Wolf Pack ~ Book vs. Movie

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We have a great Question of the Week!  Make sure to tease Kassie, with ‘Wolf Pack Love’, as much as possible with your answers! We want to know…

How do you think the Wolf Pack will be portrayed in the movie, opposed to the way they are portrayed in the book?

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56 Comments to “Wolf Pack ~ Book vs. Movie”

  1. HannahRose says:

    I have a feeeling that they will be portrayed pretty darn close to what the book says….

    Well at least I hope so…

  2. Taylor Pruyne says:

    I think it will be pretty close to the book i mean just look at them there all hot so they got that righ im just going to be mad if paul isnt all tough bad ass guy casue i like him better than jake and its not just cause alex is hotter than taylor well maybe that had a little something to do with it. oh well i hope its good.

  3. hannah says:

    I hope that they are potrayed well but I think I will be happy with it. My favorites are Quill and Jarrah

  4. Jessica says:

    I think they will be played similar to the book, but that the “beefcake” factor will probably be pumped up (ha!) for the fans…since the books were from Bella’s point of view, she tended to be distracted by Edward and not notice these things. It seems like we’ll maybe actually see a little more of the Wolf Pack in New Moon than we did, more dialogue perhaps. But they were portrayed really positively in the books, particularly the scenes at Emily’s house where it talks about them being a family and the obvious love between Sam and Emily.

  5. Judith Akufo says:

    I think that they won’t be as present in the movie as they are in the book. I think there will be more of a focus on Bella and Jacob’s relationship, and that the wolf pack will be shown as the Rosalie of the Cullens, just as a force that opposes the relationship. I guessing they also might try to squeeze in some comic relief from them.

  6. riley says:

    God they are all so hot! Well i think they’ll be pretty close! Though Sam looked well hotter than i imagined! I wanted him to be ugly so i could hate him more! But HOW CAN YOU HATE THAT HUNK OF MAN CANDY *GIRLY SQUEAL*! I hate him for being so hot! and paul really i mean COME ON how am i supposed to hate him!!??
    GO TEAM JACOB (Sorry Kassie!)

  7. wendy says:

    I think that they will present the characters as they are in the books. But, will they spend as much time focusing on them as they do in the book??? I hope that they do, or even dedicate a bit more time to showing the bonds that the pack members have with each other. I think that for those who have not read the books, and only see the movies, it will be necessary to illustrate the closeness that the pack members have with each other to make Jacob’s situation more believable. Otherwise it will be just Jacob going through this strange change all on his own while dealing with a distraught Bella for the first half of the movie. No matter how good Taylor looks now, I don’t think it will be very entertaining to those that don’t know what is to come at the end of the movie. Not to mention that they need to do a little more character development of the Quilutes for the sake of the future movies. For the person who has only experienced the movie characters it will be hard to believe that Leah and Seth would take on the roles that they did in Breaking Dawn with out having a clear understanding of their back story and a belief in the bonds that they share as members of the pack.
    Just a side note: I am interested in seeing how they are going to portray those pages in the book that had just the months listed. I thought that was brilliant of the publisher to do this as a way to illustrate time passing. It made a huge impact as I was reading. I hope they can accomplish the same feeling in the movie.

  8. Sheff says:

    Unlike previous essays ¬_¬’
    I’m guessing the character’s aren’t going to be as grand as they are in the books; but that is basically natural in all movies.
    I’ll admit, I don’t think the characters have been portrayed to their full extent in the Twilight movie anyway (even though I adore it…though, the books are obviously much grander in detail and overall goodness! LOL!).

    Still, we can only hope for the best…but still, I’ve got that lovely nagging feeling everyone is going to go o_O”’ Eh? Once they see the characters upon the screen. I’m just waiting to judge upon Embry and Quil if I’m honest…who gives a damn about Sam 😉 LOL! Joke joke…


  9. Alii says:

    Dear Kassie/ Kallie,

  10. hope lumbley says:

    I think they are going to do a great job i mean come on they already have made them look as hot and perfect as possiable you would have to be crazy not to love them!!!! they will do a great job but i think that they are going to make them a LOT hotter and you will feel more sensitive towards them in the movie then in the book! its also going to be amazing to see them phase * faint* ! plus i think since the wolf pack is going to be so amazing that alot of team edward people might rethink that after seeing new moon!!! Well thanks , love the podcast!, and the wolf pack!

  11. Alii says:

    I Have A Feeling That The Pack Will B Pretty Close 2 The Books, Seeming As From The Pictures We Have Seen Showing Sam And The Wolves, As Well As The Trailer With Jacob and The CGI, Picture Pretty Much Wat Most Have Pictured As The Pack. However, From The Pictures We Can See A Tattoo That All Members Have, Which Might B Similar 2 The Crest, Not Having Much Significance But Making Them Seem More Like A Pack Rather Than A Bunch Of Strangers Who Have Cool Shape Shifting Powers. Happy 4th Of July!

  12. joelle-marie says:

    the werewolves, i hope, would be portrayed in the movie similar to as it is portrayed in the books. but i have this strong gut feeling that we wont get to see & learn about them much because the cullens & the vampires were vaguely described in twilight. i hope with a passion though that we are able to see wolvee bare-chested MORE. THAN. ONCE. [oh my effing jacob]. the fights would probably be more visual and agressiver as well compared to the ones in the books. but whether or not they are portrayed similarly or differently, as long i see their deelish abs, im good 🙂

  13. Sylvie says:

    There will probably be less information given, as it is that way with all books made into movies. But looking at the pictures, the physical side of the pack seems to be… hmmm… pretty accurate. That has got to make anybody get a newfound interest in the wolves right?? 🙂

  14. princess katie says:

    In the book, there’s two different views of the pack:
    1. The show-off cult that steals and brainwashes the boys of La Push
    2. The family of playful young men

    I hope the movie includes both. At the beginning they should be creepy and mysterious, but by the end we should feel comfortable with them. I also think we should see some more wolf action that Bella was unaware of in the book. It’d be cool if we saw regular La Push life, without mopey vampire-loving Bella making drama, like Sam Jared and Paul messing around in the woods before Jake changes.

    p.s. I’m really excited for the wolf stuff because the CGI from the trailer looked really good (not super corny like Twilight =])

  15. twikye says:

    WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUP! ok so this is a good question WELL the books has them as protectors of the tribe, but we dont get that feel untill Eclipse in new moon we see them as a gang of brainwashers and then a group of BROTHERS. the movie i hope can capture the GANG time because it shows how upset the other La push teens are that their friends are biung “brainwashed” and the secret society it becomes … ITs all about the progression because this is from BELLAS POV so I hope C. WIETZ was able to catch that . YOU GUYS ARE BOMB great podcast and


  16. Julia Edmonds says:

    i think they will portray the wolf pack very well, because when edward leaves most of the time spent with bella s the wolf pack, so they are going to try and put as much wolf pack as they can in there, with italy and edward and bella….but if this is going to be a better movie then the last movie, then i know it is going to be portrayed very good. BUT they also have to remember that not everyone that is going to see the movie, has read the books, so they have to be descriptive with that too. Even though i am a HUGE Edward fan, i still think that it will look good in the movie, and so excited to see taylor when he has his shirt off yah!!! and rob YAH!!!!!!!!
    Love yah
    and love the podcast!!!!

  17. Morgan says:

    Hey Girls!

    I think that the wolf pack will be portraed very well. From the pictures and interviews we have seen, they look awesome!
    I think they will stay very close to the book when it comes to the wolf pack. It is kind of a subject where they have to get it right, otherwise the movie will be just out of it!
    They have to make it so that people who haven’t read the book can understand whats going on through all of their transformations, but then they also have to do it so that the fans enjoy it too.
    Also we know from the trailer that the wolves look totally AWESOME!
    I cannot wait to see Taylor fill the role of Jacob Black. He is going to own that role (and every girl, ever if you are Team Edward or just Kassie, wants to see Taylor with his shirt off showing off his new muscles ;D)
    The Cullens in the Twilight movie aren’t really described (like their backstories and their powers) but I really do hope they go into depth for the wolves so we know Sam was the first wolf and we see the whole phase with Jacob, Quil & Embry. Also in Eclipse they need to have to whole ‘Taha Aki’ Story around the bonfire as this will help with this also.
    I cannot wait for New Moon and hope that the wolves are done right, otherwise it just stuffs up the whole plot, especially for movies ahead.
    Love the Podcast
    Morgan xoxo

  18. caitlin says:

    I think that all the wolf pack members look great but ii dont really like the tattoos on them if thats what they are. soooooooooo cant wait 4 november!!!! 4 MONTHS LEFT!!!! OMG

    team edward!!!!!!

  19. I_am_Bookworm! says:

    Hey Girls, LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the show. Am i going crazy but every where I go it says Chaske is playing Lakota!! Who in the heck is he?! Am I pulling a Bella and being crazy because I never even heard of a Lakota in the series. I thought Chaske played sam?!Back to the Question:
    I think the Quiluete pack will be like the Cullens in the twilight movie. They were just there. Jazz, Em, Rose, and Esme only had five or so lines in the entire film.I remember I was super duper excited when they first released the photos of them. Then I watched the movie and the Cullen family was on the screen but didn’t say much. I think it will be this way for the boys, as well. I really wish it wasn’t because I would love to see the physical and mental transformation all the boys go though. But i dont know, i think it is going to be centered around Bella and Jake just like the 1st movie. (except with that it is Bella and Edward)
    Also why are all the guys in the picture have a circular tatoo,On there shoulder.Even taylor had one in the trailer. Is it like the cullens all wearing the family crest, in Twilight.
    TEAM SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!!!

  20. leticia says:

    i think compared to the book the wolf pack will be portrayed more as the strong unit that protects the area around forks, than like a dysfunctional family. in the book my impression of the wolf pack was that they all had different desires, and friends, that separated them a bit. I don’t think they will have the time to, or end up portraying them that way in the movie.
    For example i think the wolf pack will be together a lot in the scenes in new moon, however we as readers don’t see them together the majority of the story. Jacob has his friends, and sam has his closer friends. I think to save time they will have Jacob mention something to Bella about Sam scaring him a little, but regardless i think like the posters, they will be shown as a- well a pack, than in individual scenes. except maybe jacob, Quil, and Embry in the beginning. I can understand why they would do that-for the people that haven’t read the books to understand that they are powerful, and that the werewolves can have just as much as a presence as the vampires…after all the “pack” is what they have been advertising anyway.
    thnx for reading <3 the show.

  21. Jess S. says:

    I think that we will get to see the wolf pack portrayed similarly in the movie as they were in the book, because, although Bella spends a lot of time with them in New Moon, it really doesn’t go into much depth about the pack’s relationships until Eclipse when Leah is a wolf, and Edward tells Bella what they are thinking and stuff. I think this is because Bella is numb to everything. As long as the Sam is the Alpha I think it will be great! As far as I’m concerned in the Twilight universe the worst it could ever be would be okay. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn can do no harm!

  22. Caitlin says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooo excited. And by the looks of it, it will be really good and they are all smokin’ hot!!!!!!!

  23. chrissylee says:

    I think they are going to look super hot in human form and totaly wicked in wolf form and I can’t wait.

  24. soccerchic#2 says:

    In the book we didn’t get to see much of the wolf pack, because Stephenie Meyer was focusing so much on just Bella and Jacob’s relationship. The only dialogue we really heard of was that between Jacob, Quil, and Embry. And that was even before they were wolves. In the movie I think they will show more of the wolf pack, maybe even scenes where they are just discussing…. wolf stuff. They will probably be shown more as a close family or collective unit rather than the gang that forced Jacob to join as we see it through Bella’s eyes in the book. All-together, I believe there will be more wolf-to-wolf stuff, companionship, and just more wolves since it appears that Director Chris loves action. Love the show!

  25. la_petite_femme says:

    pft! Who cares about the wolf pack! I want me some Volturi! 😀

  26. lydz says:

    Hello! I think that in the movie, they will make the werewolves more tough and buff!!!!! To be honest, when I saw the trailer, I didn’t think Jacob was a big enough wolf. Although, it was hard to tell his real size since he wasn’t standing next to a human to compare. Also, I feel that Mr. Weitz will make the pack more hostile to the vampires, which I don’t approve of because I feel that Sam, as the leader, would keep the emotions of the pack at a normal level. I cannot describe my ecstasy for the parts when Bella is with the wolf pack!!!! No matter how much I love the Cullens, the wolves seem so much more down to earth, and I think that’s what makes them so cuddly(well, to me). I luv, LUV Embry, and I think Kiowa is gonna do a rocking job!!!!
    I have been wondering something, though. Because the wolves eat so much, the actors are going to be stuffing their faces scene after scene. And don’t forget, they’ll do the scenes more then once. I have been wondering if the movie won’t show the wolves eating as much for the actors’ health.
    But over all, I couldn’t be more excited to see the pack, and the Volturi!!!!
    Love the podcasts, have a great time listening to them 🙂

  27. Hanalee says:

    Well…hm. I think it’s odd how in the book, the wolf pack is the really big bulk of the story, but so far all we’ve head it Volturi this, Micheal Sheen that. Not that I mind, I’ve loved vampires my entire life and the Volturi are my favorite part of the series, but according to the book, the pack is who should be getting the coverage. I have a feeling that they minimized their part in favor of plumping up the Volturi part. Personally, I love that idea, but it’s not what was in the book (though it could just be that the Volturi cast is famous and the wolves are not). I think in the movie their part will be down played a lot in favor of devoting most screen time to 1. the birthday/breakup scene 2. Developing Jake/Bella’s relationship (instead of pack dynamics) and 3. Italy and “The Vote”. In a 2 hours time span, you can’t keep everything and I think most fans would rather see the bad arse vamps over the little developed pack.
    LOVE your show and your accents. I just visited Dallas/Fort Worth and was laid over in the air port for hours! Thought of you, lol.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Ahem…FIERCE HOT MEN! That is exactly what they’ll be in the movie, mark my words! But seriously, I think the whole “hot” factor will be played up in the movie, but for the most part I think they’ll keep it close to the books. Lots of anger and manliness and lots of joking around like boys do.
    P.S. (I’m team vampire, but the wolves DO look pretty amazin!)
    Love the podcast!!

  29. Carrie says:

    Everyone will be distracted in the movie by their half nakedness, so no one will notice much else about the movie

  30. Ivy Cullen says:

    for me, i never actually like the wolf pack, (and you gotta remember this is from Bella’s pov,) because in new moon, she thought that they were bad, a cult. so the reader has more of a chance not liking them because she doesn’t.in eclipse, they always act hostile around the cullens, and i know that that is just how they were cursed to act anyway, (what with the vampire being the enemy of the wolf) adn in breaking dawn when they automatically decided to kill her because they didn’t asses the situation and acted on what they wanted to do more than what was right. but a thte very beginning of jacob’s part in breaking dawn, i liked them and it actually made sense and i liiked the feeling of security and it was like they were all a big family.

    jus’ sayin’. i was never a mega fan of the wolfie brothas

  31. Ivy Cullen says:

    and i think for people who have read the books, the wolf pack plays a HUGE part in the book. when i think new moon, i think wolves. and to people who have NOt read the book, i think they might be like, whoahhhh, half nakedness goin on up in he-ahh. but theyre just goona have to get over it

  32. Tara P. says:

    Ok I this may or may not pertain to the question fully, BUT this really bothers me. Why…WHY is Leah not in the movie???? I am so pissed at the fact that Melissa Rosenberg wrote her out but left Heidi, the receptionist, of the volturi in the movie. Not to mention that they tried to cast a big name person to play her. Does anyone else find this extremely ridiculous???? The receptionist, as I am now going to refer her by, is just a lamb at the slaughter house.
    She just can’t write out Leah. She is important. She has the back story with Sam, her father is Harry clearwater, and she is Jacob’s Beta (2nd in charge).
    It just really frustrates me that someone could write out a character that will eventually play a seriously large part in the series. What if she just wrote out Jasper? Or Sam? Or Paul? Or Mike? Heck why not Carlisle! Just ridiculous!
    I am still excited to see the movie. Twilight is just the beginning. The real story starts here. Twilight just introduced everyone and Breaking Dawns ends it all!

  33. Sheff says:

    and i’m nono gonna ass up to you guys =) love the show n’ all…but yeah. =)


  34. Hannah from the UK! says:

    i really hope they stick to the book. Chris Weitz didnt do a very good job on golden compass as opposed to northern lights in my opinion as i was a fan of the book, so i am sceptical about how he’s going to be loyal to New Moon.

    I hope the wolf pack stay as they are in the book, but i have the feeling that they’ve chosen very ‘nice’ looking bods for the film simply for the reason to keep the ladies happy. I hope they can act as well!

    Sam looks great however, no offence to soloman at all but this new sam looks way more like i imagined. yum!

    P.S Kassie, i am totally with you about being a slow reader.It took me a year to read the final Harry Potter book once it had been released, and i am a huge fan of that series! I havent even got through half of The Host as im finding hard so well done!

  35. twilightmomma says:

    I think(and hope)the wolf pack has a more visual presence in New Moon the movie. These actors are gorgeous and although I did not care for the wolves in the books, I’d be OK with seeing more of them on the big screen!

  36. Lily says:

    I really don’t care about the wolf pack! I’m a vamp girl!!!!!!!!! They are a little hotter than I imagined but thats ok! The hotter the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob blows them all away!!!!!!!!!!

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Cassie says:

    I think that they might be scary in the movie then the book. When I read the part where Sam finds Bella I pictured him a little bit friendlier. But the photo of the pack makes them look scarier. I always imagined Embry to be a little chubby and Quil to be really skinny (sorry) that is what I thought they looked like before the whole shapeshifter thing. In the pack picture I think they all look to alike. They could all be brothers or some other type of kin. But I do think the actors will do a great job! I am really bumped that Seth is not in the movie because he is my favorite wolf, even though I am Team Switzerland! Love and adore the podcast! Keep the good book.

  38. Cassie says:

    typo : book should be work

  39. Stephanie says:

    All I have to day is Jacob is HOTT!!!!

  40. Stephanie says:

    I meant say…I hope you got that 🙂

  41. Teresa says:

    They will be sexier.

  42. Tale :) says:

    I’m reallt sure it will be portrayed pretty close to the book. But I also think it will be more focusing on Jacob alone (And his relationship to Bella of course). Remeber, it’s only a 2 hours long movie, and we wont get everything we want. (To be honest, I would rather have a 4 hour long movie with every single detail!)

    Hugs and kisses<3

  43. Ashleigh Murtha says:

    I hope that the director and writer choose to portray the wolf-pack similar to the book, but one thing i think will be different will be how they are almost like a cult. I think that these feelings of a cultish/gangish pack will be stronger in the movie than in the book. The reason I think this is because of the matching tatoos the pack seems to have in the movie posters. They are almost like their own version of the Cullen Crest, and when you think about it, the Cullen Crest is used to show the close knit family ties the Cullens have with eachother. I think that by making their “crest” a tatoo, which is very permanent makes their ties to eachother more hardcore, if you will. Plus you also have to factor in the fact that the boys are literally only 16 and up. So overall I think that the pack will look more like a gang, and Bella’s feelings of dislike for Sam and the rest of the pack will last a bit longer than in the book.

    I absolutely love the podcast, keep up the good work.

    <3 Ashleigh

  44. Kara says:

    I think there will be a huge difference. In the book they are focused mor eon as protectors of forks. They never went into great detail about their looks as they will in the movie. I think in the movie they will focus more on their looks than on their job to protect Forks.

    Love the podcast, you guys are amazing!


  45. Lisa-Sophie says:

    Hey girls,

    I think, Chris Weitz and everyone else involved with the movie is or was trying to portray the wolf pack like the are portrayed in the books.

    Strong guys, after their transformation, who are looking after their tribe, their family and last but not at least themselves.

    I hope they’ll show the strong bond they have in the wolf pack.
    They’re (wolf)brothers and their minds are connected but those things are invisible it’s nothing you can actually grab or see immediately,
    that why I THINK they came up with the tattoo.
    Which I think is brilliant!!
    It’s a symbol of their brotherhood.
    And who doesn’t like to look at those buff half naked guys plus a tattoo on their upper arm, or shoulder.
    I just hope that no one will get the same tattoo cause they’re sooo Team Jacob.

    I don’t think they’ll play a huuuuge part in New Moon, they’re really important but I think they’ll have to leave away a few details or scenes which are told in the book.

    So yeah, I think the wolf pack in the book and the movie will be quite similar.
    Apart from some changes.
    I don’t think Chris Weitz is going to disappoint us. ( I’ll keep my fingers crossed)

    Hope you both have a nice summer!!!
    Love your podcast,
    Greetings from Vienna!

  46. Laura says:

    From just seeing the poster and the snippets of the New Moon trailer, I think that the wolf pack will definitely be MUCH HOTTER than I had imagined! WOWZA! Other than that, I am hoping that as we get more trailers, we can start to get a better feel for what the wolf pack will be like in the movie.

  47. Jessica S says:

    I think the wolf pack will be portayed similarly to the book, if not better, in the movie. The reason i say this is because they, (ok well Jacob) comes into Bella’s life at a very tough time and they make her feel better, while Edward leaves. Just this in itself makes the pack look like angels. On screen it will probably come off that way even if Chris W. doesnt change the movie in a more “pack friendly” direction.

    They will also be seen better by the public because the general public (myself included) is teenage girls who LOVE hot, shirtless guys.

    Love you guys!

  48. tamarra says:



  49. Erin Marie says:

    hey guys i love your show!

    I feel like in the book the wolf pack is sort of like a little unit that represents Jacobs family much like the rest of the Cullens represent Edwars family. But I feel like the members of the wolf pack are very much just a saporting role. Sometimes (even after reading new moon 2 dozen times) i forget who is who in the wolf pack. I bealive that the movie might make them stand out a bit more for two reasons:
    1. its a movie and its not hard to visualize who is doing what since its all there in front of you
    2. if the director can portray the wolf pack as hot and fierce summit can sell merchandise and make more MONEYY!

    thanks for reading

  50. Corinne Walker says:

    I definately think that in the book they were much more husky and a bit more wild then what they look like in the photo but I definately think that even though they were ugly, the two of Jacobs friends in the first movie were the perfect wild look that wolves resembled… I picture sam, (whichever one he is) definately more deep and dark, he always seemed to be so dark and brooding as the alpha, I pictured him so different but I definately think that Chris is doing his best to portray what he thinks and as long as it works I am so cool with that…
    Love you guys!!!!!!

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