New Moon Board Game

Aug 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Merchandise, Movie News

You can now pre-order the New Moon board game here at Amazon!

Product description:

  • Enter the world of the Twilight Saga and reunite Bella and Edward
  • Challenge your friends to see who knows more about New Moon, the more you know, the greater you chance of winning
  • Includes board, Scene cards, playing pieces, and dice
  • Answer questions about Twilight and your friends to move forward around the board
  • Have your friends over for a New Moon party
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8 Comments to “New Moon Board Game”

  1. Stephanie says:


  2. Lindsay says:

    I hope it’s better than the Twilight game……….the ‘challenges’ were incredibly lame

  3. Jasmine says:

    Coolio! 🙂

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  4. Bea(FanOfTheMonth-March/April/May) says:

    haha looolz =D

  5. Tamarra says:


  6. kody loucks says:

    hi what up

  7. kody loucks says:

    ithingk this is a great book

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