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Here is my thoughts on WITCH AND WIZARD! – Out in December!

The story follows a brother and a sister, who are taken from there home in the dead of night, by the New Order, or N.O.  The N.O is a new type of goverment who HATE children.  Once the brother and sister are taken from there home they are put into jail! But what happens when the two discover their magic powers and escape from prision? First they have to find their parents who are also missing, and might be about to get murdered by the N.O, then they have to stop THE ONE WHO IS THE ONE (kinda like the president). This is a great fast pace speedy read! James Patterson keeps up with his readers. How does this man write so many FANTASTIC stories?


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20 Comments to “WITCH AND WIZARD by JAMES PATTERSON Book Review”

  1. Jennie Smith says:

    Great job Alex! Adding it to my list!


  2. leann says:

    think ill check it out. sounds interesting <3 JAMES patterson 😛

  3. Matthew says:

    Sound like a copy of Harry Potter to me. “The one who is the one” or “He who can not be named” Sounds like it will be just like Harry potter.

  4. katiee says:

    this was like 1090909 better then harry potter i finished it in a couple of hours .. i could not get past the 1st page of potter

  5. Wheldek says:

    @ Katiee

    Then you’re not really qualified to say whether or not it’s better than Harry Potter if you haven’t even read it. Personally I had a really hard time getting past the first page of Witch and Wizard, but that doesn’t mean Harry Potter is automatically better. It’s all a matter of opinions, yes. But you should really get a good close up of both books before comparing the two, other wise the opinion becomes empty and loses value.

    But yeah, I’m willing to give this book a shot. I’m still skeptical of it. Especially with the commercials “Now you don’t have to wait any longer for Harry Potter books!” Sell outs. It hurts more than helps.

  6. hp says:

    tht sounds retarted in my opinion. i mean the goverment hates kids so they lock them up i dont like it one bit

  7. Sarah says:

    I loved witch and Wizard personally….

    The person who did the review is a little off. The New Order, or N.O doesn’t hate children, they are afraid of them. Its only the children that have ” Powers” that are imprisoned. Not all childrent just because the goverment hates them. There is several “one” figures in the govermenet “The One Who is The One” “The One Who Judges”, etc… I personally think that it has no relation to ” He who shall not be named” you can speak about “The One Who is The One”, he is like a president not some mass murder ( well he is but not in the same way?) The One Who Is the One was not hurt by a baby and forced to go into hiding so the person who suggested that is off … I completly disagree with Wheldek or whatever the name is I have read The Harry Potter Series , and I disliked it…. I enjoyed Witch and Wizard far better.. I will admit Harry Potter does have its thumbs ups, but for me Witch and Wizard was better…. I really did love this book, and I recommend you give it a a shot.

  8. Joseph Sparks says:

    for one thing, not all children are feared. there are the curves, which are the ones who either have powers or the ones who can travel to different dimensions. there are also adults with powers; if you remember sarah there was a scene in a old diner where the brother and sister went with a friend to a diner and a witch pointed them out, but the sister tricked her into looking like a witch so the older lady ad her coven had to dissapear. now, to my opinoin. not only was the book bad; it was juvenille and a complete mock of James pattersons writing abilities. there was no need for Gabrielle to have written the book with him. in my opinion, all it did was ruin the book. i got the book expecting the essence james patterson always puts into his books, but i finished it an realized that i tried to hurry through the book because of the literary torture it inflicted upon me. i’m sorry to say this, and i apologize because i’m a huge fan of Pattersons work, but i am seriously doubting buying the next book that comes out with not only his name, but the name of some other writer. sorry to any fans of gabrielle, because i did a little research and i know that she is a published author, but as i said before, the book was simplistic, juvenille, lacked the quality to detail and the deep thoughted plot that patterson usually incorporates into his books. from a one to ten scale, i give it a 2.5, and that’s when i take into consideration all of his previous books that were amazing reads such as the alex cross series and the maximum ride series.

  9. none of ur buisness says:

    i read witch and wizard and i don’t get what the point of the story is. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sky says:

    I haven’t finished the entire Witch and Wizard book yet, but I’m luving it. I luv Harry Potter also. So far, I am not thinking that tha book is anything like HP. Really, if you haven’t read Harry Potter, you have no rite to compare them. Harry Potter books are much thicker and go much more into detail, but they’re still great books and I luv them. I think Witch and Wizard is pretty great. :)
    I think it’s a book for people who don’t have much time 2 read and don’t ever get thru thicker books. But I luv both Harry Potter and Witch and Wizard.

  11. Kevabear says:

    Ok so I just finished Witch and Wizard. Started it this morning and couldn’t quite get myself to put it down. I really really enjoyed it, however…..”To be continued?”!!! Are you kidding me?! I suppose when, and if the next one comes out I will be happy to jump back in, but it feels like my day just came to a very unsatisfactory end. One reads to the end of the book to FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS! Sheesh.

  12. Jess says:

    Well I got the book Witch and Wizard… and I’m not sure if I want to read it or not. I’ve never read Harry Potter nor do I intend to, and I was wondering if I should read this book. Is it any good?

  13. Jessica says:

    Are you kidding, did you even bother to read the book.
    The book was a disaster.
    If you are a good reader, and love your books. skip this book.
    This book … I have no words for how bad it is.
    People seem to complain about twilight, well they should read this book cause its a hole new worse.

  14. janelle morales says:

    This was the lamest book ever!!!

  15. NikitaSoge says:

    Хз зачем бегать по гуглу когда есть все тут

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