Justin Chon Interview

Aug 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Bee Heard has a new interview with Justin Chon here!  Thanks to Krystyna for the heads up!

“When we did enter the “Twilight Zone” and discuss the movie’s phenomenal success- Chon was insightful as usual.  “Twilight has mass appeal because it speaks to universal truths…Life, love, loneliness and the ever magnetic pull of immortality.”  How does he feel about such a diverse fan base?  “I love my fans, they are considerate, gentle, caring and yeah it does nice things for the ego now and again…”  And who wouldn’t mind a little ego boost from time to time?”

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  2. Thanks for sharing my interview with Justin – he is such a nice guy. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @celebbuzzz and ad me on facebook lots of new updates there find me under Joshua Estrin I am the one fully clothed in the bathtub 🙂

    Thanks again


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