Taylor Lautner & Michael Sheen Interviews

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HitFIx has new interviews with both Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen!


“Q: Considering how moody Jacob gets in ‘New Moon’ – toying with Bella’s emotions – do you feel bad at all?

I don’t feel bad one bit; I feel bad for myself! (Laughs.) No, when I was reading the books, I felt so bad for Jacob’s character. But now that I’m actually living him, I feel way worse. Bella’s toying with Jacob! I don’t care if she’s ripped between the two guys, I feel so bad for Jacob, because she confused him; one moment, she’ll want to kiss him, and the next moment, she’s ditching him for Edward. I mean, yeah, I understand where Bella’s coming from, and it’s a crappy situation for all of them. But I feel really bad for Jacob.”


“She describes his voice as being quite feathery – that’s what gave me the idea of making it very soft, and light. I think she describes it as being like a sigh, his voice,” Sheen says. “And that he’s a bit like a concerned grandfather at times, with Edward. I like the idea of him being, even though he’s this kind of deadly, really dangerous character, there’s something quite sentimental about him, quite soft, and yet the next moment he could eat you.”

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4 Comments to “Taylor Lautner & Michael Sheen Interviews”

  1. Judith Akufo says:

    I Like Michael’s approach to playing Aro, and Taylor really, really feels sorry for Jacob. I just hope that doesn’t translate to him playing Jacob as weak, because in New Moon Jacob doesn’t show his sadness too much, he tries to handle it in what he believes is the most masculine way possible.

  2. Brandi says:

    Me too!! Michael was the right choice for Aro! He gets who he is completly!

  3. Candra says:

    Micheal is a great Aro. And Taylor feels bad for Jacob. Ha! We all did. We all did.
    (This is completey off subject but what ever!) I think Gaspard Ulliel (From Hannibal Rising) would have made a batter Caius than Jaime Campbell Bower

  4. Waffle Fry says:

    I think Gaspard Ulliel would have made a better Edward in my opinion Candra =P
    And Michael totally gets Aro.
    And yeah, everyone felt sorry for Jacob and then he got Renesmee!

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