New Moon Podcast in San Diego!

Jul 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Site News

Kassie & I, along with several other great websites, will be at Borders in San Diego on Friday, July 24th!  The New Moon Podcast will begin at 7:30 pm, but make sure to get there early for your wristband!  We hope to see you there!

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13 Comments to “New Moon Podcast in San Diego!”

  1. TwilightGeekSam says:

    there should be one in chicago!!!!

  2. TwilightGeekSam says:


  3. Carolina G.B. says:

    Oh, cool I am so going!!!!

  4. Carolina G.B. says:

    Which Borders? There are so many in San Diego…

  5. Morgan says:

    he was born in chicago O__o

  6. Miranda C. says:

    u should come to seattle that would be so cooool

  7. monique says:

    why does your website say the 24th if the others say the 23rd.??? which day is it for sure??please let me know cause i will be driving in frm very far…

  8. vanessa says:

    i live in San Diego, and i’m going to comic-con!. what is the podcast gonna be about?
    Any special guest?

  9. Tatiana says:

    I’m SO jeaulous right now!!! :@ i live in south america damn it!!!!

  10. gdeo says:

    this is per borders site
    Join our friends from and other special guests for a night filled with exciting New Moon fun! This podcast is a wrist-banded event and space is limited. Borders Gaslamp will begin distributing event attendance wristbands when our store opens on Thursday, July 23 at 10 am. Our special guests will sign one Twilight related item purchased at Borders Gaslamp the day of the event, as time allows. (A signing wristband will be issued with purchase.)

  11. Matando says:

    I work at the Borders bookstore in downtown San Diego where this event will be held. I hate to break it to all the Twilight fans, but we’ve been told no stars from the movie will be in attendance. Sorry.

  12. MARINA says:

    Taylor, Kristen, and Rob come to San Diego, Downtown
    oh my good
    we pay anything –

  13. Yaritza says:

    i love u edward n
    i have no teams well actually i do edwardjacob team
    i hope i go
    one thing is good i live in san diego
    cross ur fingers

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