The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Jun 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Book of the Month, Featured Articles

This month we are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of The Host by making it our Book of the Month!  Kassie has finally finished it, and we will dedicate an entire show to the book!  Make sure to read it before you listen!  😉

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2 Comments to “The Host by Stephenie Meyer”

  1. Kasha says:

    Did I miss the Mortal Instruments discussion, or is that on the back-burner?

    Having said that, I think Ian is (emotionally) the HOTTEST guy! He;s the kind of guy who is so hot he doesn’t even know it, which makes him that much hotter, because he has a heart of gold under the tough exterior…. YUMMY! Edward may be immortal in the literal sense, but Ian is immortal in the figurative sense!

  2. IHEARTSETH says:

    I heart Ian! Screw Jared. He’s an ass****. Ian rules. I totaly agree with Kasha.

    Yeah, and what happened to the Mortal Instruments? Seriously, those books should be worshipped. What happened?

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