What scene would you want to see being filmed?

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We are getting a little ahead of ourselves this week, but we wanted to give you plenty of time to answer this week’s Question of the Week…

If you could have been in Vancouver to watch ONE scene being filmed for New Moon, which scene would you pick? And, why?

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152 Comments to “What scene would you want to see being filmed?”

  1. Izzy says:

    when jake breaks up with bella. thtll b so sad

  2. zoe says:

    i would really love to see the scene where they come off the plane and Alice and Jasper are standing staring into each others eyes-it will be so sweet!
    i would also like to see the scene where Alice turns up at Bella’s house. or even when she is riding the motorcycles and cliff- diving to hear Edwards voice. x

  3. Mary says:

    A scene i would really like to see is when bella and alice arrive in volterra and bella is running to save edward and she is running through people and the water and this family with the two little girls in red dresses are laughing and watching her while she screams “edward, edward”. i’d also like to see when she actually bumps into edward and he thinks thier both dead and in heaven and he recites the lines from “romeo and juliet”. edward reciting shakespear is just HOT. and i’d like to say that the podcast just keep on rocking. sometimes i’m listening and laughing and my mom looks at me like i’m crazy. keep up the good work. you rock.

  4. hope lumbley says:

    First off i love you guys and your podcasts!!! But i would love any scene with jacob in his wolf form , but i think its going to be hillarious if they put in the scene with mike and bella dn jacob at the movies … porr mike throwing up but i dont like him and its so funny having jacob laughing and talking about why would you like him. sorry mike but it should be a really funny scene! they need to make movie mike more annyoing like book mike ..he needs to be a little more stockerish to towards bella!!! thnaks for reading my comment! and sorryy kassie you have to admit how can you not love jacob in new moon having hunky taylor playing him love you guys!
    Love , Hope Lumbley!

  5. Carrie says:

    I would want to see the scene where edward leaves bella so that when robert leaves set and everyone else is occupied by still filming kristen I can drive up in a totally suspicious black van and kidnap him. ^-^

  6. Jackie says:

    thats easy!
    i would die to be there to see the filming in italy when bella runs up to edward to stop him from shining!
    the pictures of robert pattinson are beautiful and that scene would be so powerful to see.
    but to be honest, id love to see any scene being shot πŸ™‚

  7. Deb says:

    Like most people, several scenes come to mind that would be fun to see filmed, However, in terms of story development, I would have to agree with some fans and “The Cliff Diving Scene”. Since the book is depicted from Bella’s point of view, I am curious to how they incoporate Jacob’s view. I find this scene to be a real turning point in the story when everything for Jacob begins to unravel and everything for Bella starts to improve. It’s so bittersweet. In the book , this is also the time when we get to see just how close Victoria has been all this time. Makes your blood run cold………sorry Cullens – no insults intended. LOL. Thanks, ladies for all the entertainment!

  8. Elle says:

    I would have wanted to see either the scene between Alice and Bella on the airplane when Alice says she should’ve just bitten Bella by now or the scene after Jasper attacks Bella and Carlisle is patching up Bella’s arm and they talk.

  9. Cassie (KC) says:

    I would like to see to scenes. The first scene is after the cliff dive when Bella sees Victoria’s hair in the water. That will be an cool scene to do. I would also like to see the call. Will they do the double screen. Taylor (Jacob) on one end and Robert (Edward) on the right.

    Keep up the good work love the podcast.
    Bye Bye

  10. xanna says:

    the scene that i would want to have seen being filmed would be when bella meets the whole wolfpack family. when jared and embry are taking her to the house while sam, jacob, and paul have a little talk.
    its chapter 14 family
    its sorta like my favorite part in the book. seeing how all of them act towards each other like a brother love. also when bella sees sam kissing emily how she puts her arms around her chest and tries to ignore the love going on between them and thinking about her pains of love

  11. ~*Ellen*~ says:

    I would TOTALLY go to watch the scene in Italy. I want to see how they make the Voltori’s eyes milky-like. Also to see the scene were Bella is racing to get to Edward before we walks into the sunlight…. and how he thinks they’re both dead. JUst the whole Italy/Voltori thing. (omg… the 6-pack XP)

    p.s. Love the show! <3

  12. Caitlin says:

    Ok well definitley the break up scene beacuse that is so crucial. That’s how bella and jacob become great friends and well… you know. They really can’t mess that up because it’s so big in the book and they did mess up the Meadow scene in Twilight so they really have to make up for it. Of course Bella and Alice in Italy, the yellow Porsche 911 Turbo!!!! *sigh* such a nice car. Of course cliff diving, and motorcycles. Also the movie scene when Mike, Bella, and Jacob go because that’s the start of Jacob becoming a werewolf or “shape shiffter”. The Voultri have to be there. Well I know obviously they are going to be in the movie otherwise they wouldn’t have hired Dakota Fanning and all of them. That’s about it. Love the podcast!!!! Love, Caitlin.

  13. Okay so first of all thats easy I would want to see a scene where jacob is shirtless because taylor is so freakin hot. I’m sorry Kassie but I’ve been in love with Taylor since before Twilight even began and i mean as much as you don’t like him you have to agree on me on at least this. K anyway if i could see one serious scene i would want to see the scene where they’rs in Italy and Bella just found Edward after running the crowd. I think it is a very important scene because there are many times where Edward saves Bellas life, but this scene is touching because Bella literally saves Edwards life plus it’s the first time Edwella see eachother after the heart-breaking break-up.
    P.S. Even though it would scare the life out of me I would love to see Alice driving crazy fast in her “yellow porsche”
    Love you both bye

  14. Susie says:

    I think the Birthday Scene where Jasper freaks out would have been an interesting scene to witness being filmed because it has ALL the Cullens in it and would have been fun to see them all interact – both as actors and as characters. Plus it is really intense and of course Edward is in it!

  15. Teresa says:

    Since we are talking about “raw” scenes here, without the music, sound effects and special effects added, I think that ANY scene would be OK with me. Just being with the cast and seeing how they take direction and emote would be a thrill. I’m afraid I would disrupt the set by laughing every time someone had to “pretend” to be growling or changing into a wolf or something.

    If I had to pick a scene, it would be any of the Volturi scenes (since that would mean I was in Italy with the cast of Twilight!!!), especially the scene where Jane tortures Edward and tries to torture Bella.

    Oh, and if they asked me to stand in for Kristen during the scene when Edward and Bella are first reunited in Volterra, that would be OK with me.

  16. TwilightGirl says:

    (I’m going to apoligize now for spelling mistakes… I’ve probably spelled a word wrong already) I would’ve wanted to watch the birthday scene being filmed! It was my favorite part of the trailer, and I’d want to be there to give them a few pointers on how to fix jasper’s hair!!! I thought it was funny looking…. to curly, messy, I can’t really describe WHY I didn’t like it… I just…didn’t. Anyways, in the book (the first time I read it), the birthday scene was not really that important to me… but when I read more I relized how important the birthday party was to Edward leaving! It truly made him relilize that he and his family really could kill Bella, and I could see that realilization on his face as he turned around in the trailer… Also, the cake was so cool! I decorate cakes like that sometimes (or, try to) at home so I really freaked out over the cake! And, if I’d been there I could’ve helped them eat it too! Ha ha ha. Well that’s it… Love love

  17. Hanalee says:

    In Canada….hm. Probably the Vote scene. It really reveals how the Cullen’s feel about Bella not just as a whole but individually. Like how Jasper voted yes. I feel like he’s always on the fringe, but up to that point you really knew nothing about him, we didn’t find out till Eclipse his story, and his vote showed us a lot about him. I think it’s a big scene for character development. You see that Rosalie doesn’t vote no b/c she hates Bella but b/c she wants what’s best for her. I just think it reveals a lot about some of the characters we didn’t really have a change to get into yet. Any scene with Aro would also be amazing…..Aro kicks arse!

  18. Natalie Nicole says:

    the part when the too sexy jacob first takes the so not cute bella to ride
    the motorcycles. and she goes to fast and fall but then she doesn’t feel it
    but the motorcycle slits her forhead and she is bleeding. hahahahahahahaha

    and if you ask why i am guessing that you know that i don’t like bella cause i
    do think that she leades jacob on. and jacob is my future husband not rennesme’s
    reneesme can go bake a cake.but not just any cake me and jacobs

  19. robin cherney says:

    if i were behind the sceen of new moon watching were jackob came to bella side as jackob killing the vampire who was about to kill bella in the and to watch jackob take good care off bella on tell bella and alice gose after eward and as bella saves his life and i would watch the hole thing from the being were eward and bella pull up to the cullends home togather and they have a birthday fir bella away the away threw then end of the movie new moon. but that going to happen becuase the new moon done filming if anyone ask me what would i do if i was behind the sceen eclipse that would be another ball game there.

  20. Samy says:

    Hey Guys
    i would love too see Italy its my favorite part of New Moon, baecause you get a real feel over how great edwards feeling are over bella like wit the whole jane thing.

    anyway loving the podcast keep up with the great work

    sam πŸ™‚

  21. Sylvie says:

    Aside from what has already been show in the trailer, and Italy of course, I would have loved to see the scene at the theatre where Jacob tells Bella how he feels… this is the start of the intensity bewteen Bella and Jake and although it doesn’t replace the Bella/Edward dynamic, it’s still great for me… at least since I have accepted that Edward is not there, that was a hard pill to swallow.

    I also can’t wait to see the scene (if it’s in the movie) where Bella is about to choose Jake and see’s Carlisle’s car. This is sad for Jake but it’s the place where we finally get some hope that Edward will come back!!!

    Keep up the good work, you gals are thoroughly entertaining!!

  22. Hands down the scene were Bella and Edward are back at Bellas house after Italy!!!!!!!! The scene is just so comforting to know he’s back!!!!!!!! That scene made New Moon to be my favorite book!!!!!!!! They better put it in the movie!!!!!!!! love the podcast, you preety much make my days!!!!!!!!

  23. Rachel C. says:

    i would love to see the scene from Edward and Bella’s break-up scene to the beginning chapter of “waking up”. It is my favorite scene in all of the Twilight books. Stephenie’s writing style and description of Bella’s sorrow and how messed up she gets from Edward leaving is really REALLY well done and powerful. i would love to see how everyone- kristen, rob, and the director chris wietz protrays Bella’s emotions of despair and just plain heartbroken-ness (if thats a word). Also, i would really like to feel the mood around the set at that time because it would be interesting to see if the crew are effected at all by the emotions of the characters.

    Rachel C.

  24. Jorja says:


    This is a really tough question, but I would probably choose to see them filming the part where they are still in Volttera and are waiting to leave, and Bella is sat in Edwards arms, I think it is very important to the movie and the book, beacuse Bella thinks that as soon as she is home, Edward will leave again, and I would like to see how Kristen dose with acting out this part.

    love the podcast,

  25. hope lumbley says:

    OK love your guys is podcats … but i just want to see any scene with taylor in it so just a jacob scene and i really want to see the fight with paul and jacob should be good if they put iit in hope so ..! but i really am looking forward to the full break up scene should be sad ….tear…. if i dont cry they need to fix the scene beause i was so upset when i read the book and hoping they will do the same for the movie πŸ™‚ thanks guys!
    Love , Hope lumbley

  26. Cynthia A says:

    Okay so although I would want to see every scene in the movie, obviously,
    I would have to choose the reunion scene in Bella’s room.
    After seeing the Italy set pics, I have a feeling in wont be in the movie, but
    I cant help but keep dreaming. While reading New Moon, I have to say that one stuck out the most.
    I believe the scene reveals just how Bella doubts Edward’s love for her, which I believe is crucial to the plot.
    The overall emotion between Edward and Bella in that scene is incredible and I would love to see it played out on screen.

  27. Lexie says:

    wow..one?? ok to be honest i dont like any of the parts with edward in it anymore..i used to be crazy about him but now im so on team jacob! so basically id love filming anything with taylor! lol (:

  28. la_petite_femme says:

    I would pick the scenes where Bella is all depressed after the Edward Breakup
    I kind of wanted to see a part of all those months she was a zombie
    I would have loved to see Kristen and how she would have acted out those scenes

    and If I could have my way…I would have totally loved the reunion scene in Bella’s room πŸ˜€ who wouldn’t want to see Bella and Edward Make out? πŸ˜€
    Back off kassie HE’S MINE! LOL there’s plenty of Edward to share πŸ˜€

  29. hannah says:


    love the podcast

    I would most want to see after Edward has left Bella but before she find Jacob (her sun) because I want to see how Kristen Stewart shows Bella holding her chest together so that her heart doesn’t fall apart.

    That being said I don’t really want to see any spoilers on the internet because I want the movie to be a surprise but I definatly ant to go tto the movie set. Not much chance of that though because I live in Australia.


  30. molly says:

    love you guys and your accents there fab
    this is a hard one as there is so many scenes id love to see but i also wouldnt if you know what i mean?!
    but it would probly be when edward comes back (hurray!!!)and explains to bella why he had to leave her and that he still loves her! (take that jacob) or when bella is seeing edward in her head because i wana see how they will do it!!
    by they way before ye eat my head off i love taylor!! rockin bod!! ha! lol!
    and im actually team switzerland

    love from ireland molly

  31. Emma says:

    I would love to see the scene where all the Cullens are voting on whether or now to turn Bella into a vampire! I think it would be fun to see Robert try to capture Edward’s emotions in this scene. It would be fun to see the whole Cullen family. I love this scene in the book because each Cullen shows their personality and Bella really takes charge ( one of the few times in the book she doesn’t bother me haha Kassie ) I would also be fun to see the scene with the Volturi!


  32. Caroline says:

    Hey guy I looooooove the podcast so much, It means so much to me =).
    I think if I had to pick one scene in New Moon to see being filmed it would definatley be when Bella drops the bikes off at Jacobs house. It is the start of a fabulous relationship, friendship and more. It was also the first time (I think ) bella smiled scinse Edward left. It is my favourite scene in the book because I love Jacob.. Also I love how at the end of the scene you see Quil and Embry and Bella walking away and there like oooooooooooooh Jacob, and then Jacob like hey, if you come her tomorow when we’re hanging out ur dead.

    Another scene I’d love to see filmed is in Emilys kitchen after Bella knows about the werewolves. I love the how the pack all act like brothers and best of all they’d be all walking around gorgeous with nothing on. I think they might cut both of these scenes though boooo. They might be my favourite to see filmed in the whole saga.

  33. soccerchic#2 says:

    i would love to see all of the motorcycle scenes filmed- since bella is such a clutz, it would be hilarious to see kristen stewart try to ride a motorcycle while acting as a clutz. since we all know kristen isnt so graceful herself (golden popcorn). i would also love to see the scene where bella, jacob, and mike all go to the movies together. it would be so funny watching the jelousy between mike and jacob. and i believe i would lmao when mike is throwing up out of disgust and bella and jacob are laughing at the movie. love the show

  34. V says:

    The scene that I would want to see being filmed would definitely have to be the scene when Bella, Edward, and Alice meet and talk to the Volturi. I think that this would be the overall best scene because you get to see all the new actors in action. I have always loved when they talk about Bella being Edward’s ” La Tua Cantante.”

  35. V says:

    ^^^ Also this scene is good because their are so many Vampire powers being used. We would be able to see the takes when Jane is torturing Edward and how Robert will have to act like he’s in extreme pain, writhing on the ground. Overall you get to see a lot of character interaction.

  36. V says:

    I don’t know if the cliff diving scene would be good to watch because you would probably have to stand far off, where it’s hard to see the sequences in the water. I’d rather not be outside at the time either. It might be cold.

  37. caro says:

    I would love to see the scene where Bella runs to Edward over this huge piazza in bright sunlight and then crushes into him just when he is about to step into the sunlight. It is kind of my favourite scene in New Moon. I imagine a wide-angle shot where you see this typical Italian piazza with this fountain in the middle and a lot of tourists and pigeons. and of course the bright bright sunlight one can only find in Italy … Then you see Bella running across this huge place and jolting the pigeons so that they fly up. And then of course you see Bella and Edward finally together again. I love how they stay very close the rest of the book being seperated for sooooo long.

  38. So this is like really off subject topic watever it is, if Renesmee and Jacob had a baby wouldn’t it be like 1/4 wolf, 1/4, vampie, and 1/2 human assuming that a werewolf is half human half like wolf or animal or i think u know what I mean. Just wondering.
    Love yu guys

  39. Kelli W. says:

    One of my favorite parts of New Moon is when Bella finally finds the meadow…only to meet up with a hungry Laurent as well! Luckily (and super scary!), se is saved by huge beasts emerging from the forest. It would be interesting to see the interaction between Bella and Laurent, as well as how Kristen acts with the wolves (which are not really there during filming). To watch the filming and then to see it later with all the CGI effects added would be fascinating!

  40. Melissa says:

    Hi All, I just found your podcast on the web and love it! You guys are sooo funny.

    So onto your question: I have two scenes I would like to see filmed. (Both are without Edward or Jacob– heehee!). They are from Chapter 17- The Visitor.

    I would love to see the scene where Alice burst in the house all frantic and thirsty, and is totally shocked to see Bella alive. This for Alice would certainly be a first be a first because she is used to knowing the future or having fairly strong hunches anyway. I think that it would be challenging to act because Bella is so desperate to have contact with the vampire world and that Alice immediately sees how much Edward’s breakup physically affects Bella.

    The second scene I would to watch being filmed is Bella overhearing the conversation between Charlie and Alice. I think it would not appear on many people’s top lists, but I think Charlie has a chance to really express his concern for Bella. He must be really hurting for her. I can just imagine the shock on Bella’s face at finding this out. It is a strangely emotional scene because they both care for Bella so much and have such polar opposite views on Edward’s reasons! Although I think after Alice sees everything, she might be reconsidering how beneficial Edward’s plan might have been to begin with.

  41. KC says:

    K so This scene is one that we’ve partially already seen but I think it is a huge scene. The scene right after the break-up where she’s lying on the ground. It isn’t really an answer to the question but i think its very important.
    Luv your show

  42. Brittany says:

    Hey ya’ll,
    i really want to see when bella jumps off the cliff and she realizes the current is to strong and edward is there and everything. i think that would be really cool cuz there is so much they could do with and it was just one of my fav parts of the book, idk why, most people hate it cuz its bella giving up on life and like accepting death and all, but i love because it was very visual and when i pictured in my head it was awesome.
    AND!!! the scene where edward proposes to bella for the first time, cuz i cried it was great it turned me from wishing bella had let him die to loveing him again. it took back everything that happened in the begining.
    AND!! the paris chapter. its really just a lot of internal stuff, but it was my fav also. i don’t really see how they could do it, but it would be fantasic if they did. they could just mention it in a voice over whatever thing.

  43. Brittany says:

    P.S. if he doesn’t propose to her in this movie i’m going to be so pissed!!!

  44. Claire says:

    Ok-as much as i am dying to see Edward and Bella’s reunion i would have to say that the the scene i would want to see being filmed would be meeting the Volturi.
    I am really interested to see not only how the volturi, especially Caius, Marcus and Aro, look but also how the actors portray them- i am most excited to see Michael Sheen as Aro because i believe that he can play this character perfectly- cool, calm and friendly on the surface with the underlying threat and quiet danger waiting to escape! i’m also dying to see the Volturi scene because they are the only set of actors that we have yet to see in costume.

    love the podcast! keep up the great work!

  45. TT says:

    Alright so my favorite type of scene isnt in the movie. Big Problem LEAH IS NOT IN THE SCRIPT. So we miss all of the awesome Leah bad*** moments. So sad. Cry. That isnt right Leah needs to be in the movie.

  46. Samantha Cullen says:

    I would have like to see the reunion between Edward and Bella. I really loved the pictures that were on the internet. i would have loved to have been there to see Bella save Edward from his death. also to see Rob shirtless! OME! i would have probably faint lol but the scene looks really great! i can’t wait!! oh the agony πŸ™ but the months will fly by in no time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  47. alex tea says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!

    For originality sake…I love the podcast!
    Well there are soo many scenes I would love to see!!!! I know on e for sure i would love to see is the Volturi scene! it is sooo intense and even though poor Edward is in excruciating pain (Team Edward) it would be really interesting to see how Rob would handle this part. Oh, and the reunion!!!!! well, everything in Italy…basically!
    Oh, and another scene (sorry i couldn’t pick one) that would be funny and awkward would be the scene where Bella and Jacob and Mike go to the movies on their “date.” All the throwing up and weird friction between Jacob and Bella because that is when he starts his transformation to become a werewolf. just saying…it would be….awkward but cool to see.
    love you guys!

  48. Elena says:

    I would really love to see the scene when Bella jumps off the cliff, because she wants to hear Edward in her head,and then how Jacob saves her…

  49. Chelsea says:

    I would like to see the scene when Bella leaps off the cliff , when she hers Edwards voice when Jacob saves her

  50. Chelsea says:

    I would also like to see the paert when Carlisle is sewing up Bellas arm and is telling her about Edawrd and his past and why Edward does not want her to be a vampire.

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