Kristen Talks about Hallucinations

Jul 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

MTV talked to Kristen Stewart about Bella’s hallucinations of Edward, which you can see below!

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8 Comments to “Kristen Talks about Hallucinations”

  1. Judith Akufo says:

    That’s one of the first times I’ve heard her articulate herself well.

  2. Candra says:

    Ha! Nice Judith!

  3. Jess S. says:

    I think Kristen is just really comfortable interviewing with Larry, also she wasn’t in front of a huge crowd sitting next to Rob where everybody is analyzing every word and movement she does. Although I will admit Kristen is my favorite actress of all time, and in my book she can do no wrong! …I know it’s biased. lol

  4. Gabrielle says:

    I agree, she is a lot more comfortable infront of one interviewer rather than a crowd. I also have to say that she is one of my favourite actors, and definately not becuase of twilight. She just always tells the truth and does not pretend to be this fake hollywood/disney creation, but rather she has a backbone, is not deterred by overly harsh critics, but still acts like the teenager that she is.

  5. Tatiana says:

    she talks a lot with her hands. For me it kind of takes away from what she is saying sometimes

  6. Stephanie says:

    wow she seemed into what she was talking about and not bored. kristen gave a god answer. i like what they are doing with the hallucinations because even i imagined edward talking to her while reading the book.

  7. Mary says:

    i love kristen. she seems fine in the interview.less nervous than usual. shes one of my fave actress and shes a perfect bella to me. i can really imagine her has bella and she carries some of her triats like the clumsiness and her uncomfortableness with attention. also remember bella also articulates with her hand when she talks to edward in twilight.

  8. Tale :) says:

    She is so smart! Some people says she don’t articulate well. Then thing about this; who would not be terrified when you sit in front of 7000 (!!!) people who are judging you, up and down. Because everyone are!! It’s not like Rob, everything he does is so sweet, and he is the hottest guy on the planet and blablabla. People are actually judging her.

    And when she talks about Twilight, like she is really passionate about it! And she is the perfect Bella!!
    A couple of times I’ve been like, Uhm, nobody of them (except for Catherine Hardwick of course (: ) seems like they care much, when they are sitting at the press conference, or get interviewed or whatever. It’s seems like they are so bored. But they are thinking about this for 6 months at a time, and nothing else. I love twilight, and I would love to play a part in the movie. BUT at the end I would be a bit… not bored, but maybe a bit tired of the whole thing. But here, she’s really passionate!! And I love that 😀 Literally can’t wait for the movie. <3

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