What scene would you want to see being filmed?

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We are getting a little ahead of ourselves this week, but we wanted to give you plenty of time to answer this week’s Question of the Week…

If you could have been in Vancouver to watch ONE scene being filmed for New Moon, which scene would you pick? And, why?

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I would loooooove to see the break up scene because everyone wants to know what edward`s thoughts were at that time, i find for the director that is going to be pretty hard. It`s also because it was the huge part thta when everyone first read the book didn`t want to go on because bella was so weak, mindless, and senseless that you got bored. I would also like to see how the whole birthday will be put together because it`s a huge scene and is important to put in there and also the aftermath. I would also like to see bella`s cliff diving icident because this was also a big scene and will be hard to film with bella`s thoughts of edward. I would love to see how the whole movie unravels!

    Love the podcast!!

  2. Corinne Walker says:

    If I was in Vancouver I would want to watch probably be the scene where Alice comes back, that would be so cool, if they shoot in Vancouver of Course but I would so want to see that scene because I want to be there when jacob goes all skits at Alice and bella. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!! I would also want to watch that scene because I love bella’s reaction when Alice sees Edward going to the Volturi , seriously suffocating discussing this!!!!!!!!! Anyway that would probably be the best scene that i would want to see being Filmed!!!!!!! Love you guys and I love the commentary podcast, so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kelly S. says:

    I would want to see the part on the beach after Jacob’s big rescue of Bella’s cliff dive. When I first read this scene, it didnt even occur to me that she was in fact cliff diving – I seriously thought she was jumping, just like the other characters. I think that perhaps in the back of her mind this (saying it was cliff diving) was just an excuse to get people off her back. The girl was seriously depressed and was looking for a way out of it at this point. Since the only time she could ever truly escape the sadness was when she “heard” his voice, it completely makes sense she would just plain jump. I believe that after Jacob saved her then she realized she better have a good story. So I would have liked to have been there to witness the lie.

    I know this sounds tough on Bella – but that’s what I saw when I read it – a very sad, lonely, depressed, scared little girl. Which I feel the other characters recoginzed right away. This scene would be almost as intense as the underwater part of the jump.

    PS – Love the podcasts! I just found them last week!!! And I’ve started listening to them from the very 1st one & are going through them 1 by 1. (I’m currently on week 23 & skipping ahead to this week’s) Keep up the good work ladies – though sometimes it definitely seems like more fun than work! I only wish I would have found the books sooner – I just discovered them in March & have been way sucked in…. I’ve since managed to get 2 of my coworkers hooked! The 3 of us will be headed to the movies in Nov for a midnight showing if we can get one – ages 29 (me), 38, and 49! Who woulda thought….

  4. Abigail says:

    i would love to see when jacob, bella and mike go to the movies…the car ride would be so funny to watch. i think it would just be so great to watch the whole awkward situation between the three of them.

  5. Sia says:

    I know it’s the saddest scene but I would of loved to be there for the break up scene because I would of been yelling at Edward not to leave and crying right there with Bella were eventually they would have to kick me out for being so crazy.

  6. Philippa Lautner ;) says:

    Hi Cassie & Kally, firstly I would like to say how much I LOVE your Podcasts!
    I put ALL your podcasts ever made on my ipod and listened to them when working, going on a run AND the best part
    was when I put up a hammock up, swinging in it, while eating lots of frosties and fruitshoot and listening to you guys πŸ™‚ I didn’t even realise it had gone from bright sun to nearly pitched black!! haha.

    The scene I would REALLY want to see being filmed (Although it is in Italy) is when Edward and Bella have just met the Volterra and have been released from them and are running through the corridors to get out as fast as they can. On their way out, they see some American tourists saying how unusual and medieval the building is, completely unaware of what it actually is. But Bella notices ‘one small, dark woman’ with rosary beads and clutching a cross ‘tightly in one hand’ and moving slowly. Nobody could understand what she was saying becuase she spoke a different language.
    This creates an intense atmosphere and really makes me ponder, as a reader.
    Does this quiet little lady, who nobody can understand, know what is going to happen to her. How come she is the only one out of the whole crowd that is sceptical about this place. Does she possibly believe that vampires exist , or did she see Edward earlier and expect something wrong was up?

    I REALLY want to see this scene filmed, becuase when I read it I felt so strongly towards that lady, and felt so deeply sorry for what was going to happen to her, That it made me hate ALL vampires and feel closer to Jacob. I think Mayer added that bit in the book becuase I really do believe that she was trying to send the message across; ‘ don’t trust anybody that you don’t know’ and I really think that Bella wanted to help her and she would have if Edward wasn’t pulling her along.

    THAT IS SOOO MUCH TO READ! Sorry, but I hope you enjoy reading it πŸ™‚
    Lots of love, Philippa β™₯
    ‘love love’ hehe

  7. Melanie Hope says:

    I first would like to say that I love you guys!!! I love the sibling riverlry!!! I think I would want to see the inside Volterra scene. I love the whole cold brick feel of the hall way and how it goes into a reception area with a human, SO FUNNY!!!! I also love the whole mind reading back and forth and Jane’s power, both working on Edward and not on Bella. I think it would be so cool to watch the actors turn their emotions on and off between takes.

  8. Jessica Martin says:

    As random as this maybe I kind of want to see the scene where Bella is catatonic and they have Renee come up to either snap her out of it or to bring her back home with her. It many not be as flashy but I think that it has the most substance from the book.. I believe that that is how any normal person would react to the love of their life just up and leaving them.. While it doesn’t have a shirtless Taylor or Rpatz it shw the real uman side of Bela that is a 18 year old girl

  9. Chloe says:

    bella finding out what jake is!

  10. Victoria Alice Cullen says:

    The birthday party scene and the scene with Jacob and Laurent. Both are very cool scenes and I would love to see how they are both done.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I scene I would like to see as crazy as it may sound, is the dream (more like nightmare) Bella had in the beginning of the book, where she thinks her grandma is meeting Edward but the she realizes its actually herself, that would be a crazy scene to start the movie off with that like the book did. But I don’t think they would put it in, but who knows right?!?! I would love to see that scene.

  12. Lola says:

    i would pick any scene where Jacob or Edward had their shirts off!! Tottallly HOT

  13. liz says:

    The scene where Bella and Edward are talking after they come back from Italy and Bella thinks it’s a dream because they’re together and I rather see a happy scene than a really depressing one like the break-up cause I probably would have started sobbing.

    Love the Podcasts : ]

  14. Tara K. says:

    Hmmm… only one, only one. Darn. Well, if I had to choose, I would want to see the “voting” scene. I think that this scene is what was the most highly anticipated part of the series, because all Twilight fans either want (or I guess it would be “wanted” now since breaking Dawn is out) Bella to become a vampire or to stay human. This scene was what decided the choice, and so I think it would be the most interesting and important scene to see being filmed. Also, for those fans that weren’t at the Orlando Twilight EyeCon convention, Peter (Carlisle) said that his favorite line that his character says is in this scene, and interestingly enough, he came up with it himself!!!

  15. Sabrina says:

    This is a hard one to answer, but after watching twilight again with your commentary…..I think in would have to say I want to see Bella getting rescued by Sam and Charlie’s reaction and taking care of Bella. Billy Burke simply steals every scence he was in in Twilight and I love seeing Charlie get to be a Dad! If I could pick a second it might be the scene where Bella comes home, cause Charlie is so mad at Edward. Or maybe the yelling at he end of the book..lol I really can’t choose. Love listening to the podcast!

  16. Erica J. says:

    Ok….so ur podcasts are great! Im torn b/t two scenes….the scene where Bella dreams of Edward coaxing her and then Jacob jumps and shape shifts in front of her to protect her ….or when Edward tries to get Bella to marry him if he will change her….I love Edward…..he is awesome but Jacob is THE BEST!!

  17. Shawna says:

    I would love to watch the judgement scene with the Volturi. Jane, Aro and everyone else would be amazing to see in action. I can’t wait to see how Jane attacks Edward and how Alice and Bella react to it. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

  18. Cassie says:

    The scene I would want to see would be the one when Bella wakes up after Italy. I would love to see that scene because its like the first time Edward really asks Bella to marry him and they know that they will always be together.

  19. Eileen says:

    Lets see…. The scene in Italy with Rob’s shirt off. His big revealing of going into the sun. I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything but him if I saw him. He looked sooooooo good in the pictures. Wow. Definitely that scene. I wouldn’t mind being an extra with a red cloak or something. I would stand in the piazza all day long to get a glimspe of him. Now I really wish I was there filming ; )o

  20. Jen says:

    If they follow the book, I would love to watch the first time that Bella rides the motorcycle. The way they describe it in the book was so funny to me because she was doing so great until she heard Edwards voice and then she messed up. Also I would have like to see the scene where she puts her mortality to a vote. The tension in the room between her, rosalie and edward would need to be just right….also I am wondering what Jasper is going to look like with Bella being so close.

  21. Molly J. says:

    While I would like to see EVERY scene , the one scene that I think would be the most interesting to see the actors portray is the scene when Alice Bella and Jacob are all in Bella’s living room, and Alice tells Bella that Edward is going to Italy. I think that it will be an especially difficult scene for the actors because first of all the tension in the room between Alice and Jake is tremendous because they absolutely LOATH each other. Secondly, Bella feels as though her heart was basically ripped apart because she learns that the love of her life is going to “kill himself”. So, while there is not a lot of action in this scene, the amount of emotions present is incredible. It will be interesting to see how the actors portray it.

    Love the podcast!

  22. Niki says:

    First let me start off by saying that i’m recently new to all of this twilight fandome. I just finished the books like two weeks ago and am now i’m like where have I been for the past few years not to have heard about these books? lol. Continuing: a friend suggested that i go to twilightsource and I’ve been listening to all of their older podcasts and I’m on the one where both you all and twilight source did a LIVE show together before the Twilight premeir. You guys were awesome and your website is fantastic as well!!!

    So to the question: What scene would I want to see being filmed? I think the scene I would most like to see is maybe towards the end of New Moon when Bella is just too afraid to go to sleep because she’s still thinking that this is still all a dream. I think Edward says something romantic along the lines that he swears he’ll make that all up to her. I could just imagine the terribly vulnerable look in Bella’s eyes while Edward looks tortured when he thinks of having left Bella.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    —-Niki, Riverview, Fl-27

  23. Michelle says:

    I would definitely want to see the scene where Edward and Bella finally are together and he thinks he is already dead and in heaven, and their journey back when Bella doesn’t even want to blink because she is missing a second of him. Also when Bella wakes up after Italy. She can’t believe that she is alive, or that she’s not dreaming. It was soooo sweet but completely how I would feel after being jolted around like Bella.

    It made me cry because she was so happy and emotional from all the turmoil Bella was going through!

    Anyways I just started listening and I’m still catching up because its so fun to hear your theories about Breaking Dawn (I feel like I cheated or something because I read them all in December so I didn’t have to wait) Love the show, thanks fo all of your hard work!!!

  24. Lina says:

    Hey, Kassie and Kallie!! I love you guys!

    Well, I would have definitely wanted to see the birthday party scene being filmed. It looks so good in the preview! I think that is my favorite part of New Moon because it really set up how dangerous it was for Bella to be spending time with the vampires. Plus, I really love Jackson Rathbone!

  25. hope lumbley says:

    GOSH! only one well ! i would want the scence where bella and jacob and… mike lol go to the movies, but truthfully any sceene with jacob love him! i really cant chosse new moon was my favorite book beacuse all the werewolves so i think that i would love the part were jacob and paul are fightening and then the other guys drive bella home and the 2 guys are betting on who will win and if bella threw up!!!!!!!!!!!! love the podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)

  26. Emily says:

    The scene when Bella wakes up after the Italy Adventure, mostly because I’m interested in seeing how Kristen Stewart handles that scene as an actress. I have my doubts about her, professionally, but if she can pull it off it may turn my whole opinion about her around. That or the “Vote-on-Bella’s-Immortality” scene. (Can you tell I’m a Team Edward girl, due to my nomination of scenes from the outter portions of the book? I’ve read New Moon recently, but it’s been a while since I read that whole No-Edward-Middle Part…) Twilight has such great supporting actors, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reasor, I think they’ll do supremely well with this movie, in general… Of course, it would simply be ideal to just go see them all ebing filmed, but whatchya’ gonna do? πŸ˜‰

  27. Morgan says:

    I would either like to see the whole Volterra scene, the Motorbike Scene or the Cliff Diving Scene. I think I would like to see these scenes because they are mostly action packed, and like Kassie, New Moon isn’t my favourite book because i’m a faithful team edward. I think the actors will do an extraordinary job with acting these, plus I would have the chance of meeting Rob & Taylor πŸ˜› Also the Volterra scene is probably my favourite scene in New Moon. I can’t wait to see these 3 scenes and hope Chris Weitz does a great job.

    love the podcast,
    Morgan xoxo

  28. Iva Scott says:

    i would totally want to see the scence where Bella cuts herself and edward pushing jasper away from her, that seems so cool!!! *squeal* Also i would want to see the scence where bella and jessica are out on their shopping trip and she decide that she should go over and talk to the two men standing in the dark just so that she would be able to see/hear edward voice in her head…

    your podcast totally rocks has every one,

  29. Julia Edmonds says:

    Hey guys, just want say that i love ur guy’s podcast and u guys are just amazing and like the coolest people……….anyways the scene i would want to see is the scene where edward is by himself when he leaves and just what he is doing without bella. This scene was not shown in the book so i am very curious to see how Robert is playing Edwards emotional state. I am also wondering if he is trying to make desissions to try and go back or he just doesnt want to go back period. I also want to know this because i am HUGE Edward fan and get alittle bored with Jacob (sorry) but i just really want to know what edward is doing while he is gone.
    Love ya guys
    Julia Edmonds
    P.S Love the podcast

  30. Taina (ta e na) Ramos says:

    Hey Kallie & Kassie, I am completely infacuated with you podcast. Especially when you banter back and forth about nothing in particular. Anyway the scences I would love to have seen are the ones when Bella and Jacobs “friendship” starts to bloom and she realizd that he is her personal sun. This part of new moon is very personal to me because I had to make almost the exact decision Bella made before I got married. To this day my Jacob is my best friend but he still reminds me that he loves me.

  31. Erin Marie says:

    I would most love to see being filmed is the scene where Jacob and Bella are in Bella’s kichen when “Carlise” calls to see if Charlie is home. Turns out it’s actually Edward calling in to see if Bella is alive. I would most love to see this scene being filmed because while reading this was the part which truly made me a Team Jacob Fanatic. I would kill to see the almost kiss between Jacob and Bella. Plus Kristen is my favorite actress I would love to meet her and Taylor is just dreamy =]. I would also love to see the script and screenplay for this sceen because i would love to know if you will see that its actually Edward calling before Bella realizes it or if you figure it out as Bella does.

  32. Megan in FL says:

    The scene I am looking forward the most from Vancouver would probably be the scene where Charlie is talking to Bella about being a Zombie all the time. When she is first waking up and looking back at the last four months. I think they could show a lot of flashes of what she was like during that time. I love Charlie and Bella’s relationship and I love in that scene that she realizes that she wasn’t fooling him at all.

  33. lydz says:

    I would really REALLY like to see the Volturi scene filmed. I am SO EXCITED to see what the castle looks like!!! Plus that scene is the climax of the story, and I think the actor’s abilities will be challenged during that scene. Also, the location looks so beautiful! Luv the podcast!

  34. mikayla says:

    i would like to c the scene where she drowns, because it’s one of the only scenes in the book with edward and jacob together, and its a cool action kinda scene and it would be cool to c her jump off the cliff. or i would like to c the scene where they break up just to c how they interpret it

  35. Bookworm says:

    Hey Guys, love the show. The scene I would most want to see would be the part where Jake and Bella are in the woods and he is “breaking up” with her. That would have been fun to watch because, i get to see my man, Taylor and I always liked that scene. I hope they portray it correctly.

  36. Ashleigh Murtha says:

    Well I think that the scene that I would like to have seen filmed would probably be when Bella jumps into the water. But I want to be clear, NOT when she jumps off the cliff, but when she is in the water and deciding if she wants to live or die. I think that that kind of emotion would be breathtaking to experience and it is such a pivitol part to the story.

  37. Julia Edmonds says:

    (this is relating to my other response) i picked that scene because i heard that they were actually going to show Edward while he away and show what he is doing. SO THERE IS GOING TO BE MORE EDWARD YAH!!

  38. rooksie says:

    i would love to see the scene, where edward is trying to explain to bella that what happen in volturi was not a dream, it would be awesome that whole bedroom scene, just the way bella is thinking at that moment, to have your whole world seem dream like but in fact happened. Also when edward gives bella his comprise with turning into a vampire, its one of the best scenes in the book, that probably might not make it in the movie, i think is should be in the movie. but both those scenes are pivotal, its basically bella realising that it all could be a dream because it doesnt seem real. i would love to see those scenes filmed.


  39. Kaytee says:

    I would pick the Italy scene when Bella is confronted with the Vulturi. There is so much drama there and I think that it would be interesting to watch all of the new characters interacting together. I am really ready to see Jane in action, I am happy with the Dakota Fanning choice she is very talented and I think that she will give a great performance of Jane. Love the show keep it up and have a great week…love the books that you are recommending I am always looking for new authors.

  40. Elizabeth (Indiana) says:

    I would love to see the whole movie theater tripple date with mike, bella, and jacob. The scene in the theater is just plain hilarious when mike gets sick and with both boys holding their hands out so they can attack bella and hold her hand. Also I think the scene with jacob and bella outside the theater waiting for mike is probably one of my favorite parts of the book. I think it is when bella finally realizes how well jacob truly knows her and that she wants him to be hers. Now I am totally Team Edward, but reading New Moon a second time this scene really stuck out to me and made me like Jacob more. I that all three actors will do a great job with this and I would have loved to have scene the filming it would’ve been so funny and cool to see the book come to life.

    Love the show

  41. Luna Eclipse says:

    Ok. I’m not actually here to answer the question, but I have one to ask. I keep reading that Kristin broke up with her boyfriend to be with Rob. Is this true? Are they really dating?! Will you please post something on the website about this? Thanks!

  42. tierra(youngest Twilight reader) says:

    hi kallie kassie an lindsey,

    i would absoluety love to see the part in Italy when Bella Edward and Alice are leaving the Voltori and they bring in the tourist.i would love to see the look on Bella’s face. I wonder if Hedi knew that Bella was human if so i wonder how she felt.Was she able to keep form thinking about shinking her teeth into bella’s neck.I believe i am the youngest twilight fan because i am eight.

    Love Tierra
    P.S I love your podcast

  43. xhappiefacex says:

    i just gotta put this out there im am a completely devoted team jacob girl (woooo wolf pack woot woot) and would love to see the almost kiss between bella and jake because i did not breathe at all while reading that partor the part right after were alice and bella are getting ready to go and rescue edward and jacob is pretty much in tears wanting bella to stay with him and and stay alive for him and in that scenes they are going to have to pull a lot of emotion out of them because bella and jacob are both in tears and bella cant even look at jacobs face so thats what i think and love the podcast:)

  44. brittany (houston tx woot woot) says:

    i love jacob/taylor and would love to watch taylor and kristen film the “Break-up” scene because its raining and come on its the beautiful taylor lautner soaking wet and angry/ and i kinda like him being mean to bella because she is annoying troughout the series and i love the podcast but cassie has drove me crazy in some previous pod cast with her jacob comments but still love the podcast:)

  45. Theresa says:

    I want to see how Jacob tries to tell Bella what he is. Like when Edward couldn’t tell Bella that he was a vamp, Jacob can’t tell Bella, but she can figure it out – and does. I would like to see her reaction when she does figure it out. Of course I want to see the scene in Italy, but the question is what scene I’d like to see in Vancouver….. And I would also like to see the scene when Quil and Embry meet Bella…. that cracked me up, too….. πŸ™‚ And how they work the whole ‘tying the shorts to the wolf’ thing. I’m sure it will end up being a non-issue – probably just an editing thing in the movie.
    I just want to see all the shirtless pack…… hmmmmm πŸ™‚

  46. Monica H. says:

    Ugh I can’t decide. For me it would either be the breakup scene cuz I would want to see what they have planned for that when I imagined it I saw everything a certain way and I hope it’s not too different… But thats such a sad scene so i’d probably go with my second choice which is any scene with Jacob in it before Alice comes because something just changed between them when that happened. Before that Jacob is a really good friend to Bella and those would be such fun parts to see getting filmed.

  47. Abigail says:

    Ok, I know this is an old post but, I think the sceane I’d want to see the most is Bella’s birthday party…just seeing Jackson’s face as Jasper when he gose after her blood would be cool, wierd. But cool, ans the cake, I’d like to know how they made the cake..

  48. OMG I HAVE OCD!!!! says:

    I would definitely want to see Edward shirtless in the Volturi scene. They need to have more of that. Also I would want to see the break up scene because I think Edward looks REALLY HAWT there <3. I really can’t decide which scene I would want to see being filmed. I think I would luv to see a scene with the whole cast like the vote scene.
    Luv the podcast <3 <3 <3 <3
    Keep up the good work

  49. Annikia says:

    I want to see the scene in the meadow with Laurent. And The wolfs. LOL!

  50. Z. Z. Mitchell says:

    I would love to see the part when jacob brings bella to the werewolf meeting and then jacob gets in a fight with paul and rips his last pair of shoes. Then two of the other guys ( i forgot who ) took bella to emily’s house. And on the way they were betting to see if she was going to blow chunks.:-o

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