New Moon Soundtrack First Single!

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Summit has announced that the first single off the New Moon soundtrack will be Death Cab For Cutie’s Meet Me On The Equinox!  You will be able to hear the song for the first time in its entirety September 13 on the MTV VMAs!  The official movie soundtrack will be in stores October 20.

MTV has an interview with the band about their work on New Moon here!

We didn’t expect it would be chosen for the first single — we were thinking it would be a part of the soundtrack, maybe,” Harmer laughed. “I have no idea if [‘Twilight’ author] Stephenie Meyer approved it or what. It’s been an exciting process, because we’ve been so removed from it. We were in L.A. for a week and we went into the studio and wrote and recorded the song and submitted it. We didn’t know where anything stood, and then we just got a call last week like, ‘Guess what — your song has been chosen as the first single.’ ”

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5 Comments to “New Moon Soundtrack First Single!”

  1. Lily says:

    YAYYYY! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1ST COMMENT!

  2. Amy Kathryn says:

    GREAT news Death Cab for Cutie have a very unique sound and I think it’ll fit the movie wonderfully!

  3. McKell says:

    I love them! SOO excited 🙂

  4. V says:

    From what I’ve heard from them, I really like them. This is good.

  5. V says:

    It’s cool that some of them have even read the books too.

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