What did you love most about the New Moon Trailer?

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Hey guys!  We want to know what you thought of The Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Trailer?!?!?!  Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below, and we might read them on the next show!

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117 Comments to “What did you love most about the New Moon Trailer?”

  1. Brita says:

    I overall liked the trailer.

    Okay, a big part of that is because of Taylor, but who doesn’t love him? He looked awesome, and the wolf transformation is VERY cool. The CGI Chris Wietz did looks terrific, and I’m thrilled that he is directing New Moon.

    As for the other parts, well. . .

    I think Rob and Kirsten could try to put a bit more emotion into their roles. They need to smile more in the scenes where they are happy, and Kirsten needs to stop blinking so much! I also think Bella looked kind of silly curling up into a ball on the ground, I know that’s what happened in the book, but sometimes it’s okay to change things a bit!

    I actually burst out laughing at the Birthday scene. Jasper look hilarious to me, but maybe that’s just me?

    For the Laurent scene, it looks like they chose different clips from the movie to create that scene, so it looks like Jake won’t be transforming in front of bella when he attacks laurent. I think his transformation scene is taken from the part when he fights with Paul, but tha;’s just a guess.

    I overall think New Moon will be better than Twilight because it has a bigger budget, the actors got a bit more experience, and Chis seems like a wonderful director (Not to mention the fact that we get to see Taylor without his shirt on for who knows how long!)

    Well, I think thats it K.K (that’s what I’ve started to call you guys xD) and I can’t wait for your next podcast!
    Yours Truly,

  2. Kiwi says:

    I love the whole trailer but the best part for me is seeing Taylor/Jacob, I think he has really proved that he can be Jacob, not to mention that he is HOT (I do have remind myself he is only 17 and I being 35 that is a little icky but still….) I also liked the birthday party, I do think people need to realise that scenes have been clipped together to make a story line, so some things will be from different scenes and in different orders, ( the kiss for eg is obviously after the Jasper incident when Edward starts to distance himself). The wolf phasing was amazing, some people are commenting that it is too dog like but I like this as Jacob always reminds me of a puppy and the book does mention Bella on several occasions stroking his hair like a pet. I think it will look a lot bigger on screen.
    Anyway my two cents said

  3. princess katie says:

    Jacob’s phase into a wolf was absolutely the best part.
    The entire first half of the trailer was same old boring and cheesy Bella and Edward, except the birthday scene did look really good! And Edward then left…okay whatever

    then BAM!!! The newly “ripped” Taylor Lautner graces the screen with his magnificent body, I don’t even care that they spliced up different scenes because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t get to see his half-naked body =]
    The special effects were very well done and not cheesy at all! It was just like I imagined in the book and then some!! And unlike the strange raspy growls in Twilight, which are more like hisses, the wolf growl is really menacing and intense. As much as I love the whole Twilight vampire world, I would totally go see New Moon if it was 100% wolf pack =]

  4. Cathy says:

    If the New Moon Trailer was meant to give us a glimpse of the movie but leave us wanting more, IT WORKED! As much as I appreciated Catherine Hardwicks love for the books and her devotiion to the movie, I just feel Chris Weitz has created a more polished movie. The hair and make-up was much better. The Cullens looked pale without looking like they had flour thrown on them. From what I can see of the special effects so far, fabulous. I was worried about Jacob transforming into the wolf not being what we all have pictured in our minds eye, but the scene actually had me saying more, more, more please. And last but not least, as much as I loved Taylor Lautner in Twilight, I really didn’t feel he could pull off the Jacob in New Moon. Well after seeing that clip, there is no one who could have done that better than him. He IS Jacob Black. Counting down the days until New Moon.

  5. Kristi M. says:

    I thought the most shocking part of the trailer was the breaking of the piano when Edward threw Jasper away from Bella. I am sure this was just a nod to the kind of symbolic forshadowing Stephenie likes to write in the books. The idea that Edward could damage something so easily that is such an important part of his being was disturbing. It makes the point that everything related to his love and being with Bella is fragile and may be destroyed by who HE feels, the Cullens really are, not human and not safe to be around. This strays from the book but it fits really well with the tone of the scene.
    Also the wolf transformation CGI looks awesome, and my husband even commented that “it doesn’t even look as cheesey as I thought it would!” Ha Ha, he’s still going to have to go with me to the movie and he better pretend to like it 🙂

  6. Deejay says:

    I always said that the only way I will think New Moon is a good movie is if the breakup scene makes me cry. That was the only book I cried on. The trailer was great the breakup scene looked ok. It didn’nt make me cry though, so I’m a bit skeptical about that. For some reason Bella (kristen) didn’t look a torn as I had seen her in my mind. But I’m really holding back my judgement on that scene until I see it all played out. Other than that, what I wasnt expecting was them, showing, Jacob changing into a wolf. I was actually amazed at that part. That was how I had pictured it, except all in one color.

  7. Amber says:

    WOW! OME! If my husband hadn’t been in the room when the trailer came on, I would have been screaming like a total fangirl. As it was, I watched with mouth open, hands shaking, and I think I even stopped breathing at one point.

    First off, I LOVE the colors! It is refreshing to see vivid, warm colors – not the blue cast that the first movie had. Love the kiss, although I think the “I love you” sounded off, like it’s from another scene. I loved the birthday scene – probably my favorite part. It seemed pretty true to the book, but the poor piano. 🙁

    I wanted to cry when Edward was leaving Bella in the woods. And Laurent looks GREAT…love the new red eyes. Jacob is totally ripped (keep reminding myself that he’s only 17!) and the phase was incredible. It looked exactly as I pictured it in my mind. At first I was a little confused about the way that scene played out, but I heard an interview with Taylor and those were multiple scenes mixed together. The scene where he phased was actually the confrontation with Paul.

    Overall, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! It definitely exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait until November! 🙂

  8. Rosalyn says:

    This whole trailer is awesome and makes me want more. It gives you a little bit of romance, heartbreak and werewolves! I guess my favorite part had to be seeing Jacob the wolf emerge, it’s kinda scary. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen! I also read that the Jacob scene is actually two different scenes.

  9. Samantha Cullen says:

    OME!! the trailer was so AMAZING! 🙂 🙂 it just makes me so excitied for New Moon.it kept me wanting more and now we all have to wait another 5 months.i loved the whole trailer but i would have to say the wolf transformation. i did not expect the transformation to be that great i guess they fooled me haha i thought i would be able to know that the transformation was done on a computer but when i saw it i could not believe they did that on a computer it looked so real and like there really are shape-shifters out there. the computer stuff has gotten really great. im glad it got this good so that they can use it for New Moon. i also like the birthday scene because it looks really great and im glad they did not change that much from the book. I also want to say Chris Weitz is doing an amazing job on New Moon.5 more months!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Megan says:


    1. The birthday scene was GREAT and probably my favorite part. Alice looks amazing – way better than she did in Twilight. Actually, all the characters look a bit better, and paler. And Jasper’s pounce, HOLY CRAP! That was awesome. I totally about peed myself. haha. I loved everything about this scene, except for the papercut – I didn’t think Kristen was very convincing. But oh well, the scene was right out of the book.

    2. The break up – i cannot WAIT to see the full scene. Based on the snippet they showed it’s going to be heart wrenching, well we already knew it was going to be but the clip really backs it up. Oh, and Bella on the ground – so sad, but just how I imagined it.

    3. Laurent! Oh my he looks so much more like a vampire. You could actually tell that his eyes were red!

    4. Jacob – Oh My Gosh. I totally hated him in the books (i’m team edward all the way) but dang! I can totally see why Kassie loves him. Look at that BOD! haha. Honsetly, I didn’t think that Taylor was going to be able to beef up enough, but oh boy did he proved me wrong! He looks great. The transformation scene was cool. The only thing that disappointed me was the size of the wolf. I thought they were going to be a LOT bigger. Hopefully they aren’t done with effects and can do something about that !

    As a whole, I thought the trailer was perfect. It was exactly what we the fans needed. It kept me wanting more! I was like, “WHAT!? THAT’S IT!?” haha. But I loved it anyways.

    Loveeeeee the podcast! Keep up the good work girls!


  11. Mary says:

    I just wish Kristen would be more like Bella from the books: clumsy, but friendly and nice and she´s really in love with Edward. Kristen always looks so unfriendly (even unpolite sometimes). Kristen is good in showing panic and scare but not “love”. When she asks him to kiss her on her birthday I was absolutely shocked about her expression and her EYEBROW (!!!). I wish so much that in New Moon she will be able to convince us that she really loves Edward…

  12. April says:

    I loved everything about the trailor but what I liked most was probably the wolf transformation (that or Taylor with no shirt on its hard to decide.) I didn’t think we were actually going to get to see him change in the first trailor but I was glad we did. The special effects look amazing way better than what I was imagining. However I’m not sure about the scene where Jasper attacks Bella. It just doesn’t look like how I envisioned it in my head. It was a fast clip so I won’t judge it yet but overall I really loved the trailor. I can’t wait for November!

  13. Chloe says:

    I loved everything about the new moon trailer. I liked most was probably the wolf transformation.

  14. cha0s says:

    for it being a first one, i love the redness in laurant’s eyes, and of course jacob shirtless was fantastic. it took me a couple takes to see that jake running towards bella and laurant and bella were two different scenes. i love the hopefully first glance at the transformation of the wolves hopefully they clean it up a little but the whole trailer was sooo fricken fantastic for them having wrapped only days before the mtv movie awards. i want it to be nov.

  15. Amy says:

    Hi Kallie & Kassie.
    I really liked the trailer, but I thought it was a bit anti-climactic. But it was still great!!
    ANYWAY, my favourite scene from the trailer is probably the birthday party scene. You see Jasper getting pushed away from Bella and it looks SO good. I love the outfits all the Cullens are wearing. And OMG Jasper’s hair looks SOO much better this time around!! I love how Alice is like “It’s time, it’s time!” and like taking pictures and stuff, very “Alice”. 🙂
    Well, love the podcast! Keep up the great work!

  16. caito says:

    omg even though i loved it sooooooooo much i was screaming and running around the house, (driving my parents nuts) i really dont like the look of the wolf (jacob). I always pictured the wolves being sooooooooooooooooooooo much bigger and more scruffy, and it looks way to animated you can tell it was done by computer. other than that i am really looking forward to the break up scene, i can tell im going to cry lol, and also the birthday scene when bella cuts her finger. omg cant wait any longer for november!

  17. Lola says:

    I was so super excited when it came on. I think I screamed so loud my neighbors could hear (and thats really hard considering they’re a mile away). Overall I simply adore the trailer and I can’t wait until november. All the Cullen’s looked amazing. Except for Jaspers hair what was up with that? I loved the birthday scene and I think the fight looks more real than the ones in twilight. I think Chris Weitz is going to do an amazing job. Now my favorite part…JACOB! Hard to believe but before the trailer I was an Edward fan but now…no way! Jacob looked amazing and the wolf was incredible. I kinda thought the wolf was really cute looking…like a mad puppy. But it was still fierce at the same time. I loved the whole thing and I really can’t wait for the rest.

  18. someone says:

    Loved the fact that it leaved me wanting to see more.

  19. Donna J says:

    UUhh, wow jacob, you’re a big boy now!! I loved the trailer if only just to get a hit off of twilight that i am so missing.. However…. I’m really hoping that the breakup scene will be more intense that what was shown on the trailer. That is such a pivotal point in the book, with so much emotion from both Bella and Edward, probably the most powerful part of the book and I’m wondering how they can capture it better that Stephanie did in the book when you turned the page and just saw…October…..November……etc!! I just cried like my dog died!!
    You gals do a great job ! Keep it up! Cassie, you and I need to talk about the host (i’ really had a hard time enjoying it!) i guess cause it’s not twilight 🙂

  20. Susie says:

    Favorite part is Jacob running and morphing into a wolf, love that!!! Taylor really worked hard to get into shape for this role and he has delivered the goods. I gotta say, not a Kristin Stewart fan and no idea why she won the MTV award. Rob is great, as always, but he is getting too over-exposed now.

  21. Lo215 says:

    I really loved the trailer!! The look of the movie seems to be a lot clearer and crisp. First of all Kristen Stewart looks AMAZING!! Taylor is totally ripped and looks great!! I think they got the look of the vampires perfect, no more make-up line on the neck. Also I think the wigs look a lot better then the dyed hair from Twilight for Carlisle and Rosalie. I personally was hoping that they would be a little loose with the idea’s from the book and interpret them differently in the movie but still keeping the basis of the book, which looks like what they did from the scene where Jacob fases in front of Bella. I think over all New Moon is going to blow Twilight out of the water. Plus I have a feeling that with each movie that comes out its only going to get better due to the different idea’s that are left from one director to the next and they are going to just want to top each other.

  22. Dawn says:

    I like the trailer and was very excited to see it. I was disappointed in the amount of makeup Bella was wearing, she never wore makeup in the book. I LOVE Edward and it hurts me to say this but I though Rob’s acting was bad. The scene in the woods when he breaks up with Bella sounds like he’s reading from a que-card. That bummed me out a little. I thought the wolf transformation was GREAT. I definitely wasn’t even near Team Jacob….GO TEAM EDWARD…..but the scene when he jumps off his porch and transforms into the wolf was amazing….to be honest it was better than I expected. All in all we were shown 30 seconds so can we really judge how the movie will be from it….no. All I can say is I can’t wait for November 20, 2009!

  23. Becca J :) says:

    Hey guys.
    Gotta admit i loved the trailer. I think the birtday scene is really good the Cullens look fab, but i think it should have had more drama, like the book did, shattered glass surrounding her that kind of thing.
    Also I loved the transformation of Jake, i can’t believe they weren’t gonna have Taylor play him, bet Kassie’s loving this trailer hehe. I thought that the wold was better than i imagined and the graphics are brill.
    However, i am i little disappointed because it seems that they have moved things around a bit, orrr, jake transforms into a wolf infront of bella, which would be breaking the treaty. I think that the scene with Laurent would have been even better than it is if they kept it in the meadow, and with the 5wolves in front of bella, i would have had more significance, because the meadow scene is where it all began for stephanie. i hope they haven’t rearranged things too much, and i can’t wait for them to reveal a trailer with the Volturi in.
    I’m not saying in this that i don’t like the trailer, i love it. But i think it could be better if things we’ren’t changed round as much and the birthday scene was more tense, with edward shouting “NO!!”. The break-up looks like its going to be hard *grabs tissue*, but i hope its filled with the emotion like it is in the book, and not a 10second scene.

    Love you guys.
    would love it if you read this out 😀
    can’t wait till November
    Becca J. – Wales

  24. jenny says:

    Taylers hott body <3 <3 <3 phaaaww ;D

  25. Megan says:

    i must say i did love how they made the wolves .. .it is totally what i expected and much much more. i am so proud of summit and everyone who is involved in the special effects team as they did a rather good job. as the trailer has been released i feel more relieved now i know what a tiny part of the movie will be like and it feels like i can relax as i am liking it so far can not wait till november … counting down the days one by one hoping november will come any sooner.

  26. omg!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong i cried when i saw it too, but what a tease!!!!!!!!!! I think I liked the cullens party the most, everyone looks so GOOD! I was extreamly upset when i saw that jake transformed in that scene!!!!!!!! Thats not how it happens!!!!!! Whatever i still loved all of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Izzy D says:

    OMG!!!!! i absolutely loved the trailer. i definitely think this film will be better than the last one (not that Twilight wasnt good). i thought the birthday scene was great and all of the cullens look amazing and edward pushing jasper out of the way was really good. the break up scene was also really good, you can tell its gonna be really sad in the actual film. In the last scene with Laurent i think they cut two scenes together-the meadow scene and Jacobs fight with Paul. if you look closely you can see that Bellas clothes change. this is good as otherwise bella would have found out about jacob in the meadow scene with laurent which doesnt fit with the book and jacob would have been breaking the treaty by phasing in front of her. im guessing when laurent is about to attack bella and he stops, he is seeing the whole of the wolf pack but they probably wouldnt have been able to do the CGI for all of the wolves for one trailer and probably wanted to put one of the wolves actually phasing in (which looked great btw). also i didnt like how pained and serious edward lookd before bellas party when she asks him to kiss her. in the book they are both supposed to be really happy at this point after having a great summer together. its only after the jasper incident that he becomes like this. but overall LOVED it.
    Love the podcast, keep up the great work!
    Izzy -England

  28. zoe says:

    OMG !!!!!!! my fave part of the trailer was …… ALL of it but if i had to choose one fave bit i couldn’t so i’ll give you two!
    my first fave part is when Jacob leaps into a wolf and my second is when they are at the party at the Cullens and Edward pushes Jasper and he goes flying into the piano !! x

  29. Victoria Alice Cullen says:

    Amazing, it was cool.

  30. BreeJ says:

    I loved the Cullens, they look great. I love the color of the trailer and how they explained the story for those whi have not read the book…And to shorten this up Book=Team Edward, Movies=Team Switzerland because i am in love with Taylor!!!!!

  31. alice says:

    hey kassie and kallie! all i can say about this trailer is O M E! i was having trouble breathing when i first saw this! i thought it was absolutely amazingggg and it got progressively better as the trailer went on! i can’t decide what my favorite part is so i’ll say a few. i loooved that part when edward and bella are standing in the cullen’s house and edward says to bella “you’re my only reason to stay alive, if that’s what i am.” so cuteee. i also LOVED how they did the whole jasper attacking bella scene and how edward just shoves both of them and they go flying. then jasper crashes into the piano 🙁 i thought that was so sad and soooo symbolic! and i think my hands down favorite part was jake’s transormation! especially taylor’s bare chest 😉 love the podcast, you ladies always make me laugh!

  32. Jenni says:

    My favorite part was Bella’s B-Day party. Everyone looked so pretty! I also enjoyed seeing Jacob turn into a wolf, because i am a team Jacob person!

  33. Jessikah says:

    Hii Kallie and Kassie!!
    love the show 🙂
    so anyway what i loved about the trailer:D…
    1)TAYLOR!!! just wow , and jacobs fase was perfect 🙂 i imagined the wolf bigger but i ain’t that picky about them 😛
    2)The break up 😮 i am actually going to flood the cinema when it comes out 😛
    3)The fact that it left me wanting so much more, that i just had to watch the trailer 48 more times 😛
    What i hated was the fact that november is SOOOO far away :(:(
    i am goin t die of excitment before it comes out
    (obviousley i cant do that coz then i wouldn’t see it !!!:P)
    hope you like my answers , keep up the excellent work 😀
    jessikah:D -(england)

  34. Jessikah says:

    i will flood the cinema with tears by the way (i didn’t know if it was obvious ,lol:P:P

  35. Jessikah says:

    please could you read mine out by the way ,it would make my day :D:D

  36. Jessikah says:

    infact it would make my year !!

  37. Jessikah says:


  38. maribeth says:

    oh my edward, what did i not love! first of all, the break up scene was exactly as i had imagined. but my favorite part was probably at the birthday party and how jasper charged for bella and edward threw her back and crashed jasper into the piano. i don’t remember if he threw him there in the book, but i think that that was symbolic because the piano means so much to edward just like bella. and in midnight sun, esme noticed that edward started to play the piano after he had acknowledged that he was in love with bella. well, if bella is gone he isn’t going to play the piano very much anyways. plus, taylor showed off his AMAZING bawdy. i also loved that edward said, “you’re my only reason for staying…alive.”

  39. Emilee says:

    My favorite part was when Taylor was shirtless 🙂 and i’m totally going to cry my eyes out when Edward leaves. I also thought that the birthday party scene was cool. ANd the scene with Laurent……So pretty much the whole trailer hee hee. 🙂

  40. Gemma Thompson says:


    i started jumping up and down and screaming and criing when i saw it, it was bloody fantastic. right so the first bit when they kisssed was fantastic, belllas birthday was lovely, but im a little bit disapointed they didnt put more of jaspers bit, just because i couldnt wait to see it. I didnt like the part where bella and edi were in the feild. and i cried at the part where edward breaks up with bellla. but im sorry the award for the best part in this trailer has to go to TAYLOR LAUTNER and the special effects guys. cause com’on what can get better that seeing the HOTTEST guy on the planet running to save the girl he loves and turning in to a very effective (better than harry potters wolves) wolf. Im sorry but the crown goes to him and his rocking buff body. omg all i want to do is stare at his abs all day, i was so excited when i saw him. Im with Kassie on this i dont like Jacob as much as Edward, but taylor is turning me. When Edward broke bellas heart , jacob was there for her. and im sorry if we arnt going to see Rob in the film that much Taylor is a fine (mabey even better since i am his age) substitute.

    so lets give 5 gold starts to the hottie taylor lautner for his very impressive protral of Jacob Black the wearwolf.


  41. Mallory says:

    I know everyone is saying this, but the best part was Taylor shirtless-even though it was for like 3 seconds, it was enough to make me watch the trailer again and again and again! I loved the trailer, and it would have roped anyone, even people who hadn’t read the books yet, into waiting impatiently for the movie to be released. It grabbed my attention, and now I want to see more!
    I am also going to be heart broken when Edward leaves, just like the millions of other girls 🙂
    Laurent seemed a little bit odd as well. I thought he looked better in Twilight than he did in the trailer. The effects of Jacob turning into a wolf was really good.
    One big difference I noticed in the trailer was that, compared to the twilight movie, every thing is so bright and cheery looking, while in Twilight, it was rainy and dark. The Cullen’s house looks better in the New Moon trailer, though.
    One thing I didn’t like was that they showed nothing of Volterra or the Volturi. They should have showed a little bit of that part to capture the audience’s attention even more, but overall, the trailer was wonderful!

    Love the podcasts as always 🙂

  42. Jessica says:

    OMG!!!!!! I have seen the trailer like 100 times… I love it … I loved the whole trailer, but I loved the whole wolf seen the most! First Jacob (Taylor Lautner) with his shirt off ! Yummilicious! He is sooooo hot! Kassie I wish I had a dream like you did. Second I loved when he turned into the wolf ! It was like so amazingly awesome!!!! The wolf just looked crazy awesome! It was like so cute but scary at the same time! I was shaking I was so excited when I saw it! I am a Team Edward, but I think this trailer might change me to Team Jacob! Adore the podcast , it always makes me laugh and brightens my day ! xoxo 🙂

  43. Sami.Salvo says:

    The trailer was okay. Much better than the Twilight trailer for sure.

    I was surprised that they used three of the most pivitol scenes of the movie in the Teaser trailer. (Those being the break-up, birhtday party, and Jacob transforming intp Werewolf form.)

    I thought that these were unusual choices but well picked. Although, I thought that there really wasn’t a good transition between them. It just kinda skipped from one to the other. That may just be me being picky but I just seemed a little odd to me.

    Based on only the trailer I think the actors portrayal of the characters is better. The acting is better. New Moon seems to have more color and life alone and the snippets of acting we saw we better and more natural than Twilight.

    Overall, it was pretty good. I am curious what they will decide to use for the full trailer considering what they used for the teaser alone.

    My favorite part of the trailer was probably the the break-up scene. This was an important part in the book because it was the segway btween Bella’s love haze and Bella being forced to accept Edward as gone and feel something else. From what we saw in this trailer it looks like the stayed true to the book. And as I mentioned earlier the acting looks like it’s better than it was in Twilight so this part actually looks real.

    The birthday party scene was phenominal. I liked the slow-motion drop of blood hitting the shag carpet. Very dramatic. Japser’s reaction to that and Edward’s response to Edward’s response to Jasper was cool.

    Laurent was probably my favorite i tterms of looks. He looked very evil vampirey. More frazzled and less put together than in Twilight and considering he is a nomadic vampire is good.

    Jacob’s transformation from human to werwolf was AMAZING. Loved it.

    Also, it’s just a given that Taylor looked good shirtless. Everybody loves him.


    I am very excited for the movie and thought the trailer was good.


  44. Tale :) says:

    oh my gosh!! Without no doubt; (!!!!!!!!!) Laurent!! Oh my gosh, everything about him: His costume, the way he walked, his eyes, and his expressions and everything!!! Especially when he says “Mouthwatering”. HOLY MACARONI!!! And when he discover Jacob, he looks scared, and that’s really really good!! He is just awesome, I’ve found a new love for Edi Gathegi. Even though he plays the bad guy.. 😀

    And I have to admit that I love the birthday party scene. It’s perfect, and the cake was so funny!! 😛 And I like Alice in it too.. 🙂 Jackson is awesome too, I really can’t wait to see him!!. 🙂

    But there was to things that bothered be though. It was he wolf and Edward. FIrst; The wolf looks like a video game- wolf. Yakh.. I mean, I really want it to look like real wolves, only bigger, no other effects..
    And second. Edward. I never thought I would ever say this… But Edward does not look good. Stop stop stop, Yes, he looks hot, it’s not that.. But he never ever smiles!!! And that bothered me a lot in the movie as well. I know he is in pain and bla bla bla. But he loves Bella, even when he tells her that she is what keeps him alive he doesn’t smile. I have never been in real love before but I think people, even vampires, smiles when they are together with their loved ones… And I kind of think he looks to hard, emotionally.
    And I love love love love love Esme, when she hugs Bella and says happy birthday. I think it was on time, we got something more from her. So, that was only my thoughts.. 😀
    BTW, You two slaughtered the movie in your commentary!! Omg,, haha. The only thing you said you liked was the last scene, and the music. Holy guacemoly. You two had negative things to say about almost everything..!! haha. but still it was really fun to listen to you, as always… 🙂
    And, I guess everybody share the same reaction here to the trailer: OME, I CAN’T WAIT UNTILL NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and kisses. <3<3<3

  45. Emma says:

    WOW! I was soooo happy to see this! There were two things that I apsolutely LOVE! I really liked how they showed Bella’s Bday party! Jasper’s attack was maybe a little different that I thought it would be but OH WELL! I also never really had a very clear picture of what the werewolves looked like, and I very much loved Jacob’s wolf form! Amazing and I am happy that how Laurent’s part played out. And I just wanted to add how I liked how the movie had the orange look, like twilight had the blue look!
    keep up the great work!

  46. cary says:

    i thought it looked a lot better then twilight less cheesy not that twilight was cheesy at all times im just sayin it got a little odd at times i think chris wietz has done a better job capturing the book i thought the wolf looked really really awesome laurent looks better everyone looks better and im happy they stayed with taylor for jacob i think the movie will be alot better then twilight was

  47. IHEARTSETH says:

    I LOVED IT when Bella screams “Jake, run!” and then she trips or falls or something, and Jacob jumps over the railing on the Black’s house – I know it’s the Black’s house. The red walls like a barn say it all – and jumps over the fallen Bella, turning into a werewolf. The wereolves look frigging AWESOME! TOTAL JAKE! Dude, cannot wait.

  48. Sarah-Nicole says:

    OMG!!! Taylor said in an interview that the werewolf morph scene with Laurent in the trailer was actually two seperate scenes. Jacob’s morph in front of Bella was actually when Paul attacks Bella.. It seems like the same sets (Jacob’s back yard) with Laurent… weird think… we’ll see at November 20th 09


  49. laura h says:

    i just loved the fact that we FINALLY have a trailer. something official from the new movie just is all kinds of magical specialness.

    the whole slowed down reaction time for Edward stopping Jasper and then KABOW; Jasper into the piano. I actually got chills, it was amazing!! Have to say that Kristen as Bella actually looks better this time round, like she almost looks more real..think it might have been just the blue tint that Catherine used in Twilight that made her look a tad off but the beautiful visuals and colour was so much more earthy…which kinda works as Jake and the wolf pack are more earthy and their “colour palette” for the wardrobe etc is warm earth tones like gold, brown and deep red and the cullens are light and organic earth tones like blue, white and cream

    PLUS Taylor and Rob are all about the hawtness.


  50. Erica says:

    Quite honestly, when I saw the trailer, I was pretty stunned. I was really worried about the transformation scenes and stuff with that and how they were going to make Taylor looked bigger than he actually was. The transformation scene was perfect. The wolf was believable and I know that I dont have to be worried about that. The special effects in that 1:48 preview are already 10x better than the effects put into Twilight. With Taylor, well, the fact he worked out nonstop might of helped, but he just fit. He looked perfect for the part and not too small. He looked huge out there.

    I also liked the Cullen house. Did they change houses? It was more of what I pictured when I read the books.

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