Lee Safar On New Moon Sountrack?

Jul 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

MTV talked to Aussie singer Lee Safar about the possibility that two of her songs might end up on the New Moon soundtrack!

“The new song for consideration “Take Me Away” is more one that focuses on Jacob. It very much explores the pain that Jake feels from loving Bella while having to stand by and watch her pain and not be able to love her the way he want to love her … but he won’t let go! This song is not yet available on iTunes, but there might be a teaser going up on MySpace if enough people want to hear it!

HC: Are you a fan of the series? Which is your favorite book?

I am a massive fan. I’ve read the series twice and would go for a third if my schedule allowed it. My favorite book is “Breaking Dawn.”

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3 Comments to “Lee Safar On New Moon Sountrack?”

  1. Morgan says:

    1sst?? Yaya, I’ve never been first ever….

    Anyway Lee Safar sounds a lot like Evanescence, and if they’re not gonna sign on Evanescence, then I say Hale Yes!!!

  2. aliceblack says:

    she has a really great voice, and kinda reminds me of the band evanescence, i agree with morgan when i say if there not gonna sign evanescence, then sign her! another great song for new moon is called need by hana pestle!! its on itunes, take a listen its amazing!

  3. Octavia Wilson says:

    It’s perfect and amazing. I think she has a higer pitch then amy lee! She rocks. Hope it’s on the album!!

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