Eclipse Casting And Audition Information

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Think you have what it takes to star in Eclipse?Β  Acting 411 has some information regarding casting and auditions, in case you feel like giving it a try πŸ˜‰

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  1. Quinn McCallum says:

    Im Quinn and i have a lot of resemblances to bree the casting roll. I have hair 3 inches below my shoulders and im 5 foot 2 and slender… I can also scream with high intensity HAHA. Im 13 but i look around 14. I am a great actress. and a huge twilight fan!!!!/ Please email me at… I am definately interested in this opportunity. Feel free to visit my facebook page to see photos and info…

  2. hey,my name is Chalise Mccallum and i full coast salish woman.. im really interested in being in “the Eclipse” or “breaking dawn” considering i missed out on auditions for twilight and new moon. i love the twiligh saga and i have already had acting experience with JOHN ROBERT POWERS. i have searched on many sites to try and get a chance to be in thetwilight saga but im not having an easy time. anyways i am a tall,pretty brunette and i love acting. ok well if anyone has a hook-up or chance for me to be in the movie then jst get a hold of me please.thank you very much!
    contact me at
    i also have pictures avaiable if needed

  3. Teresa Lynn(: says:

    i would love to play bree i love her and i think i can pull it off. i have practiced and have gotten it almost rite. i know how to send in the stuff

  4. Dilara Baglum says:

    I’m Dilara and I’m 16 years old. I would also love to play Leah.
    But for me it would be more difficult than for you people πŸ˜€
    Cause I live in Switzerland πŸ˜€

  5. Dilara Baglum says:

    Oun and by the way my e-mail is

    and I would love to be a character in twilight.
    but who not?! πŸ˜‰
    anyway nice day

    (wrote comment no. 54)

  6. Charlene says:

    Sorry guys leah it’s vanessa hudgens

  7. McKenzie says:

    I have no clue what I was thinking asking for a part in ANY movie in the Twilight series, especially after seeing all the people begging for a part.
    BUT I am 13, live in Alberta, willing to travel (in summer we are going to BC anyway), and I was just putting my thought out there.
    If looks count, which I’m sure they do: I have fair skin, kind of golden-green-hazel eyes, I’m 5 foot 6 and growing by the minute, and I have a color of reddish-dark auburn hair that I have never seen on anyone else in my life. (is this a good thing, I dont know πŸ™‚
    Anyway, I know that maybe they aren’t even looking for extras or main parts in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn, please let me know at

    Oh, and I have been in an in-school drama class. Thanks fo reading this!


  8. kelsea says:

    hayy, if anytone could email me the information to audition i would be very thankful. i very much want to play the part of bree. i am the right height, the right color, i have a high schreel sream, i have the right color hair, i have everything to play the part. and i am trying to start my acting and singing career.
    and i have been in school drama class for many years. i am a very good actress from what i’m told:)
    thank you fo reading,(: heres my email address:

  9. jenny says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its totally my fave book in the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well actually i luved all of them but that one was definitely my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally think im gonna audition for bree even though its a small role but i have everything it takes. i’ve been acting since i was 5 years old i am 5 feet 1 inch i have short dark brown hair i have a high pitched shrill scream and i love the twilight series!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ruby Howell says:

    i belive i would be the best canidate for bree the book and description is pracicaly describing me i have light brown wavy hair just below my sholders im 5ft 3inch i have a perfect figure and im 13 but look 14 i have long nail and possibly the worlds highest scream and have a evil additude and this part couldnt find a better candidate for this role ive been acting since i was two and this part would be one of the best events in my life.

  11. Ruby Howell says:

    another one from me i also have dazeling green eyes i have fair skin with a hint of tan and slightly dark circles around my eyes so could look like vampire oh and contact my through my email at because you would be doing the best thing

  12. Kenzie says:

    Hi my name is Kenzie as like many others i read all four books and fell in love.I’m 13 going on fourteen in October I’m 5″4 I’ve got brown hair and dark dark brown eye’s.My parents say I’ve got a major evil attitude and if i could get a chance to play the role of Bree that would be awesome.One thing you should know is Im not one of those screaming fans even though I’ve got a loud mouth,so you dont have to worry about me being obssesed with any of the cast members.My hair is long it ends at the middle part of my back or longer its wavy but it does straighten very well.There’s a couple of ways you can reach me my number is 954-330-9084 or at or live in florida but would have know problem flying anywhere.And if you need pictures please contact me and i will email them to you.One more thing I’m caucasian tan kinda well!Also if you read this thank you for taking your time.Even though it’s a small role it would be an honor because im open to anything and trust me I’m not a DIVA!!!I think I would be good for that part and i know thats what everyone probaly saids but i just want to prove to alot of people that I’m going to stick to this and not change my mind in a couple of months.Last thing I promise i do not have acne very clear skin and my cheeks are naturaly blushed and i have long eyelashes.Well thank you if you read this and for your time i didn’t lie about anything if you need proof i will send pictures!!bye

  13. Amber Sabe says:

    Do they have a actress for Kate? I’d like to audition for her part…..

  14. ottie says:

    i really wish i could be in any of the movies it would be an honor to be in any of the movies i would do anything to be in the movie. words can’t explain how much i like twilight. i think it is the best thing that ever happen to me and i just love it. it would be dream come true to be in any of the movies or just meet them but i know there is not a big chance that would happen it just would be a dream to be able to be in one of the movies.

  15. Twilight is the best movie i have seen in awhile i watch it every night before bed. I have read all four books I enjoyed reading all of them so much i was unable to put them down. I would stay up till twelve – one clock in the morning knowing i had to wake up at four A.M to get ready for work, I am not complaining by all means it was worth every sleepless night. Acting is something i wanted to do for as long as i can remember, i have taken an acting class and a drama class. October of 2007 i went to Dallas,Tx for a talent expo. I got to meet with talent agents, i had a blast while i was up there. It would mean the world to me if i got the chance to persue my dream and my passion for acting. If my first part in a movie would be in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn would be a dream come true. I have signed up at explore i have not yet posted a photo of myself because i dont have a recent photo. The only photos i have are from my photo shoot i have done in October of 07′. I will post one of those photos for now till i can get some recent photos. Thank you for your time i hope i hear from you soon. Take care of you!

  16. twilight is by far the best movie that we’ve ever seen. we have read all the books that Stephine Myer has wrote. we read them all the time and every night before we go to bed. we even repeat reading them. we know everything about twilight, new-moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. we are 14 years old and 8th graders. we are joining the drama department because we want to start acting and getting noticed. we are very determined hard working girls and will do what ever it take to get on the last 2 remaining twilight saga movies: eclipse and breaking dawn. we will definitely not let you down. it would be very much appreciated if you can contact us on the email address we just gave you and give us more information if you are interested. thank you for your time.

    Andie L. House & Brianna E. Lucken

  17. Rose says:

    Hi umm i wanted to know if any auditions for Eclipse or Breaking Dawn would be held in Texas. I have my sights set on portraying Leah Clearwater even though I’m five years too young for the role. My cousins and aunts that have read the series have mentioned that I have a pretty good chance of getting the role of Leah. I’ve only had one acting experience so far in my school play and I got good reviews from it but i’m a fast learner, very commited hard working person. Well thank you for your time.

  18. JennaLeigh says:

    Hey Could anyone tell me how to audition for the series?

  19. Kiara Govender says:

    Hey my name is Kiara and Im a indian girl from South Africa, Durban. It is my dream to become an actress and would give any thing for a chance. I was hoping for a chance to star in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn, i have such passion for the movie and i think i could do incredibley. If anyone can tell me how to audition i would be soooooo greatfull.

    By the way, im not a typical girl from india. Us South A frican girls are way different…..i dont hav dat accent from india…hahaha.

  20. josie says:

    Hello my name is josie. im not experienced i havent done any acting. but i did a play of oliver twist in the theatre quite a long time ago. its an ambition i really want, acting is something i really want to do. im very hardworking and always put 110% in what i do. i from England i have a bit of indian in me. im tall im 5.7 i have brown eyes, tanned skin, dark brown hair. if there are audition’s in England for the film. you have my email thankyou.

  21. heyy heyy everyone i an like abut to die it would be so freakin awesme to cast in withthe twilight cast i would pass out jut to be on the same set as robert and taylor and te guy who plays emmet and i think alice is just freaing awesome d carlisle is awesome looking so yea yea peace

  22. Squiid says:

    i would LOVE to be any extra on any movie, willing to do whatever it takes: Im 5’11”ish very light skin and brown eyes and hair. again, Im willing to do WHATEVER it takes to be a part of this movie.Im 18 btw.

  23. cant lie and say that im not a twilight buff cuz i am! lol when i first saw the first twilight movie i was in AWE! its pretty amazing how forbidden the story is and i would love to atleast get a part in this movie. even if all i get to be is an extra! lol πŸ™‚

  24. OmeccaMobley says:

    I love to acted and sing songs i love to watch twilight but all those my age is 13 i still love twilight even those it is wants people do not like i almost pused this girl for talking about it to me but my fave thing is all there books i just stared to read new moon and my teacher told me if they gave her the breaking drawn book so as i heared it gets me even upset that i am only 13 to be in the movie cause i love it so much and wish i can be in the movie so please pick me i want it so bad.

  25. i would love to be an extra in the movie. i have took classes at john casablancas in oklahoma city, oklahoma

  26. bec misso says:

    hay im bec misso im 14 i live in rockampton and i would love to audition for twilight

  27. caity porter says:

    i would love to be in one of the twilight movies any part would do i fell in love with the books. I’m 13, white, 5’2, brown curly hair and blue and brown eyes. it would be awesome to be in the movie. i’m really good at acting but dont really have any expirience with it but im a fast learner im not one of thoes obsessed people either. contact me at

  28. zoe fortuin says:

    hey my name is zoe and im twelve years old and i wish i could act in this wonderful movie zoe i have curly hair goldeny eyes light brown and light brown hair thanks mail me i livw in cape town thanks and email me please but it doesnt wanna work so im on facebook my name on facebook is zoe fortuin it a pic of me with glasses and a hat and my hair loose thanks soo much xxx

  29. Emily Hughes says:

    hey my name is Emily and have have always wanted to play the role of charlotte. i am almost 14 but could pass for older… i have dark brown hair and brown eyes with pale skin i am on FB check it out

  30. Jennifer says:

    I would love to be a Actress cuz I got the Acting bug.

  31. Adam says:

    nice i realy want to be an actor its always been my dream to be one

  32. Ruth says:

    I would love to play the part of Bree… I have short brown hair, pale skin and high-pitched screech! Only thing is- I think the auditions for these parts are already over?? If anyone has any info on this part, or the auditions, PLEASE email me at-!!

  33. Adam Heffernan says:

    ya im adam drak brown/ blakc hair, very white skined 15 on facebook with a pitcure of me. would love the opertunity to audition for Eclipse, or breaking down

  34. Adam Heffernan says:

    this is my third comment ( eailer ones are 83 and 82) would love the part of seth, i always through of myslef as a bear or a wearwolf at heart. i have balck hair i am two years younger than him but i would think i could pass, i have had five years of acting school, but dont have any experience. contact me on .

  35. someone says:

    hey! i really just want to be in any movies! its my dream to be an actress and eveyone says im a good one. i think i would be good for the part of bree. Please if you have any informations let me know!!

  36. McKenna says:

    I am 12 years old. I know i might sound tall or what ever but, most people say i look like a second grader. I would just love to maybe be renesmee in breaking Dawn. Contact me! Thanks πŸ™‚

  37. Eliza says:

    I would really like to be Renesmee Cullen i mean i look like a vampire, i am very pale, dark hair i have two front teeth that are kind of pointy!!! Please pick me for the role πŸ˜€ :))

  38. Eliza says:

    Oh and by the way…i worked with festival 56 for 4 years, and worked with laura Brigham and, a director from NYC. They said i had really good potential for acting, and i am only 11 years old!!Contact me Thankyou!!

  39. Adam Heffernan says:

    send me any information on the auditions, becasue i have been told by may of people that i would be a realy good candidate for seth, the wearwolf. send me the inforamtion to

  40. Hannah says:

    I have lite brown hair thts a little past mii shoulders wit natrual highlites tht r kinda a goldish color , i have green eyes with a tint of blue, freckles, and pale skin. I am a twelve year old girl tht is 4’8.Do u think i could get a part as rensemee cullen?

  41. Melissa Brandan says:

    I am 21 hispanic dark brown hair brown eyes 5’6 weight 120. I am very kind, romantic, and dedicated from the start of my goal until I accomplishment. I would love to be given an opportunity for this next movie. Contact me you wont regret it. πŸ™‚

  42. shelly peralta says:

    hello my name is shelly peralta
    i am18yrs old
    i graduated 09 from high school
    i am 5″6 i weight 110
    i am light skin,long brown hair, brown eyes, i am hispanic
    i talk english & spanish
    i am outgoing,talented,smart,unique,funny,nice,bubbly,confident,passionate
    i go for what i want in life 100%
    i believe in myself that i could succeed in acting
    i love acting that is my passion
    i would really love for you to give me an opportunity
    you wont regret it because ill give 100% strong effort on any role i can get

  43. ruth says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you offer a feed to your posts.

  44. maya says:

    hi!I’m maya and was wondering where will the renesmee auditions be held and when?i would be perfect for the 11 year old part .I think that all the other girls would be perfect for the part too!If you would like me to play the part please contact me at KEROPPI987@YAHOO.COM it would be great to have the part and i do have experience.I am in a play now (beauty and the beast) and have been in 4 others please please let me have the part or let me meet the cast.thank you!!!!!!!!!

  45. maya says:

    here are some facts:

    im 4″10

    i weigh 77 pounds and 6 ounces

    i have dark brown hair as long as kristens

    dark brown hair like both

    100% serious


    love acting

    would love to be renesmee

    will not regret hiring me

  46. kayla santiago says:

    I am 10 i have dark brown hair and brown eyes. i am an awsome actor and singer. I just love twilight. I am hispinac and i would like to play leah clearwater renesmee cullen or bree. but i would love to be renesmee cullen. email me at I am on face book check it out.

  47. alejandra says:

    I know that a lot of girls have said that they are perfects for the role of Nessie im 13 but shorter, really white, i have dark hair and i just love vampires and acting sence i was 6 years old. Maybe you dident have the Nessie’s role but if you hear about an audition for an extra or a girl please write the answer here.
    ohh Im latin american so i have a pronaunced acent but maybe that can works.

  48. hey, my name is joanne… i like to be in one of the cast.. and im from the phillipines.. hehe..

    i want to be the daughter of bella…

    can i audition.. i mean i want to audition…
    im not good in acting.. but i wanted to join, and i know that i will do my best to be an actress,,,

    i have black hair, short height(5″). my eyes are not that big and not that small.. hehe;…

    my age is 16…

  49. oh.please tell me more about the audition.. hehehe..

    im kind of shy too..
    my skin is i little light brown…

    my picture is in my facebook…
    if you wanna see..

    this is my facebook account.

  50. Victoria everson says:

    HI, my name is vikki
    i would really love to be part of the twilight saga i have read all the books
    more than 10 times and never get bored of them. i know basically everything
    about twilight.
    my favorite charactors in the books are Alice , emmet , and jasper.
    i am 12 years old i live in Queensland in a small town called Marburg
    i have brown eyes and brown hair i have a pale-ish skin complexion i am sorta tall for my age
    i am 165 cm tall. i love singing and dancing and i talk to much. i am a little shy and not confident.
    my email is :

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