Peter Talks Eclipse & Breaking Dawn

Aug 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Twilight Examiner has an exclusive interview with Peter Facinelli, who discusses Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

AB: What was your favorite part of Eclipse?

PF: “I actually like that, in the book, a lot of the family members are talked about, and in the movie they’re in it a lot more. The books are all told from Bella’s perspective, so a lot of times, when she’s not in the scene and things are happening, you don’t actually get to see them, like the battle scene, for instance. In Eclipse when the whole family and the werewolves are fighting the newborn vampires, it’s talked about and through Edward you kind of get something, but in the movie you actually get to see it, you know, so I like that in the interpretations of the movies, it’s not always about Bella’s perspective. She isn’t always in the scene, and so that opens up the story a little bit. The Cullens are in it a lot more throughout.”

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  1. Michele LeBlanc says:

    Is he serious about the movie, or is he just saying he and Jennie want to have another baby? LOL XD

  2. Bree.J says:

    I think this is great i always wanted more Cullen screen time and i cant wait to see it!!!!

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