Is Christian Team Edward Or Team Jacob?

Aug 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

MTV talked to Christian Serratos about filming on New Moon, including green screens, merchandise, and whether she is Team Edward or Team Jacob!

MTV: What kind of merchandise would you like to see for Angela, Mike and the other humans?

Serratos: Probably it would be an imitation of my glasses? … [It would be easy] going to a convention where you have to dress up, and you’re like “Oh, I am dressed up!” “No you’re not!” “Yes I am. I’m a human!”

MTV: OK, so let’s talk “New Moon” a little bit. How was the shoot?

Serratos: Chris [Weitz] was amazing, like, fantastic. I was really happy working with him. We shot in Vancouver [British Columbia], which was a good change from Portland [Oregon]. I love the city Portland, and I’ve been back there since, but in Vancouver the weather was a lot better, and I didn’t wanna die at the end of the day, because it wasn’t extremely cold. I’m excited to go film “Eclipse.” That’s gonna be next month already — they are already cranking it out.

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