccerchic#2 says:

    i dont think it was irrational at all. it was a Romeo and Juliet scenario without the deception. if bella and edward hadnt been so in love with each other- i would have definately agreed that it was irrational. thats not the case- bella and edward would have been glad to die for one another. what else was edward to do?- live in misery after is long-awaited soulmate died because he wasn’t there?- no, i dont think so. im so pshyched abou the voltorri cast- they are all beautiful and exactly as i imagined them- especially jane and….. Alec? dakota fanning is perfect for the part, she has so much experience and plays such serious characters- im positive she can pull it off beutifully. cameron bright is also how i imagined alec- or whatever jane’s brother’s name is- i cant remember. (im a horrible twilighter). i have seen cameron in an x-men movie and he did a very good job- im sure hell do awesome in new moon. that was the only movie ive seen him in- so i dont have much to back up my opinion. keep up the good work- the show is awesome!

  38. leticia says:

    both were good… bella to me had to find a way to stop caring so much about herself in this
    (kassie do you agree yet?) and this was the perfect way. The only on e that could do that would be edward, and just when she accepted that he wasnt going to comeback for her, it was the best way i think to break the spell. Showing that she would risk her life for him also showed how un-self-absorbed she is which helped readers to like her batter towards the end!
    the volturi are great! but yeah i did have a different picture of what they looked like, but i know mine was wrong compared to the story itself, so when i looked back they fit almost perfectly too. thats pretty good for a movie don’t you think?

  39. Sarah luvs EDWARD says:

    i believe that edward wasnt being irrational. he actually believed and had been decieved to think that bella had died because she wanted him. he felt like the only way to justify her actions was to actually kill himself. and as we know vampires cant die unless dismembered so he took himself to the volturi and tried to get them angry. its pure shakespeare!!! starcrossed lovers and when juliet looks as if shes dead, romeo kills himself and then she wakes to do the same. its a beautiful expression of love but sadly both bella and edward were hurting being away from each other.
    this goes to show how truly powerful their love is and how even after bella’s strange endevours into near-death experiences, their love strengthens! i think its adorable that edward left to kill himself. what a perfect guy! actually man!!! haha
    love the podcast! keep it up!
    oh and kallie your sign out should be either twilighters unite! / dazzle me! / or be safe!

  40. Hope Lumbley says:

    well.. first i love you guys and thanks for doing this and i think edward is always way to dramatic. i think it was so stupid of him to want the volutri to kill him i mean i love edward but come on really. i know they love each other uncontrouably but it was not smart to tthink what about hes family. and i love the volutri they casted but i think they could have dotted a different cauis he doesnt fit the part alright. Thanks Much!

  41. Amber says:

    First, I just wanted to let you know that I love your podcast! I’m new to the Twilight universe. I discovered it after the DVD was released and immediately fell in love. I’ve read the books (working on my third time through now) and found your podcast yesterday. I have been going back and listening to your old podcasts and they’re very informative. It’s interesting to hear your theories and predictions and see how creative and accurate they were. Keep up the good work!

    On to the question…If Edward were a normal guy, I would say that his trip to see the Volturi was irrational, but let’s face it….Edward is not a normal guy. In New Moon, he explained that falling in love with Bella permanently altered him. She is the center of his universe…the sun around which he revolves. He stated that he can’t live in a world in which she doesn’t exist. With a love that goes so deep, I don’t see any other options for him. I can’t imagine the agony he must have gone through those seven months that he and Bella were apart. He was miserable and distraught and the phone call from Rosalie just pushed him completely over the edge. He loved her so much that he could not live without her. He was her Romeo in the truest sense.

    Regarding the casting, I think it’s brilliant. Dakota is a perfect Jane. Her face is angelic, but she has the ability to be menacing. Cameron will make a great Alec – I have to admit that he’s always creeped me out a little. Michael Sheen was great in Underworld and I think will be an asset to the role of Aro. I have heard grumblings about the choice of Jamie as Caius, but I think it’s a smart move. We all picture the Volturi to be old, but just because they’re ancient doesn’t mean that they were old when they were changed. I think having a “younger” member in the trio makes it more interesting. The other choices were great as well, but I think they really hit the nail on the head with these four.

  42. Sylvie says:

    I think Edward’s decision was right in the book cause if he hadn’t done this, the book wouldn’t have been as interesting… Stephenie knows her stuff. But I don’t think he should have done it for two reasons… First, like so many of you have said, he should have made sure the information was right… third party information is often wrong. And he knew how Rose felt about Bella. And secondly, he knew how Bella felt about it, they had talked about it and she strongly objected such an action from him, so if he loved her that much, then wouln’t he have at least tried to keep going, like she told him she wanted? To respect what was important to her because he loved her?

    And for the Volturi cast, I don’t really know any of them except for Dakota Fanning… and I thought she was just what I had imagined as Jane. Small, and looking like a child. I can’t imagine her as being evil but I still think she was perfect for the part because she has to look sweet and innocent. For the rest, I guess I’ll have to watch and make an opinion afterwards. But I have high hopes because for the first movie, everyone was bashing the leads… and now, can you really imagine anyone else playing Edward and Bella? I can’t.

    Keep up the good work guys, I’m new to this podcast and the whole Twilight universe too but I love it. I’m working my way up from the first episodes and I’m thoroughly entertained!!

  43. Lindsay says:

    I think that Edward’s actions of going to the Volturi was so rapidly was irrational. He believed Rosalie, who didn’t care for Bella at that point anyways, which was a huge mistake. How did he not know that Rosalie was just making it up to make Edward forever not be with Bella? As we know, she was merely mistaken but there’s no way he could have known that. Before visiting the Volturi, he should have first consulted with Alice directly, found out what she saw, then check Forks for himself. Then, had Bella really parished from the fall, he could visit the Volturi if that was what he truely desired. But going to them based on just what someone said who had not witnessed anything was actually pretty dumb on his part.

    I thought the Volturi were cast AMAZINGLY well. Dakota Fanning is perfect! Although I tend to throw descriptions out of my head as I read a book and just let my mind decide who should play them, I pictured someone like Kristen Bell in the role. However, since Jane is supposed to be young, Dakota fits it exactly and I’m extremely excited to see how she does. She has the perfectly sweet angelic face but has the ability to look and act with such evil. Also, Michael Sheen was a great casting choice as well. I just watched him in “The Queen” a couple of weeks before his role in “New Moon” was announced and he did an AMAZING job. He’s got the abilities, he looks like he could easily be the leader and I’m excited to see how he portrays Aro as well.

    Love the podcast! Keep it up 🙂

  44. Erin(: says:

    I HATE DAKOTA! SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE FANS!I know you don’t want to read me ranting on and on andon about how much I strongly dislike her so here is my answer to the other question.
    I think it was completly irrational. He could’ve delt with it another way like being emo in Mexico. AND that is where he was in the book when he wasn’t with Bella(crazy maniac girl). Wow this is one of my shortest response to the question ever!
    Love the show(like who doesn’t?!)
    Lots of love, <3`e

  45. BrittanyDawn says:

    I think Edward was a little to quick to believe Rosalie. Rosalie is all about herself, and she doesnt even like Bella, Edward should have called Alice. BUT i think if someone told me the love of my life is dead, my mind would become mush and i wouldnt be able to think rationally, so i can’t really blame him for going straight to the Voturi. I am glad that Stephenie wrote in that he went to Italy though, it let you see a vulnerability in Edward that we had yet to see so far. It made him seem a little human, and maeks you think that maybe he does have a soul.

    I haven’t really looked at the cast for the volutri except Dakota, and Cameron. I want to keep what i think they will be like in my head, and then go into the movie with no expectations based on the actors/actresses.

    Oh and i am from the good ol’ south but not Texas, i’m a South Carolinian! Love ya’ll’s podcast (haha)

  46. Shelby Whitlock says:

    Edward, the overdramatic and head-over-heels, was in fact irrational. First, he listens to Rosalie who hated (at this time) Bella, wasn’t on speaking terms with Edward and was what seems a gossip. Even if Rosalie had good intentions to get their family back together, trusting only Rosalie and a freak accident of a phone call isn’t exactly rational. Also, attempting suicide when you think your love is dead is also irratioanl, sure they are in love but move on Edward! Bella would have wanted him to keep living even if she was dead, and he should have honored that.

    I think that the cast for the Volturi is good. I’m super excited to see Dakota Fanning portray Jane, one of my favorite characters (after Jasper and Alice and Jacob of course). Jane is such an interesting character and I think that Dakota will be able to bring more depth to the character vaguely played in the book. I’m also excited to see how Heidi will be portrayed, all in all- I’m supoer excited and can’t WAIT to see the Volturi (what’s cooler than a group of super strong, awesome, evil vampires!?)

  47. Rosalind says:

    Uh, I don’t really know how to answer this question. Part of me thinks that Edward is COMPLETLY INSANE for going to the Volturi, because he should have asked for more details before he prisumed that Bella was dead, but part of me thinks that Edward was right for going to die, cuz he was going to go insane- if what Rosalie told him was true- anyways and pretty much die inside. I thought that that was so brave of Bella to go and try to save Edward, even thought she belived what he told her before he left her. I haven’t really heard the cast members for the Volturi, except for Jane and Alec, and all of the cast members were picked pretty well, except for Dakota for Jane. I think that someone from Harry Potter should’ve been cast as Jane, Im not sure who, but someone!! Awesome Question this week!!! I love the show!!!!!! I also <3 Vampires and Twilight(Who doesn’t?!?!?!?!?)!!! U guys Rock!!! 😀

  48. The Youngest Reader Ever! says:

    Edward was right to go to the Volturi. As he truly, truly, believes that Bella is dead. Imagine, your sister telling you that your love of your life is dead. Would you want to kill yourself? If you aswnered yes, then what Edward did is normal.

    As for the volutri cast, i have a huge problem, Dakota Fanning is a great actress but she should not have been casted for Jane. She is ENTIRELY WRONG FOR THE PART! Jane is described as evil, scary and gives off a aura of darkness. All the pictures of Dakota are happy, sweet, innocent. Don’t get me wrong. That’s all good and well, but not for the character. I know that’s what make-up’s for but here’s the thing.
    When Robert Patterison played Edward he couldn’t help his accent coming through. So how is a fifthteen year old supposed to manage; looking like a completely differnet person, have a new tone to speak in, wearing contacts, hiding her personality and working with people who are much older than her?
    If Dakota does not live up to the set bar New Moon for me will be a disaster.
    Charlie Bewley was not the BEST pick for Demetri but he is good enough.

    Love all the new podcasts.

  49. Abigail from Nebraska says:

    i think edward was being dramatic going straight to italy…i would want to see it for myself if my true love was dead…and only God knows why he would trust rosalie of all people…you would think he would have the sense to hear it from someone else than rosalie…she hated bella so i’m sure she would say almost anything to get the attention off of bella and on her.

    ok so for the volturi…i’m really exicted to see how they are all going to interact with each other…i’m not too happy with the selction…i think aro needs to be younger and michael sheen just doesn’t fit it for me…i wanted ben barnes to be aro so bad…i think he is the PERFECT fit for the part…and caius needs to be way older…even though i love jaimie in sweeney todd, he just isn’t right for caius…i can picture him doing it but he needs to be way older…i love the choices for felix and demetri…espcially that charlie bewley!!! o man…i don’t know how they can put so many beautiful people in one movie…but oh man!!! excited to see him on the big screen!!! and i love daniel cudmore in x-men…even though he had a small part i still love him. i think cameron bright and dakota fanning will do a good job together…even though i really don’t like dakota fanning…she just annoys me so much but i think she’ll be able to do a good job with jane…there’s just a lot of things that bother me about the volturi cast but it doesn’t really matter anymore…blah!

  50. Connie says:

    I understand why Edward went to the Volturi. He was so depressed because he was away from Bella that he wasn’t thinking clearly. If he had been in his right mind, he would have done the rational thing and checked it out. It shows how much he loved Bella, to the point where he would kill himself rather than be away from her. I think going to the Volturi immediately, with only the assurance of Rosalie and Jacob *ew*, was irrational. But hey, no one ever said love was rational. If I love someone as much as those two love each other, I might have done the same thing. I totally got where he was coming from, and it just made sense that Edward would do something crazy like that, because we all know he’s completely crazy when it comes to Bella.

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