New Moon Trailer ~ Week 57

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This week we talk about the The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer! All of the buzz surrounding Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards spurred our conversation, as well as your answers to our Question of the Week! Our Fan of the Month joins us this week, and it is pure entertainment as I sat back and listened to Kassie and Andy debate Wolves vs Vamps! This week’s music is Divided by Four by PMR. To learn more about them click HERE!

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26 Comments to “New Moon Trailer ~ Week 57”

  1. Sarah :) says:

    I like it how both of them are topless :)) haha

  2. Kelsey says:

    I agree, they are very sexy. ;P

  3. Morgan says:

    Haha. They’re total opposites. The only thing in common is that they’re both amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for November 20th!!!!!

    Rock on! \m/

  4. Carrie says:

    omg robert is so white in that picture!!! GO BRITISH MAN!!

  5. aaliyah says:

    edward is so hot n jacob is so not. dont get me wrong jacob is cool n fine but he is out of his league. in other cases i would totallygo for them bothn having two sexy men at my side ;]

  6. jackson gurl says:

    Edward is not as cute/hot as jacob. i think that tha is because he has to be so pale.

  7. IHEARTSETH says:

    when I see this pic, of Jake in the rain with his shirt off, I have a little urge to burst into giggles like a little girl. He’s just so sexy in that pic. Amazing. Rob looks screwed up in that pic.

  8. Nicole says:

    wow, I didn’t expect either one of them to look so great, but the do. 🙂

  9. Nicole says:

    they do not the do

  10. Thanks for playing Divided By Four by PMR. We were wondering why we got so much “traffic” these days. Now we know. This article is the answer :)!

    Dying Giraffe

  11. lana says:

    yum times 2 lol wow there sooo hot

  12. Vainner says:

    Great Podcast as always but I have one complaint. Yes I know that the Hunger Games were talked about weeks ago but some of us were in the middle of another fantastic book at the time and couldn’t get our hands on the book. I was right in the middle of the book that I had just gotten that day for my birthday when this whole “what were those werewolf thigs” completley ruined for me. I ignored you Hunger games podcast from fear of spoilers but I had no idea that would be in this podcast. Its okay I still loved the book and the ending left me sad but “hungry” for more (geez that was corny)

  13. caitlin says:

    lol look at the skin colour difference!! i dont like jacob sorry lol hmmmm maybe its more taylor who i dont like… hmm yes thats it. I dont like taylor now. he look too muscley for his height. i totally agree with aaliyah bout them being sexy but im totally team edward!


  14. Kayy says:

    Hahaha I love how there topless (:
    Ehmagoshh like really look at the skin color difference!!!!

  15. Cassie (KC) says:

    I love the podcast. i loved the MMA (Mtv Movie Awards). i thought it is so funny. especially the beginning where Andy is in Forks High.
    The New Moon trailer is good the only thing wrong is the eyebrow thing and the look Rob makes when leaving Bella.
    Other then that i loved the trailer.

    love the podcast and u!

  16. Kimmy says:

    oh my, Edward has my heart but I can see why Bella would fall for Jacob…I love both their protective nature…but Edward, you are my number one man (Rob…you so zzzzzzzzz)

  17. Kimmy says:

    Team Edward Indeed

  18. maddie says:

    maddie – i love them BOTH REALYY i would die if they didnt make a 3rd one !!!!

    gabby – i love them both , they are amazing im happy they made the books into movie GO ROBERT AND TAYLOR

    BOTH – *GoTeamSwitcherland*

  19. Corinne Walker says:

    I must say for a vampire Edward looks mighty FINE!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t know why Rob thinks he has to step up, he got it GOIN ON!!!!!

  20. emily says:


  21. Sarah :) says:

    Haha skin colour difference 😛
    i love both Taylor & Rob xx

  22. Judith Akufo says:

    Ok, this has nothing to do with the post, but I just watched the New Moon trailer again and it looks like Rob is wearing the same thing during the birthday scene and when he breaks up with Bella, yet she looks to have changed. Any ideas why?

  23. penelopre says:

    i agree w/ all of u they r both hot & reallly sexy….. it feels like i want them both 4 all of myself

  24. sabrina says:

    They are both beautiful and if you think about it, they are complete opposites but the are the best of both worlds!!!

  25. Slgjv says:

    OMG I wish we could skip to november 20 then come bave to summer vacation!!!

  26. Sheryle says:

    Okay, you don’t see much of Jasper in the New Moon trailer, but what is up with his hair??? Its curly and looks horrible! I loved how it looked in the first movie, he looked like a model. Now he looks like he’s wearing a wig. Ick.

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