Comic-Con Update!

Jul 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles, Site News

We headed to Borders this evening to get ready for the New Moon Podcast on Friday!  If you are in the area you should come!  We will start at 7:30 pm on Friday night!  Now we are waiting in line… just came out of the preview night at Comic-Con, and Kassie has a picture of Taylor Lautner to drool on all night!  LOL!

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4 Comments to “Comic-Con Update!”

  1. Hope says:

    Oh iwishi could come but i am in santa barbara they hav a borders u should come to this one!!! Lol

  2. chesper says:

    ive never been to one can u describe what this actually is for us? whats up with the wristbands? how much do they cost and who is gonna be there?

  3. Laura says:

    will you guys post the Twilight live on itunes? Please do twilight lives are my favorite! Ooh also when will the vancover(sorry i can’t spell) and the volutri podcast come out? can’t wait! hope at comic con they have a loooong new moon clip! see ya! have fun!

  4. sarahjane says:

    I was curious as to who the special guests are supposed to be. the border’s website says there wil be a signing and all that, but I just called the store and they have no clue exactly what’s going on. The only 2 things they were sure about were they have 300 wristbands and they will start giving them out at 10am. I was wondering if you could fill us in on who will be there and maybe how long the podcast event will? Thanks so much!

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